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Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods
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About Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods

Over the Meadow and through the woods lives a magical theater that presents the best and brightest children’s artists from all over the world.

From epic storytelling and eye-popping puppetry to engaging music and dance, every show is designed to ignite a lifelong love for the performing arts.

Shows are about 45 minutes to an hour long and perfect for the whole family. 

All shows start at 10:30 AM
Tickets $12
Free for children under 2

2024 Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods Performances

June 20: Musiquita

Sing, dance, and move along with this quartet that combines Spanish and English lyrics through vibrant, approachable songs.

June 21: Meki's Tamure Arts Group
Polynesian Music and Dance

Get up and dance with the performers of Meki’s Tamure Arts Group as they showcase traditional dance and music from the South Pacific, including Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand. With live precision drumming and authentic colorful costumes, Meki’s Tamure (meaning “dance festival” or “party” in Tahitian) shares the heritage and culture that are the foundation of this rich and beautiful art.

June 22: Laura Doherty & The Heartbeats

No one can resist moving along with the music of Laura Doherty & The Heartbeats as they bring their joyful sound to Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods. With songs celebrating the joys of childhood, from first birthdays to the first day of school, Doherty’s lyrics make “young listeners feel that she is singing directly to and for them” (Parents’ Choice).

June 25: Taratibu Youth Association
African Dance, Song, and Poetry

The extraordinary Taratibu Youth Association returns to Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods to share the rich cultural history of African and African American cultures and traditions. The DC area group will have you on your feet with live singing, dancing, and South African gumboot selections. This family-friendly show explores the concept of Kujichagulia-Afrofuturism: learning from the past and defining the future.

June 26 + 27: Captain Nemo's Adventure Academy!
David Engel

Take a deep dive into environmental stewardship and marine biology with Captain Nemo. During this engaging show, you’ll meet a giant squid, search for the elusive angler fish, and find out how whale poop is part of the circle of life! Get ready for 20,000 laughs under the sea!

June 28-30: The Wizard of Oz
Vital Theatre Company

Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion for a stroll down the Yellow Brick Road with Vital Theatre Company’s performance of The Wizard of Oz. This one-hour adaptation features the songs you know and love on an adventure through a re-imagined world of Oz to discover the magical power of home.

July 5: An Introduction to American Indians
Through Native Performing Arts

Join dancers and singers on a journey through the diverse cultures of Native America. This fast-paced, interactive performance features Indigenous songs, dances, and stories from across the continent. At the end of the performance, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and meet the Native American performers.

July 6: Danny Weinkauf & his Red Pants Band

Danny Weinkauf, a member of the Grammy-winning group They Might Be Giants, brings his Red Pants Band to Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods for a morning of music sure to delight kids and adults alike. The Red Pants Band specializes in catchy, clever songs that are educational and fun. The group’s latest album, Light Up Your Love, includes songs ranging from the poignant “This is Our Time” to the hilarious “First Turkey on the Moon.”

July 7: Joanie Leeds
FREADOM: Songs Celebrating Banned Books

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Joanie Leeds performs inspirational music empowering children to be their true selves. Leeds’ latest album, Freadom, celebrates currently banned children’s books with a collection of songs that joyously amplify messages of love and inclusion. The album not only addresses the issue with playful defiance, but also invites everyone to participate in a whimsical journey with heartfelt stories blended with Leeds’ signature voice which can channel “the mellow warmth of Sheryl Crow or the pop brio of Belinda Carlisle” (The New York Times).

July 9: Choy Wun Lions
Chinese Dance and Drumming

The Northern Virginia-based Choy Wun Lion Dance Troupe shares Chinese culture and heritage through music and the dynamic lion dance. Following the ancient Chinese tradition of masked dancing, performers embody a lion’s movements with colorful costumes and live musical accompaniment. Choy Wun, which stands for “reaching for the cloud,” previously performed their acrobatic dance for President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the White House. Choy Wun Lion Dance Troupe is set to dazzle audiences of all ages.

July 10: Red Yarn

Red Yarn and his family band weave together music and puppetry into high-energy shows for all ages. With his engaging performances and rowdy folk-rock songs, this red-bearded bard reinvigorates American roots music traditions for younger generations. Featuring songs from his recent album, The Get Together, Red Yarn will introduce the crowd to his critter friends, a group of handmade puppets that celebrate childhood and the connections we all share.

