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As of 9/7/2021

+ With special thanks to our members who have been with us 40+ years
* Members whose gifts have been matched by their employer

Frank and Amy Campbell+
Dr. Anne L. Rothstein and Ms. Jane Hellman
Mable and Richard Seymour*

Sandra Anagnostakis
Day Family Foundation
Ms. Jean Selden Greene
Helen Krieble
Hila and Saul Rosen
Mr. Francis G. Adams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Benet
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cacace
Sally D. Carrier

Mr. Francis G. Adams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Benet
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cacace
Sally D. Carrier
Richard T. Cersosimo and Valerie J. Koif*+
Kay Knight Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Coviello
Ruth Ann C. Davis+
Laura and Jim Duncan
Charles M. & Elena M. Foster
Ron and Karen Goodspeed
Suzanne Joffray
Julie and Peter LeBlanc
Jennifer Alexander and Mark Masselli
Peter and Krystal Paris
Mr. Michael G. Polo and Ms. Natalie Real
Michael and Jo-Ann Price+
Mary M. Wilson and Jeff Riley
James and Penelope Sherrard
Ms. Sally Speer
Brenda J. Sullivan+
Russell Tait and Lee Anderson
Mrs. Ashton M. Tenney, Jr.
Stephanie Stiefel Williams and Luke Williams
Jef and Kate Wolter

Mr. Francis G. Adams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Benet
Sally D. Carrier
Kay Knight Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Coviello
Laura and Jim Duncan
Charles M. & Elena M. Foster
Ron and Karen Goodspeed
Julie and Peter LeBlanc
Jennifer Alexander and Mark Masselli
Peter and Krystal Paris
Mr. Michael G. Polo and Ms. Natalie Real
Michael and Jo-Ann Price+
James and Penelope Sherrard
Ms. Sally Speer
Russell Tait and Lee Anderson
Mrs. Ashton M. Tenney, Jr.
Jef and Kate Wolter

Judith W. Adams
Dolores Andrew+
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Arborio
Beverly Buckner Baker
Greg and Joyce Barabas
Louise Hall & John G. Beard
Alice and Michael Brown
Kevin Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Chabot*
Herb Chambers
The Christine E. Moser Foundation
Ms. Mary Gaskell Cobleigh+
Maury and Sonia Cohn Foundation+
Betsy and Richard Didan*
Bill and Denice Feeley
Muriel and Karl Fleischmann
Lynne and Richard Fletcher*
David and Liz Frankel
Sue Frost and Dan Renn
Mr. William Gilman
William J. Ginnetti, Sr.
The Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation
Laura and Roger Goodspeed+
Ronald & Nina Harris
Nancy and Jeffrey Hoffman
Penfield & Teresa Jarvis
Dr. Christopher Joy and Ms. Cathy Velenchik
Frank and Diane Kelly
Linda and Jim Lianos
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Link
Mr. Peter Luchini
Mr. and Mrs. Ian G. MacDonald
Stephen Selden Mathews
Senator and Mrs. Edward Meyer
Scott Mokoski and Meg Sakellarides
Bob and Ami Montstream
Regina and Robert F. Neal
Eric Ort and Duff Ashmead
Pete and Ellie Pringle
Dianne and Chuck Ramsey
Jeffrey Richards
Betsy Russell+
Jennifer T. Serra and Wayne Schulz
Donna and Bill Stamm
Suzio/York Hill
Judy B. Taylor
Donald and Sharyn Timmerman
John Voege and Geoffrey Paul
June Willson
RADM. Louise C. Wilmot USN (Ret.) and James E. Wilmot
Jean M. Wiseman
Suzanne Zajac and Cliff Birdsey
Arthur Zieky and Bill Witkowsky

Marilyn M. Alfeld
Billie and Peter Anker
Sherri and Scott Baggett
Susan and Bruce Baiter
Mr. and Mrs. Barton M. Bauers, Jr.+
Kenneth and Judith Boudreau
Wallis and Laurie Boyd
Steven C. Callahan
Bertie Chuong
Terri and Don Coustan
Mrs. J. Noyes Crary+
Steven & Debra Daren
Alvin Deutsch+
Tom & Carol Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Feldman
Steven and Elyse Feltman in memory of Fran and Phil Feltman
David and Patricia Fisher+
Charles & Charlotte Fortune
Dr. Brendan M. Fox
Julia Francis and Victor Vroom
William Fuller+
Bradford W. Galiette and The Galiette Family*
Susan F. Gonsalves
Deb and Ken Grass
David and Patricia Hadlow*
Robert & Catharine Haff*
Bill & Sue Harrelson
Patricia A. Holmes
John and Ann Houston
Shea and Scott Jezek
Emily and John Johl
Peter and Linda Jokl & Elisabeth D'Albero
Drs. Sheldon and Judith Kaufman
Sallie L. Kemp
Ted and Kiki Kennedy
Robbie and Albert Kestnbaum
Nancy Kline and Jim Trail
Catherine Ladnier and J.M. Robinson
Barb and Cliff Libby*
Mrs. Charles Lindberg+
Peter and Rosemary Lombardo
Joseph & Nancy Mazza
Sarah McGinty
Larry and Patty McHugh
Robert and Carolyn Montgomery
Thomas and Pamela Moriarty
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry and Naomi Neuwirth
Rolf C. Peterson*
Mrs. Samuel D. Pierson
Annella C. Preble
Rev. and Mrs. Marston Price
James Pyne & Marlene Tompkins
Nancy J. Ramseyer
Pamela and Dean Richlin
Robert A. Ridlehoover
Mr. William Riley and Dr. Susan Forster
Bob & Lynn Salen
Dr. Craig and Pietrina Saxton
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scherer
Henry S. Scherer, Jr.+
Jon and Cleo Sonneborn
Sorenson-Pearson Family Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. S. Russell Sylvester, Jr.+
Arthur E. Webster, Esq.
Carol A. Wiggins+
Bob Wright*

Anonymous (3)
Barbara & William Abbate
Christine Bassett
Alice C. Belden+
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Benedict
Caryl and Edward Bengelsdorf
Denise Bernardo and Edwin Muentes
Ann & Alan Blanchard
Gus and Virginia Bodin+
Craig and Annette Bolt
TK Boyd
Nadine and Robert Britton, III
Patricia B. and Paul C. Carlson Fund
Theodore S. Chapin
Kathleen and Mark Ciliano
Ruth E. Clark
Mr. Robert N. Davie and Ms. Anne E. MacLeod
Barbara and George Delmhorst
Senator Chris Dodd and Jackie Clegg Dodd
The Dodd Family
David and Susanna Dressler
Mrs. Nathan L. Dubin
Mary Jane Dunn
Stephen Eccles*
Eileen and Helen Ede
Ann I. Field
James and Donna FitzGerald
Gloria and Bob Gery
Monika and Rick Gibbons
Ray and Judy Grasso
Beverly and Arnold Greenberg
Mr. Mark Greenwald and Mr. Anthony Coppola
John and Pamela Griffin
Milo Guisti
Mr. Burt Hallisey
Sylvia & Dennis Heffley
Barbara and Gerald Hess
Claudette & Ned Hickey*
Donna Lynn and Jay Hilton
Prudence Hoffman+
Christine N. Hunihan
James and Isabel Jackson+
Elizabeth Gianesello Judd
Lynde and Michael Karin
Ms. Red Warren
Dick and Hazel Koszyca
Abbey Kreinik
Frank and Elisabet Landrey
Douglas R. Magee, Jr.
In memory of F. Patrick McFadden - Dana McFadden & David Larson
Andrew and Bonnie Lee McKirdy+
Ruth Schloss
Anthony and Chelsea Michaud
Joe and Beth Molder
Ken and Paula Munson
Jane E. Ondovcsik
Ivan and Naomi Otterness
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Payne
Perakis Family
Virginia J. Perruccio+
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Pilarczyk
Dr. Jack and Lynn Plummer+
Mr. Richard V. Proffitt and Ms. Carol Sirot
Ms. Kristen Roberts*
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Ruenzel
Mary T. Sargent
Linda R. Savitsky and Alvin G. Wolfgram+
Mrs. Carol Seeman+
Fred and Barbara Sette+
Karen and Allyn Seymour
Edward & Sandra Sharr
Stan Shaw and Barbara Rhein
Stuart and Arline Small+
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Spencer
Henry "Skip" Steiner+
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Sturman
Maureen Sullivan & Jack Siggins
Charleen D. Taylor
Carl Thompson
Lincoln and Elizabeth Thompson
Sheila L. Tomlinson & Ted R. Earl
Pam Townsend Lucien Lefevre
Theresa Tuthill and Dave Eder
Margaret Saxe and George Vinick
James and Gail Viola
Leslie and Richard Weinstein

Anonymous (12)
Inta & Taggart Adams+
Nancy and David Altschuler
Christine and Lou Auletta
Bette and Bruce Avery
Kevin and Terry Baldwin
Shelley and Michael Barker
Ray and Lorraine Barker*
Mr. and Mrs. David N. Barry
Jean L. Bartlett
Dee & Ed Baum+
Robert Bausmith & Jill Peters-Gee MD
Christopher and Abby Beale
David and Bonnie Beaulieu
Benanav Family+
Harold & Nicole Benson
Pamela and Charles Benson
Jan Coxe Berlage
Martin and Randee Berliner
Merle Bernstein+
Bernadette M. Blake
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bonadies
Mr. & Mrs. Terry J. Boucher
Desolie and John Boys
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bravo
Alison and Stephen Brinkmann
Andre and Maureen Brouillard+
Dr. J. R. Buchanan+
Joyce and Harold Buckingham+
Peter & Sally Burgess
Ned and Christine Burt
Helen Babcock and Tom Buttacavoli
Anne Sullivan Calanquin
Mr. and Mrs. Siesel E. Canaday, Jr.
Richard and Lisa Caporaso
Melissa and Robert Carlson
Angelo & Allison Carpino
Vonice and Russell Carr
Shelley and Alan Cetel
Scott and Robin Chasse
Richard Chiaramonte & Sally Eberhardt
Samuel H. Chorches+
Peter and Marcie Clarke
Stacy Cohen
Andrew and Elizabeth Comcowich
Terri and Cosmo Corigliano
Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Costas
Ms. Robin Cournoyer and Mr. Anthony Cournoyer
Sally and Tom Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Cyr
Mr. Antonio D'Addeo
Maureen E. Dalton
Dr. Joseph D'Ascanio
Dave and Roberta Denya
Valerie F. DeQuattro+
Mr. and Mrs. Francis DeRobertis
Garrett Desman, MD
Brian and Linda Dewhirst
Ms. M. Dominguez & Ms. J. Poloso
Wilma C. Donaldson
William and Christine Donohue
Gary McManus and Teresa Drew
Dr. Jon C. Driscoll
Samuel Duncan
Donna & J.T. Dunn
Lisa Durland and Jonathan Cowles
Mr. Colin Eastland & Mr. Joe Landry
Vera J. Ehnen
In memory of Fred Elia
Vicki Engelhardt
David and Cheryl Epstein
Dr. Spencer and Nancy Erman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Esteve*
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fischman
Dr. and Mrs. William Fitzgerald
Nancy Fitzgibbon and Tony Mastroianni
Robin Franklin and Mark Gosink*
Helen Gallivan
Jennifer and Ken Geisler
Mr. Greg Giangrande
Wil and Mary Ellen Gladue
Lorelei and Neal Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Gonci
Dr. Lawrence H. Goodman
Michael and Joan Gordon
Rachel Syrek and William Gorton
Tina and Mark Gossner
Bill Gratz and Jay Bruno
Walter and Kathryn Gregory
Anne & Allen Greiner+
Anita Griffith and Robert Parrott
Peter Grossman and Lawrence Timmins
In Memory of John Haggerty
Newell and Betty Hale Fund of Greater Worcester Community Foundation
John and Joanna Hamby+
Jon and Carrie Hammond
Ms. Linda Hartig
Rebecca Harvey
Rita Hendel+
Constance Henshaw
Sue Hessel and Karen Dahle
Barton and Jacqueline Hessler
Rich & Diane Hyman
Stephen & Andi Jacobs
Barbara and Raymond Jacobsen+
The Jacobson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jainchilll
Susan and Brian Jobson
Dr. Robert Jung and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kehl
Chet and Suzanne Kitchings+
Debbie and Steve Kleinman+
Ronald Klimas
W. Jay & Paula Krompinger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kuziak
Dr. Rita A. Landino
Sally and Larry Lawrence
Ed and Nancy Lonergan
Barbara Long and Roxann Walters
Don & Judy Lorusso
Phyllis and Ray Losnes
Jon Lukomnik and Lynn Davidson
David MacClelland and Sharon Curran
Dave and Judith Macri
Emanuel and Irene Makiaris
Sharon Malone
Edward and Sonya Mangan
Marion Markham
Marybeth Marx*
Jay McAnally
John and Amy McCauley
Kerry and Donna Meehan
Josie Merck
Mary Miko and Joseph Migliaro
Margie and Lance Minor
Mr. and Mrs. Leamon E. Moore, Jr.
Jan and Harold Moskowitz
Jack & Ginny Murphy
Mr. Ken Nasshan
Norman Needleman and Jacqueline Hubbard
Stephen and Catherine Negri
G. Robert & Mary O'Brien
David and Janice Ogden
Alan and Joyce Ortner
Mrs. Elaine V. Otter
Ron and Carla Pariser*
The Michael Stewart Foundation
Frances and William Patsiga
Bill & Barbara Pattison
Joan and Craig Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. Pinney, Jr.
Michael and Robin Poulos
Laurie and Paul Prichard
Mr. Stephen Rabb
Joan and George Racine
Daniel S. Hansen & David D. J. Rau
David & Jeanne Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rich
Christine S. Robinson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rose
Diane M. Rottmann+
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rubitz*
Joan & Dennis Rusconi
Jane and Morley Safer
Attorney and Mrs. William J. Salvatore
Rita Salzman
Kathleen M. Sauer
Katie and Daniel Connolly
Ms. Kristin Schaer
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schwartz+
Andrew Seddon & Kathy Smith*
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Seeman
Thomas and Rose Selnau
Alicia and Tom Settle
Rev. Jack Shackles, Jr.
Anthony & Lorraine Shetensky
Brian T. and H. Jean Smith
Lorraine R. Smith
Rob R. Smith
Mr. Roger M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. Steele
Margaret Strange & Richard Croce
Frederick Sundberg
Carol Z. Sundlin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Swan, Jr.
Family Szafarek
Fred Szufnarowski
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Tagliatela, Sr.
Dr. Priya Tandon and Dr. Michael Rajkumar
Melanie G. Tenney
The Howard and Katherine Aibel Foundation, Inc.
Bill & Michele Rosa
Mr. Brian Thibeault*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas
Robert and JoAnn Thulin
Lida Tingley
Mrs. Gay Tomasevich*
Jo Trotta Poliner, in memory of Myron Poliner+
John and Judy Turpin
Edwin B. Tuthill, Jr.*
Richard & Jessica Tyrol
John Van Epps
Americus S. Vicari+
Victoria Wagner
Burton Warner
Michael and Ellen Wasyl
Mrs. Tracy Weed
Patti and Howard Weiner
Mr. Adam Weinreb
Bob and Roz Weinstein
Jerry Wheelock and Elizabeth Wood
Mimi Wildeman
Victoria Winterer+
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wolchesky
Dale Woodiel
J.V.E. Woodward
Jim and Mary Yanosy
Penny and William Young
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yudkin*
Pat & Frank Zak
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zavod+

Anonymous (34)
Richard and Merrill Adams
Barbara Agar+
Ann and Sultan Ahamed
Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Aidala
Dr. and Mrs. Elliott B. Alter+
Joan and Stephen Altschuler
Robert and Kathleen Amrein
Tim & Gayle Anderson
Rosemary & Dave Andle
Dr. and Mrs. C. Wallace Andrias
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Andrien
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Andrulatis
Linda Annis
Paul and Christine Antaya
Aqua Compliance Specialists
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Archambault
Ms. Frances Armstrong
Dr. and Mrs. Todd Arnold
Laurel and George Aronstamm
Mr. and Mrs. Hillel J. Auerbach+
Ms. Julia Aurigemma
John and Ginny Ausanka
John, Nancy and Nikki Baccaro
The Bach Family
Fred and Valerie Baker
Mr. Michael Baldi
Don & Barb Barone
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Barrett, Jr.
Faith Wilcox Barrington
Mr. and Mrs. John Bekish
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bennett
Corinne and Larry Berglund
Dr. and Mrs. Ellison Berns
Mrs. Jerome Bernstein
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Betten
Kim and Mark Biglow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bingham
Alis and Bob Bires
Carol Blackwood
Dr. Kenneth Blatt
Mr. & Mrs. G. Howard Blythe
Barbara and Michael Boday
Robert and Elaine Boissevain
Robert & Catherine Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Bousquet
Mr. Don Bowen
Boyden Real Estate
Don & Susan Boyle
Steve Braciak
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Brady
Drs. Michael and Nancy Bragulla
Peter & Rownie Brainard
Liliane T. Braman+
Mark and Linda Branse
Irwin M. Braverman, MD+
The Bronin Family
P. Dale Brown and Linda Carabis-Brown
Joyce Brown
William & Janet Brownstein
James and Victoria Bruni
Richard Bruno
John and Kathy Bryson
Friends of Goodspeed Opera House
Henry and Mary Burdelski
Paul H. Burnham and Karen A. Birck
Ted Butler
James S. and Heidi L. Brzdyra
Dr. and Mrs. Ritchard G. Cable
Anne E. Caluori
Karen and Burdeen Camp
Bob and Bitsy Carlson
Nancy and Dave Carlson
Dr Lee Carpenter
Lois Carpenter
Gayle and George Carroll
Greg Castanza
Ms. Melanie Cecarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Chappell
Chestelm Health and Rehabilitation
Mr. William Ciaglo
Mr. Roland Cloutier
Gary & Cathy Cluen
Charles & Kathy Cobb
Harold Cohen and Barbara Greller
Louis & Judy Colangelo
Dr. Aaron Colby & Ms. Elyse Laferriere, in honor of Mrs. Blythe Colby
Robert and Cynthia Cole
Emily Williams & Leeland Cole-Chu
Philip and Clio Coles
Kevin & Bonnie Condrin
James Conner
Brian and Patricia Connors
Nann Cooke & Dr. Kathleen Maurer
Cindy and George Cooper
Michael and Karen Cormier
Mr. Paul Corneilson and Beth Frasso
Cornerstone Construction Services, Inc.
Ms. Susan Corvo
Mr. John Costa+
Marty and Margaret Coughlin
Alfred V. & Carol Covello
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Crocker
Dr. Amy L. Crockett
Joan Crow
Mrs. Shirley Curley
Mike and Peg Curtis
Ms. Susette A. Curto
Dr. Gerard G. D'Ambrosio
Eric and Pat Daniels
Michelle and Harcourt Davis
Kevin & Corrie Dean
In Memory of Walter DeAndrade
William and Joan Delaney
Joseph & Susan DeLaurentis
Mrs. Deborah DellaBernarda
Victor and Sondra Dellaripa
Alan B. and Nancy P. Dempsey
Gerard Demuth and Jerry Masco
Sherrie L. Deveau
William & Kathryn DiCristofaro
Phyllis Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Etienne d'Otreppe
Craig & Marilyn Douglas
L. C. Dowd
Joyce Dowling
Robert and Theresa Dryfoos
Malcolm A. Duffy+
Jim Dyber
Gerald H. Dziedzic
Peggy Eatherton
Linda J. Eckblom
Sharon and Bob Efron
Kenneth and Laurie Eilen
James and Katherine Entwistle
Neil and Trudi Epstein
Andy and Polly Erickson
Charles M. Ericson
Richard Feldman+
Korine and Ronald Ferraro
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Ferry
EMCOR Services - New England Mechanical
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fiske, Jr.
Britt and Skip Flanagan
Steven and Susan Flicker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Foley+
Stephen and Susan Forbes
The Freitas Family
Eula and Glenn Fresch
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Fridkin+
Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Fromer+
Rebecca Fuller
Ms. Annelise Fusco
David and Karen Gagnon
Peter and Virginia Galgano
Ray and Barbara Galloway
Kenneth Bondi and Nancy Garlock*
Brenda and Joe Garrison+
Mr. Sean Geary
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Giordano, Jr.
Bruno and Jane Giulini
Judith K. Glickstein
Joe Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Goodspeed
Yale J. Gordon, Sr.+
Thomas E. Gorman
Brandon & Lorraine Graber*
Malcolm and Florence Graff
Robert and Mary Graham*
Roe Granger
Sandie & Bill Greene
William and Luanne Griswold
Mr. Dave and Mrs. Donna Groegler
Roberta Groobert
Patricia and Alan Gruber
Peter and Barbara Guerra
Beverly Guimond
Mark and Julie Haight
Bob Harris and Grace Wong
Hauser Family
Lucinda and Brian Hautaniemi
Richard & Janet Healy
Laura and Michael Heeger*
Timothy Hemhausen
Bernard Henry
Mr. Robert Herdt
Michael & Sandra Herod
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Herrmann
Virginia and Arthur Hetherington
JoAnn Hewett
Sandra Hewitt+
Mrs. Inge Hieret
Michael and Linda Hinchliffe+
Louise Kerz Hirschfeld
Robert and Cynthia Hoffman
Don & Marianne Hope
Joan and Denny Hopper+
Peyton C. Horne
Richard and Yvette Howard
James D. Hubbard
Dick and Beverly Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Humen
Polly and Sam Huntington
The Hutchinson Family
George E. Iadarola, Jr.*
Michaele and Jim Imbrogno
Lou Blumenfeld and Jacqueline Isaacson
Kathy and Norm Jacques
Alice I. Johnson
Eric and Priscilla Johnson
Mr. Thomas Scanlon & Dr. Kathryn Johnson
Mimi Jones
Kurt and Ines Kallmeyer
Prudence Kamerzel
The Kane Family
Andrea Kaplan
Frank and Brenda Karsmarski
Dick Katz+
Carlos William Kebe
Hali and Gerry Keeler
Dr. Andrew & Lynn Keene
James and Mary Kelley
Betty L. Kelly
Deborah Kelly and Wayne Renton+
Sandi Kerzner and Larry Costa
Maxine Klein & David Zeleznik
Michael J. Klingensmith and Ruth A. Shields
David W. Knapp
Jim and Deb Knorr
Hans & Christina Koehl+
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Kosto
Mr. John Krawski
Douglas & MaryAnn Krenz
Ruth and David Krugman+
Mr. James Kruk
Richard & Karen Kubica
Mr. Karl H. Kulisch
Donald Lannin and James Russell
Peter and Dolores LaPointe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Larson, Nancy & Laura
Michael & Pamela Lavery
William Laydon
Mr. and Mrs. David Lee
Peter Leff
Mr. and Mrs. Eliot Leibowitz
David & Elizabeth Leigh+
Captain Frank A. Lerose
Ms. Carolyn Lester
Sid and Donna Levine
Wendy Barstow Lewis
Theodore & Dora Lieberman+
Lorraine Lincoln Lieberman+
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Linden+
Jean and John Linderman
Goldie Liverant
Ray and Bobbi Lombra
Karen and William Longa
Carol and Tom Lorenzo
Carl and Nora Lund
Robert and Lois Lyle+
Marcia and Vincent Lynch
Nancy and Merrill Mack
Mary Anne Maher
Jim and Marylin Makuch
Janice B. Malone
Anita and William Mancoll
Ann L. Marino
Charlotte Markham
James and Leah Marmon
David and Carol Martens
Mason Global
Jayne G. Mather+
Michael & Susan Maturo*
Barbara A. McAuliffe
Mr. and Mrs. David McCarthy
Jean and Kevin McCarthy
Karin McCormick
George & Arline McCullen
Sue and Neil McElroy
Dennis McGrath
Kathryn and Jack McKeen
Angela McLean
Jeanne Merola
Marjorie and Thomas Michalski+
John & Patricia Miller
Richard and Carole Minton
Donna Moffly
Susan Molde
John and Pat Mooney
Mr. John F. Moore and Christine Schell
Michael and Marie Moore
Jasper W. Morgan, Jr.
