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Individual Donors

The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra would like to thank these generous individuals for their support of the SDSO Annual Fund for the December 2022 through November 2023. The music you hear on stage and in our communities is possible thanks to our donors.


Angel $10,000+


Miles and Lisa Beacom

Rosemarie and Dean Buntrock

Scott Henry and Terri Peterson-Henry

Dan and Arlene Kirby

Steve and Suzie Kirby

Dave and De Knudson

Scott and Marlys Lawrence

Kirke and DaNeil Wheeler


Benefactor $7,500-$9,999

Robert and Miriam Broin

Lisa and Tom Gerner

Paul and Claire Gillaspey

Mary McQuillen

Charles and Barbara Ann Yelverton


Golden Baton $5,000-$7,499

Matthew and Rebecca Barker

Steve and Kris Egger

Mark and Mary Kay Fausch

Mark and LeAnn Griffin

Joe and Jennifer Kirby

Tom and Marv Looby

Matthew Parker*

Don and Anne Platt

Shireen Ranschau

Jerry and Mary Pat Sweetman

Loren and Jean Tschetter

David and Candace Ziegler


Afficionado $2,500-$4,999


Keith and Glynn Bartels

David and Lisa Bean

Norman and Melanie Bliss

Barry and Jane Dunn

Dave Flicek and June Nusz

Charles and Lizbeth Gullickson

Robert and Elizabeth Hoffman

Boyd and Dody Hopkins

Julie J. Iverson

Thomas and Kay Kassube

Rich and Cindy Korman

Rob and Mary Mastick

Milt Mutch

L. Bruce Nelson

Tim and Christy Olson

Rodney and Ruth Parry

Max Sandlin and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

Rachelle Schaap

Paul and Koni Schiller

Scott and Ronna Sletten

Cynthia Srstka

Christopher and Catherine Sumey

Vance and Jana Thompson

Richard and Michelle Van Demark

Deborah VanderWoude and James Abbott

Tom and Kim Wadsworth

Jo Wohlenberg


Virtuoso $1,500-$2,499

Micah and Jaclyn Aberson

David and Cheryl Boer

Kevin and Andrea Carlson

Dean Chadwell

                In memory of Patricia Chadwell

Ronald and Kathleen Christensen

Roger Cunningham

Martin and Amy DesLauriers

Dana and LaDawn Dykhouse

José-Marie Griffiths

Darin and Stefani Hage

Virginia Harrington

Richard and Gail Klein

Donald Knudson

Scott and Marilyn Korsten

Kurt and Valerie Loudenback

Lane and Lindsay Lundeby

Lisa and Randy Marso

James and Mindy Moore

Jeff and Cynthia Nelson

Doug and Sandra Pay

Mike and Karen Pekas

The Honorable Lawrence and Catherine Piersol

Alvin Carl Schoeneman

Bob and Marilyn Van Demark


Maestro $1,000-$1,499

Marjorie J. Anderson

Steven Arbach and Carol Carlson

                In honor of Maestro Gier

David Basel

Susan Buhl

Craig and Terri Carlson

Joan Clark

Tim Dougherty and Karen Schreier

Mary Eich

John and Marcine Forrette

Jerome and Mary Freeman

Lawrence and Suzanne Fuller

Lorna Gallanter

Brad and Candace Grossenburg

Doug and Anne Hajek

Paul and Paige Hanson

Peter and Marilyn Hegg

Daniel and Catherine Heinemann

Bjorn Helgaas

Chris Hill

Darlys and Cathy Hofer

Jane Justice

Duncan and Ellie Keirnes

                In honor of Scott Lawrence

Eric and Jennifer Larson

Travis and Angela Liddell

David and Laurie Link

Elissa Loesch and David Leonard

Jack and Betty Marsh

Carrie Mennis

Dr. Jawad Nazir

Steve and Cathy Peterson

Marian and Andrea Petrasko

Franklin Pudas

Michael and Jennifer Puumala

Lee Raines

Marlene Rance

Jay Reeve and Katherine Peterson

Steve and Tracie Rohlf

Susan and Todd Rohr

Thomas and Susan Roust

Dave and Tammy Rozenboom

Steve and Katherine Sanford

Bob and Lori Santella

Greg Schultz and Karen Devick Schultz

Liz Spivey and Dave Bergin

Dr. Jane Stavem

Jennifer Teisinger and Chris Gripkey

Susan Teisinger

Robert and Joan Thimjon

Michael and Susan Thompson

Jon and Suzanne Veenis

Ron Williamson

Norma and Chuck Wise


Advocate $500-$999

David and Marilyn Aronson

Ken and Margaret Aspaas

Stephen Beukelman

Taly Bialostocki

V.R. and Mary Brandenburg

Mark and Jean Bubak

Thomas Chiu and So Young Kim

Julie and Patrick Danielson

Virginia Dettman Estate

Jason and Kathie Douma

David and Julie Elson

Tom and Ann Garry

Arnold and Lynne Garson

Nicole Grossenburg

DeLoris Gulson

Tanya Harris

David and Mary Hartley

Ronald and Marge Hegge

Garry and Dianne Jacobson

Harvey and Mary Jewell

Craig and Gail Kennedy

Dennis Knutson

Marjorie Krueger

Laura Larsen and Merwin Foster

Patrick and Kaye Lawler

Don Levsen

Mary Jo Wegner Estate

Gene and Susan McGowan

