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We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals and institutions whose extraordinary annual gifts make our concerts, educational programs, and community engagements thrive.
For more information on giving to the Long Beach Symphony, please contact Mark Saville at (562) 436-3203, Ext. 226.



Craig Dougherty and Jayne Lastusky    
The Dougherty Company Insurance Brokers

The Virginia G. Oleen Trust


       Mr. and Mrs. W. Henry Walker 





National Endowment for the Arts       


Platinum $50,000+        
Mrs. Becky M. Cool    
Ms. Cindy Costello     
County of Los Angeles    
Foundation for the Long Beach Symphony    
Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg    
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Masterson    
       Wallboard Tool Company
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Matson    
National Endowment for the Arts    
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation    
Port of Long Beach    
RuMBa Foundation of Long Beach    
Gold $25,000+    
ASM Global    
       Mr. Charlie Beirne
Bank of America Charitable Foundation    
       Ms. Nan Salley and Mr. Mark Gudaitis
Evalyn M. Bauer Foundation    
       Nancy Gaines
Mrs. Jane Claus    
Roger J. Goulette and Suzanne Lefebvre    
Gunn | Jerkens Marketing Communications    
        Linda Gunn and Chris Pinckney
Elizabeth and John Hancock    
Robert D. Hanson Fund*    
Hennings-Fischer Foundation    
       Ann and Eric Brenton
Rudolph J. and Daphne A. Munzer Foundation    
Lyn and John Pohlmann    
Mr. Dennis Poulsen        
Silver $15,000+
Mr. Rob Bellevue and Ms. Margaret Smith   
Marcie and John Blumberg    
California Arts Council    
Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation    
Keesal, Young & Logan    
       Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Mayuga
RK Properties    
       Ms. Cathy King
Salusky Law    
       Anna Salusky    
Valero Energy     
       Ms. Brissa Sotelo-Vargas   
The Westin Long Beach   
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Zucchero    
Bronze $10,000+
Ms. Barbara B. Blackwell
        and Ms. Jean Bixby Smith    
The Bershtel Family Foundation    
Mr. Brian Buchanan
Colburn Foundation    
Coull Foundation    
The Leshney Family    
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Mizer    
Peggy Morse    
Mrs. Susan Stuhlbarg      


