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Hartford Symphony Orchestra
Thank You!


Your tax-deductible donation to the HSO’s Annual Fund provides critical funds that support all of our programs in Greater Hartford! Please consider renewing your support now, making an extra gift, or choosing this time to pay your outstanding pledge to our Annual Fund to help maintain our operating needs.

Many companies will match any charitable contributions made by their employees! Check with your employer to see if your company offers a Matching Gifts program. Your support could be doubled or tripled!

If you have any questions about the Annual Fund, contact Assistant Manager of Donor Engagement, Deb Shulansky at dshulansky@hartfordsymphony.org or
(860) 760-7302.

You can make your donation online by filling out the below form. If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to “Hartford Symphony Orchestra” and mail to:

Hartford Symphony Orchestra 
Attn: Development
166 Capitol Ave
Hartford, CT 06106
Why Give?


Give to hear the music.  As a non-profit organization the HSO relies on the generosity of its donors. The HSO’s exciting and innovative programming brings a new dimension to the artistry of Hartford, from Masterworks to POPS! to the Talcott Mountain Music Festival. Your gift enables the HSO to perform inspirational, original and groundbreaking concerts.

Give to our community. The HSO provides music and instruction to more than 22,000 children and adults in our community through our flagship Symphony in the Schools program and myriad of educational and community programs in more than 110 schools throughout the state. Your gift will inspire creativity in classrooms across our region.

Give to be a part of the arts in Hartford. Music is the foundation upon which every great community is built. For more than 70 years, the Hartford Symphony Orchestra has been a leader among arts organizations in Hartford, employing more than 200 musicians who live and work in our area. Your gift brings together those musicians and music lovers.

Give to honor someone. A gift to the HSO will support important community outreach programs like Musicians Care ProjectThis program brings the harmony of the HSO to residents in assisted living facilities who would otherwise be unable to enjoy and experience the beauty of live music. Give in honor of someone you love – your gift will make a difference in the lives of so many.

Give to help cultivate a love of music. Link up guides students grades 3-5 through a year-long music curriculum culminating in a concert performance with the HSO at The Bushnell. Your gift will bring music into the lives of children and inspire them to succeed in school and beyond.

Give to express love: The love of music, the love of one another, the love of the arts. Your gift enables the artistry of the HSO to be experienced throughout the region, bringing the highest quality music to our community.

Individual Giving

Click HERE to learn more about the Individual Giving levels and Membership Benefits.

Annual Fund Donors

We thank the following individuals who contributed to the HSO’s Annual Fund as of September 23, 2022

Francis Goodwin Circle
$25,000 and above

Beth & Rick Costello

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Garthwait, Jr.*

Chloe & Wesley Horton**

Janet Link

Kristen Phillips & Matt Schreck

Mrs. Millard H. Pryor, Jr., Ms. Esther A. Pryor & The Pryor Foundation**

David & Linda Roth*


President’s Circle 
$10,000 - $24,999

Robert C. Bausmith & Jill M. Peters-Gee, M.D.

Suzanne & John Bourdeaux

Coleman H. & Jo Champlin Casey**

Ms. Hermine Drezner & Mr. Jan Winkler & the Drezner/Winkler Fund at the Hartford Foundation

Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Recommended by Linda & David Glickstein

Bob & Frankie Goldfarb*

Mike & Sandi Goss

MaryEllen M. & Pierre H. Guertin**

Jerry & Barbara Hess*

Jeffrey & Nancy Hoffman

Christopher Larsen**

Mr. Matthew H. Lynch & Ms. Susan M. Banks*

Jenifer Noble

Michael & Genevieve Pfaff*

Mary T. Sargent**

Sharon and Frank Travis and the Travis Foundation*

Alex & Patricia Vance**

Jeff & Pam Verney

Gary & Diane Whitney*

The Zachs Family**

Platinum Circle 
$7,500 - $9,999

Bruce Barth & Pamela Yeomans Barth

Brook & Charlotte Jason**

Gold Circle
$5,000 - $7,499

Peter L. Anderson

Duffield Ashmead and Eric D. Ort

Ms. Nancy A. Brennan

Eleanor N. Caplan**

The Cheryl Chase and Stuart Bear Family Foundation, Inc.**

The Rhoda and David Chase Family Foundation, Inc.**

Dr. & Mrs. Bernie Clark*

Margaret J. Coe

Robert H. Connell & Michelle Duffy

Abraham & Denise Davis

Luis Federico Diez-Morales

Rev. Hope Eakins & Rev. William Eakins

Mr. & Mrs. Gossner

Peter Gourley & Ruth Ann Woodley

Arnold C. Greenberg

Dr. Margaret L. Grunnet

Neale & Carol Hauss**

Mrs. Anne H. Isbister

Mee-Jung Jang & David Jeng

Mathew & Valerie Jasinski

Konover Coppa Family Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Bernard & Gale Kosto**

