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Momar Ndiaye

Momar Ndiaye is an international performer, choreographer, teacher, and videographer from Senegal. He received his MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois in 2017 and was awarded the prestigious Bruno Nettl Award for excellence in choreography for his thesis work, Point 0 upon graduation. Ndiaye has created and toured several staged dance performances along with choreographies for music videos with his own company, Cadanses, since 2004 and was a full-time dancer in the international dance company Premier Temp (2008-2014). Momar Ndiaye received ImPulsTanz’s Danceweb scholarship in 2012, Aex.corps/Residences et creations 2012, Pamoja (réseaux panafricains de résidence et de production) in 2014, Afrique Caraïbe Pacifique en creation in 2015, Movement research in 2016, and the European Union creative funds for the project Share-Creative-Africa in collaboration with Exodos (Slovenia) in 2020. Currently a full-time Assistant Professor in the department of dance at The Ohio State University, Ndiaye's research focuses on the effects of Negritude, interculturalism, globalization, and colonialism on the “performance of daily life” in Senegal and Africa at large, as well as the subsequent impact of those concepts on traditional patrimonial dances and staged dance.