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Friends of PSO

The Princeton Symphony Orchestra proudly recognizes and thanks the following generous donors for their support. Their gifts help create inspiring artistic, education, and engagement programs for our communityeven in the midst of a pandemic! Thank you for being part of the PSO Family!

This is an alphabetical list of individuals, companies, and foundations who have made contributions between January 1, 2022 to October 17, 2023 to the Princeton Symphony Orchestra and/or The Princeton Festival.




Michael L. Barnett*
The Edward T. Cone

MacMillan Family

New Jersey State
   on the Arts

Katherine Snider
Anonymous (2)

Melanie and John
Diane Eler
Edward E. Matthews
   and Vilma Keri
Yvonne Marcuse 



Marcia Atcheson
Blanche and Irving
   Laurie Foundation


Robert J. and Elaine*
   Family Foundation

Donna and Donald

Norman and Nancy*
   Fund of the PACF
Steve and Debbie
Mr. and Mrs. John

Jay and Harriet* Vawter/

Stephanie and Robert

Marcia Bossart
Catherine Bolton

The Curtis W. McGraw

Micaela Delignerolles
Barbara and Gerald

Deborah Lunder and
   Alan Ezekowitz

The Glenmede Trust

B. Sue Howard
Lighte-Grant Family
   of the PACF

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan

Anastasia Marty
Rossen Milanov
Lucy Anne Sharp
Jacqueline Phares,
   in memory of
   Elwood W. Phares II

Presser Foundation
Robert Wood
   Johnson III
   Fund #2 of the PACF

Debbi and Aldo
John Schmidt

Enea Tierno
Anne VanLent Fund
   of the PACF

Woodney and John

John and Louise



Timothy M. Andrews
Dr. and Mrs. Myron

Len and Laura Berlik
Church & Dwight Co.,

Ann and Lee Gladden
George and Laurel

Aline and Bill Haynes
HHO Hunterdon

Cynthia and Robert*

Jane McCallister

Takako and Thomas

Dr. Samina Kanwar
   and Mr. Thomas

Alicia and Kevin Merse
May and Costa

Park Lento Family
   Charitable Fund

John and Donna Park
PNC Private Bank
Sarah Ringer
Thomas and Melissa
Markell Shriver
Caren V. Sturges
Steve Snyder and
   Jean Thomas

Truist Wealth
Happy and Jack Wallace/
   John D. Wallace, Jr.
   Memorial Fund
   of the PACF

Kathleen and Jay

David and Susan

Hope and Kevin Cotter
Fox Rothschild LLP
Geller Advisors LLC
Rebecca L. Griffith MD,
   John L. Griffith III

The Gordon and Llura
  Gund Fund
  of the PACF

Fred Hartwick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard

Douglas Honnold
Bob and Lynn

Land Rover Princeton
Carol Anderson and
   Stephen Lin

Cecilia and Michael

John Mayorek
Carol and Brad Mills
Liza and Schuyler

Deborah Herrington
   Douglas Sawyer

Stark & Stark

Mara Connolly and
   Pete Taft

Benedikt and Kristin
   von Schröder

Elizabeth Protage

Jane S. DeLung and
   Charles F. Westoff

Joan and Ralph

Carol Wojciechowicz
Anonymous (2)



Bill and Jess Atkins
Leigh and John

Patricia and Thomas

Andrew and Lauren

Laura Bell
Willo Carey and
   Peter A. Benoliel
Thomas Bieler
Pamela Bristol and
   Gerald Odening

Jean and David*

Citizens Philanthropic

Bill and Cynthia

The Griffin-Cole Fund
Adrian and Adrina

Susan and James

Darek Hahn and
   Ann Dandurand
David Mathey Fund
   of the PACF

Jennifer and Ralph

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur

Dr. James Felser
Jason Matthews and
   Jasmine Ferrer

George and Cherry

David and Erin Forrey
Brinton Frith and
   Nicole Sheetz Frith

Alan Jones and
   Ashley Garrett

Ted and Norma

Roe Goodman
Debora and John

Jorgen and Susan

Iona and Maurice

Mary Louise Hartman
Deborah and David

James and Kathleen

Kathleen Hutchins
Elizabeth Kennedy
Pinny and George

Helene and Russell

Amy B. and Jonah T.

