The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later
October 15 - 25, 2020
★ ★ ★
College of DuPage Theater Department

The Laramie Project:
Ten Years Later

By Moisés Kaufman
Leigh Fondakowksi
Greg Pierotti
Andy Paris
and Stephen Belber
Connie Canaday Howard
Scenic Design
Sabrina Zeidler
Sound and Properties Design
Michael W. Moon
Lighting Design
Jon Gantt
Costume, Hair and Make-up Design
Kimberly G. Morris
Rob Nardini
Presented by arrangement with
Dramatists Play Service, Inc.
The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later
was produced by the Tectonic Theater Project

Thank you to the Matthew Shepard Foundation for use of the show image.

Support is made possible by a generous gift from the College of DuPage Foundation’s Dr. Donald and Helen (Gum) Westlake Fund for Student Productions.
October 15-25, 2020
(in alphabetical order)
TIMOTHY BODE..... Matt Mickelson, John Dorst, Rental Car Agent, Governor Freudenthal, Dennis Shepard, Buchanan, Davidson, Seward, Aaron McKinney, Narrator
JAMIE FOSTER.....Rebecca Hilliker, Deb Thomsen, Mom, Zackie Salmon, Girl, Boomerang Editor, Nikki Elder, Bretchel, Simpson, Romaine Patterson
BRANDON LUNA.....Jeffery Lockwood, Greg Pierotti, Jerry Parkinson, Rob DeBree, Peterson, Hale, Wallis, Madden, Narrator
KAILEY NELSON*+.....Leigh Fondakowski, Catherine Connolly, Friend #2, Narrator
JACKSON RUMMLER.....Jedediah Schultz, Cowboy, Stephen Belber, Jonas Slonaker, Glenn Silber, Ben, Childers, Barbuto, Cannady, Hallinan, Narrator
EMMA SCHMALZ.....Beth Loffreda, Friend #1, Student, Susan Swapp, Clerk, Edmonds, Narrator
PAULA ANN TROESCH SMITH.....Marge Murray, University Official, Jan Lundhurst, Lucy Thompson, Jim, Deskmate, Blake, Hammons, Narrator
NATHANIEL SOJKA.....Moisés Kaufman, Dave O’Malley, Boy, Russell Henderson, Rep. Cohee, Lockhart, Narrator
CHRIS TALIA+.....Jim Osborne, Andy Paris, Father Roger, Republican Man, Harvey, Peasley, Stubson, Narrator
CHRISTINA VERGES**.....Reggie Fluty, Grandma, George, Brown, Harshman, Semlek, Judy Shepard, Narrator
* 2020-2021 John Belushi/Second City Theatre Scholarship Recipient
** 2019-2020 John Belushi/Second City Theatre Scholarship Recipient
+ John Belushi Stage Management Scholarship Recipient
Time and Place: 2008; Laramie, Wyoming
There will be a five-minute intermission.
Please note: Contains adult themes and language.
Stage Manager
Chris Talia+
Assistant Stage Managers
Jamie Foster, Kailey Nelson, Christina Verges**
Production Manager
Jon Gantt
Technical Director
Michael W. Moon
Costume Shop Manager
Kimberly G. Morris
Assistant Costume Shop Manager
Gretchen Woodley
+ 2020 John Belushi Stage Management Scholarship Recipient
** 2019-2020 John Belushi/Second City Thteatre Scholarship Recipient
On October 6, 1998, a gay University of Wyoming student, Matthew Shepard, left the Fireside Bar with Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson. The following day he was discovered at the edge of town. He was tied to a fence, brutally beaten, and close to death.
By the following day, Matthew’s attack and the town of Laramie had become the focus of an international news story. On October 12, 1998, Matthew Shepard died at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado.
In 2004, the College Theatre department produced The Laramie Project, by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project, which had its world premiere four years earlier in Denver, Colorado. Our production was one of many of the script, internationally, as the play became one of the most produced scripts of the decade. And that production was wonderful; directed by Bryan Burke and featuring a twelve person student cast, with a beautiful and simple design, it was sincere and moving.
Ten years after the crime and the original production, Moisés Kaufman and members of Tectonic returned to Laramie “to see how the people of the town had changed.” They spoke with many of the original individuals interviewed in 1998, and also with new people, including the perpetrators and Judy Shepard, Matthew’s mother. In many ways, the epilogue of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later asks “How does a community write its own history?”
The scripts produced for College Theater are chosen by a committee, comprised of theatre faculty and designers, faculty and staff from across campus, students in the department and the MAC director; when this script was chosen for this season, we knew it was a powerful piece. However, now, in the midst of COVID19 and the nationwide backdrop of much needed discussion of diversity, equity and inclusion, this play resonates even more strongly. It may, at times, be tempting to think that this horrific crime was isolated, and that such violence is rare, and yet, from both statistical evidence and media headlines, we know that is not true. Laramie is not such a unique place, and current events underline that the potential for injustice and violence is, unfortunately, a series of systemic, societal problems, that have few, if any, boundaries.
As Father Roger, the priest who hosted the vigil for Matthew in Laramie in 1998, and also visited and counseled with Aaron McKinney in jail and then in prison, says in this script: “Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson are products of our society. … Matthew is our brother; Russell is our brother; Aaron is our brother. … Aaron is much more like me than unlike me.”
Both The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later are about how individuals, a community and a nation reacted to a horrific crime. If we, as individuals/community/nation, want to pursue understanding, in order to dismantle hate and violence, that will mean, in part, not just tolerating difference (in sexual orientation, class, race, religion), but accepting difference.
