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Image for Swan Lake
Swan Lake
Dayton Ballet
Artists and Designers

Septime Webre, choreographer
Brandon Ragland, artistic director
Dayton Ballet
Dayton Ballet School Ensemble
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, composer
Neal Gittleman, conductor
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
Campbell Baird, scenic designer
A. Christina Giannini, costume designer
Lowell Mathwich, additional costumes
Joe Beumer, lighting designer

United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, IATSE is the union representing Scenic, Costume, Lighting, Sound, and Projection Designers in Live Performance.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Masterworks Series sponsor is Dr. Ingrid Brown and Dr. Troy Tyner.

Production/Artistic Staff

Megan Forney, Dayton Ballet School Ensemble co-director
Gabrielle Sharp, Dayton Ballet School Ensemble co-director
Kelly DeLisle, production stage manager
Alex Wolfthal, assistant stage manager
Lyn Baudendistel, wardrobe supervisor
Kim Keough, carpenter
Sam Knopp, carpenter
Amber Ring, swing
Louie Kemp, swing
Steve Williams, electrician
Emily Junker, electrician
Mike Strawderman, sound engineer



Though blessed by wealth and opportunity, Siegfried, the scion of one of New York's great families, is tormented by a recurring dream. He finds himself drawn both to darkness and to light. In his dream, this struggle is embodied in the ethereal images of swans.

On the eve of his twenty-first birthday, Siegfried stands on the brink of adulthood. Seemingly befriended by the mysterious Von Rothbart, he struggles to understand his dream.

During an afternoon tea in Siegfried's mother's wintergarden, members of New York's social set mingle. Siegfried's mother enters and, as throughout his childhood, her smothering devotion to him leaves him distraught. He seeks solace in his dream of white swans.

In Siegfried's dream, his surroundings transform, and the image of a beautiful swan queen, Odette, appears with her entourage of swan maidens. Siegfried is captivated by Odette's soulfulness and purity. He swears eternal devotion to Odette and her light.

As dawn approaches, Siegfried's dream leaves him and he awakens unsettled.


Guests have assembled at a ball given in Siegfried's honor. Siegfried enters, his mind filled with thoughts of Odette. His mother reminds him that he has come of age and it is time to select a bride. Von Rothbart arrives and presents Siegfried with the alluring image of seductive darkness, the beguiling Odile. Siegfried is mesmerized by Odile's dark beauty. He confuses his attraction to Odile's darkness with his passion for Odette's light. Siegfried mistakenly swears himself to the dark Odile. Upon realizing he has betrayed his promise to remain faithful to Odette, he collapses into his dream state.

The swans are grieving for Odette and Siegfried. The two are reunited, but as a storm rages, Siegfried is unable to reconcile his simultaneous attraction towards darkness and light.