In Memory of Jim Cronin
Mary S. Mormile
Doris Moss Davenport
Michelle Maglaty Mostello
Wayne and Susan Mountz
Ann Mulcahy
Kenneth and Nancy Mull+
Jim Mullen
Rob & Ana Musterer
Joanne and Andrew Myer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Nahorney*
Marianne Neill
Robert Neiman
Leonard and Nancy Nemon+
Carissa Neubig
Gail and Anthony Newman
Ken and Susie Ng*
Mark & Connie Nickson
Mr. David Nicol
Ed and Cheri Niland
Pam and Lee Nordstrom
Chuck Norris
Mrs. Patricia F. Nylin
Gwen and Mike O'Connell
Nancy and Peter Olsen
Phyllis O'Neil
Mr. Roy O'Neil
Mrs. Doris Otto
Joan and Dennis Overfield
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Palilonis
Jim and Arlene Parsons
Rich and Cindy Patterson
Julie and Hunter Peacock
Tim Griswold and Kate Peale
Pam Pellegrine
Paul and Linda Pendergast
Jud Perkins
Theodore and Catherine Perrill
Ivars and Meredith Petersons
William J. Petzold, Jr.
Mrs. Krista Pinola
Wayne and Laurie Pipke
Mark Planner
Ann Polanski
April Posson
Steven and Halina Potter
Catherine Probolus
Ms. Patti Puglia and Mr. Fred Morro
Jim and Karin Pyskaty
Miriam W. Ragsdale
Hon and Mrs. Jed S. Rakoff
Steve and Kate Rakowski
Edward C. Raymond
John & Jennifer Reeve
Trish & James Reid
Mr. Wayne Rennie
Bob and Marcia Reynolds
Barbara and Arthur Riihimaki
Josh and Cathy Ritter
Michael and Lisa Ritz
Toni Robinson and Michael Plouf
Alix Rokita+
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rosick
Lea and Richard Rubenstein+
Jeffrey Rudikoff and Edee Tenser
Marshall and Sandra Rulnick+
Mindy Russo and Peter Sanchez
Anne D. Ryder+
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sampieri
Lawrence A. Sax
Starr and Phil Sayres+
Mr. Alan Schaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred I. Scherzer
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schwager
Jerry and Janet Schwartz
Larry Schwartz and Russ Rosensweig
Mrs. Sallyanne Scott
Jim Seaman
Michael Seaver
John E. Seidell
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sevitch
Barry and Susan Sheckley
Eileen Shekosky
Mrs. Barbara Shimmel
Sonia and Mark Shipman+
Donald and Karen Shirer
Carole and Steven Shmurak
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Silberstein
Bert Silverberg
Jim and Nancy Simon
Bob and Sue Sinagra
Ellen Siuta
Ms. Stephanie Slattery
Mark Slitt*
Mr. David Sloan
Caroline F. Sloat
Skip and Jo Sly
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Small
DeForest and Nancy Smith
Chris and Emily Smith
Lon and Susan Smith
Tim and Susan Smith
Mr. Joseph Smith and Mr. John Lawson
Laurie Smith
Ms. Andrea Sorg
Maryann Spagna
Mr. Harold S. Spitzer and Mr. Thomas A. Martin
Craig Kent & Rich Springman
Larry & Mary Ellen St. John
Cynthia Stannard
Larry Starr and family
Ms. Noreen Steele
Cliff and Mary Stehle+
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stepanek
Deborah Zeffiro Stevens
Steven Sudigala*
David and Cynthia Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Summa
J. Bruce and Lisa Sussman
James and Marcia Sutton
Frederick and Patricia Swan
Priscilla B. Swanson*
Maria Mason & William Sybalsky
Greg and Elizabeth Sykes
Melanie Chia-Yu Sze
Chris & Nora Taylor
Janilyn Taylor
Dennis and Joan Welch, The Wheatmarket
Ms. Karin Thelin
Mr. Donald Thomas and Mr. Jorge Cao
Nick & Gail Thompson-Allen
Timothy and Katherine Throckmorton
Ms. Rachel J. Tischler and Mr. Owen Freeman-Daniels
Russell and Sandi Tolles
Anthony and Alva Torre
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tracey
Reuben Trane
Deborah Treister
Robert and Nancy Treuhold
Neal Tuohy, Jr.
George and Anne Turcotte
Bruce C. Tuthill & Ellen M. Lee
Courtney Tuttle
Susan Twing
Dr. Irma Van Dam
Doug & Karen VanDyke
Mary Varano
Robert and Virginia Vocelli
Richard and Debra Voelker
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wadstrup
Robert & Jan Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Wallack+
Charlie and Lorey Walz
Linda Wanosky
Bruce and Beverly Watrous+
Harold and Patricia Watt
Donald Weimer
Lynda E. Rosenfeld and Richard M. Weiss
Lou Weiss and Danny Martin
Mrs. Kenneth A. Welch
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Werdmann
Pat & Mike Werle
Curtis D Weybright
Bill and Lauren Wheaton
Michael A. Wheeler
Joseph Wheeler
CT River Cruise & Charter, iic
Caroline White
Merrill and Eric Wiechmann
Carlisle Wildeman
Teresa and Alan Wilensky
Babs Wilkinson and Armentrout family
Carl and Rory Wilson+
Thomas and Andrea Wing
Pandora and John Wohler
Donald and Jane Workman
Bill and Heidi Wrang
William & Dorothy Wurts
Henrietta and Robert Yeaw
Paul Yuhasz and Cindy Pope
Robert and Anne Yurch
Rob Rimmer and Joann Zamparo
Stephen Zebrowski
Dr. and Mrs. John Zesk
Richard and Joanne Zitser
Pete & Judy Zucco
John and Diane Zukowski

Anonymous (241)
Jacquelyn K. Adamo+
Duane & Joy Adams
Ms. Pamela Aey Adams
Linda Ahnert+
Joseph M. Ajello
James and Kathleen Alber
Richard & Barbara Alden+
Diane Alderman+
Sue and Roy Alexander
Gregory Alexander
Robert P. Alexander+
David Alfredson
Richard Allain and Nancy Allain
Faith Allen
Russ & Claudette Allen
Jeanne Allison and Paul Sadowitz
Clive Almond
Ms. Diane Amarante
Mr. George Amato, Jr.
John & Elizabeth Amato
Ray and Rose Ambrose
Mr. Shawn Amdur and Mr. Dale Woods
Greg and Nina Ames
Harry and Judith Anderson
Marc and Bonnie Anderson
Sydney Anderson and Ray Gaulke
John & Elizabeth Anderson
John and Leanne Anderson
Mark Q. Anderson
Norman Andre
Mr. Thomas Angelo
Paul and Gale Antell
Nancy Apfel
East Lyme Theatre Group*
Peter Aronson and Marie Landry
Mr. Michael Arseneault
Leonard and Marlene Auster
Mr. Jeffrey Babbin
Mrs. Kathleen G. Bagadinski
Brian and Lynne Bagnati+
Donna & John Baily
Barbara R. Baker+
In loving memory of Brenda
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bald
Mr. Michael Ballard
Ballek's Garden Center
Patricia Bally
Ms. Eva Bardwell
Daniel and Cynthia Barrett
Joseph & Alice Barry
Kenneth and Marcy Barstow
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barter
Anne Bartholet
Barbara and Fred Bartkiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Basch
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bassett
Cheryl and Rudy Basztura
Pete and Kim Bates
Joseph D. Batson
Steve and Betsy Beatson
John and Sue Beatty
Ariadna and Augustine Beauchamp
Diane and Robert Beaulieu
Mary and Jeff Beeman
Terry Bell*
Carol Bell
Mr. Donald Bellingham
Gregory P. Bendel+
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Benjamin, Jr.
Mr. James Bennett
Bob and Laurie Bennett
Barbara L. Benoit+
William Berg
Mr. & Mrs. Bergeron
Jeanne and Alan Berman
Bob and Phyllis Berman
Dale Bernardoni
Louis Bernasconi
Mr. James Berryman
Glen and Joan Berwick+
Mr. and Mrs. James Betts
Patricia and John Biasuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley V. Bickford+*
Bill and Natalie Billing*
Carol Birdsey
Mrs. Katharine Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bjorkman
Philip Black
Brewster & Virginia Blackall
Alton and Jacqueline Blaine
Mr. and Mrs. Blake
Linda Blakita
Donald and Virginia Blanar
Jon and Kaycee Blancaflor
Barbara and Jack Blechner
Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Bloom
Mrs. Kathleen Bloss
David Bobowski
Dr. Michele and Attorney John Boccalatte
Peter Bocciarelli
Ms. Marilyn Boehm
David and Rebecca Bohy
Mr. Thomas P. Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Booth
Dick and Rita Borden
Vincenzo Boscarino
David Bottaro
Ms. Anne Marie Boughton
Dawn and Pierre Boulanger
Carolyn S. Boyle+
Michael and Linda Bradford
Attorney and Mrs. Peter F. Brady
Ms. Katherine Brain
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Brancieri
Mr. Jim Brant
Ms. Sheryne Brekus
Marcie & Howard Brensilver
Frank and Nancy Brigano
Ms. Elizabeth Bristol
Harry P. Broom+
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Brown+
Joe N. Brown
D. Brown
Ms. Pauline Brown
Sandra J. Brown+
Stanley and Marian Brownstein
Steve & Abby Bruce
Elizabeth Brundage Morris
Eileen Buckley
Irene M. Buckley
Richard and Carla Bue+
Stephanie & Spider J.C. Bulyk
Laura Bunnell
Peter and Karen Bunting+
Mrs. Eileen Burke+
Kathleen M. Burke
David & Nancy Burns
Mrs. Kelly Burns
Alice Burstein
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Burt+
Robert and Elizabeth Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bussiere
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Butler+
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Byrnes, Jr.
