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January 25 - February 26, 2023




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Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc.

Exec. Director
Tracy Flater

Artistic Director
Sean Harris

Artistic Director
Darlene Zoller


Director Kelly O’Donnell

Music Director Alexander Sovronsky

Choreographer Katie Stevinson-Nollet

Scenic Designer Johann Fitzpatrick

Costume Designer Izzy Fields

Lighting Designer Joe Beumer

Sound Designer Jeffrey Salerno

Props Master Erin Sagnelli

 Stage Manager Emily Todt

Original Broadway Production Conceived and Directed by Rebecca Taichman

Score and Original Music by Lisa Gutkin and Aaron Halva

Original Broadway Production produced by
Daryl Roth, Elizabeth I. McCann, and Cody Lassen

INDECENT was produced by the Vineyard Theatre
(Douglas Aibel and Sarah Stern, Artistic Directors; Jennifer Garvey-Blackwell, Executive Director) New York City, Spring, 2016

INDECENT was commissioned by
Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut
(James Bundy, Artistic Director; Victoria Nolan, Managing Director), and Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, Oregon (Bill Rauch, Artistic Director, Paul Nicholson, Executive Director)

Originally produced by
Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut
(James Bundy, Artistic Director; Victoria Nolan, Managing Director)
La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, California
(Christopher Ashley, Artistic Director; Michael S. Rosenberg, Managing Director)

INDECENT under the then title of “The Vengeance Project” was developed, in part, at the 2013 Sundance Institute Theatre Lab at the Sundance Resort

Inspired by The People vs. The God of Vengeance,  Conceived by Rebecca Rugg and Rebecca Taichman

INDECENT is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York

Any video and/or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.

Run Time

INDECENT runs approximately 100 minutes with no intermission.


An Attic Turned Into A Stage

Warsaw, Poland 1906, to Bridgeport, Connecticut 1950s, and everywhere in between.

CAST (in order of introduction)

Dan Zimberg | Lemml

Noa Graham | Vera & others

Bart Shatto* | Otto & others

Kirsten Peacock | Halina & others

Helen Laser | Chana & others

Dan Krackhardt | Avram & others

Alexander Sovronsky* | Moriz Godowsky, Violin

Michelle Lemon | Nelly Friedman, Accordion

Jack Theiling | Mayer Balsam, Clarinet

Ben McLaughlin | Male Swing

Sydney Weiser | Female Swing

Dianne Rothenberg | Understudy for Vera and Others

*The Actor appears through the courtesy of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
This selection is used by special arrangement with The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization, a Concord Music Company, www.rnh.com. All Rights Reserved.

by Ilse Weber
© Copyright 2002 by Boosey & Hawkes Bote & Bock GMBH, Berlin
All rights administered by Imagem Music Inc., www.imagem-music.com. All Rights Reserved.

“Bei Mir Bist Du Schon”
Words by Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin and Jacob Jacobs
Music by Sholom Secunda
Copyright © 1937 Cahn Music Co. (ASCAP)
This selection is used by special arrangement with Concord Music Company on behalf of Cahn Music Company, www.imagem-music.com.
All Rights Reserved.

“Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin”
(Theme from “I Am a Camera”)
German Text by Aldo Von Pinelli, Music by Erich M. Siegel
TRO—© Copyright 1955 (renewed) Hampshire House Publishing Corp., New York, NY
All Rights Reserved Including Public Performance For Profit
Used by Permission

Words From the Director

Though Indecent is inspired by Sholem Asch’s God of Vengeance, a play written in 1907, it couldn’t be more relevant today. Anti-Semitism, homophobia, the struggles of immigrants, and censorship are seen all over our headlines and these topics are sadly still a part of our collective consciousness. What does it say about our culture today when after 100 years we are still faced with these issues? Sometimes it can feel like nothing will ever change. But then along comes a play like Indecent, a story that shines a glimmer of hope into a world of darkness through the transformative power of theatre. Indecent is a celebration of the arts and, according to Paula Vogel, the playwright, it’s a “love letter to the theatre.” This play is a reminder that Art matters, that Love means something, and that uncomfortable topics need to be explored on stage and not silenced. Early in the play Asch asks the question “How do we as artists question our sins in front of a greater audience?” This question is central to the play and to our purpose as artists. Without that question, we have no art. The best way to combat censorship is to make art about things that people want to censor. Otherwise, we’ll live in a world where it feels like nothing is at stake.

