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Image for Giselle with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Giselle with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra
FEBRUARY 23-25, 2024
About the Performance


Artistic Director | Christopher Stuart

Choreography | Jules Perrot & Jean Coralli

Additional Choreography and Staged by | Roger Van Fleteren & Luiza Boaventura

Composer | Adolphe Adam

Music performed by | Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Guest Conductor | Sergey Bogza

Production Manager & Lighting Designer | David Page

Production & Stage Manager | Joelle Tucker

Costume Director | Wendy Gamble

Technical Manager | MaK Eddins

Community Cast Coordinator | Natalie Hunt

Meet our Guest Conductor

Act I unfolds in a quaint village where a young peasant girl named Giselle falls deeply in love with a dashing young man named Albrecht. However, Giselle is unaware that Albrecht is actually a nobleman in disguise, engaged to a noblewoman named Bathilde. Hilarion, a peasant man in love with Giselle, exposes Albrecht's true identity. When Giselle discovers the truth about Albrecht and his impending marriage, the shock proves too much for her fragile heart. Consumed by grief and betrayal, she succumbs to a fit of madness and dies, leaving the village in mourning.

Act II opens in a hauntingly beautiful forest glade where the spirits of betrayed maidens, known as the Wilis, gather. Giselle's spirit becomes one of the Wilis, and they are led by their gueen, Myrtha. These spectral maidens seek revenge on any man who enters their forest, forcing them to dance to their death. When Albrecht and Hilarion visit Giselle's grave in the forest, they become targets of the vengeful Wilis, resulting in Hilarion's death. Giselle, however, intercedes on Albrecht's behalf, protecting him from the Wilis' wrath. In the end, Giselle's forgiveness and love break the curse, allowing Albrecht to escape the clutches of the supernatural and find solace in the enduring power of  true love.