Footlights Fund

Goodspeed has been severely impacted by COVID-19. We are extremely grateful to all of our Footlights Fund donors for their generous support over the past year.  Their support has been vital to Goodspeed as we continue to find our way through these difficult times and get back to doing what we do best…producing world class musicals and bringing joy to the hearts of our audiences.

Below please find a list of our Footlights Fund donors.  If you would like to make a gift in support of the Footlights Fund, please click HERE.

As of 9/7/2021

Anonymous (280)
F William Abbate
Mr. Christopher Abel
Edward and Sue Aberbach
Loretta Ables Sayre & David Sayre
Rafael Abreu
Jacquelyn K. Adamo
Carol Adams
Duane & Joy Adams
Richard and Merrill Adams
Inta & Taggart Adams
Mr. Francis G. Adams, Jr.
Judith W. Adams
Ms. Susan Aeschliman
Fred and Joyce Schwartz
Linda Ague
Ann and Sultan Ahamed
Linda Ahnert
Martha Ahrens
Patrick and Elise Alair
James and Kathleen Alber
Mrs. Janet Albert
Ms. Debra Alberts
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Albiach, Jr.
William Albin
Margaret M. Aldrich
Gregory Alexander
Marilyn M. Alfeld
Mr. Tony Alfieri
Florence P. Alison
Richard Allain and Nancy Allain
Gregory Allard
Robert and Laura Allen
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Allen
Marie and Jim Allen
Russ & Claudette Allen
Jeanne Allison and Paul Sadowitz
Ms. Katherine Allocco
Clive Almond
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott B. Alter
Angel Alvarez
Ms. Diane Amarante
James and Leah Amato
Mr. George Amato, Jr.
Ray and Rose Ambrose
Greg and Nina Ames
Robert and Kathleen Amrein
Sandra Anagnostakis
Marc and Bonnie Anderson
Sydney Anderson and Ray Gaulke
John & Elizabeth Anderson
Mark Q. Anderson
Michael Anderson
Sharon Anderson
Tim & Gayle Anderson
Rosemary & Dave Andle
Norman Andre
Dolores Andrew
Betsy Andriola
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Andrulatis
Billie and Peter Anker
Linda Annis
Paul and Christine Antaya
Patricia Apelgren
Nancy Apfel
Ms. Donna Arbas
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Arborio
Raymond and Carol Archambualt
Brenda Arend
East Lyme Theatre Group
Mr. Mark Aresco
Robert Armitage
Ms. Frances Armstrong
Joyce and Richard Armstrong
Judi Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Todd Arnold
Catharine Arnold
Ms. Mariann Arnold
Peter Aronson and Marie Landry
William Ashton
Ms. Arlene Asuma
Robert and Jane Atkinson
Ms. Sarah Atkinson
Mary Attebery
Richard and Anne Auclair
Barbara August
Christine and Lou Auletta
Ms. Julia Aurigemma
John and Ginny Ausanka
Leonard and Marlene Auster
Bette and Bruce Avery
Elizabeth Ayres
Mr. Thomas Ayres
K. Kevyne Baar
Mr. Jeffrey Babbin
Stuart L. Babcock
William & Susan Babcock White
John, Nancy and Nikki Baccaro
The Bach Family
Barbara Backman
Mr. Robert Badin
Timothy and Joan Baffaro
Mrs. Kathleen G. Bagadinski
Sherri and Scott Baggett
Dee Bailey
George Bailey
Donna & John Baily
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bairstow
Susan and Bruce Baiter
Adam Baker
Barbara R. Baker
In loving memory of Brenda
Frances and Vernon Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bald
Kevin and Terry Baldwin
Chris Baledes
Jane Baljevic
Jonathan Ball
Mr. Michael Ballard
Patricia Bally
Patricia and Bob Bandzes
Patience and Alan Banister
Ms. Therese M. Bannon
Greg and Joyce Barabas
Ms. Eva Bardwell
David Baril
Shelley and Michael Barker
Ray and Lorraine Barker
Amy Barker
Linda Barlow
Myron Baron
Nina and Ed Barresi
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Barrett, Jr.
Sheila Barrs
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Barry
Patrick Barry
Jeffrey Barth
Jean L. Bartlett
Susan Bartlett
Kathryn Bartus
Lillian Baruffi
Joseph Basile
Christine Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bassett
Sherry Bassi
Cynthia Bates and Jonathan Russell
Dolores and Alexander Bates
Joseph D. Batson
Evelyne and David Battle
Mr. and Mrs. Barton M. Bauers, Jr.
Dennis and Hien Baughman
Robert Bausmith & Jill Peters-Gee MD
Kathleen Baxter
Ms. Carol Bayreuther
Christopher and Abby Beale
Mr. Robert Beals
Catherine Bean
Robert Beath
Bonnie and Ken Beatrice
Steve and Betsy Beatson
Jeanne Beatty
John and Sue Beatty
Diane and Robert Beaulieu
David and Bonnie Beaulieu
Stephanie & Michael Beck
Gary and Martha Becker
Peggy Becker
Nancy Becque
Jacqueline Bedard
Mrs. Frances D. Beedle
Judy & Doug Beers
Mr. and Mrs. John Bekish
Alice C. Belden
Catherine Belden
Terry Bell
Carol Bell
Mr. Donald Bellingham
Ms. Frances Bellobuono
Benanav Family
Barbara Benashski
Gregory P. Bendel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Benedict
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Benet
Caryl and Edward Bengelsdorf
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Benjamin, Jr.
Gregg Benjamin
Mr. James Bennett
Susan Bennett
Robin Benoit
Harold & Nicole Benson
Pamela and Charles Benson
Mr. Bruce Bentley
William Berg
Terry Bergantino
Mrs. Ellen Berger
Corinne and Larry Berglund
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bergman
Jan Coxe Berlage
Jeanne and Alan Berman
Bob and Phyllis Berman
Gary Berman
Dale Bernardoni
Alice and Ken Bernhard
Dr. and Mrs. Ellison Berns
Mrs. Jerome Bernstein
Sue Bernstein
Mr. James Berryman
Susan Berube
Gerard E. and Roberta J. Bessette
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Betten
Stephen & Janet Betts
David and Phyllis Beveridge
Patricia and John Biasuzzi
Kim and Mark Biglow
Suzan Binge
Alis and Bob Bires
Evan and Elizabeth Birks
Mrs. Katharine Bishop
Nancy Bither
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bjorkman
Philip Black
Brewster & Virginia Blackall
Carol Blackwood
Bernadette M. Blake
Stephanie Blakeman
Ann & Alan Blanchard
Taven Blanke
Pam Blass
Dr. Kenneth Blatt
Barbara and Jack Blechner
Tom and Jean Bloom
Myrna Blum
David Bobowski
Dr. Michele and Attorney John Boccalatte
John Boccalatte
Barbara and Michael Boday
Gus and Virginia Bodin
Ms. Annamarie J. Bodisch
Brian Bodt and Carol Galloway
Ms. Marilyn Boehm
Russell Bogdan
Ms. Elizabeth Boissard
Robert and Elaine Boissevain
Richard and Paula Bolig
Craig and Annette Bolt
Heidi Bonassar
Robert & Catherine Boone
Mr. Thomas P. Boone
Dick and Rita Borden
Linda Bordonaro
Harold D. Bornstein, Jr., M.D.
Elizabeth and Evan Bos
Jeffrey Bosch
R. J. Bosco
Jordan & Rebecca Boss
David Bottaro
Hope Botti
Ms. Susan Botticello
Mr. & Mrs. Terry J. Boucher
Ms. Jeanne Boudreau
Kenneth and Judith Boudreau
Dawn and Pierre Boulanger
Kathy Boulware
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Bousquet
Donald T. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bowen
Ward and Mary Bowler
Kathleen Cote Bowling, M.D.
Richard Boyd
Wallis and Laurie Boyd
Beverly Boyle
Don & Susan Boyle
Steve Braciak
Michael and Linda Bradford
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Bradley
YNHHS Nursing Research and EBP Committee
Jeanne Bradley
Mr. Thomas Brady
Kenneth Bragdon
Drs. Michael and Nancy Bragulla
Ms. Katherine Brain
Nancy Brainerd
Liliane T. Braman
Irwin M. Braverman, MD.
Mrs. Kathleen Brayfield
Sara Breen
Ms. Lynn Breiling
Ms. Sheryne Brekus
Andy and Adrienne Brennan
Jim and Pat Brennan
Ms. Jacqueline Brennan
Marcie & Howard Brensilver
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brian
Geraldine and Ray Brickey
Frank and Nancy Brigano
Alison and Stephen Brinkmann
Nadine and Robert Britton, III
Diane Brizer
Mary Brockway
Eric Bronner and George Marshall
Frazier Bronson
Steve & Joanna Brooks
Andre and Maureen Brouillard
Maureen and Ron Brousseau
Joanne and Jim Brown
Dr. Stephen and Marlene Brown
D. Brown
Jennifer Brown and Ian Ayres
Jonathan N. Brown
Joyce Brown
Lorraine Brown
Alice and Michael Brown
Richard Brown
Sandra J. Brown
Mr. Todd Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
William & Janet Brownstein
Steve & Abby Bruce
James and Victoria Bruni
Richard Bruno
Kris Bryant
John and Kathy Bryson
Lizzie Buchanan
Joyce and Harold Buckingham
Irene M. Buckley
Matt Buczacki
Katherine Budzyn
John & Rosanne Bugai
Stephanie & Spider J.C. Bulyk
Laura Bunnell
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Burch
Marcel Burch
Friends of Goodspeed Opera House
Dr. Shelley Burchsted
Henry and Mary Burdelski
Carolyn Burger
Peter & Sally Burgess
Henry Burgess
Celina Burgueno
Mrs. Eileen Burke
Mr. Thomas Burkell
Rebecca Burkhardt
Cathy Burnett and Arthur Bogen
Paul H. Burnham and Karen A. Birck
David & Nancy Burns
Mrs. Kelly Burns
Ms. Sharon Burr
Ned and Christine Burt
Mr. and Mrs. John Burzesnki
Robert and Elizabeth Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bussiere
Ted Butler
Helen Babcock and Tom Buttacavoli
Ann Byrne
Paul F. Byrne
Dr. and Mrs. Ritchard G. Cable
Thomas and Roberta Cable
Linda Cabral
Ms. Trisha Cabral
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cacace
Donna Cagen
Stephanie Cain
Linda Caine
Anne Sullivan Calanquin
Paulette Calderone
Ms. Carolyn Caldwell
Donald Caldwell
Jean Callan King
Fletcher Callanta
Anne E. Caluori
David and Marie Cameron
Karen and Burdeen Camp
Karen Camp
Thomas Camp
Frank and Amy Campbell
Mrs. Arlene Campeau
Mr. and Mrs. Siesel E. Canaday, Jr.