Nick Mason

Carol McDonald

Ann M. McKinney

In Memory of George Merrow

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Miller

Bob & Lynn Murray

Arlene & Daniel Neiditz

Gary & Diane Ransom**

Dr. & Mrs. Allan Reiskin**

Kristen Roger

Elizabeth S. Russell**

Patricia & Andrew Salner**

Peter & Barbara Setlow

Mr. Joseph Spada

Keith & Catherine Stevenson

Carrie & Mike Stockman

Cynthia Tseng & Daniel Hseuh

Mary and David Woods

Bernard J. Zahren**

Maestra’s Society 
$2,500 - $4,999

Chris & Gay Adams

Mr. & Mrs. Bryant Andrews

Jim & Joan Betts**

Kenneth & Judith Boudreau*

Wes & Joann Boyd

Sarah & Jeff Burns

Bill Cannon & Kent Holsinger

Dr. Alexandre Carre

Karen Saunders & David Cass

Jared Chase

Nancy & Ron Compton**

Patricia Connolly &

Carol & Tim Covello*

Dr. Michael E. Cucka*

Barbara O. David*

Ruth Ann C. Davis**

Ann Drinan & Algis Kaupas

Patrick & Christine Egan

Stanley & Susan Fellman*

Anita & Tony Ferrante*

Susan & Robert Fisher**

Anne C. Fitzgerald

Muriel & Karl Fleischmann**

Paul & Mary Fox

Ms. Rona B. Gollob

Peter Grzybala & Diane Korntheuer

Mort & Irma Handel**

Ms. Laura R. Harris

Mark & Marianne Hayes

Alyce & David Hild*

Don & Helen Hughlett

Susan & Bob Izard*

Sylvia & Harvey Kelly*

Claire & Jan Kennedy

Lois & Charles Koteen

Margaret W. Lawson

Nancy & Jerry Lemega

Dr. Carolyn W. Lester

Irene J. Loretto**

Mr. John Nealon & Ms. Pamela Lucas

Gerry Lupacchino & Lynn Beaulieu

Anita & William Mancoll

Arthur Masi & Brian Hentz*

Ms. Virginia McDaniel

Peggy & Alan Mendelson

Bob & Ami Montstream**

Chibuzo & Charlotte Obi

Robert & Margaret Patricelli Family Foundation

Mary and Charles Petras

Dara Ribicoff

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Roche

Doug & Liz Sansom

Philip & Starr Sayres

Hon. Howard Scheinblum & Ms. Susan R. Fierberg*

Virginia W. Scheller

Ronald & Judy Schlossberg

Thomas & Sharon Shea

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin S. Shirley

Mrs. James B. Slimmon

Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Karen & Howard Sprout*

Margery & Stephen Swigert

Betsy & Matthew Udal

Dr. & Mrs. Dean F. Uphoff*

Carlisle Wildeman

Helen & Alfred G. Wilke

Jessica & Eric Zachs*


Concertmaster’s Club 
$1,000 - $2,499

Vicki & Leonard Albert

Ms. Virginia Allen and Mr. Zean Gassmann

Anne Alvord

Mill River Foundation*

Jane & Daniel Arnold

Heather Bankowski

Dr. & Mrs. John Banta

Tom & Melanie Barnes Family Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation

John & Susan Beers**

Nancy P. Bernstein

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Blechner

Drs. Scott Boden and Mary Ayre

Robert & Christine Bogino

Catherine Boulant

Dr. John Brancato & Mr. Thomas Richardson

Linda P. and Theodore J. Bruttomesso, Jr.

John & Arlene Buckey

Shari G. Cantor

Michael Carbonetta

Patricia K. Carey

Mr. Joseph R. Carlson

The Chaurette Family

Patricia A. Ciccone & JoAnn Freiberg

Bob & Jean Collins

Steve and Kim Collins

Kim Curtin

John & Sheila D'Agostino

Donald Davidson

Joe & Carolyn Dawkins

Guy & Lori DeFrances

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur C. DeGraff, Jr.**

Denise Desmarais

Barry & Pauline Dickstein

Karen DiMenna

Kate & Jon Dixon

Hollis G. Dorman

Go Permits LLC

Timothy & Janet Ellsworth

Lawrence & Carol English

David & Peggy Fay

Dan & Joni Fine

Mr. Lawrence R. Fish*

John Fiske

Mike Foley

Karen L. Fritsche

William Fuller

Peggy Furey

Suzanne Gates

Lindsey Gendall & Jonathan Wang

Chip Glanovsky

Dr. Sid & Joy Glassman

Suzanne & David Goldberg

Jean Cadogan & Alden Gordon

Cate & John Grady-Benson

Reverend and Mrs. Richard  Grobe

Andrew R. Hahn & Cathy J. Hitchcock

Wendy M. Haller

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hamilton

Ms. Bette J. Hardersen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harvell

Ms. Della Hennelly

Robert Hewey & Carol Simpson

Marcia D. & Samuel T. Hinckley

Shepherd M. Holcombe, Jr.

Suzanne Hopgood

Jay & Mimi Hostetter

Richard & Beverly Hughes

Kimball & Dorothy Hunt

Mr. Ellery H. Hurd

Priscilla Hurley

Albert G. Ilg

Mr. & Mrs. S. Edward Jeter

Mr. & Dr. Richard Johnston

David & Carol Jordan

Brooks & Carol Lee Joslin

Janet Keough

Nancy Kline & James Trail

Dr. Jeffrey & Virginia Kluger

Jane & James Knox

Carol & Yves Kraus

Lisa Kugelman, M.D. & Roy Wiseman

Judy Kulick

Cary and Beth Lakenbach

Lauren Lang

David R. Lesieur

Mike and Sally Levin

Catherine Mahoney

Bonnie Malley

Mrs. Leta Marks

Barri Marks and Woody Exley*

Walter & Anne Mayo

Timothy Michaels & Barbara Sweet

Wolfried & Anita Mielert**

Lois Muraro and Carl Elsishans*

Giuliana Musilli & Scott Schooley

Anthony Myers

Reba & Arthur Nassau

Willa M. Nemetz

Mrs. Sarmite F. Nielsen

Don Noel

April Nunn

Mark & Dianne Orenstein

Nancy Macy & Robert Painter

Katherine Papathanasis

Gerry Pastor & Jane Porterfield

Mr. and Mrs. Brewster Perkins

David Pettyjohn

Scott & Beth Powell

Lucia & James Rees

Elenor Reid

James S. & Nancy Taggart Remis**

Linda & Steve Revis

Mrs. Belle K. Ribicoff

John & Laura Roche

Robert & Marguerite Rose

Dr. James C. Rouman

Dr. Jeffrey Rudikoff & Edee Tenser

Ms. Patricia Sagal

Ann Sagalyn, D.M.D.

Matthew Salner

Cheryl & Nild Sansone

Jeanne & Erling Schmidt*

Terry & Judy Schmitt

Terry & Andrea Schnure

Celeste & John Senechal

Jack & Donna Sennott

Paul Serenbetz

Margaret & Ruben Shapiro

The Shulansky Foundation, Inc.**

John & Nancy Silander

Amy Lynn Silverman**

Elizabeth Snow

Patricia B. Snyder

Mark & Linda Sperry

Henry Skip Steiner*

Jonas V. Strimaitis, Esq.

