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Lucia di Lammermoor “Regnava nel silenzio…Quando rapito in estasi”

The night, deep and dark, 

reigned in the silence... 

A pale ray from the gloomy moon 

struck the fountain... 

When a suppressed groan 

was made heard throughout the air; 

and there on the fountain's edge 

the shadow showed itself to me Ah! 

Her lips moved 

as if speaking, 

and with her lifeless hand 

she seemed to call me. 

She stood there, motionless, 

then she suddenly disappeared. 

And the water, earlier so limpid, 

reddened with blood. 


He is the light of my days, 

and comfort to my suffering. 

When carried away in ecstasy 

of the most burning ardor, 

with words from the heart 

he swears me eternal faith. 

I forget my troubles, 

Tears turn into joy. 

It seems to me that, beside him, 

Heaven opens up for me!