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Irvine Barclay Theatre Donors
Irvine Barclay Theatre
Public Partners

City of Irvine

University of California, Irvine

Season Sponsor

UCI Health

Venue Sponsor

Lugano Diamonds

Corporate Sponsors

Haskell & White LLP

Premier Patron Society - Impresario


Worah Family Foundation

Premier Patron Society - Maestro


Eugene and Carol Choi

Gerrit and Amy Cole Foundation

The Hiland Foundation

Bill and Carolyn Klein

Christy and Lou Marlin

Thomas Rogers and Sally Anderson

Al Spector and Tatjana Soli

Judy and Wes Whitmore

Premier Patron Society - Virtuoso


Hana Ayala in honor of Francisco Ayala

Alison Moore Cotter

Bobbi Cox

The Drake Laguna Beach

Gary Fabian and Deb Solon

David and Trudi Gartley

Alec Glasser

Michael and Eleanor Gordon

Haskell & White LLP

Harason Horowitz

Mark Chapin Johnson Foundation

Terry and Judy Jones

Jennifer Klein

Karen Kuo-Limb and Jong C. Limb

Goran Matijasevic

Danielle Oakley Morris

Dot and Rick Nelson

William and Janice Parker Family Fund

Robert E. Romney

Richard and Cheryll Ruszat – Montessori Schools of Irvine

Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund

Kenneth and Sandra Tokita

Greg Zaret

Charlie and Ling Zhang

Premier Patron Society


Mayumi and Tom Adams

The Bish Family

Clifford and Jennifer Cheng

Rohit Deshpande and Anita Watumull

Diana Ghoukassian

Chuck and Janet Henze

Eleanor Jaffy and Andrew Vollero

Robert Kazer and Jill Richter

Lewis Family Charitable Gift Fund

Jerry and Whitney Mandel

James McGaugh

Arthur Ong and Ginger Sun

Yvette Pergola

Christopher and Lynne Ramsey

Ron and Margaret Redmond

Salwa Rizkalla

Sondra Samuels

Craig and Kirsten Springer

Alexander Stimpson

Barclay Associates - Soloist


Shooka and Dr. Kenny Abedini

Joe Baker and Elliott Kornhauser

Ellen Breitman and Mr. Brien Amspoker

Terry Causey

Michael and Melanie Cooper

Albert Encinias

Jacqueline Fox

Loren Hansen and Lorraine Caukin

Jack and Joy Kayajanian

Roger Kirwan

Neal and Andrea Littlejohn

Derrick and Natalia Ostensen

Bill and Joyce Perrone

Greg and Mishel Rohl

Chiyo and Stanton Rowe

Daniel Stein

Diane Stovall

Eric and Donna Stovner

Mary Watson-Bruce

Brian and Beth West

Kurt and Ellen Youngs

Barclay Associates - Champion


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Adams Jr.