Allan & Sally Taylor

Mrs. Beverly Thomas

Bill & Judy Thompson

Edith & Jim Tresner

Dougie & Tom Trumble

James D. and Susan Vincent

Mr. Robert J. von Dohlen**

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Ward

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Waterman

Judith & Joel Weisman

Elizabeth White**

Thomas & Patricia Wildman**

Ruth Woodford

Steven Yau & Cherie Caluda

Soohyung Yoo & Jeremy Hwang

Daniel Zakin

Lawrence Zemel, M.D. & Eliane Sandler


Principal’s Club
$500 - $999

John & Shireen Aforismo

Ruth Alexander

Elizabeth S. Allen

Cheryl & Stephen Anderson

Elizabeth Ash

Theodore C. Athanas

Tom and Paula Baird

Catherine Banbury

Lisa Beaudoin

Louis Bellofatto

David & Taylor Benedum

Evelyn Benoit & Tom Goodrum

Joanne Berger-Sweeney & Urs Berger

Eric & Lisa Besman

Helen & James Black

Mrs. Arthur Blumberg

Dr. and Mrs. Nelson Bondhus

Mr. Stephen Bosworth

Danielle Bousquet

Ann & David Brandwein

Mr. Peter J. Brazaitis

Anne & Kenneth Brock Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation

Ms. Gilda S. Brock

Dr. and Mrs. James Brodey

Thomas & Margo Burns

Therese Cain

Brian & Kathryn Camgemi

Ms. Rosamond Campbell

Dr. & Mrs. J.T. Cardone

Dr. Alicia Carmona-Levy

Polly U. Champ

Patricia Checko

Melody Christopher

Bob & Judy Chusmir

Patricia A. Clifford

Naomi & Michael Cohen

Joyce & Bill Coleman

Meredith & Kathleen Colket

Ms. Sue A. Collins

Meaghan Cooper & Matthew Weiner

Dr. Roger D. Coutant

Mary H. Crary**

David Crombie

Linda R. Cromwell

Cheryl Czuba

Douglas Deacon

Jeremy Decarli

Christopher & Pamela DiMartino

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herpst

Samantha Donafrio

Brenda A. Draghi

Donna & Kevin Edwards

Bill & Elaine Ellis

The Enders Family

Jean Esselink

Robert Facey

Cristina Figueiredo

Vaughan Finn & Steve Nightingale

Mr. Michael Fischer

John Flagge

Larry & Beverly Fleming

Lynne & Richard Fletcher

Alan & Margreet Francis*

Mr. & Mrs. Jay G. Fromer

The Gabree Family

Martin & Brenda Geitz

Rona & Barry Gelber

Mr. and Mrs. Pietro Giammarco

Nancy Goodwin

Zadelle & Arthur Greenblatt

Janna S. and Jeffrey B. Gross

Mr. & Mrs. Martin D. Guyer

Joyce P. Hall

Merle & David Harris

Lawrence & Roberta Harris**

Steve & Ellen Harris

Bruce Hart

Edie & John Hathorn

Leesa & Steve Heath

Elinor & Wayne Hoffman

John & Janet Holowczak

Calvin & Anne Hulstein

Ms. Joan Hultquist*

Patti & Dave Jackson

James Jackson

Edward Jaworski & Gail Meyers Jaworski

Kim & Ewa Jones

The Joseloff-Kaufman Family

Mr. Michael Kasperski

Douglas & Jean Kelly

Jim Kew

Donna & John Kidwell

Barbara & Paul Kiefer

Bob & Candy Killian

Christopher Kline

Ralph & Lin Klumb

Peter Lai

Michele & Dennis Lanzoni

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Legault

Michael S. & Carolyn W. Levine

Ms. Helen Lewtan

Meredith Libbey

Adlyn & Ted Loewenthal

Dick Loyer

Dr. & Mrs. V. Everett Lyons

Sandra MacGregor

Sherry Manetta & Brian Harvey

Tom Martin & Susan Spiggle

Christine Martyn

Margaret McCandless Evans

Nancy Fraiser McEwan

Edward Meigs

Peter & Dottie Moon

Nicole & William Morales

Ellen C. Morrison

Keith Murray

Elinor & Louis Norton

Mary Ellen O'Hurley

Joseph & Angela Orsene

Chris & Melissa Pattacini

Sarah & Samuel Paul

Ms. Elizabeth Kaczynski Phelan

David Picard

Michael & Julie Pollard

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Powell

Dr. Peter Prowda

Mrs. Rae E. Quinlan

Edward C. Raymond

James  Reiner

Martey Rhine

Andrew Ricci, Jr., M.D. & Ms. Jacqueline Ann Muschiano**

Sally & Dale Richter

Linda & Ian Rickard

Nancy & Stephen Roberts

Suzette Roberts

Bruce & Joy Rothschild

Barbara Rubin

Marshall & Sandra Rulnick

Nancy R. Savin, Erica Willheim and Yohanna Willheim

Jacqueline Scheib

Carol Scoville & Hans Walser

John A. Shaw

Mary Shea

Sonia & Mark Shipman

Sabina Sitaru

Nelson & Helen Sly

Stuart & Arline Small Sadaka Foundation, Inc.

Andrew & Feather Spearman

Michael Steinberg & Felice Heller

Richard Stewart

Donna Swarr

Ms. Sheila A. Sweeny

E Renee Tehi & Jeffrey Hughes

Cassandra Toscano

Stephen & Usha Wade

Lyn Walker & Tyler Smith

Deborah Walsh Bellingham

Dudley & Geraldine Watkins

Rita & Thomas Weidman

Kay Weiss

Greg & Kay Werk

Jacqueline Werner

Carol & Lee West

Curtis & Joyce Weybright

Eleanor Wight & Rayda Bouma

Richard C. & Carla S. Wilde

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Williams

David & Marjorie Williams

Chince Wilson

David & Phyllis Winer*

Dr. Harold T. Yamase, M.D.