Karen Canna
Mike and Mary Canterino
James & Carole Capodiece
Steven Capone and Jeffrey Zipser
Russell Captor
Tom Caputi
Diane and Warren Cardone
Helena Cardoso
John Cardoza
James Carfora
Ms. Kathryn Carle
Bob and Bitsy Carlson
Lynn Carlson
Melissa and Robert Carlson
Ms. Mildred Carlson
Nancy and Dave Carlson
Patricia B. and Paul C. Carlson Fund
Sharon Carnicke
Catherine Caron
Dr Lee Carpenter
Lois Carpenter
Vonice and Russell Carr
Jack Carr
Dante and Monica Carrafa
Mrs. Wendy Carrafa
Nancy Carriuolo
Ms. Elaine Carroll
Gayle and George Carroll
Patricia & Robert B. Carroll
Elizabeth Carter
Deborah DeMarche Carusone
Susan Carvalho
Sal and Janet Carvelli
Anthony Cascio
Case Graber Foundation
Leslie Casey
William Cash
Johanna Cashman and Ira Grudberg
Paul Cashman
Greg Castanza
Lorene Castle
Jane Cavanaugh
Mr. Robert Cave
Ms. Melanie Cecarelli
Nancy Celentano
Ruth Celotto
Mrs. Debbie Cenotti
Barbara Cerrina
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Chabot
Michael Chaiklin
Miriam Chaiklin
Donald and Joan Chamberlin
Leon and Jean Chameides
Paul and Rochelle Chamlin
Anita P. Chanko
Theodore S. Chapin
Ronald Charette
Nancy Ford Charles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Charnas
Tom Charney
Scott and Robin Chasse
Ms. Patricia Checko
Ms. Jodi Chernin
Christine Chessen
Mr. Arnold Chester
Richard Chiaramonte & Sally Eberhardt
Harold Chick
Judy Chin
Lucy Chin
Ms. Beth Chipman
Roland and Judy Chirico
Brooke Chisholm
Samuel H. Chorches
Mark and Linda Christensen
Richard Christensen
Connie Christie
Rita Christopher
Bertie Chuong
Gail and Joe Churney
Deborah Chyun
Margaret Ciarcia
David L. Citronberg
John & Cassandra Ciullo
Colleen Clabault
Mrs. Kay Claiborn
Patricia and Richard Clairwood
Ron and Ginny Clark
Sydney and Elizabeth Clark
Julie & Terry Clark
Ruth E. Clark
Kay Knight Clarke
Kim Clarke
Clarissa Clegg
Tom and Barbara Clerkin
Gary Closius
Elizabeth and Richard Clough
Ms. Tammy Cloutier
Lori Ann and Rick Clymas
Charles & Kathy Cobb
Ms. Mary Gaskell Cobleigh
Mr. Doug Coe
Dede and Jules Cohen
Andrew Cohen
Douglas Cohen
Harold L. Cohen
Harry Cohen
Judith Cohen
Robert E. Cohen
Stacy Cohen
Stephanie Cohen
Nancy Cohn and Fred Brightman
Terry and Penny Colby
Robert and Cynthia Cole
Melinda Coleman
Philip and Clio Coles
Ms. Caitlin Collazo
Mr. Alan Collette
Mrs. Leila Collin
Andrea Collingwood
Mr. Jeremiah Collins
Jon Collins
Merrill Collins
Lynn and Gerry Rucker
George Comeaux
June Comer-Chagnon
Carole Cone
Lynne Congdon
Barbara Conlin
Suzanne Conlon & David Young
Timothy Connell
Patrick Connelly
Sara Conner
Barbara Connolly
Leo Connors
Brian and Patricia Connors
John Consiglio
Lisa Constantine
Brad and Marge Cook
Nann Cooke & Dr. Kathleen Maurer
Mr. Norman Cooper
Jennifer and John Copelin
Mrs. Nancy J. Corbally
Mrs. Michelle Corbin
Nancy and Lee Corbin
Dean & Valerie Cordiano
Nick Cordone
Terri and Cosmo Corigliano
Carol Corliss
Mr. Paul Corneilson and Beth Frasso
Cornerstone Construction Services, Inc.
Sarah Corning
Ed and Mary Cortright
Barbara and Arnold Cosgrove
Carol and Jack Costello
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph A. Costello
George and Gloria Cote
Jill and Joseph Cote
Mr. Richard Cote
Marty and Margaret Coughlin
Ms. Robin Cournoyer and Mr. Anthony Cournoyer
Flo Courtright
Terri and Don Coustan
Alfred V. & Carol Covello
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Coviello
Thomas Covill
Denise A Coyle
James K. Coyne
Teresa Cozzi
Erin Craig
Scott Craighead
Catherine Craighead-Lambert
Dr. Mark & Naomi Cramer
Ellen C. Cramp
Ernest Crandall
Mrs. J. Noyes Crary
Jeni Craswell
Ms. Regina Cravero
Creative Transportation & Tours
Nancy Creel
Jerelyn Creutz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crisp
Helene Criss
Dr. Amy L. Crockett
Nancy Crofton
Donna Crompton
Mr. George D. Cropper
Chris & Steve Crouch
Joan Crow
Beverly C. Crowther
Tom and Donna Cullen
Peter and Karen Cummins
Mr. Frank Cummiskey
Dr. Burton
Margaret M. Cunningham
Tiff, Jim and Cam Cunningham
Robert Curcio
Ms. Laura T. Curry
Mike and Peg Curtis
Henry F. Curtis
Ms. Susette A. Curto
Michael and Gail Cutler
Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Cyr
Craig Czarsty
Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Dabrowski
Ms. Laurel Daggett
Jim & Ev Dahl
Carolyn D'Alessandro
Anne Dalin
Ms. Liza Dalrymple
Maureen E. Dalton
Dr. Gerard G. D'Ambrosio
Ms. Judith D'Amico
David & Carol D'Amora
Michael Danchak
Susan D'angelo
Douglas Danielson
Dr. Joseph D'Ascanio
Rochelle Dauenheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Max Davidson
Naomi Davidson
Mr. Robert N. Davie and Ms. Anne E. MacLeod
Judith & Thomas Davies
Ed Davies
Mrs. Jamie Davis
Michelle and Harcourt Davis
Ruth Ann C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. William Davitt
Day Family Foundation
Ms. Bernadine Dayton
Bjorn De Carro
Kevin & Corrie Dean
In Memory of Walter DeAndrade
Marjorie DeBold
Kay Debski
Dennis and Pat DeCaril
Anne Marie Dechello
Lisa DeCola
Ian Dee
Ginny DeFilippo
Mr. Larry DeFrancesco
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. DeGraff, Jr.
