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Image for To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird
September 2nd - November 4th on Barter's Gilliam Stage
Director's Note

I am reminded almost daily that there are things right in front of me that I do not see. Things that are absolutely apparent from other people’s points of view, and that seem obvious once I do finally see them.

I grew up in Alabama in a neighborhood not so different than the Finch’s. A street with big, old oak trees and small houses with well-worn front porches. We had our own Mrs. Dubose who we were certain would actually kill us if a ball went into her yard. Two doors down our very own Boo Radley haunted the neighborhood and would send us running for our homes at dusk when he softly called our names from behind his screen door. This story meant something very specific to me growing up- I read it with a child’s almost magical realism lens, and I saw only what Scout showed me. 

As an adult, I think much more about what is not said in the story: whose perspectives we are not seeing, and what is really going on that people aren’t talking about. This is something that, as adult Scout comes back to her childhood home in this play, she is wrestling with, too. The sights and smells of her youth take her back in her memory, and she is confronted by the things she didn’t notice at the time. She is reminded that Atticus wanted her to “climb into (other people’s) skin and walk around in it.” That basic tool of empathy is still one of the best ways to really see and to re-examine what we have missed about our past, other’s struggles, our country, and our legacy as humans. 

In the end, that is what is important here—that we resee what we have been unable or unwilling to recognize about ourselves and each other. Look again.

- Katy Brown, Director of To Kill a Mockingbird

Cast List

Jean Louis (Scout) Finch
Libby Zabit

Rita Cole*

Maudie Atkinson
Hannah Ingram*

Stephanie Crawford
Sarah Van Deusen

Jeremy (Jem) Finch
Garrett Summitt

Mrs. Dubose/Ensemble
Mary Lucy Bivins*

Reverend Sykes
Vince McGill*

Mayella Ewell
Zoë Velling

Bob Ewell
John Hardy*

Charles Baker (Dill) Harris
Christopher White

Atticus Finch
Nicholas Piper*

Mr. Cunningham/Judge Taylor
Zacchaeus Kimbrell*

Heck Tate/Ensemble
Sam McCalla

Tom Robinson
Terrance Jackson

Marissa Emerson

Mr. Gilmer/Arthur (Boo) Radley/Ensemble
Justin Tyler Lewis*

Kaci Deakins

James Jiggetts

Jacob Nuti

*Denotes members of the Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors, and Stage Managers in the United States.


Director/Producing Artistic Director of Barter Theatre
Katy Brown

Scenic Designer
Derek Smith

Costume Designer
Ashley Campos

Lighting Designer
Andrew Morehouse

Sound Designer
Miles Polaski

Fight Choreographer
Sean Maximo Campos

Fight Captain
Christopher White

Stage Manager
Megan Ward

*Denotes members of the Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors, and Stage Managers in the United States.

Production Crew

Production Assistant
Dylan Cote

Swing Dresser
Chantell Fuller

Gilliam Stage Carpenter
Patti Goebel

Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Beks Knost

Production Assistant
Lizzie Komosa

Wardrobe Supervisor
Emily Murray

Light and Sound Board Operator
L’Via Rodriguez


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Production Credits

Produced by special arrangement with DRAMATIC PUBLISHING, Woodstock, Illinois.