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Image for Young Artists Showcase
Young Artists Showcase
March 12, 2023

Hampton Roads Philharmonic
Steven Brindle, Music Director

Debussy   Petite Suite
  1. En bateau
  2. Cortège
  3. Menuet
  4. Ballet

Cello Concerto in A Minor

  1. Allegro non troppo–Molto allegro
    Benjamin Reed, cello

Symphony No. 1

  1. Adagio molto - Allegro con brio
  2. Andante cantabile con moto
  3. Minuet. Allegro molto e vivace - Trio
  4. Finale. Adagio - Allegro molto e vivace

Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor

  1. Moderato
    Benjamin Luo, piano
Hampton Roads Philharmonic Donors

Mrs. Margaret Mastbrook
Paul and Kelly Tiller
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Houser
Dr. Robert Howard Jr.
Mr. John Dorsey
Stephen Wood
Dr. Christoph Leemann
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. David Heddle
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Walsh

Valerie Marshall 
Laurie McNemar 
Janna Fitzgerald 
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Glasco
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guldner 
Mr. and Mrs. George and Janet Nelson 

Network for Good 
Mr. and Mrs. William and Roxanna Andersen 
Lydia Crim 
Robert Doggett 
Lynn M Sebacher 
Richard Wertime 
Simone and Simona, Instructors, Professional Dancers 
Cellis Chocolate Chips 
Chelsey Hamm

Patty Price
Edna Griffenhagen 
Sarah Quemada 
Ellen McDade 
John and Isabelle Cummings 
Dr. Ray Otte 
David George and Shirlie Anne Anson 
Robert Kimsey 
Jan and Jack Ryan 
Virginia Eye Foundation 
Virginia Eye Consultants 
Ms. Evelyn Perry 
Alice Cryer 
Pacquitta Laverents 
Mr. and Mrs. George and Barbara Van Osten
Emmet Aylor
Mr. Robert Ford
Daniel Stuck
Virginia Glover
Simon La Pointe
Bay Youth Orchestras of Virginia
Gene Chieffo
Joseph Drewry
Raymond Jones
William Davenport
Florian Hauenstein
William Garlette
Charles and DJ Whittaker 
William Schearer
James O. & Judy A. Torrey
Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Morris
Roy and Elizabeth Lasris
Robert Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lien
Alison Lynch

Suzanne Maerz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adams 
Ms. Katherine Freakley
Linda Sheppard 
Shahana Keisler
Linda Serwatka
William Coker
Camiel Sims
Cathy Francis
Billie Einselen
Allen Fulford
Susanna Horner
Mark Hendrickson
Mr. Steven Ralph
Mr. and Mrs. James Savinsky 
Deborah Griesinger 
Larissa Steblen
Christopher Espy
Jacqueline Tate
Anthony & Verna Sanzo
Col. and Mrs. I. N. McInnis, Jr. Gerald Allen 
Carlos Phair