Roberta DeGray
Candice Deguzis
Ms. Christine Deiling
Mr. Stanley Deitz
Dolores Del Vecchio
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Delaney
William and Joan Delaney
Joseph & Susan DeLaurentis
Darryl Delgiudice
Mrs. Deborah DellaBernarda
Barbara and George Delmhorst
John and Joanne Delponte
Pamela DeMaio
Patricia DeMartino
Patricia Dematteo
William and Sylvia DeMore
Alan B. and Nancy P. Dempsey
Barbara Demsky
Gerard Demuth and Jerry Masco
Ms. Stephanie Denkowicz
Sharon DePonte
Bill & Pat Derech
Barbara DeRienzo
Mr. Ernie Desrosier
Sherrie L. Deveau
Jennifer Deveny
Paul Stuehrenberg and Carole DeVore
Joseph and Christine Dias
Mrs. Debora H. Dickerson
Beverly & Jerry Dickinson
Patricia Dickinson
Betsy and Richard Didan
Suzanne Diener
Mr. Charles Dietrich
John & Nancy Dillaway
Victoria Dillingham
Lois and John Dillon
Alan Dimond
Jim Dionne
Diane Dirzius
Mark Dixon
Alan and Dorothy Dodd
Ms. and Helen Dodier
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Doherty
Tom & Carol Doherty
Joan Dolan
Christine Dombroski
Ms. M. Dominguez & Ms. J. Poloso
Joyce Donahue
Wilma C. Donaldson
Michael & Susan Donatelli
Michael and Mary Donnelly
Louis and Janet D'Onofrio
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Donshik
James Doran
Digestive Disease Associates, LLC (Dr. Michael Dorfman, Dr. Christopher Illick, Dr. Keri Herzog)
Gail S. Dorman
Mr. and Mrs. Etienne d'Otreppe
Jim and Maureen Dougherty
Diane Dow
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dowley
Joyce Dowling
Ms. Barbara Doyle
Ms. Phyllis W. Draghi
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Drake
Bill and Mary Drena
George P. Drenga
Michelle and Marv Dressler
Gary McManus and Teresa Drew
Joan Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Drisdelle
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Drozd
Robert and Theresa Dryfoos
Alice Dub
Kathryn and John Dube
Mrs. Nathan L. Dubin
Ms. Eileen Duchesne
Linda Dudek
Patrick Duffany
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duffek
James Duffy
Malcolm A. Duffy
Denise Dugas
Martha R. Dulla
Maureen Dumais
Laura and Jim Duncan
Ms. Cynthia Duncan
Ms. Roberta Dundon
Donna & J.T. Dunn
John and Karen Dunn
Margaret and Tom Dunn
Mary Jane Dunn
Nadine Dunn
Ms. Deborah Duprey
Mark Dupuis
Miss Stephanie Dupuis
Hank & Misty Durkee
Lisa Durland and Jonathan Cowles
Frank & Jackwyn Durrschmidt
Christine Durst
David Duttweiler
Deborah and Robert Duval
Jim Dyber
Vivian Dye and Jean Tye
Elaine Dymczyk
Joanne Dymitruk
Ms. Norma Dyson
Gerald H. Dziedzic

East Rock Village
Ellen Eastwood
Peggy Eatherton
Stephen Eccles
Mr. Douglas Eccleston
Linda J. Eckblom
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eckels
Barbara Rua
Eileen and Helen Ede
Bob & Judy Edsall
Donna & Kevin Edwards
Sharon and Bob Efron
Liz & Paul egan
Vera J. Ehnen
Susan and Saul Einbinder
Mr. Mark Eisenberg
Ms. Monique Ek
Jim and Judi Elder
Lori Jane Eliot
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Elliman
Douglas and Melanie Elliot
Ms. Cathy Elliott
Maria Ellis
Mr. Robert Ellis
Marybeth Ellison
Mr. David Elovetsky
Lucinda and Jack Embersits
Carol Emond
Laurie Enderle
Emily Endrich
Rhoda Eng
Vincent K Eng
Vicki Engelhardt
James and Katherine Entwistle
Richard Eppler
Neil and Trudi Epstein
Andy and Polly Erickson
Mr. Carleton Erickson
Linea Erickson
Charles M. Ericson
Ms. Linda Ericson
Dawn Erikson
Inna Erlikh
Ms. Fran Erlitz
Dr. Spencer and Nancy Erman
Mary Lou Erwin
Jim and June Eschert
Linda Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Esteve
Vanessa Evans
Mr. John Evans
Charles & Candace Evans
Daniel Evans
Dana Ewing
Timothy & Lynn Fahy
Nancy and Brian Fall
David and Donna Fallon
Justin Fargione
Kristie Farr
Bill Farrell
Lynn Farrell
Mary Farrell
Susan Fay
Ms. Kathleen Fazio
Lol Fearon
Lawrence Fecho
Robert M. Fechtor and Gilda S. Brock
Karen Fecko
Shari and David Feder
Carrie Federici
Everett J. Federici, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fedus
Ms. Jill Fehleison
Mr. Fenmore Feigenbaum
Donna Feldman
Richard Feldman
David Felgate
Lenore Felpel
Steven and Elyse Feltman in memory of Fran and Phil Feltman
Richard Fenton
Don Fernandez
Korine and Ronald Ferraro
Dale L'Amoureaux-Ferris
Francesca Ferrucci
Rita Fiala
Ann I. Field
Mary Jane Fine
Ms. Bella Fink
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Finkelstein
Linda Finocchi
Hope and Daniel Firestone
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fischman
Mr. Austin Fish
Attorney and Mrs. Norman F. Fishbein
Rosemarie & John Fisher
Rebecca Fisher
Mr. Timothy M. Fitch and Ms. Ann Sheldon
John Fitzgerald
Anne C. Fitzgerald
James and Donna FitzGerald
William Fitzgibbons
Britt and Skip Flanagan
Carter Flatt
Mark Fleischer and Holly Breuer
Heather Fleischhauer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fleming, III
Margaret Fleming
Ms. Patricia Fleming
Dr. Bruce Fletcher
Lynne and Richard Fletcher
Ms. Roberta Fletcher
Steven and Susan Flicker
Herb and Ellie Flink
Robert & Lucia Focht and Les & Debbie Korper
Andrew Fogliano
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Foley
Patricia & William Follett
Bruce A. Fontanella
Stephen and Susan Forbes
Jason Ford
Bernadette Forget
Dr. Gerald Forman and Mrs. Bayle Forman
Ron and Charlene Formica
Priscilla Forschler
Charles Forstrom
Charles & Charlotte Fortune
Charles M. & Elena M. Foster
Elizabeth and William Foster
Dr. Brendan M. Fox
Barbara Francese
Julia Francis and Victor Vroom
Ms. Amy Franco
Reno Franconi
Elizabeth Frankel
Mary-Ellen and Peter Freeman
Theodora French
Brian and Allison Fresher
Charlotte Rea and Bob Fricker
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Fridkin
Eric Friedenthal
Brian and Bobbie Friedman
Ms. Judith Friend and Mr. Donald P. Olaughlin
Lorraine Fries
Gerald & Colleen Frisbie
Bette Fritzen
Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Fromer
Sue Frost and Dan Renn
Ryan Fuller
William Fuller
Midge Fusci
Ms. Annelise Fusco
Barbara A. Gabianelli
Mark Gabriel
Brian Hatch
Judith Gaffney
Lisa Gagliardi
Mr. Paul Gagliarducci
Meghan Gagne
Meghan Gagne
David and Karen Gagnon
Fern and Herbert Galant
Ms. Anne Galanto
Robert Galas
Bonnie Gale
Rebecca Galko
Adrienne Gallagher and Jim Nelson
David Gallagher
Frances and Patrick Gallagher
Helen Gallivan
Ray and Barbara Galloway
Mr. Joseph Galvin
Dr. Raymond Gambardella and family
John and Sherri Gamm
Dr. and Mrs. Prabhash C. Ganguli
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Gardner
Kenneth Bondi and Nancy Garlock
David Garnes
Kristen Garnett
Eric Garofano and Kerry Garofano
August Garritano
Ann Garwood
Frances Gasperini
Ms. Suzette Gaudet
Sue Gaudreau
Mrs. Anne Gauthier
John and Diana Gavin
Dr. Robert Gay
Mr. Sean Geary
Kevin and Mikki Geenty
Mr. Chester Gehman
Jennifer and Ken Geisler
Patricia Gelineau
Elizabeth Geller
Bruce Gelston
Patricia Genereux
Michael and Donna Lee Gennaro
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Genovesi
Diane George
Ms. Patricia George
Billie and Jerry Gerkey
Mr. Emmanuel Gerolamo
Edward Gerstein
Alan Gervais
Gloria and Bob Gery
Ms. Christine Gesino
Mrs. Donna Gestri
Deborah Giaconia
Mr. Winslow T. Runde and Mrs. Diane Giansanti-Runde
Monika and Rick Gibbons
Ms. Kathy Gifford
Paula M Gilbert
Gordon and Betty Gillaspie
William Gilles
Mary Gillette
Rogene and Stewart Gillmor
Glenn Gilman
William J. Ginnetti, Sr.
Nicholas and Brian Ginsberg
Harold E. Ginter, Jr.
Norma S. Ginz
Diane & Gary Gladstone
Wil and Mary Ellen Gladue
Albert B Glassenberg Fund
Ms. Diane Glemboski
Judith K. Glickstein
Greg and Mary Glod
Lucinda Glynn
Joan Russoniello Goba
Elaine Godowsky
Margaret and Dennis Godsill
Julianna Goff
Ms. Judith Goldbecker
Judith Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Zelly Goldberg
Joyce B. Goldberg
The Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation
Richard and Linda Goldin
Ms. Janice Goldschmidt
Lorelei and Neal Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Gonci
Pauline M. Gondek
Susan F. Gonsalves
Kristin A. Gonzalez
Donna Good
Joshua Goodman
Dr. Lawrence H. Goodman
Lea and Richard Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Goodrich
Laura and Roger Goodspeed
Ron and Karen Goodspeed
Karen and Rob Goodwin
Christina and Allen Gordon
Michael and Joan Gordon
Deborah and David Goric
Robert F. Gorman
Thomas E. Gorman
Rachel Syrek and William Gorton
Al and Nancy Gosselin
Tina and Mark Gossner
Marilyn White-Gottfried
Frank Gould
John and Cookie Gowac
Lorraine Gowac
Liz Grace
Carol Anne Ances & Burton Grad
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Grader
Robert and Lyndle Gradoville
Ms. Mary Graham
Robert and Mary Graham
Rafelina Graham
Jennifer Granata
Mark Granato
George Grande
Jeff Granoff
Robert Grant
Deb and Ken Grass
Ray and Judy Grasso
James P. Grate
Bill Gratz and Jay Bruno
Len and Maureen Gray
Frank and Mary Grazioso
Althea Greaney
Peter M. Green
Carole and Harold Greenbaum
Ms. Jean Selden Greene
Rod & Karin Greene
Sandie & Bill Greene
Diane and Larry Greenfield
Ms. Ruth D. Greengross
Lauren R. Greenspan
Debra Greer
Martin Gregor
Mrs. Beverly F. Gregory
Cynthia and Jim Gregory
Karl Gregory
John and Pamela Griffin
Mrs. Mary Ann Griffin
Dale M Griffith
Mrs. Bernadette Grillo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griswold
Peter Grossman and Lawrence Timmins
Joanne M. Groth
Mr. Walter Grube
Dale Grubin
Ms. Lenore Grunko
Carol Gruszka
Frank and Angela Guarascio
Lee and Barbara Guenette
David Guernsey
Phil Guglielmo
Mr. Peter Guiffreda
Joan Guilmette
Ronald and Joanne Guodace
Christine and Raymond Gustafson
Mrs. Deborah Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guyon
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gworek
Thomas Haar
Dr. and Mrs. N. I. Habib
Virginia Hack
Bernadette Hackett
David and Patricia Hadlow
Robert & Catharine Haff
In Memory of John Haggerty
Terri Hahn
Welles and Lorraine Hale
Janet Hall
Margery Halleran
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Halloran
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hamilton
Jeff Hamlin
Jon and Carrie Hammond
Christy Hammond and Tom Kalinosky
Mr. Cliff Hammond
Mr. Russell Hammond
Stephen and Laurie Hanchuruck
Mr. Lawrence Handler
Monique Haney
Tom & Cheryl Hanley
Theojo Hansen
Courtney Hanson
Sandra D. Hanson
Ms. Natalie Harbeson
Terry Hardacre
Pat Hardison
Mr. Paul Hardt
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hardy
Jeffrey Hare
Kathleen Harker
Mrs. Susan Harlan
Marilyn G. Harmon
Ms. Sue Harper
Bill & Sue Harrelson
Mr. Robert Harrington
Kathleen Harris
Bob Harris and Grace Wong
Ronald & Nina Harris
Carla Harrod
Mr. Robert Hart
Kenneth and Marilyn Harte
Bob and Ellie Hartmann
Gail and Leo T. Hesse Hartzog
Rebecca Harvey
Thad & Dale Hasbrouck
Henry Haskell and Ellen Cordes
Sarah Hassmer
Mrs. Susan Hastings
Mr. Travis Hatch
Lucinda and Brian Hautaniemi
Douglas Hawthorne
Ray and Sue Heald
Sherryl Healey
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Heard
Calvin H. Heath, Jr.
