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Image for Festival Ballet Theatre: Don Quixote
Festival Ballet Theatre: Don Quixote
Saturday, March 19, 2022 at 7pm - Sunday, March 20, 2022 at
About the Show

Festival Ballet Theatre
Artistic Director, Salwa Rizkalla


Don Quixote

March 19 | 7pm 
March 20 | 2pm


There will be a 20-minute intermission.


Alexander Gorsky and Marius Petipa

Salwa Rizkalla

Ludwig Minkus


Scenery & Prop Design & Construction
Vladimir Madved, David Scaligone

Lighting Design & Production Supervisor 
Morgan Embry

Artistic Assistant
Elizabeth Farmen

Rehearsal Faculty
Salwa Rizkalla, Sayat Asatryan, Elizabeth Farmen, Hannah Przudlaka-Karacic

Costume Design & Construction
Cyndee Ely, Heather Lerma, Kaye Michel & Barbara Vieuretta

Costume Coordinators 
Willa Bouwens-Killeen

Graphic Designer
Marianne Hales, Nicole Reinemann

Production Coordinator
Chris Schmidt

Company Photographer
Dave Friedman, Skye Schmidt

Scenery & Original Costume Design 
Simon Pastukh & Galina Solovyeva

Lighting Design & Production Supervisor
Morgan Embry

Artistic Assistant
Elizabeth Farmen

Rehearsal Faculty 
Cassidy Doan, Elizabeth Farmen,
Marci Goedl, Camilla Kellogg,
Hanna Przyludzka-Karacic,
Salwa Rizkalla, Emily Villa

Additional Costume Design & Construction
Donna Dickens, Cyndee Ely, Cliff Faulkner,
Heather Lerma, Kaye Michel,
Jack Sykes & Barbara Vieuretta

Costume Coordinators 
Willa Bouwens-Killeen

Social Media
Megan Yamashita

Graphic Designer 
Marianne Hales, Nicole Reineman

Production Coordinator
Chris Schmidt

Company Photographer 
Dave Friedman, Skye Schmidt

Casting subject to change.

The taking of photographs or use of recording devices is strictly prohibited.



About Festival Ballet Theatre

Festival Ballet Theatre (FBT) is Orange County’s premiere, accomplished professional ballet company. Our mission is to enrich Orange County’s artistic and economic vitality, to inspire love and appreciation for dance, and to invigorate ballet by:

  • Presenting a season of exhilarating classical and contemporary performances,
  • Providing a nurturing environment for dancers and choreographers,
  • Offering stimulating educational outreach programs.

With reverence for classic masterpieces and a focus on developing future tours de force, Festival Ballet Theatre is committed to presenting the best of dance, enriching lives, and developing a new generation of audiences and artists.

Festival Ballet Theatre is a well-established nonprofit arts organization founded in 1988 by Artistic Director Salwa Rizkalla. Boasting a roster of impressive, up-and-coming Southern California talent, the company’s productions spotlight internationally acclaimed guest artists from prestigious companies.

Aspiring to heights of artistic excellence, FBT simultaneously attracts the best in professional dance to its home base while sending its own dancers out as artistic ambassadors to the nation. Arts Orange County named Festival Ballet Theatre Outstanding Arts Organization of the Year in 2001 and recognized Artistic Director Salwa Rizkalla with the Helena Modjeska Cultural Legacy Award in 2014.

About Southland Ballet Academy

Southland Ballet Academy (SBA) is the official school of Festival Ballet Theatre. Founded in 1983, SBA cultivates, trains and inspires an appreciation for classical ballet from beginner to professional dancer. Since opening its doors as a ballet studio, SBA and director Salwa Rizkalla have secured a national and international reputation and have played a prominent role in grooming world-class dancers. Southland Ballet Academy has grown from a modest one-room facility to eight state-of-the-art studios in two Orange County locations — Fountain Valley and Irvine. Southland Ballet Academy's International Summer Intensive program is a favorite destination for dancers who enjoy classes taught by world-renowned artistic directors, ballet masters and choreographers. The Intensive culminates in the Inspired Young Dancer Performance that gives the young dancers an opportunity to refine their performance abilities on stage.

