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Act Two

The Lost Boys’ Home Underground
As Wendy reads a bedtime story to the Lost Boys, the evil pirates creep in and capture Wendy, John, Michael, and the Lost Boys. Frantic about this turn of events, Tinkerbell pleads with Peter to save them.

The Jolly Roger
The pirates dance around the ship and threaten to make the children walk the plank. Peter flies in to save them, and a sword fight ensues. Peter and the Lost Boys are victorious, and Captain Hook is pushed overboard, much to the glee of the crocodile. Distressed by the commotion, Wendy realizes she and her brothers cannot remain children forever and must return home. In defiance, Peter claims he will never grow up. Wendy, John, and Michael fly home to London.

The Darling Home Nursery
Mr. and Mrs. Darling are grief-stricken over the disappearance of their children. Suddenly, they appear, and there is a joyful reunion. As Wendy looks back, she sees Peter through the window and realizes the child within her will always remain.