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Violin 1
Aurelian Oprea, Acting Concertmaster
         J. Ralph Corbett Chair
Youjin Na, Acting Assistant Concertmaster
        Huffy Foundation Chair
Elizabeth Hofeldt, Acting Assistant Concertmaster
         Sherman Standard Register Foundation Chair

Violin 2
      The Peter and Patricia Torvik 2nd Violin Section
Kirstin Greenlaw, Principal
      Jesse Philips Chair
Ann Linn Baer
Gloria Fiore

Sheridan K. Currie, Principal
      F. Dean Schnacke Chair
Colleen Braid
Karen K. Johnson
      Grace Counts Finch Chair

Jonathan Lee, Principal

      Edward L. Kohnle Chair in memory of Andra Lunde Padrichelli,  Principal Cellist 2003-2018
Christina Coletta, Assistant Principal
      Gilbert and Patricia Templeton Chair

Lucas Song   

       Paul and Susanne Weaver Chair

Deborah Taylor, Principal
       Dayton Philharmonic Volunteer Association and C. David Horine Memorial Chair