Because of the healthcare crisis, this production has been auditioned, rehearsed and produced virtually. It is amazing how potent and moving the script is, as it transcends physical distance. Ultimately, it asks each of us to actively work to create a better world, for all of us.
The Laramie Project had its world premiere at Denver Center Theatre Company in Denver, Colorado, in 2000. At that time, none of us could have imagined the groundswell of interest and productions that would spring up from there. The Laramie Project has gone on to be one of the most produced plays in the country for over a decade. As writers we have often been asked—and asked ourselves—why is this so?
One answer is that interest in The Laramie Project is a testament to the legacy of Matthew Shepard. His life and his death brought meaning to many lives beyond Laramie.
A second answer comes directly from the participants in the productions themselves. These productions run the spectrum—from professional companies to amateur companies and community theaters to college and high school productions. In the age of social networking and the internet we often hear directly from these students—their passion for this work is remarkable. We recognize that students, teachers, and administrators have in some cases endeavored to produce Laramie at great personal and professional risk; the subjects of hate crime and homophobia have outlined deep divides within some communities.
Laramie is the story of an American town, but it is also the story of ordinary Americans who created a conversation unlike any that had happened up to that point in history. These were ordinary people who faced extraordinary circumstances. Matthew Shepard’s murder was a moment in history that revealed both the best and worst in human character and experience.
As a theater company, we had the great privilege of speaking at length with the residents of Laramie, Wyoming, multiple times over the period of a year and a half in the aftermath of the brutal hate crime of Matthew Shepard. Those interviews provided the foundation for the writing of The Laramie Project.
Laramie resident Jonas Slonaker asks at the end of The Laramie Project: “What’s come out of it? What’s come out of this that’s concrete or lasting?” Ten years later, we decided to return to Laramie to see how the people of the town had changed. We caught up with many of our original interviewees to talk with them again about how their town had changed. We talked to new people as well, including the perpetrators Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson, as well as Matthew’s mother, Judy Shepard.
With the tenth anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder approaching, Moisés Kaufman, Artistic Director of Tectonic Theater Project, asked, “How does a community write its own history?” Under a microscope for ten years, having been associated with such a brutal crime, how has Laramie responded? We have heard people all over the country and all over the world say that Laramie is just like their town. How have we as a nation and as a global community responded?
The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later was written as a stand-alone play. That is, it does not have to be performed in conjunction with the original play. However, we hope that towns and cities and schools across the country who have performed The Laramie Project will also perform this epilogue in their communities. And we are excited by the possibility that the two plays could run in repertory to give the full breadth and scope of Laramie’s journey.
The world premiere of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later took place on the eleventh anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard. It was performed at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall by the original cast of The Laramie Project. The play was performed simultaneously in more than one hundred and fifty theaters across the country and around the world.
We are honored to be part of this ongoing story of an American town. And we are thrilled to share this conversation with all of you.
Tectonic Theater Project is a developmental company that creates and produces works for the stage that rigorously explore theatrical language and form. Based in New York City, we build plays from the ground up and bring new life to existing scripts on stages across the United States and around the world. Our core values are courage and risk taking, innovation, theatricality, social & political change, and egalitarianism: everyone has a voice in the creation of new work.
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Timothy Bode (Ensemble) 1st COD Production in over 5 years including: Romeo and Juliet, One Two… What Comes Next, It’s just a Box, and many more. His favorite credits include: Almost, Maine; A Christmas Carol and Twelfth Night. Bode has also helped as a theater aid in several productions.
Jamie Foster (Ensemble, Assistant Stage Manager) First COD production. Favorite credits include Love/Sick (Louise Overbee and Jill); The Good Doctor (Woman) and The Insanity of Mary Girard (Mrs. Lum) all at Glenbard North High School Theatre. Foster is a Scholar’s Award recipient.
Brandon Luna (Ensemble) Third COD production; Macbeth (Captain) and Scenes from an Execution (Urgentino). Favorite Credits include The Snow Queen (Muscles); Smokefall (Colonel/Johnny) and The Elephant Man (John Merrick) all at Glenbard North High School Theatre. Luna is a 2017 Illinois High School Theatre Festival participant and a 2018 Charles A. Berglund Scholarship for education in the performing arts recipient.
Kailey Nelson*+ (Ensemble, Assistant Stage Manager) Fourth COD production; Scenes from an Execution (Stage Manager). The Wolves (#13) and Can You See Me? (Herself). Favorite credits include Rent (Mrs. Cohen), The Wolves (#13), and Grease (Rizzo). Nelson is a 2017 Illinois All-State Improv finalist. Nelson was a participant in Buffalo Theatre Ensemble’s shadow program for Holmes and Watson (Holmes 3). Nelson is a 2020 John Belushi Stage Management scholarship recipient and a 2020/2021 John Belushi/Second City Theatre Scholarship recipient.
Jackson Rummler (Ensemble) First COD production. Favorite credits include Rhinoceros (Old Gentleman); You Can't Take It With You (Mr. De Pinna) and Comedy of Errors (First Merchant) all at Downers Grove North High School.
Emma Schmalz (Ensemble) First COD production. Favorite credits include Legally Blonde The Musical (Margot), Marie Antoinette (Costumes Crew), Twelfth Night (Violinist) all at Glenbard North High School.
Paula Ann Troesch Smith (Ensemble) Second COD production; Every Day is Zoom Day (Ensemble).  Favorite other credits include Cinderella (Director), Pride and Prejudice (Director) and Lion King Jr. (Director). Troesch Smith is a member of the International Thespian Society and Illinois Theatre Association. 
