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The Vow
Jocelyn Hagen, Timothy Takach

I’ll love you until stars fall. Can this be
So sure, so lasting as my heart demands
Of one, whose slightest touch upon my hands
Is like the wind inside an aspen tree?

I am in doubt of this frail thing I hold
So sworn to constancy, and this is why:
Too often I have watched a burnt-blue sky
Where slipping stars spilled scarlet and grew cold.

Text by Florence Hynes Wilette

“The Vow,” from Jocelyn Hagen and Timothy Takach's This is How You Love, examines the strong yet frail nature of love. And as sure as this love is, there’s an undercurrent of fear that it won’t last, that it will slip away. This piece functions as a prelude to The Gun Mass and expresses the supreme inevitability of losing those we love so fiercely.