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Hendri Wa

Hendri Wa enjoys creating experiences for audiences using his movement-based and improvisational skills. Always a consummate performer, he strives for variety and versatility in life as in performance and values close collaboration and independent expression. These desires have given him blessed opportunities to work and perform with many notable choreographers on stages and outdoor spaces all over Seattle and beyond since 2002. His performances oscillate between the elaborate and the intimate, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Recently, he received a DanceCrush Decade edition award by SeattleDances for decades-long achievements and contributions to the Seattle dance scene. His favorite performing memories are walkin' with a coffee cup in hand in Seattle, ADF, NYC, and Paris for Mark Haim, strutting around as showgirl in heels for KT Niehoff in Glimmer 2010 and 2015, being a giant cat and/or mouse for Lucia Neare, channeling mischief and sorrow for Jessica Jobaris and general magic, dancing amongst tourists on the waterfront for Kinesis Project NYC, and much more. More of Hendri can be found at hendri-w.weebly.com and #DoubleVVantageFilm on Instagram. He is thrilled to be walkin’ again for Mark at ADF, ten years later. ✌️🫶