Nathaniel Sojka (Ensemble) Third COD Production; Macbeth (Doctor), Scenes from an Execution (Pasticcio). Favorite credits include Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey 2); Wait Until Dark (Sgt. Carlino) at Lisle Senior High School, and Curtains (Aaron) with Stacey De and Company. Sojka is a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.
Chris Talia+ (Ensemble, Stage Manager) First COD production. Favorite credits include Love/Sick (Singing Telegram Man), Marie Antoinette (Louis XVI), and Matilda the Musical (Agatha Trunchbull) all at Glenbard North High School. Talia is a Scholar's Award, Belushi Choral Scholarship, and Belushi Stage Management Scholarship recipient.
Christina Verges** (Ensemble, Assistant Stage Manager) Seventh COD Production; Every Day is Zoom Day! (Josephina/Jess) Scenes from an Execution (Galactia), Macbeth (Second Witch), Can You See Me? (Herself), The Foreigner (Betty) and A Christmas Carol (Mrs. Fezziwig/Hatseller). She was a participant in Buffalo Theatre Ensemble’s Acting Shadow Program shadowing Millie Hurley as Clara in Miracle on South Division Street. Verges was a recipient of the 2019-2020 John Belushi/Second City Theatre Scholarship.
* 2020-2021 John Belushi/Second City Theatre Scholarship Recipient
** 2019-2020 John Belushi/Second City Theatre Scholarship Recipient
+ John Belushi Stage Management Scholarship Recipient
Connie Canaday Howard (Director, Theater Department Chair) has enjoyed directing such shows as Pride and Prejudice, The Dreams of Antigone and Twelfth Night. The Heidi Chronicles, directed by Canaday Howard, received the award for best non-professional production in Chicagoland as a student production. She has been cited in Who’s Who Among America’s Colleges and Universities 11 times. She is artistic director for Buffalo Theatre Ensemble, a professional company in residence at the MAC, where she also directs and is a member of its acting ensemble. She is a member of Actors’ Equity Association. Canaday Howard was COD’s Outstanding Faculty for 2003–2004 and is a member of the Joseph Jefferson Committee’s Artistic Team, which is Chicago’s version of the Tony.
Jon Gantt (Lighting Design) is the technical coordinator for the McAninch Arts Center and has been a lighting and scenic designer for College of DuPage and the resident professional companies since the opening of the Arts Center in 1986. For more than 35 years, he has designed scenery and lighting for many professional and university theaters in and around Chicago. Recently, he designed the lighting for Buffalo Theatre Ensemble’s Don’t Dress for Dinner, Improbable Fiction and The 39 Steps, and for New Philharmonic’s Die Fledermaus; and he did the scenic design for New Philharmonic’s The Mikado and La Traviata. For the College Theater program, he designed the set for Much Ado About Nothing, set and video for 1984, and lighting for The Addams Family, Curse of the Starving Class, A Christmas Carol, The Foreigner, Godspell, The Wolves, Macbeth, and Scenes from an Execution. Other notable past production designs include The Ruling Class, The Man of La Mancha, The Praying Mantis, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Evita, Sweeney Todd and his Jeff-nominated scenic design for the world premiere of The Grab at Theatre Building Chicago.
Michael W. Moon (Sound and Properties Design) is the Technical Director and Resident Scenic Designer for the MAC. His many scenic design credits for COD include The Skriker, The Dreams of Antigone and A Christmas Carol. He is also a playwright, having had pieces performed across the country as well as an adaptation of Spoon River Anthology done by COD in 2013.
Kimberly G. Morris (Costume, Hair and Make-up Design) is pleased to continue her work at College of DuPage. Prior to joining the crew at COD she spent 13 years as a freelance costume, makeup, wig and properties designer throughout Chicago and the east coast. She is a company member of Babes with Blades Theatre Company where she has designed Promise of a Rose Garden, Titus Andronicus, Julius Caesar, Patchwork Drifter, Macbeth, Susan Swayne and Bewildered Bride and Bo Thomas and the Case of the Spy Pirates. Other favorite past projects include Carmilla and Grease at COD; puppet design for Lifeline Theatre’s Neverwhere, and costumes/masks for their Island of Dr. Moreau; costume and puppet design for Akvavit Theatre’s production of Blue Planet; and properties design for Chicago Children’s Theatre productions of A Year with Frog and Toad and 100 Dresses. She has also designed for Stage Left Theatre, Fox Valley Repertory, Ball State University, American Shakespeare Center, Shenandoah Shakespeare Express, Heritage Repertory Theatre, Tecumseh!, Wilmette Arts Center, NWHS and MEHS.
Rob Nardini (Editor) has been the House Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for the McAninch Arts Center since 2016.  He is also a member at The Theatre of Western Springs and is currently the Municipal Producer for the Village of Glen Ellyn where he shoots and edits videos.
Sabrina Zeidler (Scenic Design) is an Assistant Production Manager for the McAninch Arts Center. As a former technical director for Hinsdale South High School, her favorite set she has traveled was A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, which was selected to perform for the Illinois High School Theater Festival. She is a graduate of Elmhurst College with a BA in Theatre-Stage Management, Design and Technology, and Theatre Arts Administration. While there, she received accolades from the Kennedy Center for her work in Stage Management on shows such as, The Country Wife, and Sweeney Todd. One of her favorite roles she has played in the theatre is the puppeteer for Audrey II in a production of Little Shop of Horrors. Keeping her roots close to home, she sits on the board of the Summer Place Theatre in Naperville, where she has held countless roles, starting as a volunteer and working her way through the company. Her previous work at The MAC has been as the technical director for the DuPage Opera Theatre, The 39 Steps and The DINGDONG with BTE, and stage manager for New Philharmonic.