Jean Callan King
Bob and Marge Calltharp
David and Marie Cameron
Steven Capone and Jeffrey Zipser
Mr. Dave Cappello
Douglas and Debra Carabillo
Albert J. Carano
Bing J. Carbone
Diane and Warren Cardone
James and Linda Carfora
Monsignor James P. Carini
Cheryl Carlson
Ms. Susan J. Carlson
Mr. William Carlson
Dante and Monica Carrafa
Mrs. Wendy Carrafa
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Carrano
William E. Organek
Keith and Diana Carter
Susan Carvalho
Sal and Janet Carvelli
Anthony Cascio
Leslie Casey
Robert Casner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cassello
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Castelli
Kari Castelli
Ms. Joanne Centola
Ted & Kathy Ceplenski
Barbara Cerrina
Michael Chaiklin
Mr. Alan Chapman
Eleanor J. Chapman
Helen and Bill Chatman
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Chauvin
Marie Ann Chenevey
Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Chiffer+
William & Barbara Chilton
Angela Christadore
Gail and Joe Churney
Michael Cirillo
Donata Cirillo
David L. Citronberg
Ron and Ginny Clark*
Kathleen-Marie Robin Clark DVM
Robin & Arthur Clarke
Kim Clarke
Barbara Cleary
Gary Closius
Ms. Tammy Cloutier
Dede and Jules Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Cohen+
Alpha Coiro
Brandon Colburn
Mike and Rosemary Collins
Thomas Collins+
Gretchen Comstock+
Barbara Conlin
Maureen R. Connolly
Ms. Kathleen Conway
Victoria Cook
Chris and Jennifer Corcoran
Carol Corliss
Barbara and Arnold Cosgrove
George and Gloria Cote
Jill and Joseph Cote
Flo Courtright
Catherine Cox+
Bob and Cindy Craft
Richard S. Cramer and Dr. Ilona Figura
Ellen C. Cramp
Mr. George D. Cropper
Chris & Steve Crouch
Jack Cryan
Louis Cuervo
Tom and Donna Cullen
Maryanne Cuomo
Ms. Laura T. Curry
Stephanie Cuzzocreo
Elise Adams Czaja
Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Dabrowski
Jim & Ev Dahl
Ms. Liza Dalrymple
David & Carol D'Amora
Mr. Kevin Danby
Susan D'angelo
Joyce and Justin Daubar+
Rochelle Dauenheimer
Mrs. Eileen Daverio
Carol and Joel Davis
Vera and Elliott Davidson
Ann Davidson
Judith & Thomas Davies*
Joyce Davis
Judy and Joe Dawson
Ms. Bernadine Dayton
Bjorn De Carro
Marjorie DeBold
Kay Debski
Dennis and Pat DeCaril
Mr. Stephen Dee
Debra O. DeFrancesco
Roberta Deleo and Lisa Rana
Inara deLeon
Roy and Sharon Dellinger
John and Joanne Delponte
Pamela DeMaio
William and Sylvia DeMore
Sharon DePonte
Bill & Pat Derech
Paul Stuehrenberg and Carole DeVore
Joseph and Christine Dias+
John A. DiCosimo+
John & Nancy Dillaway
Mrs. Mary Ellen DiLuzio
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dinunzio
Jane and Peter Dion
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Dobas
Alan and Dorothy Dodd
Robert and Janet Doiron
Joan Dolan
Nancy Dolde
Michael & Susan Donatelli
Kenneth and Emilee Doney
Michael and Mary Donnelly
Louis and Janet D'Onofrio
Mr. Kenneth Dorio
Gail S. Dorman
Thomas J. Dovidaitis
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dow
Ms. Phyllis W. Draghi
Bill and Mary Drena
George P. Drenga+
Michelle and Marv Dressler
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Drozd
Kathryn and John Dube
Ms. Ruth Duden
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Duffek
Cassandra J. Duggan
Maureen Dumais
Michael and AnneMarie Duncan
Robert W. Dunn
Ms. Deborah Duprey
Mark Dupuis
Frank & Jackwyn Durrschmidt
David Duttweiler
Elaine Dymczyk
Mary L. Eccles
Mr. Douglas Eccleston
Donald Eden
Lisa and Mark Edmiston
Mr. Mark Egan
F Joseph Ehrhardt
Dale C. Eichholz
Mr. Mark Eisenberg
Mr. John Eismeier
Linda and Lionel Eliovson
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Elliman
Douglas and Melanie Elliot
Ms. Cathy Elliott+
Ms. Jean Ellis
Mel Ellis
Michael Ellis
Ned Ellis
Mr. David Elovetsky
Patricia Emons
Mary and Jim Engels
Linea Erickson
Linda Esposito
Vanessa Evans
Dana Ewing
Timothy & Lynn Fahy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Falcone
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fay
Ms. Kathleen Fazio
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fedor
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fedus
Mrs. Lori Feeney
Ms. Jill Fehleison
Candy and Ira Feinberg
Dale L'Amoureaux-Ferris
Laurie Ferry
Mr. Frederick Filios
Ms. Bella Fink
Hope and Daniel Firestone
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fischer
Attorney and Mrs. Norman F. Fishbein+
Emily Fisher and Evan Griswold
Ashley Fitton*
Mr. Fred FitzGerald
Maureen Fitzpatrick and Gerry Neipp
Mrs. James Fleishell
Margaret Fleming
David and Judith Flemming
Dr. Bruce Fletcher
Herb and Ellie Flink
Mr. George Florentine
James and Rita Flynn
Robert & Lucia Focht and Les & Debbie Korper
Mr. Thomas Fogarty
Dorcas Fontaine
Paul Formica
Ron and Charlene Formica
Robin and Robert Forsberg
Priscilla Forschler
Mark and Robyn Fortier+
Hunt Foster
Bob and Jane Foster
Lynn M. Fountain
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fournier
Eleanor W. and Bruce T. Fox+
Barbara Francese
Ms. Amy Franco
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Franklin
Theodora French
Neal B. Freuden and Andrea F. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frey
Charlotte Rea and Bob Fricker
Brian and Bobbie Friedman
Laurie Friedman*
Ms. Judith Friend and Mr. Donald P. Olaughlin
Lorraine Fries
Julius & Virginia Friese
Bette Fritzen
Jon Froncak & Steven Cantwell
Dr. John Funkhouser
Brian Hatch
Judith Gaffney+
Lisa Gagliardi*
Lori Gagne Pendleton
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Gaieski
Ms. Anne Galanto
Adrienne Gallagher and Jim Nelson
Dr. Raymond Gambardella and family
John and Sherri Gamm
Sandi and Jeffrey Garfield
Mrs. Anne Gauthier
Mr. and Mrs. Rene P. Gauvin, Jr.
Annette Gavens
Barbara Gay
Joan Gay
Kevin and Mikki Geenty
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Genovesi+
Ms. Patricia George
Paul Gerard
Richard Gerber
Billie and Jerry Gerkey
Steven & Alisa Germaine
Deborah Giaconia
Eugene and Sheryl Giangrasso
Rev Caroly & Bruce Gibson
Gordon and Betty Gillaspie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gillis
Harold E. Ginter, Jr.+
Dr. David Giordano
Diane & Gary Gladstone
Maxine and Jerry Glassman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glasspiegel
Marie and Frank Glowski
Joan Russoniello Goba
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Godfrey, III
Margaret and Dennis Godsill
Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Gold
Betty and Joshua Goldberg
Joyce B. Goldberg
Rick & Judie Goldenthal
Richard and Linda Goldin
Louis J. Gonzales
Howard & Charlotte Goodie
Daniel and Suzanne Goodison+
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Goodrich
Robert F. Gorman
Joseph & Tamara Gorski
John and Cookie Gowac
Paul and Pam Gozzi
Robert and Lyndle Gradoville
Denise and Scott Gravatt
Peter M. Green
Ms. Ruth D. Greengross
Mrs. Beverly F. Gregory
Mrs. Linda Grelotti
Jerry & Betty-Lou Griffin
Mrs. Mary Ann Griffin+
Spencer & Barbara Grindrod
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griswold
Gay and Garry Grossman
Dora and William Grover
Carol Groves
Mr. & Mrs. D. Grunberg
David Guernsey
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Guerrera Jr
The Guertin Family
Phil Guglielmo
Sara Guild
Ronald and Joanne Guodace
Christine and Raymond Gustafson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guyon
Linda and Robert Guzzio
Carmela Hache and Joe De Cresce
Mrs. Serene Hackel
Jean and Bob Hadley
Mr. David Hall
Ms. Jackie Hall
Richard Hallenbake+
Joe and Mary Halloran*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hamilton
Christy Hammond and Tom Kalinosky
Tom & Cheryl Hanley
Sandra D. Hanson
Ms. Natalie Harbeson
Jeffrey Hare
Fred and Linda Hargraves
Dan Haslam
Professor Kerry S. Havner
Kathleen and Peter Hawkins
Calvin H. Heath, Jr.+
Linda and Norman Hecht
Ms. Margaret Heffel
Margie Helme-Brother and Jim Brother
Carl & Mary Helming
Jo Ann Henderson
Tom & Nancy Hennick
Mrs. Vivian Henry
Mr. William Herbst
Mrs. and Mr. Gloria R. Herman
Caroline Herrick and Ted Sands
Mr. Everett Herrick
Linda D. Hershman+
Carol and Warren Herzig
Jean & Norbert Herzog
Ann Higginbotham and Emil Pocock
Robert Hill
Beverly Himelstein & Michael Moran
Alice Hinchcliffe
Ms. Deberey Hinchey
Tom Hinds
Cynthia & Robert Hines
Mary E. Hippman
Bruce and Joan Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. James Hisey
Frances Hobbs
Steve & Jeannette Hodge
Wilma Hoffman
David Holahan
Ms. Julia Holliday
Robert & Lynn Holloway
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holt
Bill and Nancy Horowitz
Virginia Houghtaling
Ms. Margaret Howard
Florence Howes+
Paula Howley
Professor Peter Hoyle
Bob and Bev Huber
Ralph E. Hughes and Susan M. Hamel
Anne Hull+
Suzan and Grant Hutchins
Dr. Hillary Huttenhower
Thirza D. Hyatt
Richard and Barbara Ihmels
Margery B. Irish+
Wally and Maureen Ivers
Mrs. Marcella Jackson
Joan & Don Jacobs
Angelina Jacobs
Mr. Al Jaffe
Marge Jageler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jahnke
Eva and Stan Jakuba
Ms. Gail James
Ms. Katherine James
Dennis Jedlinsky
Barbara and Stephen Jendrysik
Mr. Wesley G. Jensen
Alexandra & Bruce Johnson
Bruce and Lois Johnson
Dave & Betty Johnson
Meagan & Dan Johnson
David E. Johnson
Gladys M. Johnson+
Dr. Gregory Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Johnson
Theodore H. and Nancy L. Johnson
Mrs. Glenn W. Johnston
Raymond C. and Michelle Johnston
Clayton & Deborah Jones+
Deborah Jones
Eric & Lorena Jones
Mary Jeanne Jones
David and Carol Jordan
Ms. Mary Beth Jordan
Ray Jordan
Ms. Monique Jordon
Ms. Judith Jorgensen
Myra Josephson
James Judy
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Kalayjian
Ms. Ellen Kallmeyer
Drs. Andrew and Kerri Kanik
Hal and Barbara Kaplan
David and H. B. Kaplan
Len and Judithe Kaplan
Marilyn and Stephen Kaplan
Mrs. Deborah Kapushinski
Elizabeth R. Karhu
Jane A. Kasper
Donna P. Katsaounis
Mr. Steven Katz
Stanley Kavan
Mr. Michael Kazan
Diana Kearney
John and Melanie Kedves
Mr. Daniel Kehoe*
Elizabeth and William Keister
Margaret Kelley
The Sabin and Kelly Families
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kelly+
Mr. David Kelsey
Jennifer Kelsey
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Kelsey
Claire and Jan Kennedy
Connie & Dick Simpson
Mr. Steven Kenning
Joe & Connie Kenyon
Mr. C. Edward Kepler
Paul Kessinger
Ms. Phyllis B. Keyes
Lori Killiany
Ms. Kelly King
Ms. Patricia King
Mr. and Mrs. William King
Charles and Gretchen Kingsley
Kathleen Kinney
Ms. Julia Kish
Mrs. Velta Klavins
Cindy and Myron Klein
Mr. Brad Kleinerman
Daniel and Jeanne Kleinman
Mary Ellen Klinck+
Kerry E. Knobelsdorff-McKay
Mrs. Albert Koby-Larz+
Mr. Dennis Kolodziejski
Barbara and Raymond Koski
John and Lynda Kosky
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Kowalski
John and Sara Koziol
Donald and Carole Koziy
The Kozliks
Mark & Bonnie Kramm
Maureen and Don Kreh
Arthur Kreiger
Judi Krevolin+
Diane and Stanley Krieg
Judith and Allen Kronick
Patricia and James Kronick
Mr. Joseph Krukowski
Ms. Judith Kulisch
Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Kurns+
Mark & Daniel Kurpaska
Barbara P. Kurtz
Christine Kuryla
Les & Phyllis Kurz
Mr. Rob Kustra
Tad and Vicki Kuziak
Gail Kuziak+
Mr. and Mrs. Ercole Labadia
Mr. Greg Lachenmayer
Sheila W. Lacourciere
John LaFalce
Gary and Diane LaFrance
Michael I. Lah
Judith Lak
Ms. Eileen Landry
Mr. Graham Lane
John T. and Carol M. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Langhoff, Jr.
Rev. Mobby Larson
Mike and Betsy Lasorso
Molly Lathrop
Michael E. Laudano and Ken Cabral+
Robert H. Laudette Jr.
