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Taylor University Chorale

Taylor University Chorale

Roster 2023-24

Dr. Reed Spencer, Conductor

Sheila Todd, Pianist

Soprano 1
Emily Hudson
Hayley Mordecai
Anna Jones
Brenna Moan

Soprano 2
Madeline Gerig
Kaelyn Klopfenstein
Ashley Knudsen
Shelby England
Mackenzie Edwards
Priya Boldt
Stephany Lee

Alto 1
Rachel Beeler
Addie Dennis
Olivia Ross
Heather Risher
Brynn DeKruyter
Kaitlyn Brunswick
Abigail Campbell

Alto 2
Bethany Myers
Tovah Campbell
Tristina Tucker
Chanhee Hong
Eliana Cook
Klara Becker
Mackenzie Alexander

Tenor 1
Josiah Allman
Joshua Benson
Calen Campbell
Josiah Gonzales
Darin Jordan
Aidan Portwood

Tenor 2
Juyoung Jung
Gabe Wilson
Calvin Lewis
Caleb Howard
Peter Lee
Cam Damesworth
Connor Takenaka

Bass 1
Timothy Bartley
Carl Hynson
Ethan Watts
Marcus Haynes
Bryce Potts
Isaac Rex
Jackson Anderson
Hudson Bell
Dirk Soughan

Bass 2
Seth Baker
Ben Cook
Josiah Friesen
Yuki Erbes
Jairen Rees
Lua Bleah

Taylor University Chorale, under the direction of Dr. Reed Spencer, is pleased to be performing in concert with Orchestra Indiana for the 2023 Christmas Pops concert. Nearly every academic major is represented in the Chorale, and the 52-member choral ensemble is open to all Taylor University students on an audition basis. The Chorale performs on campus, tours regularly throughout the United States, and appears in concerts with Orchestra Indiana. International tours have included Bahamas, Ecuador, Great Britain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Greece, and South Korea.

The Chorale performs work in a variety of styles, ranging the musical periods, as well as many works by contemporary composers. They have enjoyed close collaboration with the Marion Philharmonic Orchestra, and now with Orchestra Indiana, including the premiere of a student composition for choir and orchestra in May of 2023 by Taylor student, Ethan Watts.