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Don Carlo "O don fatale"

O terrible gift, o cruel gift 
that an irate heaven made me! 
You make us so vain and proud, 
I curse you, I curse you, o beauty! 
I can only shed my tears 
I've no hope, I can only suffer! 
My crime is so horrible 
that it will never fade! 
I curse you, I curse you, o beauty, 

O my Queen, I sacrificed you 
to the crazed passion of my heart. 
Only in a cloister can I hide 
my suffering from the world! 
Alas! Alas! O my Queen, 
O God! Carlos! tomorrow he will die, 
O great God! Tomorrow I'll see him die! 
Ah! I've one day more, 
there is hope, ah, 
Heaven be blessed! I'll save him! 
One more day, ah, Heaven be blessed! 
I'll save him!