Howard Hecht
Laura and Michael Heeger
Sylvia & Dennis Heffley
Martin L. Heft
Sandra and Harvey Heiolbronn
Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Heiney
Jamey Heinlein
Patricia Heinrich
Sharyn Heinzelman
John and Judy Heiser
Penny Heller
Ruth Heller
Margie Helme-Brother and Jim Brother
Todd Helming
Ms. Amy Henderson
Jo Ann Henderson
Kimberley Henion
Della Hennelly
Glenna W. Hennessey
Bernard Henry
Constance Henshaw
Laura Heon
Mr. Robert Herdt
Mrs. and Mr. Gloria R. Herman
Michael & Sandra Herod
Jean & Norbert Herzog
Barbara and Gerald Hess
Sue Hessel and Karen Dahle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hettlinger
Susan Hewes
JoAnn Hewett
Claudette & Ned Hickey
Mrs. Inge Hieret
Ann Higginbotham and Emil Pocock
Ms. Lois Hill
Robert Hill
Beverly Himelstein & Michael Moran
Alice Hinchcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hinckley
William and Claudia Hincks
Tom Hinds
William Hine
Cynthia & Robert Hines
Cheryl and John Hinze
Mary E. Hippman
Bruce and Joan Hirsch
John Hirst
Mr. and Mrs. James Hisey
Mrs. Elizabeth Hoban
Graham Hodgetts
Kathleen and Edward Hodgson
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Hodos
Nancy and Jeffrey Hoffman
Wilma Hoffman
Pauline Hogan
Ms. Elaine Holdsworth
Ms. Julia Holliday
Samuel Hollings
Brian and Hallie Hollister
Ms. Deborah Holmes
Patricia A. Holmes
William Homich
Judith Hooper
Don & Marianne Hope
Yavanna Horbal
Peyton C. Horne
Joshua Horowitz
Bill and Nancy Horowitz
Nina Horowitz
Ms. Pamela J. House
Neil Schultes and Martha Howard
Ms. Margaret Howard
Richard and Yvette Howard
Laurie Howe
Professor Peter Hoyle
Paul Hoynack
Ms. Margaret Hrubala
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tibbals
Dick and Beverly Hughes
John and Kathleen Hull
Anne Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Humen
Linda M Humes
Ms. Cori Humes
Norma and Robert Hummerstone
Christine N. Hunihan
Mary Lee Hunsinger
Cynthia Hunt
Dianne Hunt-Mason
Margie and Richard Huoppi
Stephen Hurd
Frances Hurlbutt
Valerie Hurst
Alisa Hurwitz
Harry and Bonnie Hutchins
Mr. John Hutchins
Dr. Hillary Huttenhower
Thirza D. Hyatt
Diane Hylas
Eric and Mary Hyson

Diane C. Iglesias & Susan Legeyt
Ms. Joyce Igo
Richard and Barbara Ihmels
Michaele and Jim Imbrogno
Margery B. Irish
Karen Isaacs
Herbert Isaacson
James Israel
Beverly Iverson
Mrs. Linda J. Ivey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Jackson
Mrs. Elaine Jackson
Mark Jackson
James and Isabel Jackson
Angelina Jacobs
Joan and Lloyd Jacobs
Barbara and Raymond Jacobsen
The Jacobson Family
Roxane Jacobson
Kathy and Norm Jacques
Mr. Al Jaffe
Mr. Al Jagaczewski
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jahnke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jainchilll
Ms. Katherine James
Amy Jarboe
Deborah Jarett
Aram Jarret
Penfield & Teresa Jarvis
Dennis Jedlinsky
Barbara and Stephen Jendrysik
Dean Jennings
Patricia Jennings
Elissa Jenny
Mr. Wesley G. Jensen
Sharon and David Jepson
Jean Jerbert
Shea and Scott Jezek
Ms. Mary-Ann Jodaitis
Mr. Ray Joesten
Suzanne Joffray
Patricia Johannes
Emily and John Johl
Ann & Craig Johnson
Bruce and Lois Johnson
Dave & Betty Johnson
Eric and Priscilla Johnson
Gladys M. Johnson
Helen Johnson
Jim Johnson
Lorrie Johnson
Bob & Elaine Johnson
Burton & Sharon Johnson
Catherine W. Johnston
Peter and Linda Jokl & Elisabeth D'Albero
Clayton & Deborah Jones
Susan Jones & Janet Kalas
Donna Jones
Eric & Lorena Jones
Ms. Linda Jones
Mimi Jones
Colonel & Mrs. Wm. R. Jones
David and Carol Jordan
Ms. Judith Jorgensen
Myra Josephson
Anna Jovanovic
Dr. Christopher Joy and Ms. Cathy Velenchik
Marie Joyner
Brian Jud
Mary Judson
Robert Kaczor
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Kalayjian
Diane Kallaugher
Kurt and Ines Kallmeyer
Prudence Kamerzel
Ms. B. Ann Kammerer
Gregory Kamp
Cynthia Kane
Stephen and Laurie Kane
Ms. Leilani Kapili
David and H. B. Kaplan
Len and Judithe Kaplan
Pauline Kaplan
Doris Kapszukiewicz
Mrs. Deborah Kapushinski
Ted and Maria Karas
Elizabeth R. Karhu
Lynde and Michael Karin
Samuel Karlin
The Karpf Family
Donna P. Katsaounis
Alan Katz
Jeffrey and Jeanne Katz
Mr. Steven Katz
Drs. Sheldon and Judith Kaufman
Ellen Kaufmann
Geraldine Keams
Diana Kearney
Diana Kearney
Frances Kearney
Carlos William Kebe
Richard Keeffe
Mary Keegan
Dr. Andrew & Lynn Keene
Mr. Donald Keener
Ms. Beverly Keeney
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kehl
Elizabeth and William Keister
James and Mary Kelley
Ms. Janet L. Kelley
Renee D. Kelley
Betty L. Kelly
Mr. Cornelius Kelly
Deborah Kelly and Wayne Renton
Frank and Diane Kelly
Kim Kelly
Lois Kelly
Mr. Arthur R. Kelsey
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Kelsey
James Keltos
Dorothea Kendall
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kennedy
Alex Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
YNHH Nursing Research Committee
Mrs. Patricia Kenney
Joel and Deborah Kent
Mr. C. Edward Kepler
Sandi Kerzner and Larry Costa
Robbie and Albert Kestnbaum
Ms. Denise Ketterer
Ms. Phyllis B. Keyes
Tabatha Kiely
Ms. Deborah Kindel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. King
Mr. and Mrs. William King
Linda Kinney
Ms. Marilyn Kinzel
Ann Kirkpatrick
Dick & Sherry Kirschner
Chet and Suzanne Kitchings
Alan Kittel
Nancy Kivlin
Mrs. Velta Klavins
Cindy and Myron Klein
Fred Klein
Maxine Klein & David Zeleznik
Mr. Brad Kleinerman
Ronald Klimas
Mr. Stephen Klinck
Nancy Kline and Jim Trail
David W. Knapp
John Knight
Mrs. Susan Knoll
Jim and Deb Knorr
Edythe Kobylansk
Mrs. Albert Koby-Larz
Maciek and Anita Kolodziejczak
Mr. Dennis Kolodziejski
Carol A. Kolp
Irene Komadina
Matthew and Robin Konrad
Gail Korrick
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Kortleven
Barbara and Raymond Koski
John and Lynda Kosky
John and JoAnna Koster
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Kosto
Judith Kostrzewa
Dick and Hazel Koszyca
Deborah Kotchen
Nancy and Steve Kotchko
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Kowalski
Ronald Kowalsky
John and Sara Koziol
Donald and Carole Koziy
Mr. Robert Krajewski
Mr. and Mrs. George Krall
Ms. Debbie Kraner
Allan Kratzer
Marika and Joshua Kraus
Mr. John Krawski
Arthur Kreiger
Abbey Kreinik
Douglas & MaryAnn Krenz
Karen Krick
Helen Krieble
Stewart and Sandra Kristiansen
W. Jay & Paula Krompinger
Judith and Allen Kronick
Maureen and Lawrence Krpata
Ruth and David Krugman
Mr. Henry Krupa, Jr.