David & Martha Yutzey

David & Sabine Zell

Linda & Robert Zemmel


Player’s Club
$250 - $499

Cynthia Abrams

William & Susan Ackerman

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel D. Aguiar

Gaetano & Jayne Albani

The Anderson Family

Lois Joy Auerswald

Ivan Backer

David & Maryellen Bailey

Keith & Kathy Baksa

Claudia Barbieri

Marian Barrett

Thomas Barry

Janice & Steve Barshay

Marjorie Bausmith

Mr. Jonathan Beck

Joanne E. Beers & Earl C. Cree, II

Carol & Jeffrey Beitel

Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Bengelsdorf

Larry and Corinne Berglund

Jean & Larry Berkwitt

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Berland

Dr. & Mrs. Bert B. Berlin

Debbie Bileca

Kevin Blake

Seymour Bloom & Deborah Elcock

Shannon Bloom

Phillip & Ellen Blumberg

John & Susan Boland

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Boone

Alexander Bosso

Julie & Terry Boucher

Maureen & Jerrod Bowman

Anne Bracker & Jefferson Singer

Nicole Braun

Richard & Patti Broad

The Honorable Luke & Sara Bronin

Judy Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Burgess

Joan Cadieux

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Calogero

Robert & Anne Cassarino

Paul Chicoine

Mark Christopher & Sarah Lewis

Don & Nancy Clark

John K. Clark & Judith M. Stoughton

Ledge Clayton

Jonathan Clune & Sarah Potter

Henry Coelho & Debra Rizzo

Richard Coffey

Ronald Coons

Cox Family

Geoffrey Craig

Carol Crosset

Ms. Kathryn Cunningham

Carolyn D'Alessandro

Peter K. Dane

Darcy G. Davis

Rachel Davis

Didi & John Deans

William and Joan Delaney

Howard & Shirley DeLong

Nancy W. Denehy

Maureen & Vincent Depierro

Timothy & Becky Derby

Gail & Barry Deutsch

Rev. Joseph Devine

Katrina Devona

Jennifer and Marc DiBella

Mr. & Mrs. John Dolan

T.J. and Terri Donohue

Drs. Peter & Ellen Donshik

W.A. Doyle

Robert & Gretchen Droesch

Mrs. Nathan Dubin

Mr. Wilfred A. Duchesneau

Mr. David Eberly

Virginia K. Edelson

Kimberly Edwards

Elinor Ellsworth

John & Amanda Fecteau

Beth & Phil Ferrari

Kevin & Marji Finkel

Patrick Finney

Mary-Jane Foster

Robert Fournier

Jonathan Hufstader & Janis Franklin

Dr. Hilary Freedman & Howard Zern

Dianne & Jim Friedman

Linda R. Gabianelli

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gaffney

Heather M. Gallant

William Galske

Janice D. Gauthier

Darlene  Gerardi

Ms. Emily Gianquinto

The Goldbas Family

Ellie Goldberg

John M. Graff

Maggy Graham

Michael & Susan Grandpre

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Green

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Green

Doris & Ray Guenter

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gworek

Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hall

Dr. Colette Hall

Erene Hammond

Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Hawks-Ladds

Kelly Hernsdorf

Victor & Gail Herson

Mr. Kent Herzog

Rhea Padis Higgins

Pierre & Penelope Hill

Marcia & John Hincks

Sachiko Takebe & Masamichi Hongoh

Don & Joanne Huelsman

Eric Hutchinson

Hillary Huttenhower & Justin Mackey

Ms. Margaret Igleheart

Liz Isaacs

Joseph and Meredith Jacob

James Estrada & Michele Jacklin

Armando and Nora Zarazu

Darka Jara

Mr. Joseph Jeamel

Mary Johnson

Scott and Karen Kaeser**

Kimberly Kafka

Emily Kaliney

John & Sharon Kelly

Sarah & Eric Kemmler

Mr. Douglas Pease

Matthew Kittredge

Betty N. Knorr

Jim & Deb Knorr

Nancy A. Kramer

Sandra & Richard Ladieu

Scott & Rebecca Lehmann

Mr. Steven W. Leniart

Rob Lentz and Anita Carpene

Jamie Lenz

Donato Leone

Kimberly Lesniak

Dr. and Mrs. Edison Liu

Michelle Lobovits

Peter Lombardo

Ken & Karen Loveland

Elaine Title Lowengard**

Mimi & Brendan Lynch

Mrs. Sarah Heflin Lynn

Mary MacCormac

William A. MacDonnell, D.D.S.

Christoper Mace

Mark & Linda MacGougan

Ernest Mack

Patricia Mahon

Richard Markham

Katherine Marx

Donna Matulis

Frank & Donna May

Jennifer McColley

Laurene McGarry-Bissell

Gavin McKay

Patrick McMahon

Diane McMahon-Pratt

Nan Meng

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Meyer

Peggy Miller

Jim & Cathie Mirakian

Mr. Donald Moon and Ms. Lucy Ferriss

Sandra Morgan

John & Katherine Morgan

Mary Lee Morrison

Jane Murdock

Charles & Carmen Neale

Judith T. Nellen

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Neuschaefer

David & Kim Newell

Allison Nichols

Jennifer Norberg

Jan & Karl Norris

Barbara Oberle

Julia & Jim O'Brien

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Olmstead

Camma Orchard

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Palmer

Denise & Raju Palnitkar

Russell & Katie Patterson

Christine Peterson

David Philbrick

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Polk

Ms. Frances Porter

Constance & Robert Porter

Carol Presutti

Kathleen  Prewitt

James & JoAnn Price

The Pryzbek Family

Dougla Pyrke & Jack Fairchild

Rebecca C. Rafferty

Ravi Ramanathan & Subha Sankaran

Mr. Robert Ramos

Ann Reed

George & Carol Reider

John & MaryBeth Reiss

Bob & Carol Rentz

Robert Richardson

Celia Ann Roberts

Jane & David Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. John Roper

Ms. Michele L. Rosenberg

Ms. Rosalie Roth

Lawrence & Naomi Rothfield

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rubenstein

Bruce A. Rudolph

Dr. Elizabeth N. Rumohr & Mr. Richard F. Rumohr*

Joanne E. Russell

Jennifer & Steven Santucci

Judith Satlof

Todd Schifter

Christine Schuck

Attorney & Mrs. Sheldon Schwartz

Virginia Schwarz & Katherine Garstka

Janet & Steven Selden

Susan Sellars

Michael & Jennifer Sheehan

Claudia E. Shelton

Margaret Sherwood

Sara L. Bernstein & Joseph M. Shortall

Henry Siccardi

The Sinche Family

Robert H. & Sharon W. Smith

Dr. Ronni Stein

Sarah Stover

Jack Summers

Dr. & Mrs. John Sziklas

Eleanor D. Tener

Kathy A. Thorsell

Paula Thrasher

Jane Torrey

Jennifer & Justin Tromp

Michael Tyler

Mr. Anthony J. Urillo

Alan Valenti

The Vollinger Family

Ms. Harriet Vose

Cheryl & John Wadsworth

Mandy Wainscoat

Michael & Jacqueline Wasta

The Rev. & Mrs. Richard Watson

John Weikart & Jennifer Chu

Pat & Mike Werle

Olin & Shauna West

Carey & Olivia White

Karen & Philip Will

Eliot & Susan Williams

Laurence Witkin

James Wohl

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan D. Woodberry

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Woodward

Donald & Jane Workman

John Wyatt

Diane Zannoni & Edward Mckenna

Ellen & Peter Zeman


* 10+ years of consecutive giving
** 20+ years of consecutive giving

Corporate and Foundation Donors

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra thanks the businesses, corporations, foundations, government agencies and others who contributed to the HSO’s programs, projects and services in the community, as of 8/05/2022.

Click HERE to learn more.

Ana's Kitchen

Asylum Hill Congregational Church

Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider LLP

Bank of America

Barnes Group Foundation

BeanZ & Co.

Bemis Associates, LLC

Black Eyed Sally's

Bloomfield Discount Liquors

BluePrint Advancement

Bradley, Foster & Sargent, Inc.

Brown Sugar Catering

CarePartners of Connecticut

Connecticut Humanities

Connecticut Science Center

Corbin Advisors

Department of Economic & Community Development

DLA Piper Law

Dornenburg | Kallenbach Advertising


Elizabeth Carse Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee

Eugene O'Neill Theater

Evelyn Preston Memorial Trust

Eversource Energy

Falcetti Pianos

Federman, Lally & Remis LLC

Fitzgerald's Food Stores

Gawlicki Family Foundation

Girard Brothers

Global Atlantic

Global Atlantic Charitable Gift Fund

Goodspeed Musicals

Greater Hartford Arts Council

Hartford Business Journal

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Hartford HealthCare

Hartford Stage Company

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company

Harvest Cafe and Bakery

HCL Technologies Ltd.

Highland Park Market

Hoffman Auto Group

Indicia Worldwide/ KMMS

Infinity Theater

Institute of Living/Hartford Healthcare

IRIS Photography

Kane's Market

Landmark Community Theater

Liberty Bank

Liberty Bank Foundation

Lincoln Financial Foundation, Inc.

Make It GF

McCarter & English

McLean Health Care

Mill Restaurant Group

Mind Your Manor, Inc.

Mintz & Hoke Inc.

Motley Rice LLC

Mountain Development Corp.

Mr. & Mrs. William Foulds Family Foundation

Murphy Road Recycling


NBT Bank

New Britain Museum of American Art

Opera House Players

Paine's Recycling and Rubbish Removal

Playhouse on Park

Pullman & Comley Attorneys at Law

Raytheon Technologies

Red Stone Pub

Reid & Riege Foundation

Richard P. Garmany Fund at HFPG

Robert Half

Robert Hensley & Associates, LLC

Robinson & Cole LLP

Sack Energy Corp

Sam's Food Stores

Sardilli Fruit & Produce Co.

Seabury Active Life Plan Community

Seven Angels Theatre

Show Lighting

Solinsky EyeCare LLC

Solinsky Hearing Center

South Ocean Capital

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Tawani Foundation

TD Bank

The CLY-DEL Manufacturing Company

The Edgemer Foundation, Inc.

The Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation

The Elizabeth M. Landon & Harriette M. Landon Foundation

The Ensworth Charitable Foundation

The George A. & Grace L. Long Foundation

The Kate

The Katharine K. McLane and Henry R. McLane Charitable Trust

The Musical Club of Hartford, Inc.

The Saunders Foundation



Travis Foundation

Turbine Controls, Inc.

United States Small Business Administration

University of Hartford, The Hartt School

Viking Fuel Oil Company, Inc.

Wadsworth Atheneum

Waypoint Spirits

Webster Bank

Wells Fargo Advisors

Wesleyan University Graduate Liberal Studies

William and Alice Mortensen Foundation

William T. Sloper Trust for Andrew J. Sloper Musical Fund

YMCA of Greater Hartford

Music Builds Community

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra gratefully acknowledges and thanks
all of the donors to Music Builds Community.

This list represents commitments made as of 9/26/22.

(* deceased)

$1,000,000 and above

The Edgemer Foundation, Inc.

Anonymous (2)

$500,000 – $999,999

Hermine J. Drezner and Jan Winkler

David M. and Linda Roth

Stanley Black & Decker


$250,000 to $499,999

Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

The Hartford

United Technologies Corporation

$100,000 – $249,999

Donald and Marilyn Allan 

The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts

Ruth Ann and Joel Davis

Eversource Energy

In memory of Paul Rosenblum, HSO Concertmaster by Karl and Muriel Fleischmann, Gabriel Halevi

Robert and Francine Goldfarb

Pierre and Mary Ellen Guertin

Mort and Irma Handel

Gerald and Barbara Hess

Jeffrey and Nancy Hoffman

Chloe and Wes Horton  

The Elizabeth M. Landon and Harriette M. Landon Charitable Foundation

The Jim and Rebecca Loree Foundation

Matthew Lynch and Susan Banks

Charles B. Milliken

Robert and Lynn Murray

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Bob and Margaret Patricelli  

The Saunders Foundation

Sharon and Frank Travis and The Travis Foundation

Alex and Patricia Vance

Jeff and Pam Verney


$50,000 to $99,999

Bruce Barth and Pamela Yeomans Barth

Kenneth and Judith Boudreau   

Coleman H. and Jo Champlin Casey

Beth and Rick Costello

Carlotta and Bob Garthwait, Jr.

Arnold and Beverly Greenberg

Herbert Hirsch in memory of Ilana Hirsch

In memory of Isador Janowsky, HSO Principal Bass from 1939-1974

Brook and Charlotte Jason

John and Gail Langenus

Christopher Larsen & Larsen Fund

Audree E. Raffay

Gary and Diane Ransom

Mrs. Peter Russell

Mary T. Sargent

Zachs Family Foundation


$25,000 – $49,999

Thomas and Melanie Barnes Family Fund at Main Street Community Foundation

Barnes Group Foundation, Inc.

Greenberg Family Foundation, Gary Greenberg, President

Robert  Bausmith and  Jill Peters-Gee, M.D.  

Jay S. and Jeanne Benet

Joyce and Harold Buckingham

Karen Saunders and David Cass

The Carre’s  

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. DeGraff

Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Nancy D. Grover, in memory of Robinson A. Grover

Susan and Bob Izard   

Nancy Kline and James Trail

Steven M. Konover Fund at Vanguard Charitable

Carolyn Kuan

Pamela Lucas and John Nealon

Kristen Phillips and Matt Schreck

Jim and Nancy Remis

John and Sali Riege*

Patricia and Andrew Salner

Catherine and Keith Stevenson

Betsy and Matthew Udal     

Webster Private Bank

$15,000 – $24,999

D. Weston and Joann H. Boyd

Andrea and Bernie Clark

Marta and Luis Diez-Morales

Rona B. Gollob

Neale and Carol Hauss

Mark and Marianne Hayes

David and Francie Horvitz Family Foundation, Inc.

Richard and Beverly Hughes 

Harvey and Sylvia Kelly

Dr. Bernard and Gale Kosto

The Katharine K. McLane and Henry R. McLane Charitable Trust

Marshall and Sandra Rulnick

Judith A. Stearns

Dougie and Tom Trumble

$5,000 – $14,999

$5,000 – $14,999

Dr. Duffield Ashmead and Eric Ort

Keane and Rebecca Aures

Jonathan A. Beck

John and Susan Beers

Jim and Joan Betts

Robert and Catherine Boone

Suzanne and John Bourdeaux

Linda P. and Theodore J. Bruttomesso, Jr.