About the Artistic Director

Artistic Director Salwa Rizkalla has contributed to the Orange County community for more than 30 years by presenting excellence in dance performance through Festival Ballet Theatre and providing top-tier classical ballet training at Southland Ballet Academy.

During her professional dancing career, Ms. Rizkalla graced the stage in leading roles in well-known classical ballets as well as contemporary pieces. She had the privilege of working under the direction of world-renowned choreographers Leonid Lavrovsky and Serge Lifar. As a young dancer, Ms. Rizkalla trained in the Russian Vaganova method and studied with Russian ballet masters. As the culmination of her training, Ms. Rizkalla completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in ballet pedagogy. She established Southland Ballet Academy in 1983 and debuted Festival Ballet Theatre in 1988. In addition to teaching and directing, Ms. Rizkalla was a faculty member of several area institutions.

Many arts organizations have recognized her service. The Orange County Music and Arts Administrators and Segerstrom Center for the Arts (formerly Orange County Performing Arts Center) jointly recognized her with the Orange County Arts Educator of the Year Award for Secondary Dance (2003); Youth America Grand Prix awarded Ms. Rizkalla Outstanding Teacher accolades since its inception; and Arts Orange County recognized Ms. Rizkalla with the Helena Modjeska Cultural Legacy Award (2014). The Orange County Register named Ms. Rizkalla one of OC’s 100 Most Influential People in 2017. 

Ms. Rizkalla has been honored to impact the lives of hundreds of students and their families through her teaching. She is proud to be a dedicated educator, an energetic promoter of the arts, and an active participant in the cultural life of her community.

About Don Quixote

ACT I - Scene I
The Square in Barcelona

Kitri, the daughter of the innkeeper, is in love with Basilio, the barber.  Lorenzo, her father, wants his daughter to marry the foppish rich nobleman, Gamache and has forbidden Kitri from seeing Basilio.  This plan horrifies the beautiful Kitri who is playing in the square with her friends.  Don Quixote, who imagines himself a knight and is preoccupied with the world of chivalry, enters the square with Sancho Panza, his Squire.  The friends of Kitri tease Sancho Panza and laugh at his clumsy attempts to play Blind Man’s Buff.  Don Quixote intervenes to defend his friend and stop the teasing.  Suddenly, he sees Kitri and mistakes her for Dulcinea, his dream of the ideal woman he defends as a knight.  In the excitement, Kitri and Basilio steal away.  They are pursued by Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Lorenzo and Gamache.

ACT I – Scene II
A Gypsy Encampment

Gypsies and strolling players, alerted to the imminent arrival of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, prepare to trick the knight.  The Gypsy leader welcomes them and calls for the entertainment to begin. Suddenly, Don Quixote see the windmills and mistakes them for menacing giants.  He tries to attack them, only to be caught up in one of the wings and tossed in the air.  He is hurled to the ground and falls into a deep sleep.

ACT I- Scene III
A Forest, Dream Scene

Don Quixote is still stunned from his fight with the windmill. He dreams he is a noble knight in the court of Kitri, his symbol of Dulcinea, and her beautiful maidens. In his dream he meets the Dryad Queen and Cupid who thoroughly enchant him.

ACT II - Scene I
The Tavern

The innkeeper, Lorenzo, has finally caught Kitri and Basilio.  He forces his daughter to agree to the marriage with Gamache.  In desperation Basilio pretends to fatally stab himself.  As he lies dying, he begs to be united to his love.  Kitri begs Don Quixote to convince Lorenzo to grant Basilio’s last request and allow the young couple to marry.  Don Quixote pleads with Lorenzo, and he finally is persuaded to give his blessing.  Basilio then jumps up, miraculously cured!

ACT II – Scene II
In the Main Square of Barcelona, The Wedding

Everyone in the village is joyfully celebrating the marriage of Kitri and Basilio.  Don Quixote is the guest of honor, and the blissful couple show their appreciation by dancing a grand pas de deux.  After congratulating Kitri and Basilio, Don Quixote gallantly bids everyone farewell.  He and Sancho Panza then set off for further adventures.