Richard & Karen Kubica
Renee Kudrak
Barbara P. Kurtz
Christine Kuryla
Lillian and Charles Kus
Annette E Kussmaul MD MPH
Mr. Rob Kustra
Tad and Vicki Kuziak
Ms. Sandy Kwedar
Alyssa Labonte
James F. LaBrecque
Mr. Greg Lachenmayer
Sheila W. Lacourciere
John LaFalce
Gary and Diane LaFrance
Jacqueline Lagoy
Michael I. Lah
Judith Lak
Kim Lamari
Ruth Lambert
Sue Lambert
Paul Lamontagne
Dr. Rita A. Landino
Anne Landry
Carol A Lane
Mr. Graham Lane
John T. and Carol M. Lane
Pete and Susan Lang
Ed and Nancy Langbein
J Lange
Victoria Langer
Valerie Lanning
Phoebe Lansdale
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Lanzoni
Eric Lao
Ms. Martha Lape
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lapierre
Peter and Dolores LaPointe
Jerry Laraia and Cindy Welsh
Christina Lardizzone
Jennifer Largen
Mr. Hassel Larka
Brenda LaRoza
Cynthia J Larsen
Lisa L. Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Larson, Nancy & Laura
Rev. Mobby Larson
Richard and Mary Ellen Larson
Mike and Betsy Lasorso
Marie Latagliata
Peter Latimer
Michael E. Laudano and Ken Cabral
Rochelle and Spencer Lauer
Richard A. and Evelyn A. Laurenzi
Michael & Pamela Lavery
Ron and Denise Lavoie
Mr. and Mrs. James Lawler
Elizabeth Lawlor
Miriam Lawrence Leupold
Robert Lawrence
Ms. Cynthia Layton
Brenda Lazar
Gary and Carol Lazarus
Arlene Lazinsk
Stephen Leahy
Nancy Leary
Ms. Hilaire Leavitt
Leo Lebeau
Julie and Peter LeBlanc
Thomas LeCourt
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leduc, Jr.
Elizabeth Lee
Tai Lee
Thomas and Jennifer Lee
Timothy and Marie Leece
Rebecca Lees
Jennifer Lefebvre
The Lehet Family
Ms. Phyllis T. Lehon
Loren and Alice Lehr
Kathleen Leivers
Joyce and John Lemega
Janet and Louis Lemond II
Mr. and Mrs. Philip LeMontagne, Jr.
Robert and Beverly Lentz
Robert Leonard
Ms. Sharon Leonard
Ms. Rebecca Lerud
Mr. and Mrs. William Lestage
Lee and Joan Lester
Ms. Carolyn Lester
Barbara Letourneau
Kathleen A. Leverone
Jeannine Levesque
Maureen Levick
Roger and Carla Levien
Carole and Ed Levin
Gloria and Arthur Levin
Marci & David Levin
Jack Levine
Peter and Vicki Levinson
Mr. Richard Lewensohn
Charles Lewis
Donna Lewis
Leslie Lewis
Wendy Barstow Lewis
Mrs. Meredith Libbey
Lorraine Lincoln Lieberman
Maureen Liegeot
Laryn Ligos
Margaret H. Limbacher
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Linden
Jean and John Linderman
Diane Lindsay
Nancy Lindsay
Claudia Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Link
Mr. Howard Linker
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Linsley
Nancy Linton
Mr.and Mrs. Andrew Liskov
Mark Litt
Lee and Jennifer Littrell
Mike and Joan Litwinski
Goldie Liverant
Christine Livolsi
Mr. Virgil Lloyd
Bill Chatman
Pat and Koen Loeven
Ray and Bobbi Lombra
Rhoda and Fred London
Barbara Long and Roxann Walters
Karen and William Longa
Mark and Tina Loomis
Laura and Ed Lorenson
Carol and Tom Lorenzo
Irene Loretto
Don & Judy Lorusso
Phyllis and Ray Losnes
William and Barbara Lott
Michele, Rob & Ava Loughlin
Tom Louth
Steven Lubeski
Alice Lucas
Mr. Peter Luchini
Dr. Eileen F. Luddy and Mr. Edward A. Crocco
Robert and Karen Ludgin
Suzanne Ludwig
Marlene Luebeck and Friends
Carl and Nora Lund
Dominick Lupacchino
Robert A Lupone & Kathleen Saunders
Georgian Lussier
Larry and Eunice Luther
John and Edith Lutkus
Jeffrey Luty
Carolyn Lyew
Robert and Lois Lyle
Julie S. Lyman
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lynch
William and Jan Lynn
Mr. Frank Lyon
Susan Lyons

James and Roselle Macdonald
Ms. Barbara Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Ian G. MacDonald
Robert MacGregor and Dawn Kelly Erikson
Mr. Neal Maciag
Linda Macintyre
Mr. Paul Mackin
Dave and Judith Macri
Randall Madore
Douglas R. Magee, Jr.
Evelyn V. Maher
Jean Mahoney
Ms. Karen Maiga
Neil Makstein
Roman Maksymiuk
Jim and Marylin Makuch
Robert and Carolyn Malchow
Donald Maley
Samuel and Jane Maller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mallinson
Ed & Susan Mallory
Sharon Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maloney
Brian Maloney
Rita and Ed Maloney
Anita and William Mancoll
Deborah Mandel
Edward and Sonya Mangan
Bernice Manning
Mrs. William J. Manning
Diane Manning
George and Olga Manos
Maria & Bob Manzi
Mr. Eric Marcarelli
The Marcario Family
Kathleen Marco
Pearl Marcus
Kathryn Marcy
Joe Marganski
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Margnelli
Joan Margolis
Ms. Shira Margulies
Eugene and Julie Marinelli
Mr. Thomas Marinis
Ann L. Marino
Edward Marino
Charlotte Markham
YNHH Center for Professional Practice Excellence
Sabrina Marler
Joanne and David Marriott
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marrone
Ferrell Marshall
David and Carol Martens
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Martin
Marybeth Marx
Mrs. Salvatore Marzano
Mr. Louis Mascola
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Matregrano
Mr. John Matthews
Donna Matulis
Michael & Susan Maturo
Jacque Maxwell
Arlene Tunney and Ken Maxwell
Mary Kate McGrath May
Gale Mayhan
Rosalind Mayhew
Denise Maynard
Mary K. Maynard
Lance and Clare Mazur
Amy Mazurek
Joseph & Nancy Mazza
Jim and Helga Mazzei
Jay McAnally
Diane Mcaree
Mr. Stephen McAuley
Barbara A. McAuliffe
Beverly McCabe
William and Susan McCann
Christine McCann
Mayra McCarthy
Mr. Thomas Mccarthy
John and Amy McCauley
Charles and Janet McClure
McClure Family Charitable Fund
Margaret McCoil
David Sloan
Jane McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. David McFarlin
Ms. Nancy McGaw
James McGeough
Andrew McGibbon
Mimi McGill
Donald and Susan McGinnis
Ms. Erin McGovern
Dennis McGrath
Ms. Lesley McGrath
Diana M. McInerney
Ms. Connie McIntyre and Mr. Wayne Green
Ms. Renee McIntyre
Carol McKeen
Karen McKenney
Lorraine McKinney
Andrew and Bonnie Lee McKirdy
Reverend Laurie Mcknight
Linda McKone
Ms. Carol McLachlan
Tim & Karen McLaughlin
Angela McLean
Sharon McLean
Don & Lyn McLeod
Pace Stage Management - Class of 2020
Mrs. Sheila McPharlin
Cathleen Meaden
Joan Measimer
Mary Jo Mecca
Mr. and Mrs. John Meckes
Kerry and Donna Meehan
Allen Mehlberg and Spruce Roden
Lew & Cheri Meier
Arthur Meister
Roseanne Campo Melucci
Elaine Melvin
Marcia & James Memery
Aaron Mendelson
Roberta Mendillo
Sheila Mendlestein
Kathleen and Joseph Mengacci
Lisa Viall Mento
Josie Merck
Jeanne Merola
Lisa Merolle
Dwight Merriam
Ms. Ruthie Merrigan
Richard Merritt
Susan and Arthur Merrow
Judith Metcalf
Senator and Mrs. Edward Meyer
Molly Meyer
Ms. Maxine Meyerhardt
Nancy Meyers
Mr. Steven Meyst
Neil J Mezeul
Anthony and Chelsea Michaud
Yvette Mickenberg and Howard Troyansky
Irvin Miglietta
Ken and Joyce Mikulski
Carol Mikulski
Lynda and Sebastian Milano
Jean Millard
Alan and Katherine Miller
Ms. Virginia H. Miller
Mr. Brad Miller
Ms. Caroline Miller
Daryl Miller
Donald E. Miller M.D.
Donald Miller
James Miller
Jane Ann Miller
Ms. Jocelyn Miller
Lisa Miller
Marcia and Ronald Miller
Michele Millham
Margie and Lance Minor
Richard and Carole Minton
Jerry Mitchell
Kathleen Mitchell
Beth Mix
Donna Moffly
Scott Mokoski and Meg Sakellarides
Joe and Beth Molder
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Moleske
Amy Molina
Mary Jane Monahan
Karen Monteleone
Andrew Montgomery
Bob and Ami Montstream
John and Pat Mooney
Katherine Mooney
Laura Mooney
Laurie Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Leamon E. Moore, Jr.
