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02.03–05.23 | Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre

Maurice Fraga, producer

February 3–5, 2023
Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre
Shenandoah Conservatory

Suggested Show Rating: PG

This production contains flashing lights, haze and adult language. Contact the Box Office or speak with an usher for more information.

Tick-Tock (2022)

choreography by Tiffanie Carson with creative contributions from the artists 
music by Hans Zimmer, Tick-Tock
lighting design by
Miriah D. Borden

2023 Senior Dance Class: ShenCo Labyrinth

Gigi Anderson
Alyse Bragg
Mary Kate Cawley
Amy Cutler
Maggie DeFrees
Lainey Griffin
Zariah Henthorn
Becca Hopkins
Alannah Kidd
Emily Luzier
Hannah Mikulecky
Hallie Moore
Michaela Smallwood
April Ulrich

…a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way

A labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool designed to foster contemplation and spiritual transformation. Tick-Tock features the senior class in a contemporary style work that symbolizes the trials, tribulations and successes throughout their collegiate journey. Through their wandering meditation they find passageways and peace within themselves as whole beings and souls.

Crown (2018, expanded in 2023)

choreography by Katherine Lopes Zukeri
music by Kendrick Lamar, music from and inspired by Black Panther

Alexa Boyles
Katie Jo Clukey
Amy Cutler
Maggie DeFrees
Hannah Mikulecky
Hallie Moore
Brittany Coop
Skylar Matos
Maria Pomares
Sabrina Wiles
Liannah Carey
Abby Davis
Kylie Johnson
Kate Mark
Lane Sipe
Olivia Kouletsis

Ascending Court (world premiere)

choreography by Shylo Martinez
music by Brand X Music
music composed by Christer Lennart Wibert, Attending Court, False Impressions, Elizabeth Ascends, Kings Gambit, Devious Waltz from Neoclassical 2 (2021)
lighting design by Andrew Carson

Gigi Anderson
Zariah Henthorn
April Ulrich
Ella McCauley
Ian Sabatine
Katie Bumbalo
Annika Rodoff
Rachel Tomnay
Angelique Melendez
Emily Adams
Paige DeFrees

Ella Newman, understudy and rehearsal assistant
Alayna Watkins, understudy

I See You

choreography by Earl Mosley
music by Art of Noise

Mary Kate Cawley
Lainey Griffin
Becca Hopkins
Hannah Campbell
Kiana Ducusin
Tyson Francis
Alexa Guadagnoli
Anna Irwin
Ashley Reed
Ruthann Ciszak
Amil Giunti
Brianna Keller
Alexis Beretzen
Avery Eisenhauer
Kaliyah Fridia
Lily Hemingway
Anna Lovrich
Evan Mucciarone
Renny White

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