Rochelle and Spencer Lauer
Ron and Denise Lavoie
Elizabeth Lawlor
Brenda Lazar
Gary and Carol Lazarus+
Richard LeBlanc and Annette Scharf
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leduc, Jr.
Thomas and Jennifer Lee
Timothy and Marie Leece
The Lehet Family
Ms. Phyllis T. Lehon
Joyce and John Lemega
Mr. and Mrs. Philip LeMontagne, Jr.
John and Eileen Leonard
Daniel & Maryanne Leone
David and Cathy Leone
Angela Lepore
Summer Lerch
Norine Lescoe+
Lee and Joan Lester
Mr. Ronald Letkiewicz
Kathleen A. Leverone
Carole and Ed Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Levy+
Gerri Lewis
Mrs. Meredith Libbey
Linda Libertino
Jakob Licht and Gisella Weissbach-Licht
Arnold and Judith Liebman
Stephen Liebman
Maureen Liegeot+
Bruce Lighty+
Mary Lilley
Margaret H. Limbacher+
Patsy Limon & Kim Secrist
Diane Liska
Mr. Luis Lluberes
Mr. and Mrs. Ben LoCasto
Mark and Tina Loomis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lord+
Michelle Lord
Laura and Ed Lorenson
Michele, Rob & Ava Loughlin
Todd and Beverly Lucas
Shirley Lundgren
G. Edward and Ida B. Lussier
Larry and Eunice Luther
Julie S. Lyman
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Lynch
Dan & Kathleen Lynch Mussen
Mrs. Gary Lynes
Mr. Frank Lyon
James and Roselle Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Mackeown
Althea MacLean
Randall Madore*
Mr. and Ms. Rinaldo F. Magliano, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maher
Ms. Mary Makowka
Rona Malakoff and Ethan Goller
Robert and Carolyn Malchow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mallinson
Ed & Susan Mallory
Adam & Beth Man
Linda Mandel
Jay and Geri Mandell
Lisa and Craig Maneeley
Mary Anne Mank+
Mrs. William J. Manning
Mary Ann Manning
George and Olga Manos
Alice and Beth Mansfield+
Pearl Marcus
Joe Marganski
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Margnelli
Joanne and David Marriott
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marrone
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Martin+
Marcia Masci
John and Deb Matthews
Donna Matulis
Ellen & Gerald Maust
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Maynard, Jr.+
Harry and Janice Mazadoorian
Lance and Clare Mazur
Jim and Helga Mazzei
Beverly McCabe
Don and Cynthia McCall
William and Martha McCart
Michael McCarthy
Lou & Joan Bonvicin
Ida and Michael McCue
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur V. Mcdowell, III
Mr. and Mrs. David McFarlin
Ms. Nancy McGaw
Mr. Thomas McGee
Donald and Susan McGinnis
Brian and Sue McGlone
Ms. Erin McGovern
Diane and John McGuire
Diana M. McInerney
Ms. Connie McIntyre and Mr. Wayne Green
John and Nancy McKay
Linda McKone
Mary K. McKone
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McLaughlin
Mrs. Kim McLaughlin
Sheila McMellon+
Mary Mcniff
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McPhee
Arthur Meister
Carol and Craig Melin
Bob Melucci
Marcia & James Memery
Dwight Merriam
Polly Merrill
Richard Merritt
Judith Metcalf
Eileen Metzgar
Neil J Mezeul
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Miazga+
Yvette Mickenberg and Howard Troyansky
Irvin Miglietta
Mr. Craig Miklus
Carol Mikulski
Alan and Katherine Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Miller
In Memory of Bernice V. Miller
Kathryn & Jerry Miller
Greg Miller
In Memory of Robert A. Mogelnicki
Dr. Rebecca Moles
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Moleske
Mary Jane Monahan
Benson Monastersky
Shirley and Tony Mongillo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Morace
Jim & Debbie Moravecek
John and Noreen Moreschi+
Debbie Morettini
Jacqueline J. Morgan+
Patrick E. Moriarty, M.D.
Paula Moriarty
Barb Moroch
Gary Moroch
Mrs. Nancy Morrin
Barry & Colleen Morris
Donald and Amy Morris
Mrs. Arline Morrissey
Mrs. Beverly Morse
Clifford & Judy Moss
Dot Mosser
Michael P. Motta
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Motto
David & Susan Motycka
Mr. Daniel J. Moulton+
Robert Mountz
Robert and Karen Mulvihill
Joan and William Munger
Brenda Murad
Dr. Mary Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Mustaro
David and Meg Myers
Donald & Jennifer Mysling
Sandra Nagel
Barbara-Jay Wilson and Tim Napier
Ms. Amy Napierala
Katrin and Louis Nashelsky
Lynne and Leslie Nathan
Mr. and Mrs. David Neal
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Nemergut
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newall
Carol & John Newsome
John S. Newton
Victor & Susan Niederhoffer
Robin Noble-Zolin
Paul & Diane Noel*
Mr. R. Michael Norko
Mr.and Mrs. Richard Nourie
Barbara R. Nye
John and Pat Nyikos
John Oakes & Carole Shea
Theresa M. Oatley
Paul and Carolyn Ober
Ms. Andrea O'Boyle
Birgitta O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Brien
Denis R. O'Brien Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. O'Connell
Mrs. Charles P. O'Connor, Jr.+
Suzanne O'Connor
Nancy Abramson and Rabbi Stacy Offner
George and Joyce Oickle
Kenneth Olson and Susan Kelsey
Jeff and Sandy O'Neil
Stan and Kayoko Opalacz
The Revs. Joanne Neel-Richard & Mary Anne Osborn
Mr. and Mrs. Laurent G. O'Shea, Jr.
Virginia Ouellette
Arthur Padovano
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Padula
Dolores Padwater
Roger Paley
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Palma
Cynthia R Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Panitch
Elin-Marie Papantones
Glen and Heidi Parchmann
Dr. Prior Parker
Jeanne and Walt Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Parmelee
Lillian Parsons
Attorney and Mrs. Jack M. Pasquale
Mr. James Patalano
Joanne M. Pavlopoulos
Bill & Julie Peace
Daniel Peach
Alan and Frances Pease
Larry and Nancy Peck
Ms. Christine B. Peck & Mr. John W. Anderson, II
Mr. Scott Peirce
Sibyl Pellum
Charles F. Peluse
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pendola
Joanne Pentino
Katherine Perkins
Laure Perreault
Melissa Perregaux
Nancy Perricone
Lyn Mathews Perrin
Maya & Stephen Liss
Eva Perry
Joan Pestritto
Ms. Pamela Peter-Cohen
Barbara A. Petersen+
David and Patrice Peterson
Robert and Valerie Peterson
Terry E. Peterson
Wendy Peterson
Diane & Guido Petra
Penny Petrone
William & Patricia Petrone
Ann Marie and Joe Petti
Mr. Alfred Pettit
Nancy Piehler
Ms. Joann Pillar
Edward & Meghan Pineda
Amy Pinette
Tom and Rosanne Pipoli
Nancy Pistel
Mr. and Mrs. A. John Plikus, Jr.
Peter and Daria Plummer
Mr. Ronald Plutnicki
Raphael Podolsky & Jill Mehler
Robert S. Poliner, Esq.
Don & Shirley Pollack
Mrs. Lynn Pollack
Joan Polo
The Pond Family
Nancy & Jeff Popp
Kenneth and Barbara Porter
Barbara and Carroll Possick
Carol Potash
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Potter
Russell & Judith Potter
Christopher & Nijole Potts
Gary and Mary Pouliot
Joan M. Poultney
Mr. Scott Powell
Ken and Wendy Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Proffitt
David Pugliese
Attorney and Mrs. Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
Stephan Quayle
Patrick and Lynn Quinn
Norm and Judy Rabe
Mr. Ettore C. Raccagni
Mr. Theodore Raczka
Ms. Lauren Rader
Irene and Donald Ragatz
Jean and Norman Randall
Estelle Rao
Richard and Pamela Rapacz
Sylvia D. Rasie and Lynda N. Rowan
The Rastallis Family*
Jerry & Jan Rathbun
Paul and Sharon Raverta
Pamela Reeser
Regina Regolo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reinert*
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reinholdt
Dr. and Mrs. Allan B. Reiskin
Imelda Reno
Lee Erwin Rhodes
Henry and Sally Rianhard
John Riccucci
Faye and Mike Richardson
Mary Jane Richilson
Gail B. Richmond
Judith Rifkin
Mr. and Mrs. George Riggs
Susan and Tom Riley
Ms. Kim Rizy
Mrs. Cecelia Roberge
Marie V. Roberto
Peter and Terry Roberts
Mr. Douglas Robinson
Mrs. Theodore R. Robitaille+
Joe and Diane Robles
Elizabeth A. Rocco
Mr. George Rockwell
Stephen & Darriell Rolka
Mr. Thomas Rollins
Robert & Nadine Romay
Goldy C. Rosen
Jerry and Nina Rosen
Jane and Eric Rosenberg
June Rosenblatt+
Judith and Lewis Roshke
Rich and Pat Rosien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ross
Dianne Ross
Ms. Irene Ross
Mr. Patrick Roth
Jeanne Rozel
Mr. John Rudker
The Russell Family
Justine B. Rutan
Christine Ruth
Joan and David Ryan
Reverend Edward Ryan
Kevin S. Ryan
Nancy T. Ryan
Susan Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rychlovsky
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sack
Mr. Edward Salerno
Everett Salisbury
Joyce Saltman
Marcy and Joel Saltzman
Anthony & Patricia Sammataro
Charlotte Sandler+
Lisa Currie Sands
Scott Sanicki
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Santerre+
Mr. Michael Santoro
Nancy and Albert Santostefano
Claire Sauer+
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Saums
Ken Sause - Travelworks, Inc.
Ms. Kristine Sauter
The Savino Family
Stanley Saxe
Joan and Lynn Saylor
Leslye Schaefer
Richard & Gail Schatz
Karl Scheibe
Beverly J. Schilke
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schneider
Shirley F. Scholder
Elliot and Natalie Schulman
Maryjane Schultz
Cheryl and Elwin Schwartz
Dr. Joel E. Schwartz
Adam & Robin Schwartz
Russell Schwartz
Patricia Scoville
Dr. and Mrs. Jay E. Selcow+
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Selski
Mr. Thomas Sennett and Dr. Beth Ann Loveland Sennett*
Warren L Serenbetz, Jr.
Mr. Marvin Serra
Gene & Janice Sessamen
Michael & Kathy Sewell
Mavely and Charlie Shabunia
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Shanley
Stephen and Carol Shapiro
Kathleen Shatraw
Don and Peggy Shaw
Jean and Biff Shaw+
Richard and Marie Shaw
Dr. Gail Shea and Mr. Thomas Haggerty
Maureen F. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sheedy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sheiffele
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Shelton, Jr.
Margaret Shepard
Doris D. Sherrow-Heidenis
Mr. Paul Shimer
Shirley M. Sholes
Mr. Todd Shoneck
Marybeth Shutran
Nancy Siegel
Robert B. Siegler+
John and Robin Silsby
Susan Simonds
Joseph Sina
Judy G. Singer
Ken and Michael Sirella
Frank Siver
Mr. Carl Skudlarek
Mrs. Dutcha Slieker-Hersant
Grady and Jo-Ann Slocombe
Brian and Eve Smith
Debby & Mark Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Smith
Barbara Smith+
Donald Milton Smith
Ann Perzan Smith+
Laura and Paul Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smrecek
Mr. and Mrs. William Smyers, Jr.
