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Image for Cara Hagan
Cara Hagan
were we birds?

Welcome to were we birds? 

This performance requires a device and headphones to enjoy the music by Amanda Addleman. Click here to access the music for tonight's performance on your device!
If you do not have a device or headphones, there is a limited quantity of headphones and MP3 Players at the front desk. They are first come, first served.
You may have observed that there are few places to sit around the gallery. This is because you are invited to watch the performance from many angles, to move to see the piece as you feel called.
Please allow those who may need to sit more often to have priority for seating.
For MP3 Players:
1. Turn on from top slider button.
2. Toggle to “music” using left button.
3. Hit the “M” button twice.
4. Use the right and left buttons to select one of the two files: small (50 min) or extended (70 min) version.
5. For volume, press and hold vol button. Use right and left to adjust volume.
6. Enjoy!
** Please remember to turn the device off after use to keep the battery charged for other patrons.
About the Show

were we birds?

Choreographed by
Cara Hagan, in collaboration with dancers
Tammy Carrasco and Laura Gutierrez
Music by
Amanda Addleman
with sound scores by Cara Hagan
Sound mixing by
Martin Fowler