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A Note from Mark Lamos
Westport Country Playhouse
Summer Fun at the Playhouse

Another Connecticut tradition!

It is only fitting that we open Kim’s Convenience just after Americans celebrated Independence Day on the fourth of July. It’s fun, it’s frothy, and it’s an North-American story.

Modern America, along with Canada to our north, are nations built by immigrants who had the courage to move to a new land, often with very little, and create opportunity for themselves and their family. Kim’s Convenience tells the story of a Korean immigrant who opens a store in Toronto, Canada, that he hopes to pass on to his children. It’s a story about family. It is a story that we can all relate to.

With the rising anti-Asian hate and violence, it is important to tell stories like Kim’s Convenience. Asian-Americans have been a part of our nations’ history for centuries. Asian-Americans belong here as much as any of us. We welcome them and we cherish their stories.

I'm so proud of our amazing, loyal, resilient, and creative staff; our deeply supportive trustees; our generous donors; and especially the artists and theater craftspersons who have valiantly returned to the Playhouse to bring a full season to the stage in 2022. This year we have five shows that deal primarily with families' stories. As Tolstoy writes in his famous opening line of "Anna Karenina," "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." As the season progresses, you will see the truth of this sentence played out in comedy, drama, music, movement, and electrifying confrontations: between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, siblings, spouses, boyfriends, and sisters. 

The season voyages into the heart of families that may not particularly look like yours but which will feel like yours within moments. You will see yourself or one or more of your family members in each of these productions, I can assure you! Through these plays we celebrate the universality of family dynamics. We interrogate the meaning of the word and concept of "family". We seek commonality with families from five very different backgrounds, cultures and generations. And ultimately we celebrate the family feeling that is generated when audiences confront and embrace performers, narratives, enlightenment, and joy. In the theater we can all reach out to each other through the magic of live theater.

The Playhouse family welcomes you back home! Thank you for being here. Enjoy the show!