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Alyce Cristina Vallejo

Alyce Cristina Vallejo is a student of life and movement. Her dance career spans 15+ years in the Charlotte area, performing with Martha Connerton/Kinetic Works (12 years), as a guest artist for the Charlotte Youth Ballet (10 years), and currently working with Movement Migration since 2019 and Moving Poets Charlotte & Berlin since relaunching in 2013. Alyce performs in a wide variety of venues, methods, and techniques and in collaboration with other esteemed artists, musicians, actors, and writers. This wide-range experience fuels and challenges the depths and imagination of Alyce's artistic expression. Most recently she performed in the Pianodrone with Movement Migration during Charlotte Shout. She developed, curated, and performed the premiere of her solo show Glimpses: In, Out, & Forward at the 2023 BOOM fringe festival and performed, choreographed, and worked on the leadership team to facilitate the collaborative creation of Moving Poet’s 2022 premiere of The Little Prince. Alyce teaches dance and yoga in public and private settings, integrating the art of movement and technique, providing others with a powerful foundation to connect mind, body, and heart. She is also a certified Lightyear leadership coach, founder and leader of Discover Your Pura Vida: Yoga, Adventure, & Cultural Retreats in Costa Rica. You can catch Alyce dancing her way around the world in her most powerful and challenging role as mama to her daughter, Amelia Jean, who inspires her to make every day an adventure full of LOVE! Alyce is honored to be performing and working with Mr. Haim and fellow artists in celebration of ADF’s 90th season!