July 11: Uncle Jumbo

Grammy-nominee Uncle Jumbo has felt at home on the stage since picking up an accordion as a 4-year-old to play with Zydeco bands. The Texas-based performer and his trio layer heartfelt lyrics and bouncing sounds, while sharing messages of positivity and love that inspire young minds to dream big and chase their passions.

July 12-14: The Amazing Max

It’s not an illusion! The Amazing Max, aka magician Max Darwin, is reappearing at Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods for some seriously silly hocus pocus. Max merges magic and comedy, making objects disappear, reappear, and generally defying the laws of physics. Behold The Amazing Max’s next trick—conjuring up some truly magical moments for kids!

July 16-17: Awesome Allie: First Kid Astronaut

Plaza Theatrical Productions

Strap on your space boots and prepare to embark on an engaging musical journey through outer space with Allie; her talking canine companion, Captain Chaos; and Rover, the dancing robot from Mars. Plaza Theatrical’s Awesome Allie: First Kid Astronaut will send you spiraling through the cosmos on a mission to save Earth. Children will learn about science and space, but be back on Earth by lunchtime.

July 18: Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats

Two-time Grammy winner Lucy Kalantari and her band, the Jazz Cats, put on an interactive, jazz age-inspired show all cats will dig! The group’s message highlights the joys of life, community, and resilience. Born in the Dominican Republic, Kalantari performs music in English and Spanish and aims to make both languages accessible to broader audiences.

July 19 + 20: Kiddle Karoo's Monster Puppet Playhouse

Grab your dancing shoes for Kiddle Karoo’s Monster Playhouse, an interactive musical puppet show and concert that blends song, comedy, and dancing. A zany cast of characters—including live performers and Muppet-style puppets—join host Kiddle Karoo for a high-energy show with a colorful puppet playhouse, hilarious antics, and a touch of magic

July 23 + 24: Professor Gizmo's Fun & Science Show

The zany and brainy Professor Gizmo puts on a science show sure to spark children’s imaginations. The audience will learn about photosynthesis, the water cycle, recycling, and more through whimsical live science demonstrations.

July 25: Mayur Dance

Rhythms of the World

In Rhythms of the World, Mayur Dance demonstrates how movement is a universal language by dancing to music from around the world. Mayur Dance blends ancient teachings, folk traditions, poetry, and artistic styles to create stunning stage shows that amaze audiences of all ages.

July 26-28: Maryland Youth Ballet 

An enchanted elf helps a miller’s daughter turn straw into gold…for a price. Join Maryland Youth Ballet for this classic fairy tale filled with adventure and presented through the mesmerizing magic of dance.

July 30: Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble

Dancing Kaleidoscope

Carpathia Folk Dance Ensemble showcases the cultures of Central and Eastern European countries in Dancing Kaleidoscope, a heartwarming tale of self-discovery, cultural exploration, and the universal language of dance. Join a young girl for an exciting adventure as she searches for her true home and discovers a world full of music and dance along the way.

July 31: DJ Willy Wow! and Friends

Live from the Naturehood!

Join Grammy-nominated artist DJ Willy Wow! and his friends Grotch the Sasquatch and The Worker Ants on an interactive musical journey and dance party. DJ Willy Wow! uses his music and characters to share about everyone’s role in conservation, the importance of taking care of our neighborhoods, and how we can all work together to do our best for our planet. Whether you’re 1 or 101, get ready for DJ Willy Wow! to spin some epic tunes and, most importantly, get you off your feet in the Naturehood!

August 1: Being Bilingual Rocks!

Amigo Hamlet & Alina Celeste

Young audiences will be dazzled by the duo of Alina Celeste and Mi Amigo Hamlet, whose educational show celebrates love, acceptance, and diversity. Children will sing in two languages, dance, laugh, and play musical games. The enriching show blends bossa nova, flamenco, bluegrass, and contemporary Caribbean flavor into a kaleidoscope of fun.

August 2 + 3: Everybody Loves Pirates

Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

Eight-year-old Lucy and her goofy pal Little Chucky are searching for buried treasure, but a gang of bumbling pirates keeps getting in the way! The pair gets some help from their new ocean-dwelling friends, including enthusiastic superhero Lobster Boy, his reluctant sidekick Crabby, and an overgrown sea monkey to help outsmart the crew of clumsy pirates.

Young at Arts

Bring the family to experience the world of performing arts through the Young at Arts program. This initiative offers free accompanying youth tickets to select performances.