The simplest digital program book you'll ever use
No clunky apps. No installations. Audience Access is a beautiful digital program book that uses texting to connect you directly to your patrons, all in an easy to use platform.
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More than just a digital program book
Audience access comes with built-in features designed to make your life simpler, all the while providing an enhanced experience to your patrons.
2-Way Messaging
Enhance the audiences' experience, resolve questions and connect with 2-way messaging.
Ticket Integration
Easily integrate the data you have collected into any ticketing system.
Data Collection
Gather emails and information the easy way—just ask your audience to text it to you.
Gather valuable feedback from audience members by sending surveys and polls via text.
Mass Texting
Easily send bulk texts or alerts to all your patrons at the same time.
Track Results
Use analytics to quickly check in on click-throughs, digital program usage, and more.
Custom Keywords
Create unlimited custom keywords to segment your audience and send targeted messages.
One-click Donations
Use this built-in feature to easily accept donations straight from your audience.
Text to Enter
Text messaging sweepstakes are easy to set up and easy to use. Plus, they’re a great way to engage patrons.
Sponsors and Ads
Easily attach static or animated sponsors and ads to multiple sections within your digital program.
PDF Download
Download your digital program into a PDF format to easily archive or use and share on your own website.
In the works
What are some new features that you can look forward to from Audience Access
MMS Messages
Attach logos, sponsors and images to the messages that patrons receive from keywords or that you send out via a mass message.
Custom Color Theme
Personalize the light theme with a custom color palette and control the color of your headers and links that appear in your digital program.
Set Publish Date
Load up your events in advance and watch them populate on your digital program by setting a date for them to be published in advance.
Flash Polls
Mass message flash polls for your audience to participate in and get results real time.
Service Keywords
Set up automated service keywords to quickly answer any question your audience might have.
You’ll be in good company
Join over 102 performing arts organizations providing their patrons with the latest information and digital programs that support their virtual and in-person performances.
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