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About Us
Colorado Springs Philharmonic
We’re About Connections

The Colorado Springs Philharmonic is an independent symphony orchestra whose mission is to offer brilliant musical performances and in-person experiences that draw families, friends, and loved ones together. We honor the rich traditions upon which our art was founded and work tirelessly to see it continues to hold a prominent place in the future of the community. We have great reverence for what we do, and great esteem for all who love and support it—most especially the everyday enthusiast who enjoys music for its own sake.

Let's Connect!


Board of Directors

Pamela Shockley-Zalabak, board chair


Ken Montera, vice chair

Ron Brasch, treasurer

Bill Cosper, at large

David Siegel, at large


Wanda G. Anderson

Al Buettner*

Anthony Carlson

Michael Hanson

Cathy Holaday

David Kunstle

Deb Mahan

Lance Miller

Nathan Newbrough

Robin Goldberg

Margaret Sabin

Sally Sharpe

John Street*

Herman Tiemens II*

Chris Jenkins

Jeremy Van Hoy

Dolly Wong

* denotes Honorary Directors


Nathan Newbrough president and CEO

Cathy Toscano assistant to the president

Lynn Holladay vice president of operations

Alberto Gutierrez artistic advisor

Emily Burst production manager

Gabby Illg stage manager

Veronica Garcia production assistant

David Halvorson orchestra personnel manager

Joseph Head orchestra librarian

Alexandra Belone marketing coordinator

Sara Tadken philanthropy coordinator

Trudy Roberts grants administrator

Sarah Wright patron service manager

Sherri Byrd accounting manager


Special thanks to the volunteers of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Guild