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Image for Cinderella
Dec 3-19, 2021

Production of


Based on the Fairy Tale by Charles Perrault

Adaptation and Lyrics by Jim Eiler

Music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy 


CINDERELLA - PRINCE STREET PLAYERS VERSION is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI, 423 West 55th Street New York, NY 10019
Tel.: (212) 541-4684   Fax: (212) 397-4684


The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.


Directed by Mike McGee

Music Direction by Andrea Dreier

Choreography by Jess Barbour

Original Costume Design by Vicki Olson

Costume Design by Jenny Mitchell

Lighting Design by Cailen Waddell

Sound Design by Todd Houseknecht


Thanks to our show sponsor, Coastal Credit Union.


Additional thanks to our media sponsor, The News & Observer.


This program is funded in part by the City of Raleigh based on recommendations of the Raleigh Arts Commission.



Cinderella is supported by the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, as well as the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. 



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Special Thanks

David Watts for website maintenance

Kristin Cooper

Greg Moore

Candis Cox-Daniels

Dr. Timothy Cherry & Dennis Poole


Cinderella is performed without an intermission.

Synopsis of Scenes

Many years ago on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

The Kingdom of Good King Darling III

Scene I Town Square Prologue**** Ensemble

Scene II

A Magical Place Hi Diddle Dee Fairy Godmother & Helpers
Scene III Stepmama's House

Get to Work

What's to Become of Me!****

Stepmama & Stepsisters

Cinderella & Mice

Scene IV Castle Throne Room

King Darling's Lament****

What's to Become of Me?****

King Darling & Pages

Prince Charming

Scene V Town Square Holly Berry* Ensemble
Scene VI Castle Throne Room    
Scene VII Stepmama's House

Knock, Knock, Knock

At the Ball

Magic of the Moment**

Pony Tales***


Cinderella, Stepmama, Stepsisters, & Helpers

Stepmama & Stepsisters

Fairy Godmother


Fairy Godmother & Ensemble

Scene VIII Castle Ballroom

Sneeze Polka

Best of All****

Stepsisters, King Darling, & Ensemble

Cinderella & Prince Charming

Scene IX Castle Corridor    
Scene X Stepmama's House Finale Fairy Godmother & Helpers
Epilogue The Castle


We Wish You a Merry Christmas



* Music by Martin Shaw, Lyrics by Haskell Fitz-Simons and Nancy Rich
** Lyrics by Haskell Fitz-Simons; descant melody by Suann A. Strickland; orchestrations by F. Charles Anderson
*** Music by Julie A. Florin and Lyrics by Haskell Fitz-Simons
**** Music and Lyrics by Joanna Li

Cast, Production Staff, & Crew


Melanie Payne

Prince Charming
Isaiah McGuire

King Darling III
Benaiah Adesoji

Leigh Howell

Emma K. Johnson

Rachel Veazey

Fairy Godmother
Emily Ennis

Clare Vestal
Emily Spain

Claire Fellows
Grace Deadmore

Town Kids & Mice
Savannah Lange
Anna Oliveira
Lyla Rose Opitz
Lawson Walker

Lindsey Atkins
Angelica Bridges
Kellie Gamble
Maria Goodman
Quenton Hocutt
Alex Lewis
Carter Phillips
Iolanda Silva

Tara Spencer


Production Staff

Mike McGee

Music Director
Andrea Dreier

Music Supervisor
Joanna Li

Jess Barbour

Production Manager/TD
Dennis R. Berfield

Original Costume Design
Vicki Olson

Costume Design
Jenny Mitchell

Assistant to the Costume Designer
Elspeth McClanahan

Costume Shop Manager
Jeremy David Clos

Wig Design
Tracy Rains-Byrd

Lighting Design
Cailen Waddell

Sound Design
Todd Houseknecht

Stage Carpenter
Michael Dunavan

Scenic Painting
Kylee Elrod

Video Production
Rod and Nancy Rich

Stage Manager
Daniel C. Eckert

Assistant Stage Manager
Alyssa Petrone
Danielle M. Welch

Script Consultant
Maribeth McCarthy

Mouse Nanny
Marie Berry



Audition Crew Chief
Marie Berry

Audition Crew
Amy Blackwell
Barbara Corbin
Catherine Lambe
Tony Landavazo
Elaine Petrone
Heather Shinpaugh

Cinderella Boutique
Tamara Hopson
Gloria Rich

Dresser Crew Co-Chiefs
Ruth Berry
Amy Blackwell

Costume Dresser Crew
Beth Castle
Amanda Gonzalez
Ann Haigler
Keischa Lovelace
Laurie McDowell
Star Muehlbauer
Valerie Pymento

Sarah Spagnoli
Rhonda Stallings

Costume Shop Crew
Christopher Blackwell
Kayla Brown
Alyssa Capps
Barbara Corbin

Lisa Flores-Wolfert
Sam Frigerio
Susan Gale
Ann Haigler
Cynthia Henson
Michael Jernigan
Catherine Lambe
Barbara Leimgruber
Cindy Marshburn
Kathy Mauney
Thomas Mauney
Bonita McPherren
Vicki Olson
Jess Pullen
Patsy Robertson
Mallory Schultz
Deborah Sherrod
Pam Swanstrom
Ameer Tohamy
Nathan Violette
Danielle M. Welch
Linda Wellnitz

Deck Crew Chief
Barbara Witherwax

Deck Crew
Hannah Calhoun (LaCava)
Catherine Lambe
Thomas Matrejek
Jessica Richardson
Nori Rivera
Rebecca Samuell
Dominique Sanders
Freyja Sindemark
Bri Stewart
David Wilk

Lighting Crew Chief
Claire Huene

Lighting Crew
Barbara Corbin
Dean Gibson
Gloria Hope
Minming Hsu
Michael Jernigan
Amanda Jewell
Kristie Kennedy
Will Lukas
Carly Proctor
Chloe Proctor
Kylee Richeson

Props Master
Alyssa Petrone

Props Crew
Michael Dunavan
Jamie Marlowe

Elaine Petrone

Sound Crew Chief
Patrick Torres

Sound Crew
Nikki Floyd
Eric Krebs
Madison Lange
Alex Rivers
Aaron Strickland

Scene Shop Volunteers
Michael Dunavan
Lindsay Eddy
Joseph Heil
Will Lukas
Chad Marshall
Kaylee Richeson
Alex Rivers
Demi Rowell
Josiah Yeras