Chris Talia+ (Ensemble, Stage Manager) First COD production. Favorite credits include Love/Sick (Singing Telegram Man), Marie Antoinette (Louis XVI), and Matilda the Musical (Agatha Trunchbull) all at Glenbard North High School. Talia is a Scholar's Award, Belushi Choral Scholarship, and Belushi Stage Management Scholarship recipient.
Moisés Kaufman is a playwright, director, and founder of the Tectonic Theater Project based in New York City.
Kaufman was born in Caracas, Venezuela on November 21, 1963. His family is Orthodox Jewish of Romanian and Ukrainian descent. He attended a yeshiva (a Jewish religious school) as a child. While growing up, he was first exposed to theatre on family vacations to New York City. As a teenager, he attended a Caracas theatre festival which introduced him to the work of avant grade theater artists Peter Brook, Tadeusz Kantor, Pina Bausch, and Jerzy Grotowski, whom he cites as his earliest influences. He attended Metropolitan University in Caracas. During his time at university, he acted in a touring experimental theatre group.
In 1987, Kaufman moved to New York City to study directing at NYU's Tisch School of the Performing Arts. Four years later, he and his partner, Jeffrey LaHoste, created the Tectonic Theater Project. The company is dedicated to addressing contemporary social issues, as well as to explore the structure and language of theatre.
Kaufman has stated that he is primarily drawn to moments in history that unintentionally reveal a society's views and belief systems. His first play, Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, premiered in New York City in 1997. It won the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Off-Broadway play.
From 1998-1999, Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater Project traveled to Laramie, Wyoming to interview those connected to the murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard. The ensuing work compiled from their interviews, The Laramie Project, premiered in 2000 and was made into a film for HBO on 2001. The play gathered a worldwide following and has become a seminal work for the LGBQT community and for professional theaters, universities, high schools, and community theaters.
In 2003, Kaufman directed Doug Wright's I Am My Own Wife: Studies for a Play About Charlotte von Mahlsdorf. The play follows a gay transvestite who survived life in Nazi Germany and Soviet East Berlin. Kaufman received a Tony Award nomination for his direction. In 2007, Kaufman directed for Broadway again, this time for his own play, 33 Variations starring Jane Fonda as a musicologist obsessed with Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations. This garnered him his second Tony nomination.
In 2009, Kaufman and other members of the Tectonic Theater Project reunited to create The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later, a sequel to the original piece. It was performed in staged readings around the globe.
In 2011, he directed Rajiv Joseph's Bengal Tiger At the Baghdad Zoo on Broadway starring Robin Williams. In 2012, he directed a revival of Ruth and Augustus Goetz's The Heiress on Broadway.
Mr. Kaufman has been honored with a Steinberg/ATCA Best New Play Award, a Dike Award, an Outer Critics Circle Award, a GLAAD Media Award, a Drama Desk Award, a Lucille Lortel Award, a Carbonell Award, a Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Award, a Lambda Book Award, Venezuela's Casa del Artista, American Library Association's GLBT Literature Award, the Matthew Shepard Foundation’s “Making A Difference Award", the Artistic Integrity Award from the Human Rights Campaign, the National Board of Review Award for Outstanding Made for Television Movie, a Golden Bear Award from the Berlin Film Festival, the Humanitas Prize,the Joe A. Callaway Award, and two Tony Award nominations.
For more information on the Tectonic Theater Project, visit their website:

Leigh Fondakowski was the head writer on The Laramie Project, a co-writer of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later, and an Emmy-nominated co-screenwriter for the HBO adaptation of The Laramie Project. She has been a member of Tectonic since 1994. Her original works as playwright/director include SPILL (Swine Palace, TimeLine Theater, Ensemble Studio Theatre, 2015 Kilroy List); The People’s Temple (Berkeley Repertory Theatre, American Theater Company, the Guthrie Theater, Glickman Award for Best New Play in the Bay Area 2005); and I Think I Like Girls (Encore Theater, Bay Area Critics Circle nomination for Best Production, voted one of the top ten plays of 2002 by the Advocate). Leigh was a 2007 recipient of the NEA/TCG Theatre Residency Program for Playwrights, a 2009 MacDowell Colony Fellow, and a 2010 Distinguished Visiting Chair at the University of Minnesota, where she lectured and developed Casa Cushman, a work-in-progress about nineteenth-century American actress Charlotte Cushman. As director, she headed the national tour of The Laramie Project and Laramie: Ten Years Later, and co-directed The Laramie Cycle with Moisés Kaufman at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. She has directed and developed plays with playwrights Anne Marie Cummings, Colman Domingo, Laura Eason, Julia Jordan, Deb Margolin, Lisa Ramirez, Ellen Gordon Reeves, and Bennett Singer. In 2013, she released her first nonfiction book, “Stories from Jonestown,” and she is currently adapting it for film. Leigh is a teaching artist at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and Naropa University.

Greg Pierotti joined Tectonic Theater Project as an actor in Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde in 1996. He was an actor and an associate writer on The Laramie Project. He was co-writer of the HBO teleplay The Laramie Project, for which he and fellow company members share a Humanitas Prize and an Emmy nomination. He was a co-writer on Laramie: Ten Years Later. As a writer and actor with Tectonic he has performed and developed original work at La Jolla Playhouse, Denver Center, Minetta Lane, Union Square Theater, Alice Tully Hall, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Arena Stage, The Magic, The Atlantic Theatre Company, Sundance Theater Lab, and NYTW’s lab at Dartmouth. He has been a master teacher of Moment Work since 2004. He was head writer on Leigh Fondakowski’s The People’s Temple. He has developed his plays Apology and B More at Berkeley Repertory’s Ground Floor, The Orchard Project, The University of California–Davis, and at Maison Dora Maar in Ménerbes, France, where he was a Brown Fellow. He is a nominee for the Alpert Award in the arts in the category of theater. His latest research explores cross-pollinations between theater and anthropology. He uses theatrical devising techniques to help ethnographic writers create performance or to re-engage the empirical data they have collected in field research as they write. He is an assistant professor in the MFA of generative dramaturgy at the University of Arizona.