Act I – Scene I
The Square in Barcelona

Kitri.............................. Jeraldine Mendoza
Basilio…………………...Dylan Gutierrez
Don Quixote................... Charles Johnston                                          
Lorenzo.......................... Sayat Astrayan                                              
Gamache........................ Sergei Domrachev
Sancho Panza................. David Moskowitz
Kitri’s Friends ................  Emma Chen, Sami Santos (3/19)
......................................  Ashley Chung, Amanda Luyks (3/20)
Espada     ....................... Cameron Schwanz
Mercedes ....................... Cassidy Doan
Toreadors ....................... David Block, Wil Geary, Greyson Myles, Jaroslav    Richters
Toreadors Girlfriends...... Hunter Curry, Justine LeCave, Sydney Madolora, Bailey Stenstrom

Seguedilla (Spanish)…….Natalie Burkley, Aimee Cho, Elise Cho, Hunter Curry, Juliet Garbacz, Yuma Kainuma, Justine LeCave, Rachel Lee, Megan Liao, Yaya Liu, Riley Louis, Sydney Madolora, Adiya Marcus, Cassidy Nguyen, Bailey Stenstrom, Aisha Vaughan, Towako Wunsch, Lee Zucker-Murray


Act I- Scene II
A Gypsy Encampment

Gypsy Leader ................ Greyson Myles
Gypsy Woman................ Tess Lethen
Gypsies   ....................... David Block, Wil Geary, Chloe Im, Keira Kuennemann, Megan Liao, Sophia Ly, Kotone Matsuzaki, Adella Mehringer, Jaroslav Richters, Cameron Schwanz, Olivia Senter, Tess Valenta, Aisha Vaughan

Don Quixote, Sancho Panza

Act I – Scene III
A Forest -- Don Quixote’s Dream

Dulcinea........................ Jeraldine Mendoza
Queen of Dryads............. Sadie Lee (3/19), Ashley Chung (3/20)
Cupid............................. Sophia Koo (3/19), Aimee Cho (3/20)
Dryads     ....................... Natalie Burkley, Emma Chen, Elise Cho, Hunter Curry, Juliet Garbacz, Yuma Kainuma, Justine LeCave, Rachel Lee, Megan Liao, Yaya Liu, Riley Louis, Amanda Luyks, Sydney Madolora, Adiya Marcus, Cassidy Nguyen, Bailey Stenstrom, Aisha Vaughan, Towako Wunsch, Lee Zucker-Murray
Little Cupids................... Michelle Ahdout, Liah Gibson, Olivia Goffard, Afina Gosla, Emily Holder, Euna Kim, Yesoul Kim, Ayane Matsuzaki, Francella McCann, Julia Rose O’Brien, Wendy Rasmussen, Britney Sherman, Isla Warrick


Act II – Scene I
The Tavern                                                     

Tavern Dancer................ Sadie Lee (3/19), Sami Santos (3/20)
Espada ...........................Jaroslav Richters

Kitri, Basilio, Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Gamache, Lorenzo


Act II – Scene II
Main Square of Barcelona, The Wedding

Maid of Honor
First Variation................ Sophia Koo (3/19), Juliet Garbacz (3/20)
Second Variation............. Aimee Cho (3/19), Amanda Luyks (3/20)
Bridesmaids.................... Natalie Burkley, Emma Chen, Elise Cho, Ashley Chung, Hunter Curry, Justine LeCave, Rachel Lee, Riley Louis, Sydney Madolora, Cassidy Nguyen, Bailey Stenstrom, Towako Wunsch, Lee Zucker-Murray
Flower Girls................... Brielle Aucoin, Charlotte Bengfort, Halle Chan, Madison Chen, Bella Dinglasan, Natalie Ho, Amelie Hoang, Madison Jones, Aurora Kellogg, Johanna Malmskov, Brynn Oh, Sheridan Stone, Hayden Tran, Nia Villania
Espada and Mercedes...... Cameron Schwanz and Cassidy Doan

Grand Pas de Deux........ Jeraldine Mendoza and Dylan Gutierrez

Kitri, Basilio, Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Gamache, Lorenzo


2021-2022 FBT Trainees

Festival Ballet Theatre is proud to present the members of FBT Trainees, a junior company of student dancers with outstanding potential. Through FBT Trainees, Festival Ballet Theatre secures a talented base of dancers, offers performance opportunities “at home” and nurtures the stars of the future to a professional career in dance.

