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30 Intervals/15 Minutes

Movement Score
Johnnie Cruise Mercer
& Stephen Petronio 

Monstah Black

Johnnie Cruise Mercer
& Stephen Petronio

David Ferri

Stagecraft Apprentices
Max Wining    Hanna Srour
Helen Perdomo
Kesia Cedeno-Ballard
Madelyn James    Mya Evans

Costume Apprentice
Sydney Sirkin

This performance was developed using a score that was created during the ups and downs of our current cultural upheaval. Launching from both Stephen and Johnnie's personal choreographic ideologies, the two rehearsed together and separately as necessary with the goal of uniting their voices out of love. 30 Intervals/15 Minutes divides both space and time for each choreographer to use as they see fit, creating a choreographic conversation that addresses how dance can rupture boundaries and acknowledge similar/different radical truths.  

A new music composition and live performance by Monstah Black is commissioned by ADF with support from The Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation.