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Our Generous Donors
Annapolis Symphony Orchestra
Individual Donors

Gifts in the current fiscal year, as of October 15, 2022, to support the Orchestra’s 5-Year Strategic Vision to “play more music in more places for more people”. 

The Annapolis Symphony Orchestra is sustained through the continuous support of hundreds of generous patrons. The leadership of those listed on these pages (with gifts of at least $100) shows an extraordinary depth of support for the Orchestra’s music making, education programs, and community initiatives.

+ Multiyear Pledges

Multiyear pledges support the Orchestra’s 5-Year Strategic Vision while helping to ensure a sustained level of funding. We salute those extraordinary donors who have signed pledge commitments of three years or more. These donors are recognized with this symbol next to their name: +


Marguerite Pelissier and Bill Seale

Joyce Pratt and Jeff Harris+

GIFTS OF $500,000 TO $999,000

Elizabeth Richebourg Rea+

GIFTS OF $250,000 TO $499,999

Michael Kurtz+

Laird Lott and Linda Gooden

GIFTS OF $150,000 TO $249,999

Kathleen and Robert Arias +

Jillinda Kidwell +

GIFTS OF $50,000 TO $149,000

Jane Campbell-Chambliss and Peter Chambliss +

Shelley Row +

Stephen A. Sotack +

GIFTS OF $25,000 TO $49,999

Peter and Sarah Evans +

Al and Ginger From +

Julie and Charles Grudzinkas

Mary C. McKiel

Martha and John Schwieters+

Barbara Simerl

Patricia and David Mattingly+

Peter Bungay and Joy Chambers +

GIFTS OF $10,000 TO $24,999

Florence M. Calvert +

Deborah Howe +

David and Eleanor Huggins

Mimi Jones +

Diane Steed

Ann and Robert Whitcomb +

Laurie Berman +

GIFTS OF $5,000 TO $9,999

Herb and Sally Abeles

Paula Abernethy

James W. Cheevers

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edwards Jr.

William and Contance Scott +

Collot Guerard

GIFTS OF $2,500 TO $4,999

Prudence Clendenning

Marguerite and Enser Cole

Pierre and Danalee Henkart

Anne S. Potter

Doug and Karen Smith +

GIFTS OF $1,000 TO $2,499


Bill and Lisa Abercrombie

Hugh Camitta & Louise Snyder

Angela Eggleston-Howard

Renee Ehler and George Bentley

Dr. Richard and Carole Falk

Anna E. Greenberg

Bob and Diane Heaney

David McGill

Rob & Patti Muir

Bob Sherer

Judith Templeton

Dr. Rodney Tomlinson and Ms. Sari Kiraly

Mrs. Tamara and Dr. Stephan Tymkiw

George and Charlotte  West

GIFTS OF $100 TO $999

Michael Alin and Ann Carroll

Linda Allen

Hugh and Deborah Houghton

Lillian Armstrong

Ms. Susan Armstrong

Adele Baron

Pat and Karen Brown

Carmen Brun

Carolyn Cassidy

Pamela and James Chaconas

Betsy and Arthur Chotin

Patrick and Nancy Clagett

Rosemary Claire

Elizabeth Colandro

B.S. Creighton

Judy Crews-Hanks and Brian Hanks

Barbara and James Cyr-Roman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Demoyer

C. DeVore

Allison and Patrick Durbin +

Fred and Susan Eckert

Mr. Michael Eckhart

Sharon Engelhard

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Erickson

Pauline Farmer

James R. Fitzpatrick

George Geneaux

Elizabeth Gordon-Bluntschli

Arthur Greenbaum

Valerie Gutterson

Georgina Hammond

Patty Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hecht

D. Gayle Hensley

Gretchen Herdt

David Herron

Margaret Hosmer

Dr. and Mrs. William Hunter

La-Royce Jordan

Nick Kemp and Kay Osburnsen

Norman and Doris Lerner

Ellen and Joseph Levin

Lynne Malley

Colin McIntosh & Robert Smith

Teresa McKenna

Don and Carol Nelson

David and Carol Newman

Susan Okula

Cheryl and Jim Painter

Bob and Cookie Pollock

Fred Probeck

Margret Rauh

Ken and Maureen Reightler

Constance Robinson

Paul and Joan Rosenberg

Jeffrey Scherr

Scott Schollenberger

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

Walton Stallings

Thomas Taneyhill

Philip W. Tawes and Edwards Adams

Paula Thistle

Larry and Betty Thompson

Peter Threadgill

Laura and Jack Van Geffen

Matt Venhaus

Mr. and Mrs. Damien Wanner

Cynthia Wells

Francis Wright

Bernard and Louis Wulff

David Zinnamon

Anonymous (2)

We make every effort to ensure accuracy. If you notice an error, omission or would like to be recognized in a different way, please let the Symphony staff know at your earliest convenience. The Annapolis Symphony Orchestra greatly appreciates all contributors of any amount. 

The Annapolis Symphony Orchestra is funded by operating grants from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive, and the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County, which receives public support from Anne Arundel County, the City of Annapolis, and the Maryland State Arts Council. Funding for the Maryland State Arts Council is also provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Crescendo Club

The Crescendo Club is back!

Donors who pledge or make gifts of $1,000 plus are invited to have a complimentary glass of wine before the concert and during the intermission.

Immediately following the concert please joinArtistic Director and Conductor José-Luis Novo and other patrons for a post-concert gathering.