Gold Level $7,500+    
Frances Grover Fund*      
Michael Hausknost    
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Richards, III    
The Shadden Group at Morgan Stanley    
       Patricia and John Shadden
Waters Edge Winery of Long Beach    
       Mr. Mark Mitzenmacher / 
       Mr. Collin Mitzenmacher
       Mr. and Mrs. John Di Carlo
Susan and Erich Wise    
Silver Level - $3,500+    
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Appel    
Bess Hodges Foundation    
       Joyce and George Murchison
Mr. Kozell T. Boren & Mrs. Salley Cannon-Boren
Mrs. Sally E. Boyne
Mr. and Mrs. James Breslauer
Robert W. Cash and Mary M. Hester    
Crest Marketing, Inc.     
       Sue and Will Moylan
Mrs. Gloria Deukmejian    
Ms. Kathleen Eckert       
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fults    
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Guillen    
Mr. and Mrs. David Hancock    
HydroForm U.S.A. Inc.    
       Mr. Chester Jablonski
Marisol and Kerry Jablonski
Lance and Julie Jackson   
Ms. Kelly S. Janousek    
Anne and Bob Johnson    
Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation     
Long Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau    
        Mr. Steve Goodling
Evi and David Meyer    
Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Foundation
Karen and Irv Miller
Leslie and Charlotte Moore Foundation   
Mr. Arthur Morris
NAACP Long Beach    
Elsie and Rod Nakamoto    
Ginger and Luther Nussbaum    
George and Anita Padgett    
Rainey-Pierson Properties and Management    
Mrs. Ethel Sanford    
Mrs. Pauline Eade-Sheppard
Hilary Siebens and Timothy McAuliffe   
Barbara and Leon Shoag    
Don Temple Family Charitable Foundation    
The Wagoner Management Group
Captain Michael Watson
James H. Wells
Wolfe Foundation    
       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clark
Bronze Level - $2,000+        
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Bosl    
Mr. Robert A. Brush    
John Burkholder and Barbara Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Croslin        
Dameron Family Foundation    
Mr. Don Desfor    
Margaret and Charles Durnin            
Ms. Ellen Goldenberg    
Mrs. Terry Marté-Greco    
Ms. Nancy G. Henry    
Bob and Valerie Hoffman
Joseph W. and Jan B. Hower    
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Irish    
Dr. Hideo and Jeanne Karatsu
Rita Kimble      
Bonnie Lowenthal and Evan Broad
Loretta and Bob Luskin    
Mitsubishi Cement Corporation    
Ruth and Paul Martineau    
Dr. Alana Northrop and Mr. Charley Fiala    
Mr. Feliciano Olague    
Virginia G. Oleen Trust
Park Bixby Tower, Inc.    
Mrs. Joy Rosenthal    
Vonnie and Warren Schulten    
John Jacob Shaak Professor Emeritus, CSULB    
Schulzman-Neri Foundation
Renee B. Simon    
Doris and Ernest Soriano    
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Stephenson    
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stratton    
Miep van Tyen    
Frank Wagner and Lynn O’Hearn Wagner    
Gold Level- $1,000+    
Dr. Robert E. Ballard            
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Cordero    
Josefa and Timothy Curtin    
Dr. Matthew Davis and Dr. Mark Dressner    
Mr. Walt Fidler    
Ms. Jamarah Hayner    
Mrs. Marilyn Hull    
Mrs. Matthew Jenkins    
Ms. Elizabeth Kennedy    
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Klinkert    
Flora and Jerome Loeb    
Monograph Wealth    
Park Pacific Tower    
Mr. Kevin J. Sutlick    
Mrs. Linda Strome and Mr. Chris Taber
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Young    
Mrs. Audrey Hyde Zahler    
Silver Level - $500+    
Mr. Eric Adler    
Archstone Foundation
Mr. Patrick Brodigan   
Mrs. Bobbie Cusato    
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Darling       
Mr. Glenn R. Ducat    
Dr. Wayne and Karen Freeman    
Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Hagle    
Bernard and Connie Harrington     
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Janssen              
David E. York and Richard A. Metzler          
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monaghan    
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Munzer            
Cynthia and David Olszewski    
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Osterlind            
Shirley Ross    
Mr. and Mrs. Al Rudis
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shute   
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Spielmann    
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Taboada    
Ms. Sandy VandenBerge           
Bronze Level - $200+    
Mr. John D. S. Allen    
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Altman Esq.    
Bill and Lien Anderson    
Sally and Gary Bates    
Mr. Tom Batok and Mr. Tom Skok in memory of Elizabeth Barsley    
Mr. R.L. Blackshere
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Blodgett    
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Blough    
Mr. Barry Borkin    
Dr. and Mrs. G. Ray Bouch    
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Nancy Boyd-Batstone    
Ms. Sandra Bron    
Mrs. Marlene Brown    
Ms. Hermine Burg    
Ms. Shirley Callan
Catherine Cameron and William Roth
Ms. Gayle Cardon and Ms. Debra Anderson    
City National Bank    
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conrey    
Dr. Allen J. Curtis        
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D’Ambrosio
Ms. Gehl Davis   
Melanie Dietz    
Dr. Malin R. Dollinger    
Richard Earhart, in Memoriam    
Ms. Harriett Ellis, in memory of Amelia S. Kaplan
Nancy J. Fox    
Mr. Chris Funk    
Mr. James Gatzke and Ms. Christine Neal    
Mr. Richard Gerber
Steve and Gwen Gibson        
Ms. Helene Goodman
Marcia Goodman and Linda Slauson
Mr. Paul Goodwin   
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hansen    
Mr. Frank Harter
Mari Hooper    
Ms. Cordelia Howard    
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Howard    
Mike and Miki Ishikawa    
Ms. Toby Jamieson    
Mrs. Edwina and Mr. Jerry Johnson    
Karl F. Ketterer, CPA    
Ms. Colleen Kellick
Mrs. Barbara Klein and Mr. Ted Klein    
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Knight    
Mrs. Sandra Kroll    
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Landes
Mr. Richard Lapin   
Nancy and Bob Latimer
Ms. Alyce LaViolette    
Joan Leb and Ted Van Boemel    
Carina and Kenneth Lister    
Ms. Kerrie Lamont
Lynda Sue Marks-Guarnieri   
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick McDonough    
Mr. and Mrs. David McMillin    
Sally and Keith Miller  
Mr. Robert Miler
Mrs. Susan J. Miller  
Jim Goodin and Pat Mills
Mr. Michael Monaghan   
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Mueller    
Mr. and Mrs. William Nash    
Ms. Beverly O'Neill
Mr. Kenneth Reiff
Ms. Kelly Ruggirello
Ms. Madeline Ryan        
Nabil and Ella-Jane Saaty    
Herb Schraibman     
Chris and Janet Schwabe    
Andrew & Barbara Serrano       
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Smith    
Wendy and Ron Smith  
Dr. Jewell E Stindt, PhD 
Jim and Vickie Sullos    
Drs. Fred and Liz Trapp  
Scott Vandrick and Tony Foster 
Ms. Marguerite Walker
Honorable Samuel W. Warner       
Mr. and Mrs. John Wiegand 
Sally and Stephen Wittenberg Charitable Fund