Eleanor Caplan

Jared Chase

Naomi and Michael Cohen

Robert H. Connell and Michelle Duffy

Patrick and Christine Egan

Anita and Anthony Ferrante

Lawrence R. Fish

Stanley and Susan Fellman

Brenda and Martin Geitz

Richard and Ruth Grobe

Margaret L Grunnet

Ms. Laura R. Harris 

Lawrence and Roberta Harris 

Bob Hewey and Carol Simpson

Alyce and David Hild    

Marcia and John Hincks

Ken and Ruth Jacobson

Mathew and Valerie Jasinski

David and Sharon Jepson 

Mark and Janet Keough

Margaret W. Lawson   

Mr. Arthur Masi and Dr. Brian Hentz

Ann M. McKinney  

Lois Muraro and Carl Elsishans

William H. and Nancy E. Narwold 

Ms. Jenifer Noble

Sarah and Samuel Paul

Brewster and Judith Perkins

Michael and Gen Pfaff

Tom and Amy Rechen 

Andrew Ricci, Jr., M.D. and Jacqueline Ann Muschiano

John D. and Laura Dake Roche Fund of the Cornell University Foundation

Dr. James C. Rouman

Richard and Lea Rubenstein

Ronald and Judy Schlossberg

Edwin S. and Patricia C. Shirley

Linda  Sonnenblick 

Karen and Howard Sprout

Jan and Dan Tracy

Gary and Diane Whitney

Thomas and Patricia Wildman


$1 – $4,999

Joseph Adams

Susan Adler in honor of D. Weston Boyd

Karen Adrian

Ruth Alexander

Virginia Allen

Lisa Alonso

Elisabeth and Bryant Andrews

Alexander Aponte

John Bailey

Jillian Baker

James Barry

Nancy Batista

Carol and Jeff Beitel

Travis Benanti

Al Benford

Claire L. Bergin

Corinne and Larry Berglund

Robert & Jennifer Berman 

Renee Betar

Elizabeth Bickley

Simon Bilyk 

Barbara and Jack Blechner

Daniel and Joanne Blume

Paul and Tina Bobbitt

Robert and Christine Bogino

Adam Boyles

Robert Breno

Abby Brittain

Ms. Brenda Burns

Robert Burns

Sarah and Dr. Jeffrey Burns

John F. and Marla Byrnes

John Cardone

Clifford Carman

Alfred R. Casella

Kathy & Chick Chamberlin

Jeff Chandler

Patricia Checko & Edward Caffrey

Patricia Ciccone & Jo Ann Freiberg

Deborah Clark

Arthur Ledge Clayton

Susan and Brian Clemow

CLSJ Foundation

Joyce Coleman

The Collins Family

June Comer-Chagnon

Robert Cook

Giovanna Crisi

Linda R. Cromwell

Carin Cruise-Roos & Norman H. Roos

Amanda Daddona

Darcy Davis

Rebecca and Timothy Derby

Richard Discotto

Kate and Jon Dixon

John and Michele Dolan

Doug Donato

Ann Drinan and Algis Kaupas

John Eason

Carol Eaton

Miriam Engel

Ruben Espinosa 

Karin Fagerburg

Daniel and Joan Fine

Vaughan Finn & Steve Nightingale

Michael Fischer

Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Fisher

Anne C. Fitzgerald

Janet Flagg and Wayne Rawlins

Alexandra Flowers

Hilary E. Freedman and Howard R. Zern

French Cleaners

Elizabeth & Bryan Gagne

Bob and Carlotta Garthwait

Suzanne Gates

Robert Gaudet

General Electric Matching Gifts

Anila Gjuzi

Kathy Graff

Angela D. Griffin

Serene Hackel

Dr. Colette Hall

Jane A. Harris

Jo Ann Hewett and George Burger

Marcia and Samuel Hinckley

Joyce Hodgson

Jane and Steve Holtz

Mary Hope-Ross

Jonathan Hufstader and Janis Franklin

Joan Hultquist

Francine Hunter

Patricia R. Hurley

Albert and Joan Hurwit

Al and Jacqueline Ilg

Patti and Dave Jackson

Julie Jarvis

John K. and Andi Jepson

Mrs. Evan Johnson

June S. Johnson

Marilyn and Raymond Johnston

David Jones   

Russell and Barbara Jones

David and Carol Jordan

Elliot and Carolyn Joseph

Dr. Jeffrey and Llyn Kaimowitz

Anne and George Kan

Elizabeth Katsoris-Meehan

Amy Katz

Martha and David Kayser

Diana J. Kelly

John F. Kelly

Jack Kelly and Buck Rogers

Stanley Kemmerer

Virginia Kennedy, in honor of David & Linda Roth

Irmgard Doering Klee

James and Jane Knox   

John and Sara Koziol

David and Virginia Kramer

Nancy Kramer

Thomas Kunkel

John D. La Belle

Lynn Landau

Dourglas Larson

Laureen Latimer

Glenn and Elaine Law

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Legault

Gerald and Nancy Lemega

Carolyn W. Lester

Yuhong Li

Irene Loretto 

William Mace

Frank Malone

Chad Marqui

Tom and Gwen Marrion

William and Joanne Marriott

Christine Martyn

Nicholas and Cornelia Mason

Donald Maurus

Kent May

Margaret Mayr

Joseph McLaughlin

Sarah Merriam

Peggy Miller

Benjamin Minard

Jim and Cathie Mirakian

Carle & Larry Mowell, in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Salner

Giuliana Musilli & Scott Schooley

Arthur and Reba Nassau

Kemberly Nelson

Mr. & Mrs. Don O. Noel, Jr.

Jan and Karl Norris 

Suzanne Olechnicki

Carole Olefsky

Camma Orchard

Denise and Richard Order

Dianne and Mark Orenstein

Marta Ostapiuk, in honor of Ruth Sovronsky

Warren and Florence Packard

Katherine Papathansis

Stephen Perry and Sharon Dennison

Jeremy Philbin

Frances Porter

Emily & Randall Poulin

Randall Powell

Dr. Peter Prowda

Edward C. Raymond

John C. Reeder

Kathryn Reid

Deidre Roberts

Robinson and Cole

Donald W. Rogers

Margaret Salovski

Salsgiver Family

Paula Sanchini

George J. Sanders, in honor of the HSO low brass section

Ms. Eliane Sandler and Dr. Lawrence Zemel

Amanda Savio

Toby Scheel  

Jacqueline Pennino Scheib

Steven Schneider

Wanda Schulman and Harold Blinderman

Robert and Barbara Sequenzia

Shafroth Family Fund

Deb Shulansky

Doris Shuskus

Marina and Leonid M. Sigal

Ms. Hilary Silver

Joan Silverio

Ms. Nancy Simm

Mathew Smith

Patricia B. Snyder 

Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Vladimir and Jana Spacek

Andrew and Feather Spearman

Jacob Spector 

Roz and Alan Spier

Analia St. George

Lewis Steinberg-Viking Fuel Oil Co.

