Welcome Letter

Welcome Home to Goodspeed! Oh, how we have dreamed of the day we could finally say those beautiful words and safely welcome you back to the Goodspeed Opera House!

Thank you for standing by us. The support of our audience has sustained Goodspeed since March of 2020 - making it possible for us to care for our staff by continuing their health insurance throughout the pandemic; protecting our historic home and campus here in East Haddam and the Terris Theatre in Chester, and to carefully plan for this very day.

Thank you for showing your faith in us by attending this performance.  As we continue our thoughtful recovery from 19 months of pandemic shutdown, your decision to be here is a truly meaningful vote of confidence in our ability to responsibly re-open Goodspeed.

Thank you to the incredible staff of Goodspeed Musicals.  Despite months of furlough, salary cuts, and fear for themselves, their families and this institution they love – their hard work and dedication has made this production possible.  They’ve also welcomed us – new leadership – in the midst of a global pandemic with open hearts and minds; never backing down from the next challenge ahead.  We are grateful for each and every one of them, every single day.

Thank you to those who have stood in the front lines of the fight against COVID.  We know you are among us and we are grateful for the sacrifices you’ve made to keep us all safe. We also remember those members of the Goodspeed community whom we’ve lost since we could last gather together.  May their memories be a blessing.

This production of A Grand Night for Singing is a huge step in our recovery.  We still have a long road ahead of us – there is no doubt. At times the task can appear daunting but we know that with a community like this one supporting us, we will be successful in leading Goodspeed through this time and on to bright, bright days ahead.

We are so happy to have you with us!

Goodspeed Musicals
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