Andy Paris is an original member of Tectonic, first performing in Moisés Kaufman’s staging of Machinal at the Experimental Theatre Wing at NYU. Other work with Tectonic includes Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde, The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later, Migration and Longing (both as co-director with Mr. Kaufman) at ETW, and direction of Uncommon Sense, co-written with Anushka Paris-Carter. Andy helped develop Moment Work and teaches at all levels locally and internationally. He has served as adjunct faculty at NYU and Hunter College, and has taught workshops at DePaul, Sarah Lawrence, Amherst College, Bucknell, and Western Australia Academy of the Arts, among others. Credits outside Tectonic include, as writer/director, Going Public, The American Family, and The Fanmaker’s Inquisition (along with Ms. Paris-Carter); as director, Goldstar Ohio and The Stages of Burning; and as a performer and co-writer, The Corporate Carnival. As an actor Andy performed in and helped develop several new works, including Liz Duffy Adams’s Or, Lucie Tiberghien’s The Quiet Room, Rachel Dickstein’s Innocents, The Talking Band’s The Necklace, Matthew Maguire’s Phaedre, and Deb Margolin’s Indelible Flesh. Regionally he has been seen at Denver Center, The Huntington, Playmaker’s Rep, Cincinnati Playhouse, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Hartford Stage, Theatre Virginia, Berkeley Rep, and La Jolla Playhouse. Film/TV credits include The Laramie Project (HBO) and Law & Order (NBC). He has also been the recipient of two AUDIE Awards and a Society of Voice Arts Award for his audiobook narrations.

Stephen Belber’s plays have been produced on Broadway and in over 25 countries. They include Match, Tape, Don’t Go Gentle, Dusk Rings a Bell, McReele, Finally, Geometry of Fire, Fault Lines, Carol Mulroney, A Small, Melodramatic Story, One Million Butterflies, The Power of Duff and The Muscles In Our Toes. Theaters where he has been produced include Roundabout, Atlantic, MCC, Primary Stages, Naked Angels, Labyrinth, Rattlestick, The Huntington and The Geffen. He was an Associate Writer on The Laramie Project, and co-writer on The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later. Movies include Tape (directed by Richard Linklater), The Laramie Project (Associate Writer), Drifting Elegant, Management, starring Jennifer Aniston, and Match, starring Patrick Stewart, the last two of which he also directed. Television credits include Rescue Me, Law & Order SVU, and pilots for F/X, Amazon, The History Channel, FTVS and HBO. Upcoming films include O.G., starring Jeffrey Wright.

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Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller
LTC and Mrs. James Milobowski
Lynne C. Shigley and Frank B. Modruson
Bill and Nancy Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Norton
Bob and Joan Olach
Jane Oldfield
Madeleine Pachay
Parkers' Restaurant and Bar
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pfefferman
Meri Phillips
Ms. MaryEllen Ponsford
Mr. Daniel B. Porter
Richard and Elizabeth Quaintance
Reserve 22 Restaurant at Village Links
Judy Ronaldson
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Rosley
Ms. Theresa M. Sak
Jerry and Susan Schurmeier
Kristin and Peter Shulman
Skeet and Laura Skeet
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
Geraldine Smrcina
Marilyn Smrcina
Ms. Eliza Stern
Mr. William Strnad
Ms. Dawn Sullivan Ahern
Ms. Shirley Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Vires
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Webb
Wheaton Rotary A.M. Club
Bonnie M. Wheaton
The Marilyn H. Wolff Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Zelizer
Ambassador Circle ($500–$999)
Anonymous (2)
Dr. Barbara S. Abromitis
Anthony and Gwen Achilles
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Adamec
Young Ahn
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Allegretti
Ms. Sindy Almaraz
Mr. and Mrs. Harish Ananthapadmanabhan
Ms. Carmina Arroyo
Col. and Mrs. Renato P. Bacci, Jr.
Ms. Susannah Ball
Amelia Barrett
Mary Ellen and Jack Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barsella
Gayle and Don Bartell
Ms. Eunice Becker
Ms. Susan Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Marco Benassi
Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Bender
Ms. Janace Bergmann
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bertolacini
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Binnig
Ms. Jennifer Blockinger
Ms. Joanne Bordage
Mr. and Mrs. William Bulger
Mr. and Ms. Juan Pablo Ruiz
Cantigny Foundation
Paula and John Cebula
City of Aurora
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cole
Community Foundation of Will County
Bill Curry and Gretchen Fleming
Sharon D'Alessandro
Ms. Elizabeth M. Daugherty
David A Jenson Catering
Tanya and Stephen Davis
Lynn Day
The Honorable and Mrs. Kirk Dillard
Mark and Kim Dorn
Edwin A. and Gerry Dulik
Carol and David Eisinger
Mr. Ryan M. Ellison
Joseph and Frances Eraci
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Faber
George and Kathryn Fairbairn
Marcela Fanning
Mr. and Mrs. James Fernandez
Mrs. Carol L. Fox Girovich and Mr. Howard Girovich
Fox Valley Endodontic Specialists
Mr. Howard Goldstein and Ms. Margaret McGrath
The Goldstein-McGrath Fund of the DuPage Comm Foundation
Jack and Robin Graham and the Graham Giving Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Mr. and Mrs. John Grodoski
Ms. Debra A. Gurney and Mr. Bruce Elegant
Brian Hamm
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hann
Gwen and Chet Henry
Mr. Glenn Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Johansson
Mr. Steve Johnson
Karl and Lee Ann Karnatz
Mr. Mike Klopmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kranz
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kristufek
Ida Lee
Linda D. Lieder
Mr. Robert A. Lyon
Mr. Javier Macedo and Ms. Celia Santiago
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Marti
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Matte, Jr.