Joel and Amy Steinman

Peter Sterling

Cyrus Stevens

Karl and Rebecca Stevens

Carrie and Mike Stockman

Jonas Strimaitis

James Swenson

Margery and Stephen Swigert

Rachel Syrek

Janina Tafel

Orit and Jeff Tager 

In memory of Mike and Polly Tancredi

James Taylor

David Thal and Nhi Tran

Mary Jo Tryba

Christine Wallace

David P. and Cynthia D. Ward

Paul Watson

David and Alison Waxman

Richard and Julia Webb

Elizabeth Weber

Carol and Lee West

Steve West

Michael and Ruriko Wheeler

Patrick Wilkinson

David and Phyllis Winer

Raymond and Sarah Winter   

Mark G. Wolf 

Charles & Barbara Wolfe

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan D. Woodbury

Denise Zachmann

Diane Zannoni and Edward McKenna

Lawrence Zemel, M.D. & Eliane Sandler

Anonymous (8)

Bravo 2022 Fund the Transformation donors

as of 6/8/2022

Marcia D. & Samuel T. Hinckley

Irene J. Loretto**

Mr. & Mrs. Gossner

Robert H. & Sharon W. Smith

David & Linda Roth*

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Garthwait, Jr.*

Sharon & Lawrence Girard

Timothy & Janet Ellsworth


Richard & Patti Broad

Bruce Barth & Pamela Yeomans Barth

Janet Keough

Samuel & Marcia Hinckley

Robert H. & Sharon W. Smith

Janet Link

The Elizabeth M. Landon & Harriette M. Landon Foundation

Jeremy D. Race

Tribute Donors

Reflects gifts received in the last 12 months as of September 26, 2022

In Honor of

 Anne Elizabeth White's birthday
Susan Sellars


 Barbara Teiger
Geoffrey Craig


 Carol Crosset
Karen & Jeffrey Welch


 Carole Olefsky
Attorney & Mrs. Sheldon Schwartz
Marshall & Sandra Rulnick


 Carolyn Kuan
Laura Broad


 David Roth
Jean & Larry Berkwitt
The David & Francie Horvitz Family Foundation


 Edna Benoit
Evelyn Benoit & Tom Goodrum


 Elizabeth White
Laurie Sellars
Siobhan Fitzgerald


 Fran Bard, retired HSO cellist
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Woodard


 Hannah Oberle
Barbara Oberle


 Janice L. Tetreault
Brian Krystof

 Jeffrey R. Verney
Ms. Patricia Mclaughlin


 Jo Schifter and Tal Schifter
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 John Charles Thomas
Susan Robbins Namerow


 Joyce Willis
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin S. Shirley


 Karen B. Blundell
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Birch


 Karen Sprout
Mr. John Nealon & Ms. Pamela Lucas


 Ken and Ruth Jacobson
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Macdara Tynan
Ronda Guberman


 Maite Coyotl
Paul Serenbetz


 Matthew Salner
Marjorie Madfis


 Michael Pollard
Christopher Pollard


 Missy DiNunno
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Barnard


 Nana Pat Turtle
Ali Mitchell


 Rebecca and Jim Loree
Jeremy D. Race
Cara Woods


 Rebecca Corbin
Andrew Fleischmann


 Richard Coffey
James R. Barry


 Ruth Sovronsky
Dennis & Donna Randall
Nancy Kline & James Trail
Narae Lee & Jaehyun Kim
The Zachs Family**
Todd Schifter
AndrŽa Hawkins
William & Myra Kleinman


 Scott and Katherine Kluger,  upon the opening the new Farmington location of the Hartford Baking Company
Dr. Jeffrey & Virginia Kluger


 Stephen Perry's Retirement
David & Phyllis Winer*


 Susan Knapp Thomas
W. James Cosgrove & Margaret McCandless Evans


 The Musicians of the HSO
Michael & Julie Pollard


 Weston Boyd
Susan R. Adler


 Alfred Casella
The Estate & Business Planning Council of Hartford


 Anhared Stowe
Dr. Sid & Joy Glassman


 Anne Elizabeth White
Christopher White


 Peter Prewitt
Kathleen Prewitt

In Memory Of

 Alvin & Lois Reiner
James Reiner


 Beth von Dohlen
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Beverly Greenberg
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Bruce & Margaret (Susie) Hayden
Lynn & John Wadhams


 Carol and Burt Cunin
Peggy & Alan Mendelson


 Carroll Hyllen
Christine Douglas


 Catherine Daly
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Daniel Arnold
Elizabeth & Barney H. Miller
Ina Neiman
Michael Veillette & Douglas Deacon
Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Wilson
Naomi & Michael Cohen
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky
Joyce & Bill Coleman
Lori & David Hirsch


 Daniel P. Champ
Polly U. Champ


 David Geetter
Mark Roggen


 David M. Geetter
Judith Borus


 Doris Konover
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Dr. Alan Schwartz
Ms. Sheila A. Sweeny


 Dr. Bruce H. Levy
Dr. Alicia Carmona-Levy


 Dr. Robert A. Kramer
Nancy A. Kramer


 Edward T. Caffrey, Jr.
Patricia Checko


 Elma Smith
Matthew Smith


 Emma Giel
Shirley Murtha


 Frances Sears Baratz
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Francis D. & Marcella A. Moran
Michael J. Moran


 Gerald O. Tompkins
Jeffrey Tompkins


 Herbert Bernard Hirsch
Elizabeth Ilberg
David Wolansky
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Ilana Hirsch
Herbert Hirsch


 Irma Handel
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky
Sonia & Mark Shipman


 Isador I. Janowsky
Brook & Charlotte Jason**


 Isadore & Micki Savin
Nancy R. Savin, Erica Willheim and Yohanna Willheim


 Jacqueline Ilg
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Jennie M. Urillo
Mr. Anthony J. Urillo


 Jenny Fong
Dean Fong


 John Rafferty
Rebecca C. Rafferty


 Judith Stearns
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 June Johnson
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Ken Jacobson
Brook & Charlotte Jason**
Gary & Diane Whitney*
James R. Barry
Ms. Karen Brand
Robert & Joan Brault
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky
Thomas & Patricia Wildman**
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Bond


 Kenneth Brock
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Larry Greenfield
Robert Facey