Kristen Snow
Stratton J. Snow
Debra and Glenn Sobel
Phyllis and Gary Sochrin
D. Soderstrom+
Dieter & Veronica Soell
Melita Sokolowski
Lawrence Solkoske
Charles Spellman
Joanne Spence
Willard Spiegelman
Mrs. Geraldine S. Spillane
Beverly Spink
William Stack
The Stadolniks
Joe and Gail Stafford
Bob Staley
Martine and James Stamos
John W Stansell
Bruce & Patricia Stark
Martin and Beth Stauffer
Rowland and Carla Stebbins
Peter and Margery Stehman
Joel Stein
Louise Steinberg
Mr. Richard Steiner
Russell and Laura Steingiser*
Mr. Eric Steinmetz
Marilyn S. Steinmetz & Dr. Stephen J. Lieberman+
Joan Steitz
Robert C. Stewart+
Mr. Douglas Stewart
Mrs. Kathleen Stickley
Steven and Francine Stier
Megan and Bill Stine
Shepard and Marlene Stone
Julia S. Stone
Donna Storms+
Martha Stout
Richard and Leslie Strauss
Mervyn Strauss+
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Strom
Janet S. Stulting+
Paul & Shirley Sturges
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sullivan
Mark & Kristen Susman
Mrs. Charles Swan
Mr. James Swann
Jay and Martha Swanson
Karen E. Swanson
The Swenson and Tierney Families
Ms. Linda Swirski
Cheryl & Bart Szczarba
Valerie Taff
Loretta and Robert Tafuri
Robert D. Taisey+
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond D. Talbot, Jr.
David & Betty Talmadge
Andrea and John Tannenbaum
Sharon and Frank Tarala
Thomas and Maureen Tarbox
Ida Lisa Tasi
Mr. and Mrs. James Tatoian
Amanda Taylor
James and Jane Tebo
Richard and Marcia Tecca
Deborah Teed
Mr. Hugh Teel, Jr.
Frank A Terranella+
Charlie and Carol Terry
Norm & Debbie Thibodeau
In memory of Emanuel Rosenthal
Pam and David Thompson, Jr.+
Deb Thompson
William Thorne
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thornton
Neil and Diana Thorp
Henry and Beryl Thorpe+
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Thorpe
Kathy Thorsell
Nancy J. Thrall
Robert and Norma Tiefenbrunn
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Tillona
Mary Tobin
Dick and Elaine Tomlinson
Lisa Torbick
Michael & Penelope Tosatti
John D. Townsend
Vicki and Bob Trainer
Virginia Trenholm+
Sally and Tom Tresselt
Sharon and Gary Trombley
Mrs. Gloria Trotochaud Lafave
John & Sue Trowbridge*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Truncali
Gerald Tullai
John and Mitzi Tuttle
Glenn Underwood
Gail Urban
In Memory of Jennie M. Urillo
Dale and Linda Ursin
Heather and Michael Urso
Alex and Dorothy Usko
Quality Welding Service, LLC
Donna Vaccaro
Mrs. Rose Vaccaro
Jane and Bob Van Alstyne
Karen Van Der Horst
Elizabeth B. Van Guilder
Peter A. Van Hagen
Mrs. Gayle Van Huysen
Louise R. VanHaverbeke
Patti Anne Vassia
Guy Vecchitto
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Velez
Barbara Venable
Joan E. Venditto
Mariangelica and Joe Venishnick
Mr. Jac Venza
Wendy C. Vickrey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Viens+
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Viscomi
Dominic and Judith Viscuso
Margery Vogt
Mr. Kyle Voiland
John and Linda Volpe
Janet & Ken Vosseller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wadecki
Francis Wainwright
Peter Wall
Patricia and Baxter Walsh
Ruth Walsh
Jon and Johanne Walworth
Allen M. Ward
Mr. Robert Warner
Mary-Jo Warren
Vicki and Alan Wasserman
Rev. Dr. Byron E. Waterman
Mrs. Carol Waterman
Jeff and Linda Waters
Mrs. Neil K. Weathers
Bob and Sue Weber
Dr. Robert & Jean Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Wehrly, III
Fran and Paul Weinberger
Mr. Kenneth Weinstein
Dr. Nancy Weinstein and Mr. Bob Stiehler
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Weiss
Maura Welch
Mrs. Cynthia Welchek
Mr. Richard M. Wenner
Pam West
Bob and Penny Whalen+
Andrew White & John Degon
Ms. Maryalice Widness and Mr. Philip K Schenck, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David E. Wilcox
Alfred Wilke
Ms. Karen Williams
Mary Williams
Tamara R. Williams
Kate & Margie Williamson
Mr. Robert Williamson and Ms. Esther Williams
Benjamin Wilson
E. Marie Wilson
Michael & Jennifer Wilson
Paul D. Wilson and Mary B. Donchez
Deborah L. Wimler
Ms. Virginia Wolf
Mrs. Jacqueline Wolff+
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Wrubel+
David and Dorothy Wudyka
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Wurst
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Wyskiel
Robert Yaro
Inge Yarri
Mr. J. B. Young
Beverly Yurashus
Mr. Christopher Yurkovsky and Ms. Deborah McArthur
Drs. Stephen & Diane B. Zack
Pam & Mike Zelasky
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zettergren
Pat and Fred Ziegler
B. Zimmerli
Nancy E. Hoyt and G. P. Zitnay
Daniel Zito

Anonymous (207)
Tony Abate and Deb Oakes
Attorney and Mrs. Arnold B. Abrams
Carol Adams
Donald and Heidi Adams
Ronald Adams
Linda and Jack Adler+
Dr. Anthony Alario
Leonard and Victoria Albert
Mrs. Janet Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Albiach, Jr.
Margaret M. Aldrich+
Melinda S. Alexander
Ms. Joyce Alger-Cerrito
Florence P. Alison
Debe Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Altieri
Haynes Altobello
James and Leah Amato
Dave Anderson
Robert Armitage
Ms. Mariann Arnold
Joan & Arthur E. Aronson
Deborah and John Aspinwall
Howard Aspinwall
George and Janice Atkeson
Robert and Jane Atkinson
Mary Attebery
Louis and Barbara Auletta
Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Avery+
Ms. Dione Ayotte
William & Susan Babcock White
Mary C. Backer
Timothy and Joan Baffaro
Dee Bailey
George Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bairstow
Maria Balaban
Evelyn Balash
Steven L. Baldwin
Lawrence Baldyga
Chris Baledes
Ms. Jeanne Ballantine
Jill Banatoski
George Ann Bardenheier
Judith Barnard
Mrs. Fran Barsky
Geraldine Bartkowski
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Bartus
Babette Basil
Barbara Bateman
Carol and John Batorski
Evelyne and David Battle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bauer
Jeffrey Bauer and Sabrina Lipton
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Beal
Bonnie and Ken Beatrice
Serge and Kathy Beaudoin
Gary and Martha Becker
Peggy Becker
Richard and Polly Beckwith
Ms. Frances Bellobuono
Matthew and Katie Bennington
Mr. Frank Bent
Mr. Bruce Bentley
Mrs. Ellen Berger
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bergman
Alice and Ken Bernhard
Christopher and Christine Bertellotti
Robert and Linda Besaw
Joseph Bialek
Roger Bibeau
Linda and Peter Bierrie
Suzan Binge
Carroll and Gertrude Bingham
Harry Birkenruth
Nancy Bither
Bob & Jan Bittner
Jim and Noreen Black
Ms. Laura Blake
Toby Block
Tom and Jean Bloom
Ms. Annamarie J. Bodisch
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Bogatz
Jean Bonafonte
Heidi Bonassar
R. J. Bosco
Joan Boudle
Christine Boudreau
Mr. Yvan Boulet
Larry and Karen Bouley
Irmgard Bousfield
Donald T. Sanders
Mrs. Mary Boy
Richard Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Bradley
Ms. Maria Brady
Anita Brancaccio and Ralph Brancaccio
Maria Brandriff
David and Ann Brandwein
Deirdre Braun and Ted Braun
Brenda & Jeffrey Brede+
May Breece+
Eleanor Breinan
Tom Brelsford
Jim and Pat Brennan
Alice C. Brennan
Lori Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brian
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brocato
Mary Brockway
Elaine Brophy
Maureen and Ron Brousseau
Charles D. Brown+
William and Denise Brown
Richard Brown
Mr. Todd Brown
Debbie & David Brumell
Laura Brush
Scott A. Bruske
Matt Buczacki
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Burch
Ms. Margaret Burgess
Mr. Thomas Burkell
Mr. and Mrs. John Burzesnki
Ms. Joy Bylan
Paul F. Byrne
Ms. Trisha Cabral
Mary and Terrence Cahill
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Calderon
Ms. Carolyn Caldwell
Gene and Gia Calistro
Karen Camp
William Campbell
Mrs. Arlene Campeau
Ms. Margaret Campion
Mr. Nicholas Cannata
Ms. Elsa Cantor
James & Carole Capodiece
John and Rise Cappadona
Mimi Cardwell
Sharon Carini
Anne-Marie Carlson
Ms. Cynthia Carlson
Ms. Mildred Carlson
Sharon Carnicke
Janice Carreau
Ms. Kathryn Carriera
Ms. Loretta Casey
Johanna Cashman and Ira Grudberg
Alice Cassotta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cavanagh
Mr. Robert Cave
Ruth Celotto
Mrs. Heather Chamberlain
Mrs. Angela Chamberlin
Leon and Jean Chameides
Anita P. Chanko
Ms. Victoria Chapo
Karen Charbonneau
Margo Chase-Wells
Mr. Arnold Chester
Sandra J. Chiasson
Jack and MaryBeth Chinsky
Ms. Beth Chipman
Mark and Linda Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Christianson
Rita Christopher
Lois C. Churchill
Barbara and Michael Cianciulli
Amanda and Marc Cicciarella
John & Cassandra Ciullo
Mrs. Kay Claiborn
Christina N Clark
Sydney and Elizabeth Clark
Jonathan Clark
Julie & Terry Clark
Linda and Dean Cloutier
Freeman and Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cohen
Marla Cohen
Robert E. Cohen
Mrs. Sondra Cohen
Terry and Penny Colby
Anne Colby
Armand and Judy Colello
Mr. Jeremiah Collins
Merrill Collins
Ms. Mary Ellen Coloski
Miss Mary Colpoys
Thomas Joseph Conlan
Sara Conner
Thomas M. Conroy
John Consiglio
Mrs. Thomas J. Conway
Barbara and David Cook
Lynne and Thomas Cooper
Dean & Valerie Cordiano
Nick Cordone
Sarah Corning+
Ed and Mary Cortright
Patricia Cosgrove
David and Susann Costa
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph A. Costello
Noreen and Robert Coughlin
Mrs. Beverly Coulter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cowern
Glenn and Lynn Cox
Carol Cram
Dr. Mark & Naomi Cramer
Ernest Crandall
Ms. Emma Cranfield
Dr. Norman Crepon
Nancy Crofton
Susan and Fred Cromie
Ms. Patty Cronin
Pamela & John Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cullen+
Joyce and Larry Cummings
Ms. Mary Cummings
Peter and Karen Cummins+
Edward and Lynn Curello
William and Nancy Currlin
Robert Curry and Bruce Dubay
Judith J. Cuthbert
Mrs. Martha Czarnecki
The Honorable and Mrs. Frank M. D'Addabbo
Ms. Deborah Daddio
Mrs. Marjorie Dahlmeyer
Carolyn D'Alessandro
Ms. Judith D'Amico
Betsy Darling
Mr. and Mrs. Sabatino D'Ascanio+
Ms. Patricia DaSilva and Mr. Peter Whittredge
Eric Dautel
Mr. and Mrs. Max Davidson
Naomi Davidson
Gary and Darlene Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Davis
Mr. Wendell Davis, Jr.
