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Special Thanks

This list can’t nearly cover all of the humans that have aided in the creation and then needed recreation of this work in response to the pandemic. Fiona, Jenn, Ben, Alex, Kashia, jinsei–you six have successfully obliterated my expectations for what dance can be. Your dedication to the work and to one another is deeply moving and your trust to build into the unknown with me is something I can never repay you all for. Thank you to all the collaborators who have worked on this project over its now 4 year journey. Thank you to the incredible Jodee Nimerichter for advocating for the work for so many years and the whole team here at ADF for your continued support from early commission to final fruition of the project and the rollercoaster in between. Thank you to Lane Czaplinski and the Wexner Center for the Arts for giving us a home base to work from in Columbus, OH, this past year. Thank you to Princeton for the additional residency support, everyone past and present at Dance Place, and Dance Umbrella UK for working with us through all the uncertainty. A special thank you to my partner and dramaturg for the work, Momar Ndiaye, for always reminding me to see things in a new and ever-shifting light. My work is better as a result of your probing questions, nuanced eye, level-headedness and deep respect for the craft of making dances. And one last thank you again to dancer and company manager extraordinaire, Fiona Lundie. You have been my rock for keeping the dream of making a group work alive. Your abilities as a human are unmatched and I am truly forever grateful for what you do to make this work possible.