 Louise B. Herring
The Family of Louise Herring


 Margaret O. Crombie
David Crombie


 Marie B and Robert A Scheinblum
Hon. Howard Scheinblum & Ms. Susan R. Fierberg*


 Mark Keough
Janet Keough


 Mary Brainerd
Joseph & Karen Hewes


 Matilda and George Pregalman
Mrs. Nathan Dubin


 Mrs. Rachel Myrick Richardson
Rev. Joseph Devine


 Myron J. Poliner
Jo Trotta Poliner


 Oz Griebel
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving


 Pastor Robert W. Howard
Barbara Davis Howard*


 Paul Rosenblum
Muriel & Karl Fleischmann**


 Peter Frenzel
Herbert & Annemarie Arnold


 Peter W. Kalika
Joyce Kalika


 Richard E. Broad
Richard & Patti Broad


 Ruby Vipler
Ed Vipler


 Ruth Schloss
Jane & Garrett Phelan


 Shirley Filderman
Ruth & Howard Sovronsky


 Shirley W. Zbikowski
Mr. Francis Zbikowski


Rebecca Corbin's Father and Jim Loree's Mother
Cyndi & Alan Stern


 Thomas Desmarais
Denise Desmarais


 Tim Craine
Mrs. Leslie Craine


 Willard Ford
Nancy Ford


Supporters of the 2021 Young Artist Competition
Competition Sponsor

Richard P. Garmany Fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving

Nancy & Jeffrey Hoffman

Supporters of the 2022 Young Artist Competition, as of 6/8/2022

Donna A. Collins

Nancy & Ron Compton

Robert H. Connell & Michelle Duffy

Ruth Ann C. Davis

Hollis G. Dorman

Michelle Duffy

Carl J. Elsishans

The Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Charitable Trust

Ms. Rona B. Gollob

Arnold C. Greenberg

Wendy M. Haller

Laura Harris & Joe Solodow

Jerry & Barbara Hess

Don & Helen Hughlett

Claire and Jan Kennedy

Lois & Charles Koteen

Irene Loretto

Lois Muraro & Carl Elsishans

Katherine Papathanasis

Mary and Charles Petras

Dr. and Mrs. Allan Reiskin

Dara Ribicoff

Mr. Joseph Spada

Andrew & Feather Spearman

Diane & Gary Whitney

Adam Winstanley

Encore Society Donors

Donors, as of 09/26/2022

Mr. Sheldon Agdens*

Ivan Backer

Susan Block*

G. P. Bodozian

Lori Poggi Bourret and Robert L. Bourret, Sr.

Nancy Braender*

Bill Cannon & Kent Holsinger

Joseph R. Carlson

Coleman H. & Jo Champlin Casey

Margaret J. Coe

Naomi & Michael Cohen

Joseph Cohn

Mary J. Converse*


Ruth Ann & Joel* Davis

John & Michele Dolan

Ann Drinan & Algis Kaupas

The Reverend William Eakins and The Reverend Hope Eakins

Virginia Farquhar*

Muriel Fleischmann

Karen L. Fritsche

Dr. Sid & Joy Glassman

Irma & Mort Handel

Jerry & Barbara Hess

Kent Holsinger

Helen & Donald Hughlett

Mr. Robert D. Jones*

John & Sharon Kelly

Nancy Kline & James Trail

Jan* and Chris Larsen

David Lesieur

Dr. Carolyn W. Lester

Ellis & Marjorie Levenson

Concettina L. Lewis*

Dorothy K. McCarty*

Mr. Charles B. Milliken

Dr. Andrew Ricci, Jr. & Ms. Jacqueline Ann Muschiano

Carole A. Olefsky

LeonaMae Page

David & Christa Pannorfi

Dr. Peter M. Prowda

Nancy and James Remis

John* & Sali* Riege

June Miller Rosenblatt*

David M. and Linda Roth

Dr. James C. Rouman

Marshall & Sandra Rulnick

Carol Wills Scoville

Mrs. Georgia Silliman*

Karen and Howard Sprout

Margery and Lewis Steinberg

Carol & Lee West

Helen S. Wills*

Louise Willson*

Katharine S. Winter*, in appreciation of the wonderful experiences at the HSO with her mother, Susan L. Winter

Susan L. Winter*

Henry M. Zachs


Matching Gift Companies

Avangrid, Inc.

Bank of America


Charles Schwab & Co.

Cigna Foundation





Raytheon Technologies

Rogers Corporation

Stanley Black & Decker

The Hartford

The Saunders Foundation

Travelers Companies

Endow hartford

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is proud to be a participating organization in the Endow Hartford 21 Match Program presented by the Zachs Family Foundation

Endow Hartford 21 Supporters as of 9/26/2022

Endow Hartford 21 Supporters

Bruce Barth & Pamela Yeomans Barth

Robert C. Bausmith & Jill M. Peters-Gee, M.D.

Mr. Jonathan Beck

Joanne Beers & Earl Cree

Joanne Berger-Sweeney & Urs Berger

Wes & Joann Boyd

Valerie Bryan

John & Arlene Buckey

Joseph R. Carlson

Polly U. Champ

Ruth Ann C. Davis

Gail & Barry Deutsch

Mr. & Mrs. John Dolan

Timothy & Janet Ellsworth

Anne C. Fitzgerald

Theodore Fox

Anne Gares

Ms. Rona B. Gollob

Arnold C. Greenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Thad C. Hasbrouck

Neale & Carol Hauss

Jerry & Barbara Hess

Barnaby W. Horton

Don & Joanne Huelsman

Mathew & Valerie Jasinski

Brook & Charlotte Jason

Anne & George Kan

Steven & Deborah Kleinman

Lois & Charles Koteen

Nancy & Jerry Lemega

S. Leong

Yuhong Li

Peggy & Alan Mendelson

Mary Lee Morrison

Sarah & Samuel Paul

Kristen Phillips & Matt Schreck

Scott & Beth Powell

Dr. Peter Prowda

James Reiner, in memory of Alvin and Lois Reiner

Louis & Cheryl Saloom

The Saunders Foundation

Philip & Starr Sayres

Ruth & Howard Sovronsky

Andrew & Feather Spearman

Gary S. Starr & Leigh A. Newman

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Udal

Douglas & Mildred Unfried

Karen & Jeffrey Welch, in honor of Mrs. Carol Crosset

Richard M. Wenner, in memory of Maureen K. Wenner

Curtis & Joyce Weybright

Gary & Diane Whitney, in honor of All HSO Musicians

David & Phyllis Winer

Ruth Woodford

Henry M. Zachs & the Zachs Family

David & Sabine Zell

Anonymous (2)