Back Line (left to right): Lana Zylstra, Sadie Lee, Yaya Liu, Amanda Luyks, Sami Santos, Hunter Curry, Ashley Chung, Lee Zucker-Murray, Cierra Roberts, Bailey Stenstrom

Middle Line (left to right): Sydney Madolora, Anna-Marie Leach, Megan Suhr, Francesca Darmiento, Juliet Garbacz, Tess Lethen, Aisha Vaughan, Justine LeCave

Front Line (left to right): Natalie Burkley, Cassidy Nguyen, Towako Wunsch, Yuma Kainuma, Rachel Lee, Emma Chen, Sophia Koo, Aimee Cho

Not Pictured: Riley Louis

2021-2021 FBT Junior Company

Back Line (left to right): Adella Mehringer, Sophia Ly, Jocelyn Thomas, Julian Chao, Kotone Matsuzaki, Keira Kuennemann, Hailey Van, Tess Valenta

Middle Line (left to right): Sheridan Stone, Emma Crawford, Aurora Kellogg, Charlotte Bengfort, Leon Sai, Michelle Lu, Bella Dinglasan, Halle Chan, Brielle Aucoin

Front Line (left to right): Meiwen Zajtmann, Brynn Oh, Natalie Ho, Madison Jones, Amelie Hoang, Nia Villania, Madison Chen, Minhkha Le

Not Pictured: Chloe Im, Olivia Senter


A Special Thanks to Our Donors

Festival Ballet Theatre gratefully acknowledges the generosity of individuals, businesses and foundations for their contributions to our programs.

Director’s Circle
Salwa & Sabri Rizkalla

James Carter
Bobbi Cox
Robert Farnsworth & Lori Grayson

$2,500 - $4,999
Lydia Ringwald
Jean Wu

$1,000 - $2,499
Willa Bouwens-Killeen
Amy & Ronnie Johncox
Dione Knowles
David & Berit Ling
Carol & Marc MacDonald
Senenne & Marc Philippon
Pulmonary Care & Sleep Associates
Katrina Querriera
Nancy & Samuel Santos
Gift in Loving Memory of Dr. Robert C. Sharp
Sayoko Wunsch

$500 - $999
Diana Casey
Amy Chu
Karen & Thomas Hersh
Cathleen & Phil Hunter
Mai Ishiyama
JJB Dinglasan Inc
Julie Kester
Ryosuke & Akiyo Matsuzaki
Teri & Chris Schmidt
Kim Tang & Danh Kuennemann
Donna Stenstrom
Abril & George Turner
Gift in Honor of Laila Kilada

$250 - $499
Dennis & Wendy Hwang
Dena LeCave
Charles & Jennifer O'Brien
Dona Stenstrom
Constance Van Luit

$100 - $249
Lisa Dinglasan
John Forsyte
Candace Furlong
Alison Kwon
Shawn & Elizabeth Louis
Adrienne Madolora
Diep Pham

For information or to join our list of donors, please visit FestivalBallet.org or call 714.962.5440

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Festival Ballet Theatre appreciates the generous support of its corporate partners.



To make a donation, please send a check payable to:

Festival Ballet Theatre
9527 Garfield Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Festival Ballet Theatre is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c)(3)

Of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal ID #33-0283147.

For more information about the company, please visit www.festivalballet.org.

A special thanks to our Don Quixote volunteers

Festival Ballet Theatre thanks all of the parents and volunteers who are integral to the success of this presentation of Don Quixote. We appreciate all the time and energy you have put into fundraising, costumes, donations, marketing and development. Your efforts are truly priceless in allowing Festival Ballet Theatre to provide this beloved classic.