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Emanuel Singletary
Le Bottier (La Fille d’Opera)

Emanuel Singletary is currently a first-year undergraduate student at Shenandoah University pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Performance (Voice). He is thrilled to make his main stage debut at Shenandoah University! His previous credits include The Wizard of Oz (Cowardly Lion), Jekyll and Hyde the Musical (Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde), The Producers (Max Bialystock), Pirates of Penzance (Frederick) and Trial by Jury (The Defendant).

He would like to thank his many music teachers who have helped foster his talent and skills and would like to thank his friends and family who have supported him in his endeavors. He would like to specially thank Bob Ross for being his inspiration to be kind to the world and Edith Piaf for being his inspiration to train his voice and musicianship so that he can achieve his dreams of performing.