Ms. Barbara V. Maxwell
Marilyn and Tipton McCawley, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen McCullough
Dr. and Mrs. John Messitt
Michael and Sandra Meyers
Mr. Charles J. Misovye
Ms. Alison Monette
Mr. Abel Montoyo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morrissey
Mark Moser
John Mulherin and Sara Bonkowski
Michael and Judith Nigro
Ms. Laurel Niska
Ms. Kerry O'Brien and Mr. Doug King
Kelly O'Hanlon
Karen Webb Owen
Helen Pachay
Kurt Parent
Mr. Thomas D. Patrick
Dr. and Mrs. James Paulissen
The Peninsula Chicago
People's Resource Center
Picrow Streaming, Inc.
Ms. Alicia Ponce
Primus Temporary Housing
Tom and Karen Pulver
Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Pyrcik, Jr.
Ms. Lizbeth Ramirez
Ms. Cathy Rapata
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rauschenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Reiter
Richard and Susan Ridge
A. F. and Cecile Robinson
Ms. Celia E. Rodee
Sylvia Rodee
Ms. Lisa Savegnago and Mr. Ronald A. Johnson
Mr. John Schofield
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seidlitz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Serwinski and the Kenneth and Nancy Serwinski Charitable Fund - Schwab Charitable
Mr. Bruce Sewick, LCPC
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Smith
The Wolfhound Cigar Lounge
Ms. Candy Theobald
Ms. Marilyn J. Todd
Mr. Jeremy Vrtis
Ms. Rachel Walker
Whole Foods
Joan and Raymond Wielgos
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Wilhelm, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Zielinski
Jo Anne Zipperer
Performer ($250–$499)
Anonymous (7)
Peggy Aldworth
Arrowhead Golf Club
Mr. and Mrs. Jay J. Augustine
A. C. Barnicle
Patricia and Bruce Beck
Betty and Bob Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Billings
Mrs. Beth Bonde
Mr. and Mrs. James Borus
Mr. and Mrs. James Boves
Mr. Patrick Brosnan
Jim and Joanne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Perry B. Bump
Ed and Kay Burton
Ms. Nancy Carlson
Mr. Joseph Cassidy
Mr. Robert B. Chasteen
Greg and Janet Chejfec
Chicago Bears
Chicago Bulls
Chicago White Sox
Choose Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce P. Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. James Connolly
Ms. Patricia Conway
Diane Cooper
Don and Anna Mae Davia
Janet Derber
Barbara DiGuido
Robert and Carol Drake, Jr.
Evalee Dumas
DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Eddy
Exelon Corporation
William and Sally Newton Fairbank
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fitzgerald
Frank Gironda Salon
Marcia and Lorne Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Frazin
Fusion Hair Salon
Anonymous Friend of the DuPage Chorale
GLC Illinois, Inc.
Ms. Ruby Greenberg
Ms. Kathryn Handelman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hasse
John A. Herndon
Mr. and Mrs. David Hight
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hill
Allan G. Hins and Marilyn E. Wilgocki
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hoepner
Mark and Darlene Holle
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Horne
I Have a Bean
Ms. Donna Ialongo
Stephanie Iglehart
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Jarman
Linda and Robert Jenkins and the Linda and Robert Jenkins Fund of Vanguard Charitable
Fred and Carole Jones
Janet and John Judd
Kendra Scott
Mr. and Mrs. James Klang
Ulrike Konchan
Mr. Michael Kozlowski
Ms. Jill Krueger
Mr. Dale J. Kuby
La Mesa Modern Mexican
Gregory and Kristine Larsen
Le Merridien Chicago Oak Brook
Ms. Nancy Lehrer
R and G Leonavicius
Ms. Mary Locher
Rita Lopez-Brosnan
Wally Lorentsen
Marcel's Culinary Experience
Marek Ashley Salon
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Massa
Jeffrey May
Mr. Donald E. McGowan and Ms. Mary L. Prazak
Mrs. Nina Menis
Mary E. Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Miller
Miskatonic Brewing Company
Ms. Kimberly G. Morris
Bud and Pat Motz
Ms. Carol Newton
Northern IL Commercial Association of Realtors
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Ochwat
Olive 'N Vinnie's Oil and Balsamic Bar
Ms. Mary N. Pieters
Dr. Patricia Pimental
Ms. Mari Kaye Rath
Ginny and Don Raths
Ms. Rene' M. Richards
Ritz Carlton
Ms. Yolanda E. Rocio
Patricia Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Rouse
Nancy L. Ruby
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Salyers
Janey Sarther
