Shine a spotlight on your
Advertisers and sponsors

Audience Access gives you the ability to easily incorporate advertisers and sponsors into multiple sections within your digital program book.
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Highlight advertisers in your digital program book. Integrate static and animated ads into your bios, program notes and even your table of contents. You can place multiple ads into each section of your content easily and copy ads from one event to the next in just a few clicks.
Sponsors and Supporters
Place a spotlight on your sponsors and supporters. Sponsor ads can be placed into the digital program or create custom pages and sections to showcase your organization’s supporters. Include logos and smaller images in your SMS keywords to highlight sponsors of specific events to your audience.

Enlist our professional
Advertising sales team

Selling program book advertising is difficult. By enlisting our advertising sales team we make it simple so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Revenue Share
Advertising Sales

Our professional advertising sales team is uniquely trained to deliver your organization’s message to local businesses, opening another marketing channel to your organization. In every call we make, we call on your behalf. Even if an advertising sale is not made, we make sure everyone we talk to learns more about your organization and the season line up.

From the very beginning of our agreement, we share any sales that are generated through our efforts with you.
In the last year…
Over 6,000 ads have been placed in digital program books by our advertising sales team

These ads have been viewed 678,956 times by audiences across the nation

This has generated over $100,000 being paid out to arts organizations participating in the revenue share program
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