Bobette and Dan

Alice St. Claire and
   David Long

Mr. and Mrs. Jason

Paula and Greg Lutz
Gordon Douglas and
   Sheila Mahoney

Alta and Marc

Kathleen Schaumber

Joanna Gordon
   Martin and
   Robert Martin
Madlen and Larry

Charles and
   Mary Kay Metcalf

Christopher and
   Deborah Monigan

Rita and Robert

Howard Unger and
   Nancy Northrop

Mark S. Nurse



Jacqueline Oshiver,
   in memory of
   Mr. and Mrs. Samuel I

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
   H. Paneyko

Elizabeth and Josh

Kerry Perretta
Dr. and Mrs. Robert

Dorothy and Charles
   Plohn, Jr.

Michael and Margaret

Candace and Marvin

Princeton Friends
   of Opera

John Rassweiler
Ingrid W. Reed
Nell Whiting and
   Richard Rein

John and Rachel

Matthew and Annika

Andrew and Catherine

Judith Stelian
Jeffrey Tener
Grace Thompson
Diane and Howard

Jacqueline Kerrod and
   Marc Uys

Teddi and Fong
   Wei, M. D.

Dr. Philip Wey
Wingmead Trust
   of the PACF

Nancy and Guy Woelk
Suzanne and Steve




Matt Abrahamsen
Ashley and George

Andreia Pinto Correia
   and Derek Bermel

Ms. Toni Besselaar
Carolyn Biondi
Monique and Jon

Edward and Barbara

Jerry Brown
Jamie and Jennifer

Elizabeth Collier and
   Ron Cacciola

Shaun and Sarah

Rebecca Callahan
Victory and Theodore
   Chase, Jr.

William and Karen

Chuck Craig
Charles and Lynn

Alfred and Melisande

George A. DeCesare
Nora and Keil Decker
Donald and Martine

Richard and Sheryl

Tanice and Dudley
George and Anne Ford
Stephen and Lindsey

Lawrence and Karen
Janice Gross
Cheryl and Elliot

Janet Haring
Harvey Fund
   of the PACF

Dixon and Caroline
   G. Whitney
   Charitable Fund

Jennifer and Nick

Harold and Joan

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn

Joseph and Tamera

Jena and Matt McWha
Ronnie Bregenzer and
   Bill Milinowicz

David* and Sue Ellen
   Miller Charitable

Martha L.A. Norris
   of the PACF

Patricia Virga and
   Thomas Orsulak

Stephanie and
   Christopher Oster

Richard Quandt
Patricia Robertson
Bill and Sonya

Carol Schmidt
Dina Lewisohn Shaw
Dean and Millie

Margaret Griffin and
   Scott Sillars

Rachel and Joel

Penny and Ted
   Thomas Fund
   of the PACF

Anne Wright Wilson
Stuart and Winifred
Alicia and Lambros

Margot Zimmerman



Dr. and Mrs. Charles 
Jason Apuzzio

Susan Azarman
Ruth Baggitt
Joanne and Jeff
   in memory of
   Richard J. Levine

Cathy Schaeder
   Batterman and
   Eric Batterman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Gerrit Besselaar
Karen Blu
Jane and Ted Boyer
Lisa Browne
Bing Bing Chang
David and Olive
   Fund of the
   Ayco Charitable

Alexi Assmus and
   Rob Dodge

Carolyn Dwyer, 
   in memory of
   Anne Fahey
Karen and John Ellis
Paul Fernandez
Mary and Richard

William N. Garrett
Wendy Wolff Herbert
H. James and Carol P.