Richard Alexander

Scott and Katherine Arbuckle

Diane and Dennis Baker

Denise Chilcote

Bob and Burnie Denham

Ernest and Gail Doe

Arlene and Steven Fienberg

Douglas and Kathleen Forde

Margaret M Gates

Gilbert Gluck

Geeta and Sanjiv Grover

Greg and Sumie Haase

Ramya Harishankar and Harish Murthy

Ken and Patsy Janda

Karen Kewell Jacoby

Liza and Stuart Krassner

Hilary Lemansky

Duane and Kathie Mauzey

Karen McCulley

Natalie Miles

Peter and Alexandra Neptune

Tom and Debbie Newmeyer

Natolie Chikako Ochi

James Pick and Rosalyn Laudati

Dorcas Preston

Stephanie Ray

Joel B. Rothman

Debbie and Frank Rugani

Jo Anne and Bob Simon

Nancy Smith

Robert and Veronica Start

Cindy Thomas

Michele and Irwin Walot

Martha Weida

M. Willie and V. Smith

Barclay Associates – Benefactor


Stephen and Mary Auerbach

John W. Ballantyne

Christopher Blank and Josie Badeaux

Mary Cobb

Claus Dieckell

Joan M. Donahue

Nancy Bonner Eisenberg

Kevin Finley

Christine Fluor and Walter Scacchi

Fred and Aviva Forster

David Fukuda

Anna and Daniel Gajski

Lynn Gardner and Paul Multani

S. Glass Family

Mark Gordon

1st Lt. Edwin Henderson

Susanna Hugelshofer

Joanne and Dennis Keith

Maxwell Lee and Ying Cheng

Rachel Levin

John Long and Tamara Taylor

Michael and Charisse Lyseight

Carol and Tim McMahon

Meredith Michaels

Mark Nielsen

Marica Novegrod

Rey O'Dey

James and Lynn Payne

Mike and Lucy Peak

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Pettem

Jill Prentice

Diana Putz

Ms. Maria Reichel

Otto Reyer

Dr. Stephen Rochford

Tracie Rotter

Thomas and Brenda Sabin

Gary and Melanie Singer Charitable Fund

Adreana Souleles

Emily Crean Vogler

Charles and Marilyn Wright

Barclay Associates – Advocate


Beth and Michael Adler

Karen Hohman Almeida

Bernice Arrieta

Michael Baginski

Victoria Barrett

Bruce Beckman

Mark and Sharon Berman

Mrs. Jeanette Bianchini

Janet Bonnefin

Steven Brenneis

Scott Brinkerhoff

Nancy and Wayne Broadhag

Luisa Cano

Erica Charles

Jeff Corp

Anahid Crecelius

Alice Creighton

James and Lesley Danzinger

Mike Davis

Jeff De Seriere

Mary Susan Denley

Mary Denley

Susan Dicarlo

Don and Debra Drysdale

Kent and Irene Dunlap

Roberta Fox

Howard Gleicher

Gary Good

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gordon

Fred and Cheryl Heinecke

Holmes Family

Dana Huff and Ms. Deanna Petrucco

Dr. and Mrs. Ravi Jandhyala

Jessica Kaltman and Robert Reznik

Kyle and Cherrill Kawakami

Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Kelleher

Dana Klein

Michael and Elaine Kleinman

Kathleen Koch

Richard Krey

Kerry Krisher

Holly Larson

Bruce Larson

Michael Lawler

Vicki and Richard Lee

Cheryl and James Lewis

Kent Livesay

Edward Luedke

Capt. Kevin M. Mac Donnell

John Maitino

Susan M. Mason

Thomas Mason

Mrs. Valerie Mcpherson

John and Deborah Middlebrooks

William Miller

Margi and John Murray

Elizabeth Olson

Catherine Pazemenas

Michael Pirrung

Lois Rake

Jerri Rosen

Nancy Lee Ruyter

Brennan Sakata

Katherine Schoellerman

Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto

Mr. Walter and Dr. Masami Stahr

Sullivan Family

George Suranyi

Martha Topik

Christopher Trela & ArtsPR

Robert Vega

Melissa and David Vermilya

Beth Waterman

Carl and Deborah Weinert

Mark and Lou-Ann Weltman

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley White

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Williams

Andrew and Wendy Yurcho 

Barclay Associates – Friend


The Aber Gorup Inc

Brian Abrams

Oscar R. Aguirre

Marguerite Anatol

Mary Anne Anthony-Smith

Anthony and Myrna Arnaut

Mrs. Lori Bassman

Theresa Battel

George C. Bauer

Rosanne and William Beam

Stephen and Susan Billard

Gene Bohlmann

Sundi Bonfiglio

Suzanne Boras

Tim Boulger

Kerry and Paul Boulian

Paul Brauer

William J. Brennan

Deborah Brin

Vanessa Bryant

Michael J Burke

Roland E. Bye

Marie Cardoza

Ronald Castro

Alan Cawi

Patrick Chambers

Mrs. Kay Clark

Donna Cox         

Brad Crosley

Karen Davidson

Ann Donat

Ron Duff

Ernest Duarte

Wayne Emigh

Joanne Fernbach

Paul Findlay and Doug Ward

Joan Hoffman Fisher

Francis and Ruby Foo

Jeannine Ford

Ellen Fujikawa

Eileen Garbutt

Peter Gavin

Curtis Gibbs

Ben and Sandie Goelman

Kristina Golden

Ryan Goldsmith

Kevin and Candice Gomez

Anna Gonosova

Roger and Patt Grable

Mary Graham

Linda Griffith

Christopher and Andrea Guidry

Janet Rubin-Halpert and Roger Halpert

Hedy Harrison

Tim Harward

Maureen J. Heaton

Diana Heinhold

Richard and Sara Hess

Richard and Jaqueline Heyendal

Peter Holden and Angela Howley-Holden

Lisa Hovagimyan

Maria Howard

Stephen Hryniewicki

W. Itoga & Sons

Laurie Jacobs

Sara Kishner

Bobi Keenan

Sharon and Kenneth Kraus

Solly and Beth Krom

Rosa Kwong

John Lawrence

Robert Lechich

Mrs. Mary Linn Lee

Tae Lee

Scott Lewis

Anne Llewellyn

Leo Lynch-McDonnell

Christian and Sharon Maas

Madere Family

Amira Mansour

Robert and Gay Lyn Mantey

Christine A. Marx

David and Teryl McDermott

Patricia M McIntyre

John Miles

Harvey Miller

Fredrick Mlakar

Heidi Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. John Mull, M.D.