Mrs. June Davison
Mr. and Mrs. George E. de Redon
Roberta DeGray
Cheryl & Jan Deknatel
Darryl Delgiudice
Kelly Dellacroce
Karen Dellaripa
Paul and Mary Delmonico
Maria Demarest
Patricia DeMartino
Patricia DeMatties
Louis and Amy Demicco
Bruce R. Denison
Ms. Stephanie Denkowicz
Mr. William Derrico
Dr. and Mrs. Louis DeSantis
Alan Desmarais
Mr. Ernie Desrosier
Mr. Mark Devine
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton K. DeWees+
Kelly Diaz
Susan Dickes
Beverly & Jerry Dickinson
Mrs. Lena DiCristofaro
Suzanne Diener
Mr. Charles Dietrich
Victoria Dillingham
Jim Dionne
Mr. Joseph Divine
Mrs. William Dockery
Ms. and Helen Dodier
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Doherty
Louis and Barbara Donato
Mr. Robert Donner
Damian & Susan Doria
Mrs. Bernadette Dostaler
Jim and Maureen Dougherty
David & Eileen Doyle
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Dreslin
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Drisdelle
Samuel Duboff
Ms. Eileen Duchesne
Linda Dudek
Dr. Christopher Dugre
Ms. Cynthia Duncan
John and Karen Dunn
James F & Susan H Dunn
Miss Stephanie Dupuis
Hank & Misty Durkee
Deborah and Robert Duval
Attorney and Mrs. William Dworski+
Vivian Dye and Jean Tye*
Joanne Dymitruk
Dottie Earle-Deluca
Ellen Eastwood
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Eaton
Kenneth Edwards
Kenneth and Debora Eggleston
Donna G. Ekegren
Jim and Judi Elder
Doreen P. Elia
Robert and Maria Eliason
Lori Jane Eliot
James Elkins
Mr. Robert Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. F. Robert Else
Mrs. Marie Ely
Carol Emond
Emily Endrich
Leonard Ensor
Richard Eppler
Dawn Erikson
Ellen Erway
J M Eskin
Roberta Esposito & Robert Henry
Frank and Ellen Estes+
Charles & Candace Evans
Margaret and Pierre Faber
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Fabian+
Bernard Fabian
Kevin and Christine Fahey
Andrea Farrington
Brian Fay
David Felgate
Sara and Deane Felter
Christine Ferguson
Kenneth Ferris
Francesca Ferrucci
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Finkelstein+
Ms. Myra Finkelstein
Karen Finnegan & Elvira Ortiz
Linda Finocchi
Mr. Austin Fish
Christopher and Diane Fisher
Lon & Therese Fishman
Mr. Timothy M. Fitch and Ms. Ann Sheldon
John Fitzgerald+
Bob & Betty Fitzgerald
Mr. Mike Flatley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Fleischer
Maryann and Chris Flick
Nathaniel and Judith Florian
Thomas Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Foley
Ms. Ann Follacchio
Patricia & William Follett
Sarah Bevington
Ms. Susan Fontana
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E Ford
Peter and Sonja Forlini
Dr. Gerald Forman and Mrs. Bayle Forman
Cynthia and Wilfred Fountain
Robert Fowler & Israel Mejia
Carole Franco
Reno Franconi
Mr. Arthur Freedman
Brian and Allison Fresher
Martha Friar and Jeffrey Wilkins
Len and Maureen Fried
Stuart Fries
Gerald & Colleen Frisbie
Sally and Jim Fritsche
Richard and Barbara Frye
Midge Fusci
Mark Gabriel
Carol and Carl Galinsky
Ruth and Robert Gall
Frances and Patrick Gallagher
Ms. Maria Gamberale
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gambino
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gammons+
David Garnes
Linda and Claude Garritt
Roslyn Gassner
Ms. Suzette Gaudet
Roger M. Gaulin
John and Diana Gavin
Mrs. Kathleen Gavin
Dr. Robert Gay
Patricia Gelineau
Ms. Cynthia Gembel
Jane George
Mrs. Ann Germano
Thomas C. Gerry
Alan Gervais
Ms. Christine Gesino
Miss Frankie K. Gibiser
Paula M Gilbert
Bernie and Maureen Gillis
Rogene and Stewart Gillmor
Ms. Lisa Gilmour
Shirley Girouard
Paul and Mary Given
Ms. Diane Glemboski
Gregory and Cynthia Gode
The Goggins Family
Dr. and Mrs. Julius W. Gold
Daniel E. Goldberg
Robert J. Golias
Kristin A. Gonzalez
Ron and Karen Goodwin
Christina and Allen Gordon
Al and Nancy Gosselin
Govert Family
Mr. James Govoni
Leila and Richard Graber
Liz Grace
Carol Anne Ances & Burton Grad
George & Phyllys Graf, Jr.
Ms. Mary Graham
Rafelina Graham
George Grande
Ms. Denise Granell
Carlota I. Grate
Len and Maureen Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Graziani
Sydell and Jeff Green
Kathleen Greenalch
Lauren R. Greenspan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gregg
Mr. Andrew Gregor
Martin Gregor
Cynthia and Jim Gregory
John and Gale Grey
Mr. Robert Griffin
David and Michelle Griffith
Dale M Griffith
Jane W. Griffith
Domenic Grignano
John and Alan
Janice Groele
Richard Grossman
Judy and Ivan Grosz
Mr. Walter Grube
Carolyn and Chuck Guarino
Lee and Barbara Guenette
Patrick and Judith Gurrieri
Mrs. Deborah Gustafson
Carole & Richard Guttman
Dick & Joanne Gyure
Jeanne Haas
Dr. and Mrs. N. I. Habib+
Ronald and Kathleen Hacku
Lisa Hageman
Mrs. Patricia Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Halloran+
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hamilton
Mr. Russell Hammond
Larry Hamre
Bruno Hancock & Sheri Shamblin
Mrs. Helen Hand+
Mr. Lawrence Handler
Elaine K. Hanenbaum
The Haney Family
Roberta Hanlon
Joyce and George Hanna
Bette J Hardersen
Mrs. Susan Harlan
Marilyn G. Harmon
Ms. Sandra Harper
Ms. Sue Harper
Mr. Robert Hart
Bob and Ellie Hartmann
Mr. and Mrs. Max C. Hartmann
Bruce and Maresa Harvey
Thad & Dale Hasbrouck
Henry Haskell and Ellen Cordes
Terri Haven
Sherryl Healey
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Heard
Martin L. Heft
Sandra and Harvey Heiolbronn
Sharyn Heinzelman
Ruth Heller
Glenna W. Hennessey
Alex Henriquez
Terrance and Susan Hildebrand
Linda Hirning
Eric Hirsh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hirshberg
Molly Magid Hoagland
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Hodos+
Don & Leslie Holland
Dan & Diana Holman
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Holman
Jane Holmstrom
Ms. Pamela J. House
Neil Schultes and Martha Howard
Gregory Hoye
Paul Hoynack
Ms. Margaret Hrubala
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tibbals
Ms. Linda Huck
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hudson, III+
John and Kathleen Hull
Linda M Humes
Ms. Cori Humes
Mary Lee Hunsinger
Mr. Fred Hunt
Maria Hurst
Harry and Bonnie Hutchins
Mr. John Hutchins
Charisse Hutton and Joe Lesiak
Robert and Nancy Hyde
Christo Jewelers
Karl Ideman
Herbert Isaacson
Mrs. Elaine Jackson
Mr. Alan Jacobs
Mr. Daniel Jacques
Mr. Al Jagaczewski
Renee M. Janow
Deborah Jarett
Aram Jarret
Barbara and Robert Jenkins
Patricia Jennings
Sharon and David Jepson
Alexandra Jeydel
Mr. Erik Johannessen
Ann & Craig Johnson
Craig R. Johnson
Paul and Sally Johnson+
Fran Johnson
Mr. Leith Johnson
Lorrie Johnson+
Marion S. Johnson
Rose Johnson
Catherine W. Johnston
Susan Jones & Janet Kalas
Julie Jones
Kathleen Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Karen) Jordan
Janice Joseph
Michael and Tricia Junga
Susan and Henry Kalman
Mr. Roger Kamm
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kane
Sudha and Sushil Kanwar
Ted and Elizabeth Kaplan
Ted and Maria Karas
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kasowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kata
In memory of Edmund Grindal Rawson+
Cynthia and Paul Kathe
Ms. Denise Katilus
Madelyn R. Kavanaugh
Kathryn Kay
James Keach
Ms. Janet L. Kelley
Renee D. Kelley
Karen and Paul Kelly
Ms. Karen Kelly
Elizabeth Kennedy
Kellie Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy
Mrs. Patricia Kenney
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Kenoe III+
Joel and Deborah Kent
Wesley P. Kenyon
Ms. Denise Ketterer
Sidney Keyles
Ken and Alicia Kidd
George and Mary Kientzy
Ms. Deborah Kindel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. King+
Ms. Anne L. King
Lorrie King
Mr. Robert H. King
Rick and Teal King
Mr. Leonard C. Kingsley
Ms. Marilyn Kinzel
Jenny Kitsen
Ms. Patricia Klein
Caryl & Michael Kligfeld
Jim and Linda Klusek
Mr. Peter Koiva
Nestor and Magda Kolcio
Mr. Steven Koller
Carol A. Kolp
Matthew and Robin Konrad
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Kortleven+
Linda and Michael Kosko
Mrs. Barbara Kovacs
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Koziatek
Joe and Joan Koziel
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kramer
Andrea Kranc
Stewart and Sandra Kristiansen
Jan P. and Harold Kritzman
Maureen and Lawrence Krpata
Susan Kugler
Cindi Kuzman
Dave and Dianne Kwoka
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kyc+
Gary and Cathy LaBrecque
James F. LaBrecque
Joan Lakin
Chuck and Francoise Lampe
Luella and George Landis
Pete and Susan Lang
Ed and Nancy Langbein
J Lange
Ms. Martha Lape
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lapierre
John Larew
Richard and Mary Ellen Larson
Suzanne S. Larson
Janice and Timothy Laskowski
Cynthia V. Lathrop
Dorothy Lavezzoli+
Dawn Lavoie
Bob & Leslie Law
Arlene Lazinsk
Nancy Leary
Ms. Hilaire Leavitt
Leo Lebeau
Ms. Barbara LeBlanc
Mr. Daniel Lee
Janet and Louis Lemond II
Ms. Julia Leonardo
Mr. Robert Leonovicz
Mr. and Mrs. William Lestage
Joan and Ken Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Levine
Bruce S. Levy+
Mr. Richard Lewensohn
Linda Lewis
Diane Lindsay
Dr. Edward & Mrs. Margherita Lisi
Mr.and Mrs. Andrew Liskov
Nancy and Jay Lisnow
Mr. Stevan Little
Lee and Jennifer Littrell
Margaret Livengood
Ilene & Jim Locker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Logan
Aleta and Robert Looker
Tom Louth
Philip and Lynne Love
Joan Lowe
Sylvia Lucas
Mr. Edward Lundberg
Kathy Lundquist
Sanford Lunt
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Lusteg
John & Karen MacDonald
Carolyn MacDuff
Stephen and Mary Magnuson
Bonnie R. Maguire
Barbara Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Mainville
Mr. Ed Makepeace
Ernie & Maryjane Malavasi
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Mancinelli
Deborah Mandel
Paul W. Manning
James Mansfield
Maria & Bob Manzi
Mr. Eric Marcarelli
Ms. Shira Margulies
Mr. Thomas Marinis
Mrs. Jane Marks
Ms. Shirley Marone
Trudy Marth
Laura Martin
Mr. Louis Mascola
Barbara and Stephen Mason
John Mastellone
Linda and Daniel Masto
Rosemary Mastrobattisto
John and Diana Matheson
Jane Mathias
Denise Maynard
Amy Mazurek
Susan McCawley
Charles and Janet McClure
Constance & Dean McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. John McCurdy
Mrs. Eileen McDermott
Jane McDermott
Andrew McGibbon
Elaine T. McGirr+
Ms. Lesley McGrath
Ms. Susan McHenry
Sherry Jackson McKeever
Laurel McKenna
Don & Lyn McLeod
Carol McMahon
Lynne McMahon
Mr. Frank Mcnamara
Mrs. Helen McNamara
Mr. Henry McNulty
Olga McQuade
Jim & Judith Meacham
Joan Measimer
Phyllis K. Medvedow
Ellen J. Meinke and Sally M. Richter
Ms. Elaine Meisenzahl
Mr. Stephen Mekkelsen
Ms. Karin Metcalf
Molly Meyer
Ms. Maxine Meyerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Michael
Ken and Joyce Mikulski
Margaret and Les Milch
Elizabeth and Barney Miller
Ms. Virginia H. Miller
August Miller
Mr. Brad Miller
Donald E. Miller M.D.+
Sylvia Miller
Dan Millett
Thomas Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Minniti
Daniel and Diane Miramant
David Misiaszek
Mr. John Mitchell
Denise Mitchell-Dignan
Patricia Mitchill
Marian Moore+
David & Joanne Moorehead
Patricia Moran and Anthony Marino
Armand and Bonnie Morassini
Ms. Kalana Mordarski
Ann J. Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moriarty
Gloria Moroch
Julie and John Morris
Patricia and Larry Morrison
Ms. Donna Morrissette
Michael and Michelle Mortimer
Beverly and Philip Morton
Hali & Larry Moses
Paula and Al Most
Ms. Michelle Moyer
Mrs. Mary Ellen Moyher
Sharon and Gerard Mudd
Ed Mullen
Robert H Mundy
Dennis Murphy
Mr. Paolo Muzzarelli
Carol Myers
Margaret Myers
Robert Nadeau
Joel and Gladys Nadel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nagel
Ruth Nagy
Diane Napert-Houle
Barbara Natrillo
Ms. Judith Nee
Gail Nelson
David C. Nelson
Patrice Nelson
Linda P. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Alan Newberg
Mr. William B. Nicholls+
Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey T. Nichols, II
Mrs. Nancy R. Nichols
Ms. Sandra Nix
Mr. Randy Noack
Joanna and Lawrence Noble+
Reverend and Mrs. Norris
Mr. Harry North
Janice and James Nowik
Ms. Sandy O?Day
Mrs. Frank O'Beirne, Jr.