Margaret Moore
Marian Moore
Michael and Marie Moore
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Morace
Mr. Ronald Morales
Patricia Moran and Anthony Marino
Armand and Bonnie Morassini
Jim & Debbie Moravecek
Ms. Kalana Mordarski
Mr. and Mrs. Moreno
John and Noreen Moreschi
Debbie Morettini
Mr. James Morgan
Ann J. Moriarty
Kathleen Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moriarty
Thomas and Pamela Moriarty
Mary S. Mormile
Mrs. Nancy Morrin
Barry & Colleen Morris
Donald and Amy Morris
Patricia and Larry Morrison
Ms. Leslie Morrison
Ms. Donna Morrissette
Mrs. Arline Morrissey
Daniel and Eileen Morrissey
Garry Morton
Jan and Harold Moskowitz
Doris Moss Davenport
Clifford & Judy Moss
Paula and Al Most
Michelle Maglaty Mostello
Michael P. Motta
David & Susan Motycka
Robert Mountz
Marie Mozzi
Ernest Mrazik Jr
Kenneth and Nancy Mull
Linda Mullally
Jim Mullen
James Mulrooney
Robert H Mundy
Brenda Murad
Dennis Murphy
Jack & Ginny Murphy
Karen Pollard Murphy
Ms. Karen Murphy
Dr. Mary Murphy
Lisa Muscanell-Depaola
Donald Musgnug
Rob & Ana Musterer
Peter Johnson Musto
Joanne and Andrew Myer
David and Meg Myers
Carol Myers
Bruce Myrick
Donald & Jennifer Mysling
Merle Nacht
Joel and Gladys Nadel
Sandra Nagel
Ernest and Janie Danen Nagler
Ruth Nagy
Wayne Nakoneczny
Katrin and Louis Nashelsky
Lynne and Leslie Nathan
Regina and Robert F. Neal
Stephen and Catherine Negri
Ms. Mary Neilan
Marianne Neill
Robert Neiman
Gail Nelson
Patrice Nelson
Linda P. Nelson
Mary Martin Nelson
Michelle Nelson
Robert and Carolyn Nelson
Mr. Richard Nemchek
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Nemergut
Carissa Neubig
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry and Naomi Neuwirth
Dick and Betty Nevers
Danielle Neville
Gail and Anthony Newman
Susan Newsom
John S. Newton
Ken and Susie Ng
Jean Nicholas
Mr. William B. Nicholls
Beverly Nichols
Elizabeth Nicholson
Suzanne Niedzielska
Emma Niiler
Ed and Cheri Niland
Steve Nivison
Ms. Sandra Nix
Robin Noble-Zolin
Kelly Nolen
Mrs. Michelle Nollenberger
John Noonan and Kat Rose-Noonan
Nita Nordgaard
Pam and Lee Nordstrom
Chuck Norris
Mr. Harry North
Libera Nosal
Mr.and Mrs. Richard Nourie
Ms. Lynn Novicki
Ron & Debra Nudel
Ms. Shelby Nussbaum
Mrs. Patricia F. Nylin
John Oakes & Carole Shea
Mrs. Frank O'Beirne, Jr.
Paul and Carolyn Ober
Birgitta O'Brien
James O'Brien
Jean O'Brien
Ms. Margaret O'Brien
Marguerite and Jerry O'Brien
Matte O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. O'Connell
Eileen O'Connor
Mrs. Charles P. O'Connor, Jr.
Dr. Theresa O'Connor
Ms. Elizabeth O'Donnell
Kendra O'Donnell
Nancy Abramson and Rabbi Stacy Offner
David and Janice Ogden
Mr. Jeffrey Ogilvie
George and Joyce Oickle
John O'Keefe
Mary Anne O'Keefe
Theresa O'Leary
John Oleksiw
Mr. John Oliva
Manuel Oliveira
Nancy and Peter Olsen
Kenneth Olson and Susan Kelsey
Mr. Roy O'Neil
Stan and Kayoko Opalacz
Dennis Oparowski
Denise and Richard Order
Stephanie O'Reilly
Mr. Brian Orentreich
Patricia Orsini
Eric Ort and Duff Ashmead
Alan and Joyce Ortner
The Revs. Joanne Neel-Richard & Mary Anne Osborn
Mr. and Mrs. William Ostapchuk
Nancy Osterling
Anthony and Helen Otfinoski
Shipman Friends - Jim, Glenn, Pat, Eric, Katie, Karen, Latonia, Andy, Robert, Alison, Jill
Mrs. Elaine V. Otter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Otto
Mrs. Doris Otto
Joan and Dennis Overfield
Ginny and Ed Owens
Norman Owsley
Ms. Sally Oxman
Karen Packtor
Arthur Padovano
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Padula
Ms. Virginia Page
John Paggioli
Ms. Elizabeth C. Palazzo
Dorothy Paleologos
John E. Palermo
Roger Paley
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Palilonis
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Palma
Camilla Palmer
Anna Palumbo
Lisa Palumbo
George Panas
William Panas
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Panitch
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Parasch
Glen and Heidi Parchmann
Peter and Krystal Paris
John and Marilyn Parker
Dr. Prior Parker
Dick and Carol Parker
Ms. Margaret Parks
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Parmelee
Lauren Parrish & Patrick Mahaney
Jim and Arlene Parsons
Cindy and Steve Parsons
The Michael Stewart Foundation
Attorney and Mrs. Jack M. Pasquale
Jane Porterfield
Mr. James Patalano
Laurel Patt
John and Melinda Patterson
Rich and Cindy Patterson
Katherine Patterson
Bill & Barbara Pattison
Katherine and Donald Paulson
Jennifer Paulson-Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Payne
Bill & Julie Peace
Mr. and Mrs. Collin Peach
Michael & Louise Pear
David and Jo-Ann Pearson
Alan and Frances Pease
Larry and Nancy Peck
Robert Peck
Linda Pecoraro
Mrs. Peggy Pedersen
Mr. Scott Peirce
Kirk and Amanda Pekrul
Pam Pellegrine
Sibyl Pellum
Charles F. Peluse
Paul and Linda Pendergast
Maribeth Pennoni
Joanne Pentino
Edward G. Perkins
Katherine Perkins
Laure Perreault
Mrs. Pamela Perrone
Virginia J. Perruccio
Maya & Stephen Liss
Eva Perry
Dr. Anne Peskin
Joan Pestritto
Ms. Pamela Peter-Cohen
Barbara A. Petersen
David and Patrice Peterson
Rolf C. Peterson
Terry E. Peterson
Wendy Peterson
Ivars and Meredith Petersons
Anton and Diane Petras
Patricia Petrella
Penny Petrone
William & Patricia Petrone
Ann Marie and Joe Petti
Marga and John Pfeiffer
Gamalia Pharms
Mrs. Carol Phelps
Susan Phillips
Ms. R. Frances Phinney
Maureen Piccochi
Philip and Geri Piccola
Martin and Alisa Piech
Anne B. Pierson, M.D.
Beverly Pikna
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Pilarczyk
Mr. Leonard Pinaud
Edward & Meghan Pineda
Ms. Jane Pinto
Wayne and Laurie Pipke
Jane Piro and Jeff Sund
Robert Pisarski
Nancy Pistel
Joanne Pizzoni
Ivy Plis
Dr. Jack and Lynn Plummer
Mr. Ronald Plutnicki
Dorothy Podgwaite
Casimir Podlaski
Rennie Poirier
Ann Polanski
Joan Polo
Mr. Michael G. Polo and Ms. Natalie Real
Barbara Pomarico
Nancy & Jeff Popp
Kenneth and Barbara Porter
Mary Lee Porterfield
Crescenzo Porto
Alexander Porven
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Potter
Russell & Judith Potter
Michael and Robin Poulos
Glynis Powanda
Mr. Scott Powell
Mrs. Catherine Prairie
Ken and Wendy Pratt
Erin Pratt
Mrs. Lynn Pratt
Annella C. Preble
Dr. & Mrs. R. Scott Prewitt
Daniel and Lisa Price
Rev. and Mrs. Marston Price
Ms. Pat Priest
Marjorie Prince
Pete and Ellie Pringle
Kathryn Pritchard
Rose & Robert Pritchard
Catherine Probolus
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Proffitt
Mr. Richard V. Proffitt and Ms. Carol Sirot
Brenda Prokop
Michael Proto
Cheryl Provost
Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Prudente
Tom and Barbara Puffer
Susan Pugatch
Ms. Patti Puglia and Mr. Fred Morro
David Pugliese
Velma D. Pugliese
Carl Putnam
Joanne Putnam
Jonathan and Victoria Putnam
Jim and Karin Pyskaty
Nancy Pytlik

Maryjane Quarti
Stephan Quayle
Jonathan and Sharon Quigley
Lynda Quigley
John and Georgette Quilter
Patrick and Lynn Quinn
Miss Margaret Quirk and Miss Laura Butterfield
Norm and Judy Rabe
Mr. Ettore C. Raccagni
Ms. Lauren Rader
Garry Raff
Irene and Donald Ragatz
Dennis Rager
Miriam W. Ragsdale
Susan M. Raible
Rosemary Viola
Hon and Mrs. Jed S. Rakoff
Victoria Ramik
Dianne and Chuck Ramsey
Jennifer and Douglas Ramsay
Nancy J. Ramseyer
Estelle Rao
Richard and Pamela Rapacz
Sylvia D. Rasie and Lynda N. Rowan
Jerry & Jan Rathbun
Ms. Betsy Ratner
Daniel S. Hansen & David D. J. Rau
Anthony J Raucci
Paul and Sharon Raverta
Sharon Ray
Edward C. Raymond
David & Jeanne Reed
John & Jennifer Reeve
Reinhard Reichelt
Trish & James Reid
Ronald & Diane Reid
Kilty Reidy
Susan Reilly
Alvin B. Reiner
Victoria Reinert
Donna Renkewitz
Mr. Wayne Rennie
Imelda Reno
Susan & Gene Renz
Mr. John Rexroad
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Rhine
Lee Erwin Rhodes
Henry and Sally Rianhard
Bernice Ricca
Rosemary Ricciardelli
Steve, Amber, Ryder and Ollie Ricciardelli
Glen and Kimberly Rice
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rich
Ms. Jean Rich
Jeffrey Richards
Faye and Mike Richardson
Mary Jane Richilson
Janet Riesman
Susan Rietano
Judith Rifkin
Linda Rigono
Barbara and Arthur Riihimaki
Mary M. Wilson and Jeff Riley
Mr. William Riley and Dr. Susan Forster
Frank and Victoria Riley-Pach
Lois Riloff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rinaldi
Josh and Cathy Ritter
Michael and Lisa Ritz
Bill & Karen Rivero
Ms. Kim Rizy
Ms. Ann Rizza
The Rizzacasa Family
Donna and Kenneth Rizzio
