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Image for Pilobolus
June 23 - 24, 2023

Pilobolus is a rebellious dance company. Since 1971, it has tested the limits of human physicality to explore the beauty and the power of connected bodies creating awe-inspiring and accessible performances. In the five decades since, Pilobolus has continued to propel the seeds of expression through their collaborations with some of the greatest influencers, thinkers, and creators in the world and its unique educational programming. The company offers classes serving all ages and movement abilities. Pilobolus classes use movement to teach dancers and non-dancers alike to harness the creative potential of groups. Bespoke leadership workshops for corporate executives, employees, and business schools teach teams how to maximize creativity, solve problems, create surprise, and generate joy through the power of nonverbal communication. Pilobolus continues to bring the beauty of movement to the world, growing and changing each year while reaching new audiences and exploring new visual and physical planes. Learn more at pilobolus.org.