Nancy O'Briant
Susan and John O'Brien
Richard J. O'Brien
Richard & Caryl O'Connell
Edward and Jeanne O'Connell
Eileen O'Connor
Dr. Kathryn O'Connor and Dr. Mark O'Brien
Christine O'Dell
Michael O'Flaherty
Mr. Jeffrey Ogilvie
Susan N. O'Hara
Mary Anne O'Keefe
Ms. Eileen O'Neill
Dennis Oparowski
Mrs. Elizabeth Oppel
Mrs. Barbara A. Oshman
Nancy Osterling
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Owen
Ginny and Ed Owens
Ms. Deborah Pach
Karen Packtor
Ms. Virginia Page
John Paggioli
Ms. Elizabeth C. Palazzo
Dorothy Paleologos
Antimo Palmieri
John and Marilyn Parker
Dick and Carol Parker
Mrs. Jacqueline Parker
John Parkinson
Marie and James Parrott
Mr. Jonathan Parsons
Joseph Patoka
Ms. Charlene Patrick
Doug and Joan Paul
Barbara Paul
Katherine and Donald Paulson
Michael & Louise Pear
Mrs. Peggy Pedersen
Mr. Leo Pellerin
David Pepin
Edward G. Perkins
Thomas Perrelli
Ms. Brenda Peter
Anton and Diane Petras
Charles Pfeifer
Jeffrey Phelon
Mrs. Carol Phelps
Joanne and Donald Philips
Ms. R. Frances Phinney
Mr. Gideon Planko
Philip and Geri Piccola
Mr. Joe C. Picone
Martin and Alisa Piech
Anne B. Pierson, M.D.
Brenda Pineau
James J. Pitchell
Ms. Judith Pitt
Mr. David F. Plante
Martin and Lynn Podskoch
Rennie Poirier
Mr. Anthony Poitras
The Reverend Wayne D. Pokorny+
Diane and David Pollack
Barbara Pollock
Barbara Pomarico+
Mr. Nicholas Ponterella
Mary Lee Porterfield
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Poutot+
Carol Powell
Verity and Dennis Powers
Mr. John Pratt
Mr. William Prenetta
Dr. & Mrs. R. Scott Prewitt
Ms. Pat Priest
Ms. Joann Provost
Tom and Barbara Puffer
Velma D. Pugliese
Joanne Putnam
Ms. Jean Quigley
Miss Margaret Quirk and Miss Laura Butterfield
Lisa Raczka
Sally Raddatz
Marion H. Radomski
Alice & Henry Radziwon
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ramagli
Michael Randich
Pearl Rathbun
Anthony J Raucci
Peggy R. Reduker
Mr. and Mrs. Josesph Reilly
Lori C. Reilly
Mr. Geoff Ricciardelli
Mrs. Elaine S. Rich
Eileen Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Richman
Mrs. Anne Rickards
Linda Rigono
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rinaldi
Phi and Cindy Rischall
Mr. Kenneth Roberge
Mr. Normand Robert, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy Roberts
Richard Roberts
Ms. Nancy Robertson
Olivia and Peter Robinson
Mrs. Delores Robinson
Mr. Richard Robinson
Mrs. Julie Rockmore
Maureen Rodgers
Mr. Lee Rogers
MaryAnn and Francis Romano
Mr. Steven Rose
Harriet Rosen
Mr. Sheldon Rosenbaum
Linda and Peter Rosskothen
Ann Rossow+
Mrs. Eileen Rotchford
Janet Rousseau
Catherine Rowe
Ms. Paula Rubino and Mr. Stephen Jablonski
Mr. Martin Rudnick
Mary Ruggiero
Mr. Rob Ruggiero
Mrs. Barbara Rummel
Ms. Alison Rusczyk
Teresa Moat Russ
Mr. James Russell and Ms. Suzanne Young
David and Nancy Russell
Jane A. Russo DMD
Deirdre W. Rutan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Ryan+
Hope Ryan
Charles Saccavino and Phyllis Kirby
Jeremy Sachs
Eleanore Rosenberg
Sally and Allan Sacks
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Sadosky+
Mr. Joe Salafia
Ms. Victoria Samolis
Linda Samoncik & friends
William Sandberg
Mr. Gilbert Santavenere
Patricia Saranich
Michael & Jennifer Sargent
Mr. George Saunders
Mrs. Frank A. Scalia
Ms. Doris Schaper
Babs & George Scheer
Anne Schenck+
Peter & Laura Schilke
Mr. Peter Schmitt
Bruce and Shirley Schmottlach
Cristina & Steven Schoeck
Mr. William Schoen
Katie Armstrong & Adam Bodt
Cathy Scholl
Katherine W. Schoonover and Alan G. Straus
Mr. Robert Schreck
Mr. Daniel Schwartz
Lee & Diane Schwegler
Bill Caulkins & Wendy Scott
Karen and Louis Scotti
Carol Scoville
David Seltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Serignese
Mr. Daniel Shackford
Joan Green
Sharon Park & Recreation
Nicole Brown Frechette Shaw
Nancy B. Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. John Sheridan
William G. Sheridan
Paul & Fay M. Sherman
Sari Sherman RNC
Fred and Michele Shiffer
Edie Shiffman+
Maureen Bellucci and Sandy Shooshan
Donald Shubert and Loren Webber
Richard Shultz
Louis and Debbie Siegel
Amy Lynn Silverman
Jana and James Sime
Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons
Jason and Jillian Simms
Richard and Irene Simone
Mrs. Doris Simoneau+
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Skiff
Wesley and Audrey Skorski
Elizabeth Slater
Marcy and Scott Slye
Robert Smilnak
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
Barbara and Fred Smith
Sherry and Dave Smith
Jane Smith
Shari Smith
Terri Smith
Wendell Smith
Phyllis and Gary Smithwick
Ms. Mary Ellen Smoragiewicz
Ms. Jean Smyth
Martha Snyder
Ms. LuElen Socha
Robert and Gail Sokolowski
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Solek
Lesley Solkoske
Mr. and Mrs. John Solovei
Mr. Charles Sommers
Christine Sommers
Stephen Sorrell
Marion K. Spaulding
Donna R. Speirs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Srulowitz
Kevin St. John
Judith Staknis
Georgianna Stamp
Mrs. Charles M. Stankye, Jr.
Arleen L. Stannard
Stephen and Doreen Stanulonis
Regina Starolis
Jo-Ann Staves
Penny and Stanley Stawski
Hannah Butler Steel
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stefon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Steinman
Jo Stepenavage
Mark Stevens
Carlton A. Stidsen
Barbara Stitts
Debbie Stobo
Ms. Juliana Stockwell
Karl P. Stofko+
Dorothy and George Stone
Joan Stone
Mr. Richard Stottlemyer
Jacqueline Stover
Frank and Nancy Straka
Nicholas Streeter
Mr. Peter Strickland
Suzanne and Michael Stringer
Michelle Stronz
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Stryker+
Mr. Thomas Sturgess
Robert and Bonnie Sudell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sullivan
Ms. Alison Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sullivan
Ms. Laura Summers
Ms. Barbara Sumner
Kendall and Ellen Svengalis
Astrid L. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sweeney, III
Roderick & Anne Swift
Diane Syc
Joyce Sypher
Nancy and David Tapley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tassone
Bill and Diane Tatelman
Joan R. Tennyson
Margaret Thach+
Amory Thayer
Mrs. Carmen G. Thomas
Jean and John Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Thompson
John Thompson*
Robert Thompson
Ken and Lois Thomsen
Colby Thresher
Ms. Elizabeth Tiano
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tiktin
Kathleen Tilki
Ms. Rachel Titus
Mary-Loretta Tomasi
Clark & Joyce Tomlinson
Dr. A. N. Toro
Sandra Totten
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Traverso
Elizabeth Tremalgia
Mr. Robert Trobe
Paul J. Trotta, Jr.
Rebecca and Daniel Turgeon
Donna Turnage
Mr. Robert Tuska
Marilyn Tyrol
Captain Derek Tyrseck
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Uhl
The Honorable Thomas Upson
Gelene Urban
John and Dawn Valentini
Mr. and Mrs. Pieter Van Heiningen
Rieny Van Vliet
Robert Vander Wiede
Mrs. Florence Varleta
Hope Vath
Paul and Ellen Vessella
Jean-Paul Violette
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Virgilio
George Volkman
Lisa Voos
Carol Ann Vovis
Margery Wadness
In loving memory of Gerald Wadsworth+
Karen Wagner
Ms. Faith Wainwright
William and Leigh Wajda
Ms. Jean Waleszczyk
Sara Jane and Charles Wall
Tom and Ingrid Walsh
William Walters
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Walton
Louis Wang
Ellen Warner
Marjorie Warner
Ellen Wasserman
Martin and Leslie Watkins
Mr. James Weaver
Richard F. Webb
Brian and Nancy Weber
Kim and Gary Weber
Linda Wehnert
Bluma Weinbaum
Roni R. Berson
Olive Weingart
Arthur Weitz
Kathleen A. Welch+
Ms. Maureen Welch
Sandra Welch
Mrs. Ariene Weldon+
Nancy M. Wells
Chris Wendel
Catherine and James Weselcouch
Marcia Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C. White, Jr.
Mr. Frank R. White, Jr.
George & Marie White
Susan P. White
Edith Whitman
Fran Wiehn
Ingjerd Wigdel
Ellen Wildman
Doug and Lucy Wilkinson
Grace L. Willhelm+
Michael A. Willhoite
Dennis Williams
Sybil Williams
Lynda Willingham
John N. Wilmot
K. and Jeri Wilson
Paul and Carolyn Wilson
Judith Wind
Ms. Susan Winslow
Linda Winters
Sheldon and Myra Wishnick
Dorothy Wocl+
Virgil and Joan Wood
Mr. Robert H. Wood
Steve & Marina Wood
Carol & William Wray
Phil and Suzanne Wright
Mr. Steve Wright
Stephen Yoder
Lorraine Young
Beryl Yudkin
Andrea Yukna
Jeffrey Zakrzewski
Mark and Lorna Zammett
Dominic Zampano
Dr. Marty Zase
Nancy Zeilor
Mrs. Elizabeth Zelek*
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zeppieri
Dan and Terry Zibello
Mr. Arthur Zierzow
Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmer
Lester Zimmerman
Bernice Zink
John Zito
Noreen Zito
Mrs. Sandra Zukowski
Nadine Zukunft
Mr. Steven Zumbrun

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