John McIntyre

Jack and Marilynn Molenhoff

Rolf Olson and Anne E Waltner

Judith Payne ꭍ

Scott and Gayle Pearson

Birgit Peterson

Cindy and Kent Peterson

Kay Reinartz

Elizabeth Sandager

Chad and Dana Spanos

Jack and Linda Stengel

Jeanette Stowsand

William G. and Cheryl E. Taylor

Jane Utecht

Rick and Leah Van Dam

Anna Vorhes

James and Karri Wiederrich

Dale and Judy Winter


Champion $250-$499

Mavis Amundson

Vandhana and Seshu Baireddy

Monty Barnard and Pam Hansen Barnard

Donna Barstad

Paul Carpenter

Robert Caselli

Karen Chalfant

Ronald and Lexia DeWit

Jeanne Ekholm

Karen and Lawrence Fridkis

Vance and Sherry Goldammer

Tony and Anne Haga

John Hegg

Tyler Holmquist ꭍ

Dorothy Johnson

Ronn and Rita King

Angeline and Marshall Lavin

Bruce and Diane Mair

Craig and Julie McKay

Michael and Janice Mullin

Scott and Kim Olson

Marley and Paul Opsahl

Karen Pratt

Rita Rabenberg

David and Rina Reynolds

A. Kent Scribner

Glenda Stene

Ron and Mary Van Loh

John and Ramona Wade

Norman and Kathleen West

Stephen and Janis Yarbrough


Friend $1-$249

Marilyn Abraham

Marvin Addink

Fred and Sue Aderhold

Bob Adney

Robert and Karel Amend

Brenda Baker

Jenny Bergan

Larry and Anita Bierman

Eric and Michelle Bierstedt

Phyllis Blake

Dick and Jane Bohy

Richard Bonander and Tamara Ford

John R. Bylsma

Bill and Lynne Byrne

Nora and Harold Christensen

Renee Christensen

Mary Ann Clark

Durwood and Kathrine Clauson

Paul and Mary Ellen Connelly

Michael Constanzo

Ron and Marlene Daale

Margaret Dalthorp

Carol DenOtter

James and Karen DeWitte

Mimi Doolittle

David and Janet Eiesland

Sheryl Faber

Donn and Pat Fahrendorf

Barb and Gary Fish

Chuck and Diane Flohr

Adam Fox

Peggy Frost

Sandi Fuhs

Caitlin M. Gale

Ioana Galu ꭍ

Tom and Marilyn Gannon

Rich and Mary Garry

William and Virgene Gast

Larry and Lorayne Giff

Ron and Christy Green

David Griffin

Mark and Stacy Gross

Kathy K. Grow

Nancy and Mark Hallenbeck ꭍ

Jerry Hanson

Marcella Heath

Merle and De Loris Heidenreich

Mary Ann Hofer

Karen Hohman

Ted and Becky Hollan

Allan and Peggy Holte

Tex and Jo Hoy

John Hutchinson and Deb McIntyre

Mary Ihli

Kasey Jacobson

Mark Jameson

Paul and Susan Jensen

Al and Carol Johnson

Cynthia Johnson

Ronald and Sandra Johnson

Timothy and Barbara Johnson

Priscilla Jorve

Susan Keith Gray

Cory Kerkvliet

Doosook Kim

Esther Kirkvold
In honor of Barb Johnson

Brant Klawonn

Ardelle Kleinsasser

Cheryl Koch

Jane Koch

Ken and Rhonda Koch

Sally Kocon

Myra Kolbeck

Terry and Sue Lang

Marianne Larsen

Duane and Mabel Larson

Merle and Virginia Larson

Karen Lidel

Diane Lien

William and Lorrae Lindquist

Bonnie Litschewski Paulson

George and Kay Lundberg

Steve and Jetty Matzner

James and Christine McGrann

Boyd and Barb McMurchie

Philip Mead

Todd Meierhenry

Jerry Menken

Gail Meyer-Deelstra

David Morris ꭍ

Jean Morrow ꭍ

Charles and Linda Neilson

John and Valoy Nordlie

James and Marilyn Nyberg

Rebecca Olive

Ruth Olsen

Betty Ordal

Frank and Dee Owens

Jim Paulson

Arlene Pearsall

Boyd Perkins

Ed and Char Peters

Laura Phen

Jim Plahn

Margaret Preston

Greg and Carol Puerkel

Lucille Quanbeck

Sonia Ranschau

Eric and Ruth Raveling

Andrew Reinartz

Diane Ring

Lois Roelofs

Erin Royer

Kermit and Doris Rye

Richard and Mary Ryrholm

Gonzalo and Lois Sanchez

Donna Schafroth

Heather Schafroth

Miles and Vickie Schumacher

Paul Schwan

Cindy Sieber

Ann Smith

Lloyd and Jayne Solberg

David and Pamella Sonnichsen

Victoria Sportelli

Robert and Nancy Stanek

Shirley Stenseth

Mary Ann Swenson

Gerhild Tamura

Mitch Thompson

Paula and Carl Treiber

Michael and Joan Trumm

Paul D. Tuff

Daniel and Lisa Tunge

Bonnie Ulrich

Brandon Varilek

Richard and Marilynn Viehweg

Tom and Kathy Walsh

Joel and Deanna Wehrspann

Stuart Wenzel

Doug and Laurie Wernke

Kevin Whittle, M.D.

Ann Wilson

Bruce Wintle

Debbie and Matt Witte

Jackie Zamow

Larry and Judi Zikmund

Nancy Zimney










Italicized-name indicates SDSO Visionary Donors


Our Visionaries are donors who have made a three year commitment to the SDSO Annual Fund. These donors ensure the sustainability and growth of the SDSO.


∫-indicates SDSO Sustainers.


Symphony Sustainers are a special group of donors who make recurring monthly gifts to the SDSO.


Bold-name indicates SDSO musician


*-Indicates in kind donors