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Program Notes

In 30 Intervals/15 Minutes, Stephen Petronio and Johnnie Cruise Mercer bring their specific embodied histories to a dance of intentional and unconscious connections. The result is a duet generated from movement and space based improvisational scores, with original music by Monstah Black, a collaborator who has worked closely with both artists. Together, they embark on a choreographic experiment, a generational conversation between bodies fueled by their similar/different queer-radical pasts.

In 2018, Johnnie Cruise Mercer was in residence at Petronio Residency Center where he invited Stephen Petronio into rehearsal. Since then, a relationship between the artists has blossomed. In 2020, Stephen Petronio Company commissioned a solo titled _AShadowPrince as part of their Bloodlines(future) program, and in 2021, Johnnie shared the stage with SPC at La MaMa. 30 Intervals/15 Minutes is the first time Petronio and Mercer will work in collaboration together.