Mrs. Gloria Roach
Melissa Robbins
Marie V. Roberto
Peter and Terry Roberts
Deborah Roberts
Richard Roberts
Ms. Nancy Robertson
Pearl Robertson
Toni Robinson and Michael Plouf
Christine Robinson
Ms. Margaret A. Robinson
Elizabeth A. Rocco
Mitchell and Lorraine Rochefort
Mrs. Julie Rockmore
Len & Laura Rodriguez
Janet Rogers
Jennifer Rogers
Mr. Lee Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. P. Rogol
Michelle Roise
Alix Rokita
Edwin and Mary Roland
Leslie Rollins
Mr. Thomas Rollins
MaryAnn and Francis Romano
Robert & Nadine Romay
Linda Roohr
Bill and Michele Rosa
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rose
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rose
Mr. Steven Rose
Goldy C. Rosen
Hila and Saul Rosen
The Leiser Family Foundation
Mr. Sheldon Rosenbaum
Jane and Eric Rosenberg
Helene Rosenblatt
June Rosenblatt
Judith and Lewis Roshke
Rich and Pat Rosien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ross
Donald A. Ross
Ms. Irene Ross
Carolyn Rossi-Copeland
Ann Rossow
Mrs. Eileen Rotchford
Mr. Patrick Roth
Dr. Anne L. Rothstein and Ms. Jane Hellman
Suzi Rourke
Michael and Kerrilyn Rousseau
Kenneth and Wilma Rowe
Mary and Donald Roy
Ms. Jackie Roy
Jeanne Rozel
Maria Ruberto
Jeff Rubin
Susan Rubin
Ms. Paula Rubino and Mr. Stephen Jablonski
Mr. John Rudker
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Ruenzel
Mary Ruggiero
Mr. Rob Ruggiero
Mrs. Barbara Rummel
Ms. Alison Rusczyk
Marguerite Rush
Mrs. Charlotte M. Russell
Betsy Russell
The Russell Family
Jane A. Russo DMD
Deirdre W. Rutan
Justine B. Rutan
Kathrine Rutledge
Joan and David Ryan
Edward Ryan
Hope Ryan
Timothy J. Ryan and Nicole Frechette
Anne D. Ryder
Grif Ryerson
Catherine Sabbagh
Charles Saccavino and Phyllis Kirby
Jeremy Sachs
Eleanore Rosenberg
Rachel Sacramento
Mr. Joe Salafia
Bob & Lynn Salen
Everett Salisbury
Francine and David Salsburg
Joyce Saltman
Mr. David Salvatore
Anthony & Patricia Sammataro
Linda Samoncik & friends
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sampieri
Linda Sanso
Mr. Gilbert Santavenere
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Santerre
Nancy and Albert Santostefano
William Sapelli
Mary T. Sargent
Claire Sauer
Kathleen M. Sauer
Katie and Daniel Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. David Savin
Paul and Toni Savino
Linda R. Savitsky and Alvin G. Wolfgram
Ms. Irene Sawka
Lawrence A. Sax
Stanley Saxe
Starr and Phil Sayres
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scagni
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scalchunes
Mrs. Frank A. Scalia
Ms. Doris Schaper
Babs & George Scheer
Karen Scheiber
Ms. Laraine Scherban
Henry S. Scherer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred I. Scherzer
Amy Schiess
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Schiff
The Schilbergs
Don Church and Tony Schillaci
Harvey Schiller
Fred Schmitt
Mr. Peter Schmitt
Bert Schmitz and Ceely Ackerman
Cristina & Steven Schoeck
Mr. William Schoen
Katherine W. Schoonover and Alan G. Straus
Dr. John & Ellen Schowalter
Rose Schroeder
Maryjane Schultz
Jennifer T. Serra and Wayne Schulz
Jerry and Janet Schwartz
Dr. Joel E. Schwartz
Adam & Robin Schwartz
Arthur Schwartz
Eileen Schwartz
Katherine Schwartz
Nancy Schwartz
Lee & Diane Schwegler
Karen and Louis Scotti
Carol Scoville
Patricia Scoville
Walden and Reid Scribner
Carol Scully
Ms. Lieschen Seabeck
Jim Seaman
Amy Sears
Ms. Shirley Sebastian
Ms. Donna Secondino
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Seeman
Lynn Segall
Richard Segal
Mr. Thomas Sennett and Dr. Beth Ann Loveland Sennett
Barbara and Bob Sequenzia
Paul Serenbetz
Alison Seropian
Gene & Janice Sessamen
Fred and Barbara Sette
Alicia and Tom Settle
Michael & Kathy Sewell
Karen and Allyn Seymour
Dennis Seymour
Mrs. Frances Seymour
Mable and Richard Seymour
Mavely and Charlie Shabunia
Rev. Jack Shackles, Jr.
Jonathan Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Shanley
Joan Green
Mrs. Audrey Shapiro
Edward and Sarah Shapiro
Nancy and Jim Shapiro
Millie and Martin Shapiro
Richard and Marie Shaw
Nicole Brown Frechette Shaw
Stan Shaw and Barbara Rhein
Edward Shea
Maura Shea
Ms. Rebecca Shea
Barry and Susan Sheckley
Rene and Tom Shedlosky
Eileen Shekosky
Deborah Shelby
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Shelton, Jr.
Margaret Shepard
Mrs. Samantha Sherman
James and Penelope Sherrard
Doris D. Sherrow-Heidenis
Ms. Marilyn Shesko
Fred and Michele Shiffer
Robert and Deborah Shilinski
David Shimchick
Carole and Steven Shmurak
Donald Shubert and Loren Webber
Marybeth Shutran
John & Gail Siclari
Ms. Kimberly Siebert
Anna Maria Siega-Riz
Robert B. Siegler
John and Robin Silsby
Karen and Eduardo Silva
Bert Silverberg
Amy Lynn Silverman
Mrs. Marian Silverstein
Susan Simonds
Richard and Irene Simone
Millie Simonzi
Rochelle Sinclair
Trudy Singer
Susan Sit
Mrs. Michele Sitro
Ellen Siuta
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Skiff
Joseph Skowronek
Mr. Carl Skudlarek
Ms. Stephanie Slattery
Caroline F. Sloat
Grady and Jo-Ann Slocombe
Steven and Debra Slowik
Skip and Jo Sly
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Small
Stuart and Arline Small
Gary Smart
Ms. Tiffany Smetak
Robert Smilnak
Brian T. and H. Jean Smith
DeForest and Nancy Smith
Chris and Emily Smith
Lon and Susan Smith
Debby & Mark Smith
Barbara Smith
Claire and Peter Smith
Donald Milton Smith
Donna and Jerry Smith
Mr. Joseph Smith and Mr. John Lawson
Laurie Smith
Lynn Smith
Matthew and Laurie Smith
Michael J. Smith
Peg Smith
Mr. Phillip R Smith
Phyillis Smith
Rob R. Smith
Robert and Sharon Smith
Mr. Roger M. Smith
Shawn Smith
Terri Smith
Karon and Tim Smith
Phyllis and Gary Smithwick
Mr. and Mrs. William Smyers, Jr.
Mr. J. Philip Smyth
Kristen Snow
Stratton J. Snow
Martha Snyder
Debra and Glenn Sobel
Ms. LuElen Socha
Phyllis and Gary Sochrin
Barbara and John Soderberg
D. Soderstrom
Dieter & Veronica Soell
Melita Sokolowski
Mr. and Mrs. John Solovei
Christine Sommers
Mr. Jeff Sonnenfeld
Ms. Andrea Sorg
Sebby Sorrentino
Ann Sousa
Ms. Joanne Sousa
Ms. Kathleen Sowa
David and Rudy Spannaus
Paula Sparano
Charles Spellman
Joanne Spence
Ms. Linda Spencer
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Spencer
Willard Spiegelman
Mrs. Geraldine S. Spillane
Kathryn Spindler
Mrs. Mary Spooner
Craig Kent & Rich Springman
Mr. Lawrence Sprouse, Jr.
Tony Spurrier
Raymond Spyrko
Ms. Janice St. Hilaire
Paul Stacey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stack
Donna and Bill Stamm
Martine and James Stamos
Georgianna Stamp
Ella R Stanek
Michelle Stanger
Dale and Sandy Stanley
Cynthia Stannard
Patricia Stannard
Anne Stanton
Stacy Stanton
Bruce & Patricia Stark
Larry Starr and family
Donna Stauffer
John Stawarky
Karin Stawarky
Penny and Stanley Stawski
Prudence and Stearns Martin
Rowland and Carla Stebbins
Sheryl Stebbins
Hannah Butler Steel
Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. Steele
Ms. Noreen Steele
Karen Steever
Robin Stegner and Scott Larson
Joel Stein
Dr. Stephen A. Stein & Dr. Emily Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Steinman
Mrs. Beverly Steinman
Mr. Eric Steinmetz
Marilyn S. Steinmetz & Dr. Stephen J. Lieberman
Deborah Stengel
Jo Stepenavage
Debra and Edward Steremberg
Christa Sterling
Lori Stethers
Mark Stevens
Joan and David Stewart
Robert C. Stewart
David Stewart
Katherine Stewart-Kelley
Mrs. Kathleen Stickley
Carlton A. Stidsen
Steven and Francine Stier
Megan and Bill Stine
Barbara Stitts
Debbie Stobo
The Stocke Family
Ms. Juliana Stockwell
Rob Stoll
Ginger Stolzenberg
Dorothy and George Stone
Shepard and Marlene Stone
Alyssa Stone
Joan Stone
Julia S. Stone
Susan Stone
Donna Storms
Mr. Dwight Stover
Meredith and Arthur Stowe
Frank and Nancy Straka
Margaret Strange & Richard Croce
Richard and Leslie Strauss
Mervyn Strauss
Mr. Peter Strickland
Mr. Blake Strickler
Suzanne and Michael Stringer
Marie Stuart
Janet S. Stulting
Molly Sturges
Paul & Shirley Sturges
Frank and Elizabeth Suatoni
Robert and Bonnie Sudell
Katherine Suits
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan
Brenda J. Sullivan
David and Cynthia Sullivan
Mrs. Margaret Sullivan
Maureen Sullivan & Jack Siggins
Stefanie Summerer
Ms. Barbara Sumner
Michael Sundell
Carol Z. Sundlin
James and Marcia Sutton
Suzio/York Hill
Eugene Swain and Catherine Sarni
Anne Swallow, in memory of Dr. Jack Chuong
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Swan, Jr.
Mr. James Swann
Jay and Martha Swanson
Carol-Jean Swanson
Lisa Swanson
Priscilla B. Swanson
Craig Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sweeney, III
Sindy Swerdlove
Diane Syc
Dr. and Mrs. S. Russell Sylvester, Jr.
Cheryl & Bart Szczarba
Garrett and Susan Szczarba
Ms. Laura Tabacca
Valerie Taff
Robert D. Taisey
Russell Tait and Lee Anderson
Ms. Karen Talamelli Cusick
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond D. Talbot, Jr.
David & Betty Talmadge
Sherri Tanguay
Sherri Tanguay
Andrea and John Tannenbaum
Sharon and Frank Tarala
Ms. Mary Tarbell
Mr. and Mrs. James Tatoian
Amanda Taylor
Janilyn Taylor
Judy B. Taylor
Tim Taylor & Nancy Lager
James and Jane Tebo
Richard and Marcia Tecca
Debbie Tedford
Mrs. Ashton M. Tenney, Jr.
Joan R. Tennyson
Michelle and Ari Teplitz
George Tewksbury
Margaret Thach
Bill & Michele Rosa
Ms. Karin Thelin
Norm & Debbie Thibodeau
Dr. Mark Thiede
Richard Thivierge
Mrs. Carmen G. Thomas
Arthur & Dorothy Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Thompson
Carl Thompson
Mrs. Colburn Thompson
Kermit Thompson
Lincoln and Elizabeth Thompson
William & Judith Thompson
Nick & Gail Thompson-Allen
William Thorne
Neil and Diana Thorp
Kathy Thorsell
Nancy J. Thrall
Colby Thresher
Timothy and Katherine Throckmorton
Ms. Elizabeth Tiano
Robert and Norma Tiefenbrunn
Meghan Tierney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tiktin
Marilyn Timbers
Lida Tingley
Marquis and KeriAnne Tisdale
Ms. Rachel Titus
Russell and Sandi Tolles
Kyn Tolson
Mr. David Tolzmann
Dick and Elaine Tomlinson
Sheila L. Tomlinson & Ted R. Earl
Dr. A. N. Toro
Anthony and Alva Torre
Michael & Penelope Tosatti
Pam Townsend Lucien Lefevre
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tracey
Dan & Jan Tracy
Raymond Tracy
Vicki and Bob Trainer
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Traverso
Deborah Treister
Sally and Tom Tresselt
Edmund and Claire Trifari
Jo Trotta Poliner, in memory of Myron Poliner
Irene & Dave Trueheart
Connie Tucker
Ms. Jane Tufts
Gerald Tullai
Ms. Diane Turano
Mr. Gregory Turansky
George and Anne Turcotte
Mr. John Turner
John and Judy Turpin
Theresa Tuthill and Dave Eder
Susan Twing
Joseph and Michele Tycz
Doug Tynan
Marilyn Tyrol

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ulbrich III
Glenn Underwood
Kara Unterberg and Jim Delisle
Dale and Linda Ursin
Claudia Ursin
Miss Carol Ursini
Heather and Michael Urso
Melina Usher
Quality Welding Service, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vachon
John and Dawn Valentini
Karen Van Der Horst
Nicol Van Giesen
Mrs. Gayle Van Huysen
Jean Van Ness
Rieny Van Vliet
Doug & Karen VanDyke
Samantha Anne Vanvalkenburg
Mary Varano
Mrs. Florence Varleta
Patti Anne Vassia
Harry Vee
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Velez
Barbara Venable
Mark Vergnano
Paul and Ellen Vessella
Victoria Vickers
Wendy C. Vickrey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Viens
Frances Viggiani
Randolph Vineis
Margaret Saxe and George Vinick
Sandy Vinton
James and Gail Viola
Mrs. Sharon Violette
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Virgilio
Susan Virostek
Dominic and Judith Viscuso
Robert and Virginia Vocelli
John Voege and Geoffrey Paul
Richard and Debra Voelker
Margery Vogt
Susan Voos
Janet & Ken Vosseller
Carol Ann Vovis
Gerald Vovis
Dr. Elizabeth Vozzola
Susan Wachtelhausen
Frans Wackers
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wadecki
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wadstrup
In loving memory of Gerald Wadsworth
Victoria Wagner
Francis Wainwright
Ms. Faith Wainwright
Dr. Linda Waldman
Robert & Jan Walker
Peter Wall
Sara Jane and Charles Wall
Carol Wallace
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Wallack
Dr. William & Melinda Walsh
Patricia and Baxter Walsh
Diane Walsh
Patricia Walsh
Ruth Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Walters
Fred Walters
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Walton
Jon and Johanne Walworth
Charlie and Lorey Walz
Louis Wang
Allen M. Ward
Ms. Denise Ward
Mr. Robert Ward
Burton Warner
Mr. Robert Warner
David Warnock
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Warren
Mary-Jo Warren
Karen Waschitz
Ms. Gail Waskiewicz
Vicki and Alan Wasserman
Michael and Ellen Wasyl
Rev. Dr. Byron E. Waterman
Martin and Leslie Watkins
Harold and Patricia Watt
Mrs. Neil K. Weathers
Mr. James Weaver
Jay Webb
Richard F. Webb
Mary L. Webster
Linda Wehnert
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wehrly, III
Lauren Weinberger
Bob and Roz Weinstein
Dr. Nancy Weinstein and Mr. Bob Stiehler
Leslie and Richard Weinstein
Lynda E. Rosenfeld and Richard M. Weiss
Kristy Weiss
Mrs. Kenneth A. Welch
Ms. Maureen Welch
Mrs. Cynthia Welchek
Robin Welling
Mr. Richard M. Wenner
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Werdmann
Pat & Mike Werle
Deborah Werner
Dana West
Chris Wester
Marcia Wetzel
Curtis D Weybright
Bob and Penny Whalen
Joseph Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C. White, Jr.
Caroline White
George & Marie White
Kenneth White
Leamon Whiteford
Ms. Ewa Whiteside
Linda Whittaker
Kay and John Whritner
Brigitte Bisson
Fran Wiehn
Juliann Wiezalis
Carol A. Wiggins
Carlisle Wildeman
Roger and Cathrine Wilken
Anne Wilkinson
Christopher Wilkos
Grace L. Willhelm
Michael A. Willhoite
Mr. Jeff Williams
Ms. Julia Williams
Mary Williams
Michelle Williams
Stephanie Stiefel Williams and Luke Williams
Mr. Robert Williamson and Ms. Esther Williams
Lynda Willingham
June Willson
RADM. Louise C. Wilmot USN (Ret.) and James E. Wilmot
John N. Wilmot
Paul and Carolyn Wilson
Benjamin Wilson
Carl and Rory Wilson
Carolyn J. Wilson
E. Marie Wilson
Jean & Matthew Wilson
Nancy WIlson
Scott Wilson
Roger Winans
Thomas and Andrea Wing
Victoria Winterer
Margaret Winters
Jean M. Wiseman
Dorothy Wocl
Pandora and John Wohler
Ms. Virginia Wolf
Mrs. Jacqueline Wolff
Jef and Kate Wolter
Ms. Linda Wood
Steve & Marina Wood
Bill and Pat Woods
J.V.E. Woodward
Donald and Jane Workman
Theresa Wozunk
Carol & William Wray
Cynthia and Ken Wright
Gretchen Wright
Vanessa Wudyka
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Wurst
Philip & Renee Wyatt
Dr. David Wyllie
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Wyskiel
Valerie Wyzykowski
Robert Yaro
John Yates
Alycia Yerves, in honor of Dan McMahon
Eleanor Yoakam
Stephen Yoder
Ms. Judith York
Jim & Evie Young
Bill and Lisa Young
Mr. J. B. Young
Lorraine Young
Richard Young
Penny and William Young
Paul Yuhasz and Cindy Pope
Dixon Yun
Jan Zacharski
Lynn Zaffino
Suzanne Zajac and Cliff Birdsey
Pat & Frank Zak
Jeffrey Zakrzewski
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zavod
Stephen Zebrowski
Pam & Mike Zelasky
Lisa Zembroski
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zeppieri
Dr. and Mrs. John Zesk
YoAn ZHao
Donna Zianni
Pat and Fred Ziegler
Arthur Zieky and Bill Witkowsky
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zieminski
Mr. David Ziff
Lester Zimmerman
Ralph Zingarella
Mrs. Esther Zinolli
Jennifer Zirbel
Louise Zito
Richard and Joanne Zitser
Mary Zlotnick
Pete & Judy Zucco
Mr. Steven Zumbrun
Gianni Zunino

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