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Sherman
Ms. Peggy Slepian
Ms. Rose M. Soraich
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Steenwyk
Ms. Eileen Strong
Grace and Len Swanson
Ms. Leticia Tait
Ms. Patti Taves
Janet Thornbery
Village Links of Glen Ellyn
Judge Debra B. Walker and Mr. Rich Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Wdowiarz
Ms. Nancy Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Whelan
Rich and Kathy Wilders
Mr. Justin Witte
Friend ($50–$249)
Anonymous (25)
A Toda Madre
Adelle's Fine American Fare
Ms. Lisa Akroush
Julie and Dale Alvin
Mrs. John Andersen
Mr. Ron Anderson
Arcadia Theater
Mrs. Lynnette Arendt
Mr. and Mrs. Kent C. Aufdengarten
Ms. Christine A. Aument
Aurora Civic Center Authority
Bar Sotano
Barone's Family Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Barszcz
Michael and Gail Baruch
Ms. Susan R. Becker
Biff Behr and Lynne Richman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Belcher
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Ben
Ms. Marie Bennett
Mr. Michael Benninghoff
Mr. Bradley Bensenberg
Ms. Anne Bertino
Blonde Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bolbat
Mr. William Borys
Ms. Laura Botwinick
Mr. Franklin E. Bowes
Mr. George Brannon
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bresolin
Sandy Brewer
Broadway in Chicago
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown
Mr. Roger L. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. George Bruce
Verda and Paul Bufkin
Mr. William Buhr
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Buntrock
L. Burritt
Mildred and Harold Burrow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burrows
Ms. Maria Butta
C.B. Conlin Landscapes, Inc
Connie Canaday Howard and Rex Howard
Rick and Patty Carney
Jim Carsten
Ms. Carla Castle
Caterpillar Foundation
Mr. Eric Challenger
Judith Cheney
Mr. Gary P. Chomuk
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Christensen
Barbara L. Christenson
Mr. Michael Church
Mr. Alan L. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Ray F. Cliff
The Clubhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Cohen
Mrs. Nancy Crawford
The Honorable and Mrs. Daniel J. Cronin
Mrs. Margaret Dady
Ms. Karen Damascus
Anne Marie and Samuel Dando
Jeanne E. Davik
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Denecke
George W. and Ann Dervis
Joy and Ron Detmer
Devon Seafood and Steak
Marilyn and Gene Dicola
Ms. Patty Donahue
William Donnelly
Drury Lane Theatre
Duck Duck Goat
Jenny Dunbar
Joanne East
Mr. Nick Economos
Ms. Erin Egan LaMantia
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Egan
Ms. Lisa Engelman
Mr. Miles A. Evans
James Eyre
Ms. Jennifer Fabian
Ms. Bonnie Factor
Christine and Craig Fenne
Ms. Ann Fink
Elinor Flanigan
Mrs. Joan Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fransen
Ms. Jackie Freeman
Ms. Debra Freeman-Nelson
Gail Fromer
Janet R. Gahala
Ms. Dorothy Garcia and Mr. Thomas Harding
Mary Jane Garrett
Gather and Collect
Jody Gauthier
Ms. Susana Gering
Mr. James Gianfrancisco
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Glab
Glen Prairie
Mr. Mark Godish
Mr. Stephen Goldberg and  Ms. Jeanne Brett and the Jeanne M. Brett Fund of Fidelity Charitable
R. and P. Gondek
Goose Island
Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon
Ms. Faon Grandinetti
Ms. Catherine Grotelueschen
Ms. Wilma W. Gunn
Anne Hacker
Mr. Adam Haefner
Chef Cynthia Hagedorn
Ida Elizabeth Hagman
Mr. and Mrs. David Hall
Ms. Robin L. Hallett
Hampton Inn
Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa
Lubna and Faraz Haque
Diana and Gary Harper
Rebekah and Rodney Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Brad A. Hauserman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Hegarty
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Heise
Mr. and Mrs. James Helt
Mr. Geoffrey Henry
Lance Herning
Ms. Susan Hervey
Ron Hilton
Ms. Dianne V. Hlinsky
Urs Geiser and Mary Hobein
Hotel Arista at CityGate Centre
Dr. Harry Hou
Representative Terra C. Howard
Stephen and Michelle Hujar
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Illia
Italian Village
Sharon Jackson
JAYNE Boutique
Ms. Marilyn L. Jelinek
Mr. Patrick Jenkinson
Ms. Mary Jensen
Ms. Jean M. Jeske
Edward and Susan Jeszka
Dennis Johnson
Ms. Lee Ann Jones
Mr. David P. Jordan
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Jourdan, D.D.S.
