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Image for Moving Forces
Moving Forces
10.22–24.21 | Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre
COVID-19 Safety

Masks are required at all times for all patrons and visitors regardless of vaccination status during all indoor performances taking place at Shenandoah Conservatory. Masks must be worn in the lobby, inside the theatre/concert hall and in the restrooms.


Performing artists will perform unmasked only if they are fully vaccinated and have tested negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of their performance(s).

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Moving Forces

October 22–24, 2021
Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre
Shenandoah Conservatory


Thank you for attending this evening's performance of the 2021 Fall Dance Concert: Moving Forces. This is the first time we are back on the Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre stage, presenting live work to a live audience, and we are very excited to have you with us. As you may already know, COVID-19 took a toll on the performing arts industry, affecting both professional and pre-professional artists alike. We, as many other dance programs across the U.S., were not exempt from this challenge. However, we found new ways to create works within new mediums that would benefit our dancers beyond live performances, and to continue sharing works with audience members near and far. Last year, all choreographers created new dances specifically for film, including one by international guest artist, Sidra Bell, who set a new work, Inhabitants, and which premiered on Shenandoah Conservatory's CP4U streaming service.

This evening, we are incredibly excited to share with you four new and re-staged works for you, including one by faculty member Charlie Maybee. Maybee explores the aesthetic relationship between the genre of tap dance and Guy Debord's theoretical concept of the spectacle with the premiere of The Spectres of the Spectacle. Using a deconstructive approach to tap dance, this new work continues Maybee's ongoing research of combining tap dance and postmodern aesthetics. Erica Helm's English Suite (2000) is a celebration of both community and beauty, two "essentials" that have sustained us through the past 18 months. Embodied in our shared experience is a joyful acknowledgement that we meet our challenges more fully and successfully when we tackle them together. Finally, Maurice Fraga presents two older works, Rift (2001), explores the journey of a relationship, commenting on societal constructs put upon men and their roles within partnerships, and Without Provocation (2014), where we see ordinary people collide under a dystopian blanket, filled with mechanical and industrial communicative moments.

Dance is a universal form of expression that strives to communicate; be it to form community, to worship, to philosophize, to entertain, to share stories, to express emotions, or to give visualization to aspirations, struggles and triumphs. In all cases, there is a sharing of information that happens when the performing body moves and is viewed by others . . . and the identification of meaning is based on the many individual and unique factors that each viewer, (including you!), brings to the “performance experience.”

I hope you enjoy tonight's performance and I invite you to become a “Friend of Dance” to help support this, and future, dance initiatives that provide current and impactful experiences for our students.


Maurice Fraga
Chair of Dance Division
Associate Professor of Dance
Shenandoah Conservatory

An English Suite (2000)

choreography by Erica Helm
music by C. Hubert H. Parry, An English Suite


Gigi Anderson
Hannah Black
Alexa Boyles
V Cangelosi
Mary Kate Cawley
Amy Cutler 
Shelby Davila
Alison Dede
Erin Friedersdorf
Lainey Griffin
Alexa Guadagnoli
Zariah Henthorn
Becca Hopkins
Ella McCauley
Cassidy Myers
Michaela Smallwood
Eve Stanley
Kristina Tucker
Christine West

In Minuet Style

Gigi Anderson
Hannah Black
Alexa Boyles   


Mary Kate Cawley
Zariah Henthorn
Alison Dede
Lainey Griffin
Alexa Guadagnoli
Becca Hopkins    
Ella McCauley
Michaela Smallwood
Eve Stanley


Kristina Tucker
Christine West


V Cangelosi
Amy Cutler
Shelby Davila
Erin Friedersdorf
Cassidy Myers (Fri/Sun)
Eve Stanley (Sat)


The Ensemble

- pause-

Rift (2001)

choreography by Maurice Fraga
music by Arvo Pärt, Fratres for Strings and Percussion