Jovi Tenev and Nancy
   Hingston, in memory
   of Sasho Sladura
   and Alexander

Nancy Irenas
C. Peter and Maria

Dr. Jennifer Winell and
   Mr. Thomas Keating
Teresa Kent

Mindy Raso and Phil
   Kirstein, in honor of
   Yvonne Marcuse

Susan Y. Klein
Risa A. Kleiner

Sunny and Ron

Carroll Bever and
   Peteris Krumins

Kathy L Ales and
   Richard Levine

Marlene Lucchesi

Susan Lyle, in memory
   of Barbara Lyle

Ms. Ginny Mason
Russell McTague

Ruth and Bernie Miller
Manuel and Cynthia

Steven Nayowith
Karolin and Rene

Martha Otis
James Steward and
   Jay Pekala

Janet Perkins



Maria Imbalzano and
   Chris Pyne

Silvina Garcia and
   Antonio Ramirez

Kathy and Drew

Kathleen and Louis
Lucy Schneider

Spann Family
   Charitable Fund,
a Donor Advised
   Fund of The
   Charitable Gift Trust

Marcella A. Stapor
Pat Summers
Dorothy Shannon and
   William Sweeney

Lorraine Tozzo
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert

Ramona and Jack

Susan Wilson
Ruth and Nick Wilson
J. Rogers Woolston
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry

Rick and Lisa Angeloni
Jackie Bartolotta

Buzz and Linda Berger
Lindsay and Michael

Calin Cristian
Meena Dam
Nicholas Staikos and
   Eirini Daskalaki

Jan and Elly De Boer
Judi and Sam deTuro
Jess and Ted Deutsch,
   in honor of Pete Taft

John and Donna Marie

Peter Erdman
Maria and Paul

Linda and Steven

Nancy Geiger



Cristian Ghiuvea
Elizabeth Guerriero
Nancy and Rick Henkel
Jay and Siobhan

Betsy Hoover
Judith Hunt
Marion Iacavazzi
Andrew and Ruth Jost
Richard and Lorna

Mariana Karpatova
Steven and Kitanya 

Rachel and Justin Lee
Marsha Levin-Rojer
Brooks Levy
Jon and Allison

Andrew and Lillian

William B. Mezick

Irene Amarel and
   Dave Miller

Robert Miller
Jennifer Millner
Dulcie Bull and
   Clive Muncaster

Dr. Ferris Olin
Joel Pacheco

Rosemarie Platt
David and Barbara

Rogers Family
   Charitable Fund

Mrs. Harvey Rothberg
Cheryl Ryan
Jacqueline Saba,
   in honor of
   Melanie and John
Rachel and Carlos



Margaret Schleissner
Stephen Sergi
David E. Smith
Anne and Paul Sobel
MaryLou and Bill

Aleksandar Stojanovic
Sylvia Temmer
Anne and Adrian

James Trowbridge
Steven Serradilla and
   William R. Ulmer

Max and Elizabeth

Ann Vehslage
Carol A. Wehrheim
Sid and Maryann

Sally Willson
Anonymous (4)

Judith Adler
Tamara Alekseyeva
Rita A. Allen
Carole Allison
Cheng Leng and
   Kelvin Ang

Ulrike and Volker

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baer
Dave Coats and
   Janet Bamford

Dr. Robert Bartoletti
John Bedford
Susan Belding
Mrs. R. Bennett
Lucas Bento
Stephen Bergamo
Michelle McKenna and
   Patrick Bernuth

Richard Bolster,
   in memory
   of Richard J. Levine
Steven L. Boynton



Susan Byrne Bramucci
Mark and Sally Branon
Joy Brody
Margaret and
   Humphrey Bryson

Charmaine Buskas
Roy and Kay Carman
Karin Cermele
Gook Moy Chin
Knud Christiansen
Peter Lindenfeld and
   Mary Clurman

Joanne and Donald

Marilyn Cranin
Lawrence* and Helen

Jixin Dai
Mr. and Mrs. S. Duane

Jon Distel
Kelley Donohoe
Vera Dowd
Pascale E. Duvert
Paul Epply-Schmidt
Amy and Michael

