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Thank You

We are grateful for the support of several residencies and individuals who helped us create this show. We’ve workshopped and presented the show over several residencies at The University of California at Santa Barbara, The University of Maryland State Park with the support of Maura Keefe and the Dorothy Madden Professorship, Hillsborough Community College, and San Diego Dance Theater with the support of Jean Isaacs.

We spent a year working with 16 dancers from Hunter College including a preview performance of the show at Fall for Dance in fall 2019. We are incredibly grateful to the Chair of the Hunter dance department, Carol Walker, for supporting every step of this process.

We want to acknowledge and thank Wendy Rogers whose voice the audience hears in our show. Wendy has been a part of both the process and the conversation around making this show from the beginning. Robbie interviewed Wendy for over 3 hours and her ideas and stories continue to influence and shape The Running Show. We are grateful for her artistry and generosity in this process.