Ramon Munoz

David Murray

Kris Nakasu

Mrs. Margaret Nolde

Marianne Nylen

Dr. Diane ODowd

Judy and Don Oswald

Mrs. Cheer Pan

Tom Pardue

Gerald Parham

Cyrus Parker-Jeannette

Barbara Paulson

Peter and Ursula Piotrowski

Dolly A. Platt, PhD

Chara Quintero Inc. Orthodontics

Stephanie Rossman

Kathleen Saunders

David Sbardellati

Jonathan Schiesel

Frances Segal

Mrs. Barbara J. Shapiro

Linda and Ed Sherman

Marjorie Skansen

MaryAnne Skorpanich

Carol and Richard Smith

Dorothy J. Solinger

Tina Sommers-Bernhardt

Don Laffoon and Grace Songolo

Jack Spiegel

William IV and Sherry Spurgeon

Hugh Stevenson and Jan Burns

Daniel and Jeanne Stokols

Ingrid Strayer

Pamela Strunk

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Sutton

Dr. David Tiemeier

Martha Toft

Jim and Carol Tomac

Dr. Katherine Urek

Margaret Vaneck

Christine Vangelatos

Joanne Vargas

Sandra Vaughan

Linda Venezia

Fred and Patricia Viele

Roslyn and Elliot Vogelfanger

Mary Von Dem Bussche

Renee Walter

Shoulee Wang

Allen Warner

Dr. Richard Weiss

Stevenson Weitz

Thomas and Lynn West

Aimee Whitaker and Steven Whitaker

Bruce and Susie White

Mark Widder

Mark Wille

George and Flo-Ree Woodruff

Adelle Yeaton

Susan Yee

National Choreographers Initiative

As a partner in the annual National Choreographers Initiative, Irvine Barclay Theatre is also pleased to acknowledge all those who support this important contribution to American dance.

Dr. Tom Alexander

Mrs. Alan V. Andrews

Diane and Dennis Baker

Ballet Barres West

William H. Bardens

Dr. Michael Bear

Stacie Brandt

Ellen Breitman

Laurie and Bart Brown

Sydney Caggegi

David and Beverly Carmichael

James Carter

Hillary Caston

G. Terry Causey


Concierge Podiatry Newport Beach

Bobbi Cox

Sophia and Larry Cripe

Kingsley Croul

Bronny Daniels

Joy Dittberner

Gale Edelberg and Bob Butnik

Henry and Janet Eggers

David Emmes and Paula Tomei

Matthew Eriksen

Frances Farrer

Gilian Finley and Robert Labaree

Roberta Fox

Mary and Andrew Franklin

Douglas Freeman

Judith A. Gorski

Barbara Granger

Dr. and Mrs. Denis Gray

Carol Hamiltin

Mrs. Diane Hanlon

Jan Hartranft

Janice Hobbs

Lisa Hovagimyan

Dana Huff

Bette Kain

Dr. Burton L. Karson

Joanne and Dennis Keith

Michael Kerr and Jenny Backhaus

Nancy Kriz

Don and Grace Laffoon

Laurie Lewis

Manette Lim

Kathryn Lynch and Robert McDonnell

Molly Lynch and Alan Andrews

Marcia Pendjer and John Miller

Emil and Michele Monda

John and Margorie Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Mitsuhiko Nakano

Diana Navarre

Marie Peluso

Christopher Pendleton

James B Pick and Rosalyn M Laudati

Janice and Richard Plastino

Dolly A. Platt, PhD

Edward and Diana Putz

Edward and Diana Putz

Michael D Ray

Barbara Roberts

Michelle Rohe

Andrew Rose

Jack and Katy Schellerman

Judy Scialpi

Margot Shapiro

Joseph Sheridan

Sally Anne and Don Sheridan

Diane Silber

Ann Sim

Smith-Walker Foundation

Elizabeth Stahr

Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund

Jennifer Szabo

Gary Thorne

Barbara and Jack Tingley

Lynn Weiser and Mike Tompkins

Max and Peggy Weismair

Steve and Linda Weitz

Mary Vensel White

William Gillespie Foundation

Sharyn Woodhouse