Lynne Fagles
Charles Falk
Hollis Fitch
Rose Flood
Steve Gates and Julie

Geri Garfinkle

Lor and Michael Gehret,
   in memory of
   Harriet Vawter
Mary Furey and
   Paul Gerard

Anthony and Beverly

Drs. Robert and
   Ruth Goldston

Nancy Greenspan
Barbara E. Greenstein
Denis Grishin
Charles Gussmann
Diane and Moris

Mr. and Mrs. Carl

Drs. John M. and
   Cathryn B. Heath

Helen Heintz
Judson and Christina
Nathan Hill and
   Jane Envis-Hill

Nancy and Scott Hoerl
Lynn Hogan
Carol and
   Andrew Hollingsworth

Ruth and Philip

Anne and Herve
Martha Howlett
Jivka Hristov
Maxine Jacqmin
Jinous Jafari
Paul J. Horowitz and
   Ruth E. Jaffe
Marcia Jaffe
Audrey Jankucic
Krishna Jasani
Alexander Jodidio
Carol Johnson
Carol Johnston



Sarah and Landon
Peg Kane
Andrew Kavulich
Ann King-Musza
Uma Kondru
Ramesh Kumar
Michael and Bridgette
Michele Kushner
Fuitseng Lee
Ving Lee
John Leger
Kathleen Lehr
Kevin Leslie
Adam Levinson
Lucile Lichtblau
Cate and Jim Litvack
Jonathan Weiner and
   Virginia Long
Claudia Luongo
Libby and Edward 
David Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Anne and Robert
Audrey Yeager
   and Bryan McNamara
Fran Mergentime
Joseph Monti
Jill Mudge
Ms. Virginia M. Murray
Sheila and Dan Nall

Ms. Janet Narayan
Lovella Naylor
Milos Nikolic
Altina Noel
Hugh Oechler,
   in honor of
   Henry Oechler
Ms. Elaine L. Palatine
Mary Palmer
Tari Pantaleo
Svetlana Petrov
Marlene Rathnum
Heide Ratliff
Tara Morgan and Jack
Philmore Robertson
Elaine and Tobias
Anthony Rosario
Abigail Rose
Peishan Ang and
   Simon Rosof
Louis Russo
Raymond and Andrea
Carol and Max Salas
Sheri Saltarelli
Karen and Ron
Martin Schwartz
David Seidman
Jeanette and Eugene
Scott Shivers
Christine Bucci Sibley



Arnold and
   Gordana Sirota

Ruta and Drew

Marcia Snowden
Roy Sparrow
Melanie H. Stein
Jojie Sterman
Eliane Swanson
Mary Swigar, M.D.
Karen Dandurand and
   Robert Teweles
Christopher Thomas
Tony Thomas
Kathleen and
   Peter Tovar
Karen Uhlenbeck
Mary and Tony
Bruce and Holly Weise
Carol Weiss
Lars Wendt
Ms. Helen Wexler
Michelle J Wexler,
   in memory
   of David H. Brown
Weyeneth Family Fund
   of the
   Bank of America
Jonathan M. Winell
Diego Zapata-Rivera
   and Lucia Sanin
Walter Zatorski
Yingtao Zhang
Anonymous (4)

In honor of
Dan Hudson
Micaela Delignerolles

In honor of Marc Uys
Liza and Schuyler 

In memory of
David H. Brown
Marcia Bossart

Pamela Bristol and
   Gerald Odening

Deborah and David

Douglas Honnold
Edward E. Matthews
   and Vilma Keri

Marlene Lucchesi

Martha Otis
May and Costa 

Kerry Perretta
Ruta and Drew

Anonymous (1)

In memory of
Elwood W. Phares II
Ruta and Drew Smithson

In memory of
Gabriel Stelian
Anonymous (1)



Melanie and John
Hope and Kevin
Debora and John

Anastasia Marty
Launny and Weezie

Stephanie and Rob

Carol Wojciechowicz

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Glenmede Trust
Goldman Sachs
Johnson & Johnson
Plymouth Rock
Truist Wealth
Universal Display

PACF = Princeton Area
   Community Foundation