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Image for PhilharMonster
DPAA Family Series

Williams Jurassic Park

Haydn Symphony No. 82 “The Bear“, 4th movement

Anderson The Waltzing Cat

Anderson Home Stretch

Saint-Saëns (arr. White) The Carnival of the Animals (30 minutes)

Introduction & Royal March of the Lion

Hens and Roosters


The Elephant

Chipmunks and Squirrels


Characters with Long Ears

The Eagle



The Swan


Traditional (arr. NG) Old MacDonald

About the Concert

Autumn wouldn’t be complete without a family trip downtown for PhilharMonster. Gasps, giggles, and costumes abound during this afternoon when everyone prepares for the hauntingly hilarious Halloween season. Before the concert, the Dayton Philharmonic will provide activities and treats in the Wintergarden.  Don’t miss this favorite Dayton annual event!

Family Series Sponsor

Thank you to the following sponsor for their support of the 2022-2023 Family Series.

Artistic Director & Conductor
Neal Gittleman
Thank You to Our Sponsors