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Just Mud
Caleb Richardson
Harold Herman Lab Theatre
5PM & 6PM

Just Mud is a one-act play that seeks to uncover a deeper universal truth surrounding the causes and consequences of modern warfare. Death and destruction have ravaged the country ever since the bombs replaced the birds. All that’s left of the land now are the ruins of memory buried within the soil. Lost in the carnage of an ocean of violence, two soldiers sift through the mud as they search for a purpose beyond human conflict. Trapped beneath the earth and left only with each other, the orders from above are to kill, but it’s been a long war.

Suggested Show Rating: TBD

This production includes the sounds of gunshots, bombs and other sounds of war, as well as violent themes, disturbing imagery and flashing lights. Viewer discretion advised.

Type of Project

In-person/video screening

Approximate Run Time

25–30 minutes

Creative Leadership & Production

Amy Hale, assistant director
Jordan Green, stage manager
Rachael Severts, scenic designer
Vicky Kobelka, technical director
Clark Van Beek, assistant technical director
Katie Forbes, lighting designer
Gabe Evans, sound designer
Julia Liebowitz, props master
Alexus Campbell, makeup designer
Brianna Jarvis, costume designer


Kelsey Marshall
Sam Barthel
Nathan Szymanski

Faculty Mentor

Kirsten Trump