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Anna Bolena “Piangete voi?... Al dolce guidami”

Are you weeping? whence such tears? 
This is a wedding day. The King awaits me…the altar is lit up 
and bedecked with flowers. Quickly, give me 
my white cloak; decorate my hair 
with my crown of roses… 
Don't let Percy know of it… 
The King demands it. 
Oh! who is mourning? 
Who spoke of Percy? Don't let me see him. 
Let me hide from his gaze. It is no use. He is coming… 
He accuses me…he decries me. Oh! forgive me… 
I am unhappy. Take me from this extreme misery. 
Are you smiling? Oh joy! Don't let me die, 
don't let me die alone. 
Guide me to the sweet mansion of my birth, 
to the green plane-trees 
to the quiet river, 
that still murmers 
with our sighs. 
There, I forget 
the streams of anguish, 
give me back one day 
of my early years, 
just one day 
of our love.