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Image for Janis Brenner
Janis Brenner
July 12-15 | von der Heyden Studio Theater
Inheritance: A Litany

Inheritance: A Litany

Concept, Direction, Choreography,
Text, Vocals, Performance
Janis Brenner

Music Composer*
Jerome Begin

 Dramaturgical Support
Jill Sigman

Rehearsal Coaching
Risa Steinberg

Lighting Design/Production Manager
Mitchell Bogard

Janis Brenner

Special Guest
Aaron Selissen

Company Assistant
Ann Marie Connolly

Melody for “Suitcase/objects” Scene
Janis Brenner

“Darlin’ Cory”
Composed by various sources

Stagecraft Apprentices
Max Wining    Helen Perdomo
Kesia Cedeno-Ballard
Madelyn James    Mya Evans

Costume Apprentice
Sydney Sirkin

*Note: Several sections of the score were originally composed for Janis Brenner & Dancers’ The Mind-Stuff Variations in 2011, and have been re-imagined for Inheritance: A Litany.

Photo by Judith Stuart.

Funding Credits

The 2022 ADF Season
is made possible through the generous support of the SHS Foundation, Duke University, The North Carolina Arts Council, The Shubert Foundation, and City of Durham.

The presentation of Inheritance: A Litany by Janis Brenner is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The creation of Inheritance: A Litany was supported by private donations administered through Fractured Atlas, Inc. Rehearsal space for its development was provided by the Juilliard School - Dance Division. Thank You to press support from In The Lights PR Inc., as well as to touring partners at The Dance Hall in ME, Grinnell College in Iowa, Pomona College and CA State University- Long Beach in CA, and Onward Management Inc. for the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Academy in China.