Trey Gregg
Ian Sabatine

Tyson Francis, understudy

The Spectres of the Spectacle (2021)

choreography by Charlie Maybee

Lily Anderson
Claudia Boutwell
Alexa Boyles
Hannah Campbell
Magen/Maggie DeFrees
Abigail/Abby Gronczewski
Anna Irwin
Alannah Kidd
Emily Luzier
Dakota Matos
Skylar Matos
Hallie Moore
Kristina Tucker

Without Provocation (2014)

choreography by Maurice Fraga
music by Francois Caffenne, Episode, Peripeties

Cast A (Fri/Sun)

Brittany Copp
Magen/Maggie DeFrees
Kiana Ducusin
Trey Gregg
Cassidy Myers
Ashley Reed
Ian Sabatine 
Christine West

Cast B (Sat)

Elisha Fields
Tyson Francis 
Rachel Harris
Trey Gregg
Jenna Lucy
Hannah Mikulecky
April Ulrich
Christine West

Production Team

Maurice Fraga, choreographer and artistic director
Charlie Maybee, choreographer
Erica Helm, choreographer

Eli Bendel-Simso, stage manager
Whitney Edmonds, costume designer
Miriah D. Borden, lighting designer
Anna Warda Alex, sound supervisor

Brian Dugan, assistant stage manager
Ben Edelen, assistant costume designer
Jenna Linnert, assistant costume designer
Gabby Koon, assistant costume designer
Valery Otero-Barrera, assistant lighting designer

Karen Follett, music director
Miriah D. Borden, technical director/production manager
Chloe Moore, costume shop manager
Myka Ahlemann, lighting shop manager
Maxwell Wright & Collin Moore, sound board operator
Allyson Trunzer, lighting board operator
Hannah Uhl, main curtain
Katie Bumbalo, Ashlyn Fitch, Brianna Keller, Annika Rodoff, costume crew
Riley Brooks, Amil Giunti, Isabella Morrison, Maria Pomares, Rachel Tomnay, Alayna Watkins, backstage crew
Ruthann Ciszack, Sabrina Van Voorhis, fly crew

Dance Division

Miriah D. Borden, Auxiliary Adjunct Assistant Professor
Tiffanie Carson, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ting-Yu Chen, Associate Dean for Student Affairs (Shenandoah Conservatory)
Rebecca A. Ferrell, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Karen Follett, Coordinator of Music for Dance
Maurice Fraga, Division Chair & Associate Professor
Erica Helm, Associate Professor
Shylo Martinez, Assistant Professor
Charlie Maybee, Auxiliary Adjunct Assistant Professor
Daniel Padierna, Assistant Professor
Mary Robare, Adjunct Assistant Professor & SCAA Dance Faculty
Robyn Schroth, Adjunct Assistant Professor & SCAA Dance Director
Marilyn Shenenberger, Staff Musician

SCAA is the Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy of Shenandoah Conservatory

Special Thanks

Dr. Tracy Fitzsimmons
Dr. Cameron McCoy
Dr. Michael Stepniak

Jennifer Adams
Elizabeth Albert
Patty Anderson 
Serena Augustine
Andrew Carson
Sepideh Dunham
Sarah Fisher-Burke
Jennifer Green-Flint
Christina Hardwich
John Hunt
Dan Kelling
Jeff Marlatt
Denise Massie
Melanie Mathewes
Kerri Nassano
Kimberly Pritchard
Michele Pye
Ryan Romine
Rose Schmeig
Carly Scranton
Scott Spriggs
David Steinmetz
Cheryl Woleslagle

Barry Schnoor, Raymond Meeker, Chris Williams & the Physical Plant Staff
Karen Myers & the Copy Center Staff
Courtney Reilly, Alisa Daum & the Shenandoah Conservatory Marketing Staff
Students of the Athletic Training Programs & Performing Arts Medicine Certificate

Dance Donors
Level 1 | $100 – $250

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Baczkowski
Mrs. Janet Helm
Courtney Reilly & Joseph Hammett

Donations made between July 1 and  October 21, 2021.

Thank you for your continued support!


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