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Hampton Arts is thrilled to present artists from around the world and around the corner. But we cannot do it without your support. Not only does your gift support the programs and historic venues, but you’ll also be making a difference in the lives of Hampton Roads youth through our Education Programs which focus on reinforcing the arts in the schools – along with introducing the next generation to the cultural arts! With your support, we can continue to provide exciting programming and educational opportunities for you and your entire family.


Donor list is accurate for the dates between July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022. The Hampton Arts Foundation is a 501 (c)3 federally exempt non-profit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. The information on this page is provided by Hampton Arts Foundation, an independent 501 (c)3 organization founded with the purpose to attract financial support for the long-term and capital needs of The Charles H. Taylor Visual Arts Center and The American Theatre. Hampton Arts Foundation is solely responsible for this content.


The Rouse-Bottom Foundation

David & Valerie Bowen
Steve & Sandi Hussell 
Richard M. Parison, Jr.
Merle & Kenneth Rivas
Angela & Christopher Sinesi

Letia & Joe Drewry
Greg Garrett - Garrett Realty Partners
Milyn King
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin & Patricia Leary 
Karen & Rick Spaulding
The Tang Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Ward 

Steve & Nancy Adams
Kathryn Allen
Lisa Basnight
Bruce & Jalene Breeger
The Honorable Eleanor Brown & Mr. Bill Brown
Mrs. Martha L. Clark
Les & Sue Davenport
Mark & Heather Duncan 
Doug Favre
Dr. Lawrence Hyman 
Mary Losik & Bill Savage
Mr. & Mrs. Norman B. Saville
Mareke Schiller
Debra Scott
Troy & Treganza Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Strup administered by the Peninsula Community Foundation, Inc.
Raymond & Catherine Walsh
Thomas & Catherine Wornom

Andrea Boyd
Mrs. Roxanne Lopez Brown & Mr. James McCormack Brown
Robert Doggett
Emily Favre
Dr. Edna Griffenhagen & Mr. Mark Waller
Lee & Vicki Hauser
Ted & Pam Henifin
Dr. Robert Howard
Tara & Jay Joseph
Karen & Dennis Katz in memory of David & Sandra Hillerson
Charles & Linda R. Kenney
Natalie Losik
Louise Coulson Marchello
Hansford R. & Christopher Post
Linda Schneider
The Honorable Robert C. Scott
The Doctors Serwatka

Kathleen Akridge in memory of Donnie Akridge
Mrs. Nancy Jane C. Bains
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Bagley, Jr.
Josephine Behan
The Honorable Chris L. Bowman
John Bruce
Norma H. Burks
Alice Callahan & Dennis Bushnell
Ms. Judith L. Carey
Kacey Carneal
Dwight & Joan Chadbourn 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Clark
Susan Cole
Bettie Minette Cooper
Sheryl Crawley
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dickseski
Letia & Joe Drewry in memory of LJ Richman
Jimmy & Midge Eason
Ms. Billie Paxton Einselen
Kevin & Sue Eley
Stephanie Faleski
Catherine Favre
Dr. Robert Feild & Mrs. Terri Feild 
Diana LoVecchio & Tim Gabbert in honor of Richard M. Bagley, Jr. 
Judy & Gordon Gentry, Jr.
Felicia Givens
Katherine Glass
Barbara Good
Franklin Greene
Elynor Hamilton
Gayle Hicks
Jesse & Patricia Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. Kendall Jones
Tim Jongquist
Ms. Ettalea Kanter
Jeff Katz in honor of Lynn Hillerson Cherin 
Mrs. Nancy B. Kearney
John G. Kenerson M.D. and Lisbet M. Hanson M.D.
Elizabeth King
Allison Knight
Sally A. Lazorchak
Mrs. I. Neill McInnis, Jr.
Denine & Doug Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Minetree
Annette Monroe-Martin
Martha F. Morris
Martha & Ross Mugler
Mary Neale
Captain & Mrs. Robert Scott, Jr.
Ms. Shirley Roby
Neal & Barbara Rosenbaum
Charles & Judith Saunders
Ms. Charlene Sevier
Ruth Simmons
Robert & Carole Smith
Steven Speicher in honor of Lynn Hillerson Cherin
Turner & Dolores Spencer
Fernando & Rise' Stephenson
Fred Westphal & Mary Swift
William C. "Bill" Tennis
George Walsh
John Whelan


David & Valerie Bowen 
Capstain Bar Brewing Co
Michael Curry
Letia & Joe Drewry
Elisabeth Drewry, Purely Practice Art
The Element
Field Family Dentistry, a division of Atlantic Dental Care, PLC
Rich Foley, Wanchese Fish Company
Fox Tail Wine Bar
Grazefully Yours
Bob Harper Portraits
Sandra Hogan
Christine Hunter, Essential Therapeutic Massage
Steve & Sandi Hussell
Alvin Hyman & Jodi Newland, Sweetwater Cuisine
Barry Menser
Denine & Doug Miller
Jeff Miller, 20 Hope Street Salon
Neptune's Fury Coffee Co
Shannon Olson, Olson Design
Oozlefinch Beers & Blending
Richard M. Parison, Jr.
Graham Parker, The Embassy Suites
Pairin Parker, Jasmine Thai Kitchen
Peninsula Town Center: Park Lane Tavern, JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Bath & Body Works
Hansford R. Post
Anita Ray, Painting With a Twist Hampton
Merle Rivas
Pat Rooney, Hot Yoga & Massage Studio
Jamie Shoemaker
Karen & Rick Spaulding
St. George Brewing Co
Kelly Ward, KSO Design

Donor Recognition

Sustainer ($1,000 or more)

John Dorsey

David Heddle

Jason Houser

Robert Howard

Margaret Mastbrook

Ray Walsh

Benefactor ($500-$999)

Christoph Leemann

Valerie Marshall

Laurie McNemar

Peter Morgan

George & Janet Nelson

Stephen Wood

Patron ($250-$499)

Lydia Crim

Carroll Glasco

Edward Guldner


Ray Otte


Lynn M. Seabacher

Summerwind Vineyard, LLC

The Chesapeake

The Hiddenwood

Verena at the Reserve Retirement Community

Warwick Forest


Sponsor ($100-$249)

William & Roxanna Andersen

David George & Shirlie Anne Anson

Emmet Aylor

Bay Youth Orchestras

Colonial Harbor

Alice Cryer

John & Isabelle Cummings

William Davenport

Robert Doggett

Joseph Drewry

Janna Fitzgerald

Robert Ford

William Garlette

Gene Chieffo

Edna Griffenhagen

Chelsey Hamm

Florian Hauenstein

Robert Kimsey

Simon La Pointe

Robert Lamb

Roy & Elizabeth Lasris

Pacquitta Laverents

Phil Lien

Alison Lynch

Ellen McDade

W. D. Morris

Patty Price

Sarah Quemada

Jan & Jack Ryan

William Schearer

Daniel Stuck

The Chamberlin

George & Barbara Van Osten

Virginia Eye Consultants

Virginia Eye Foundation

Richard Wertime

Charles & DJ Whittaker

Friend (Up to $99)

Stephen Adams

Gerald Allen

Billie Einselen

Christopher Espy

Cathy Francis

Katherine Freakley

Allen Fulford

Virginia Glover

Deborah Griesinger

Mark Hendrickson

Susanna Horner

Suzanne Maerz

Evelyn Perry

Carlos Phair

Steven Ralph

Anthony & Verna Sanzo

James Savinsky

Linda Serwatka

Linda Sheppard

Jacqueline Tate

James O. & Judy A. Torrey