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Steppenwolf prides itself on being one of the premiere ensemble theatres in America. Being in an ensemble means being open to perspectives that differ from our own, being willing to allow multiple truths to exist and, perhaps most importantly, being open to change.

We are committed to becoming a racially, culturally and socially just organization rooted in anti-oppressive values, and we invite you to commit with us to maintaining a safe and accessible environment wherein our patrons, staff, artists, students, donors, trustees and volunteers are all part of our ensemble.

We invite you to join our ensemble by:

• Treating everyone with respect, dignity and equity.
• Centering those whose experiences you may not identify with or understand.
• Celebrating various forms of expression and trusting that there is enough space for us all.

If we witness harm being caused, we commit to:
• Having the courage to interrupt and lead with compassion.
• Centering the needs of the harmed party(ies) if physical or emotional harm is caused.
• Working together to rectify a situation when harm is caused, intentionally or accidentally.

Ensemble ethos is what this company is built on. It’s not always easy, but we believe prioritizing community is how we achieve a better tomorrow.

While we pride ourselves on staging provocative work that elicits strong emotions, reactions and connections, it is essential that we reduce the harm that has occurred too often in our physical and virtual spaces. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse service, relocate and/or remove any person from our theater who disregards this Code of Conduct.

If you would like to share your thoughts with Steppenwolf leadership, please reach out to the company’s department heads at igotthoughts@steppenwolf.org.