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By Phaedra Michelle Scott
A Note from Playwright Phaedra Michelle Scott
Boston is a city that holds a special place in my heart. It is where I learned about myself as a human, as an artist. Where I met some of my dearest friends, and where I met the love of my life. 
This play was born from a desire to define the undefinable--who am I, as a Black diasporic person, if I cannot trace where I came from? Am I where I was raised? Where I live now? The people that surround me? What I believe in? The best part is--the answer is everything we want it to be. It's liberating and terrifying, empowering and disorienting. Most of all, there is something quite special about living right here and right now. It is my dream to constantly challenge assumptions, and to engage with questions that are simply unanswerable, because if we start asking--maybe we'll get closer to the discovery of something new, and something greater. 
To Pascale, Jon and Michael who have been with this play since its inception. I am so honored to have the three of you in my life who have believed in me and in this play. And to the incredible cast: Lorraine, Serenity, Sean, Valyn and Jae. To the amazing stage management team of Elizabeth, Athéna, and Roisin. It is thanks to you that this play has life, and there's a special place in my heart for all of you. 
Special thank you to every single human who made this show possible. To the workshops, conversations, and support throughout the creation of this play. 
A Note from Director Pascale Florestal

Thank you so much for joining us for the World Premiere production of DIASPORA! by Phaedra Michelle Scott. I have been very lucky to work on many theatrical productions but this is the first (hopefully many) new plays that I have been part of the initial development to this production today. Like its playwright, Phaedra Michelle Scott, this play is smart, sweet, funny, genuine, critical and full of joy. It shows a side of Boston that we both experienced as newcomers to the city I now call home. This play explores the power of history, memory, family, friendship and of course what happens when you grow older and see the world differently. What I have always loved about this play is how real every character and moment feels. Phaedra's ability to tell timeless themes with characters who are authentic and complex reminds me why we need more plays like these. Phaedra and I met working at the Huntington in 2015, a cubicle wall separating us but that small cubicle area blossomed into a friendship and artistic relationship that has led to this production today. I am forever grateful the Huntington brought us together, to SpeakEasy Stage for the two year development on this project and to New Rep for deciding to give this play a life after many years of development. Thank you to all of the actors, dramaturges and producers who came through the years of development of this play. Most of all thank you to Phaedra, for her bravery, artistry and friendship. Enjoy!

Special Thanks!

Special thanks to the following individuals for helping us create the world of DIASPORA!: Liv Merryman (Dramaturgy), Katie Cona (Lead Carpenter), Jay Wiltz (Master Electrician & Lighting Assistant), Brenda Dziadzio (Scenic Painter), Kayleigh Kane (Intimacy & Fight Choreographer), Tim Gregor (Carpenter), Diego Farrell (Technical Director), Louise Potter (Scenic & Props Support), Ailey Rivkin (Scenic Support), and Jack Riter (Scenic Support). 

Thanks to Ken Yotsukura Photography for our pre-production and production photos. Check out Ken's work at: www.kbyphotos.com

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