Ms. Molly Junokas
Dee Kaempen
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Kenshol
Mr. Lee R. Kesselman
Ms. Polly Klein
Virginia and Charles Klingsporn
Nick Knickrehm and Beverly Logan
Ms. Elaine L. Kolman
Richard and Sheila Komarek
Ms. Barbara Koren
John and Catherine  Kos
Ms. Claire Krzyzewski
Ms. Barbara J. Kulig
Mr. John L. Ladle, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn S. Lahey
Ms. Katie Lahey
Eileen B. Landau, Fidelity Charitable Trust, in Memory of Eliot A. Landau and Cateria A. Pryde
Ms. Nancy Lanning
Ms. Bridget Leary
Mrs. Ruth LeBeau
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. LeFort and the LeFort-Martin Family Donor-Advised Fund of The DuPage Foundation
Ms. Anne Leventry and Mr. Kenneth Jeffers
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Linde
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lullo
Lynfred Winery
M and Em's Childrens Boutique
Main Street Pub
Maize & Mash
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Makauskas
Mr. and Mrs. Atis Makstenieks
Madeleine and Ralph Marbach
Marinella's Ristorante Italiano
Mr. Robert Marks
Marriott Suites
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Marsh
John Mategrano
Ms. Jennifer Matiasek
Diane Maurer
Mrs. Dorothy McCormack
Ms. Sarah McEneaney
Lucia A. McGinn
Mr. and Mrs. David M. McGowan
Marty and Marian McGowan
Mary and Ray McMahon
Sharon A. Meltzer
Mrs. Hortencia Mendez
Metropolis Performing Arts Centre
Karen Micaka and Tom Dekant
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Micek
Ms. Mary C. Michna
Mrs. Tammy Mier
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Mies
Ralph and Nancy Miller
Gail Minkus
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moon
The Morton Arboretum
Mr. and Mrs. Don Motz
Ms. Lois Mouhelis
Ms. Jane Mrofka
Ms. Maria Mungai
Ms. Patricia Murata
Dr. Rod P. Musselman
Ms. Barbara Nagengast
Tina Nassos
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Neier
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Newmann
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Newtoff
James and Joan Nocera
Norabella Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Nordahl
Betty and John North
Mr. John L. Norton
Mrs. Olga O'Brien
Gwen O'Loughlin
Ms. Kathleen OMalley
Ms. Jo Marie M. Ostrowski
Alice E. Packard
Sarah Packard
Mr. Jose Angel Padilla
Ms. Maria Padilla
Mr. William Palmquist
Byrd and Alice Parmelee
Mark and Karen Pearson
Frank Pecora
Ms. Cathy A. Petersen
Ms. Sharon Pfister
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Piccin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Polito
Mary Lou Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Portman
Prairie Path Books
Ms. Lynda Pratscher
Roger and Vivian Pscherer
Herbert Raffel
John and Mandy Rakow
Ms. Diane G. Rath
Ms. Betty Rauschenberger
Ms. Tracey J. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rendel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ribich
Chris Ricklefs
Mr. Steven Ricklefs
Mr. John Ridgeway
Dr. Mario F. Rincon
Ms. Anne Ritchie
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Robbins
Gail Robinson
Mr. Eric Rodriguez
Ms. Evelia Rodriguez
Marlene and Bob Rosecrans
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rosenberg
Mr. Donald Roubitchek
Ms. Dani Rozek
Ms. Deb Ruckstaetter
Ms. Mary J. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rynning
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rzym and the Eugene W. Rzym Giving Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Ms. Diane Sammarco
Mrs. Kriselda Sanchez
Mrs. William G. Scanlan and the Scanlan Family Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Ms. Lenore Schacht
Ms. Paula Scheiwe
Ms. Linda Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schrock
Richard and Patricia Schwarze
The Second City
Ms. Sherie Shapiro
Teri Shaughnessy
Mr. John Shorney
Ms. Susan J. Shorney
Brett and Susan Sierakowski
Mike Sitrick
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Skosey
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Skurka
Mr. John J. Smid
Ms. Patricia Smith
Solaia Luxury Salon & Spa
Mr. Jim Sotirakos
Ms. Nancy Soukup
Chris Stathos
Ellen and Grier Stephenson
Richard and Janice Sticka
Carol Stoffel
Melissa Striedl
String Theory
Dr. and Mrs. William (Norma) Stroner
Ms. Susan Sturm
Su Ki's Salon
Suzette's Creperie
Dr. Nancy Svoboda
Ms. Katherine Swihart
Dr. Diane R. Szakonyi
Tom and Jan Szot
Mr. Phillip S. Tarallo
Anthony and Mona Taylor
Ms. Gretchen A. Taylor
The Theatre of Western Springs
Virginia and Jerry Thompson
Paul Thompson
Mr. John J. Thornton
Leslie Tighe
Timeline Theatre Company
Ann Titus
Ms. Justine Tosch
TransUnion LLC
Thomas and Ruth Trousil
Ms. Cynthia Trowbridge
Jean S. True
James Truesdale
Ms. Robin S. Tryloff
Two Brothers Brewing Company
Mr. and Ms. Anthony J. Vahcic
Eugenio and Carmen Valdes
Marilee Viola
Ms. Judy Vogt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Volk
Ms. Eleanor Wagner
Judith Wagner
Kay Wahlgren
Penelope Wainwright
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warmowski
Ms. Bernadette C. Wawczak
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. James Weichel
Robert and Marlene Weiler
Don and Lisa Weiss
Anne and Jim Wengerd
West Suburban Oral Health Care
The Westin Chicago Lombard
Scott and Danielle Wetle
Mr. and Mrs. John Wheatley
Wheaton Chamber of Commerce
Whiskey Acres
Robert and Jeanne Whisler
Lyn and Debbie Whiston
W. H. Whowell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Williams
Jan Williams
Lee Williams
Mrs. Iris S. Witkowsky
Ms. Barbara J. Wolfe
Ms. Sandra Wong Ronkoske
Ms. Alice Wood
Ms. Janice Yohanan
Mr. Benjamin P. Yost
Ms. Bernadette Young
Mr. Hank Zabelski
Diane Meiborg and Roger Zacek
Corporate and Community Sponsors
A Toad Madre
Adelle' Fine American Fare
Aero Mexico/Delta
Arts Midwest
Bank of America
Ball Horticultural Company
Brookdale Glen Ellyn
Cabernet & Company
The Clubhouse
College of DuPage Foundation
DoubleTree by Hilton Lisle Naperville
DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau
DuPage Foundation
Enjoy Illinois/Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Glen Prairie
Goya Foods
I Have A Bean
Illinois Arts Council Agency
JCS Fund of the DuPage Foundation
Legat Architects
National Endowment for the Arts
Nothing Bundt Cakes
Parkers' Restaurant and Bar
Reserve 22
Sullivan Taylor, Gumina & Palmer, P.C.
Sushi Ukai
TM Financial Forensics, LLC
Weber Grill
West Suburban Art Society
98.7 WFMT
Whole Foods
Wight and Company
McAninch Arts Center
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