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Cincinnati Collaborative Ringing Project

The Cincinnati Collaborative Ringing Project (CCRP) is a unique handbell ensemble that has as its fundamental mission the building of collaborative relationships with different types and styles of musicians and ensembles.

The group relies on member participation at many different levels, including shared artistic and administrative direction, member input into the selection of music and collaborative rehearsals. The musicianship of the CCRP members is key to the group’s ability to create poignant interpretations of the repertoire.

All the musicians in CCRP have come to the group with substantial musical talents and experience. For this reason, CCRP employs a variety of musical timbres, including recorder, flute, voice, percussion and, of course, handbells and chimes. 

The Cincinnati Collaborative Ringing Project takes the “collaborative” aspect seriously. Every one of the players is a director. Every player “plays well with others” and CCRP plays well with other ensembles.