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BORNE: A New Musical
Max Suwarno
Ruebush Hall, Room 151 (Rehearsal Hall)
5:30PM & 6:15PM

BORNE: A New Musical by Max Suwarno incorporates themes of love, liberation and challenging tradition with a cast that is heavily represented by LGBTQIA+ characters and actors, and a plot with roots based in Slavic folklore. The music has elements of 80’s rock, but also incorporates an Eastern European sound. The tale of BORNE is set in turn-of-the-century Romania and follows young Omor on his journey to self-discovery, revealing his dark roots. Omor journeys into a forest beyond time and encounters vengeful witches, bloodthirsty Moroi, and a handsome prince who has found himself lost in time. This production of the musical is workshopped with six songs and four scenes.

Suggested Show Rating: PG-13

This production includes suggested sexual assault, minor sexual innuendos and violent themes.

Type of Project

In-person performance/presentation

Approximate Run Time

25–30 minutes

Creative Leadership & Production

Fatima Barrie, director
Abigail Gorsuch, music director
Jenna Linnert, costume designer
Noah Pavo, lighting designer
Maggie Waite, sound designer
Alexa Guadagnoli, choreographer
Nicole Sugarman, intimacy director
Kyla Callison, intimacy director
Tyson Francis, production stage manager


Jillian Reef
Jack Finegan
Alaina Droog
Max Lewis
Ladye Vivian
Jordan Champe
Morgan Munro
Chance Anding
Charlotte Jenkins
William Gurley
Cora Stewart
Ellen Frary
Lily Anderson
Sophia Gunter
Natalie McCrowell
Larissa Culbertson
Micah Link
Ben Yantis

Faculty Mentor

Patrick Brady