Another line in the play that resonates with me is “The play belongs to the people who labor in it.” Our entire company of actors, designers, and staff have labored on this play, bringing our unique personal experiences and backgrounds into a beautiful web of intersectional collaboration. We are delighted to share our play with you.


Production Staff

Kelly O’Donnell

Music Director
Alexander Sovronsky

Katie Stevinson-Nollet

Scenic Designer
Johann Fitzpatrick

Costume Designer
Izzy Fields

Lighting Designer
Joseph Beumer

Sound Designer
Jeffrey Salerno

Props Master/Set Dresser
Erin Sagnelli

Dialect Coach
Jennifer Scapetis-Tycer

Intimacy Coach
Mary Berthelsen 

German Consultant
Theodor Gabriel

Yiddish Consultant
Dr. Samuel Kassow

Production Stage Manager
Emily Todt

Assistant Stage Manager
Vintage Kovel

Kathryn Duffner

Production Manager
David Addis

Technical Director
Johann Fitzpatrick

Scenic Carpenters
John Cerulo, Winfield Dobruck Jr, Benjamin Pitz, Royston Salmon, Reed Simiele

Electrics Crew
John Cerulo, Winfield Dobruck Jr, Reed Simiele 

Scenic Charge
Rachel Daigneault

Scenic Painter
Mikayla Carr

Sound Board Operator
Peter Scheips

Liv Fassanella

Covid Compliance Officer
Vintage Kovel

Lobby Design
Darlene Zoller, Eileen Oconnor

Production Photographer
Meredith Longo

Program Design
Liv Fassanella

Program Printing
Budget Printers 

Poster/Postcard Design
Dornenburg | Kallenbach Advertising 

Rick Fountain 

Lisa Steier

Dramaturgical Casebook

Go deeper into the story of INDECENT and learn about the genesis of the play and some historical context.

Click here to view the dramaturgical casebook for this production.

Special Thanks

Avery Heights Senior Living

Adam Bintz

Aviva West Hartford

Congregation Beth Israel

Jackie Costabile

Edible Arrangements

Sharon & Bob Efron

Nina Elgo and Chris Kreisen

Tony Falcetti & Falcetti Music

Falcetti School of Music

Excel Fitness

Barbara Fletcher

Melinda Floyd

Faith Fuerst

Robert Garrey

Hartford Stage

Megan Hayden & Riverbend Bookshop

Hoffman SummerWood Senior Living

Mandel Jewish Community Center

Barbara Laurain

Sandy Morgan

Nancy Naples

NOH8 Campaign

Emily & Alex Pattacini

Mark Raymond & Carolina Wine Brands

Robin Rittinger

Elizabeth Rose & The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford

Liz Saylor

Susan Schlank

Theatreworks Hartford

Michelle Troy & The Presidents College of the University of Hartford

Carole Wagner

Barry Walters & WeHa Pride

Harriet Winograd

West Hartford Second Chance Shop

Staff and Board
Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc. Staff

Co-Founder/Executive Director
Tracy Flater

Co-Founder/Artistic Director
Sean Harris

Co-Founder/Artistic Director
Darlene Zoller

General Manager
David Addis

Business Manager
Jonathan Katz, Elizabeth Stassen

Company Manager
Kenneth Galm

Office & Development Manager
Emma Cook

Production Manager
Erin Kiernan

Assistant Technical Director & Master Electrician
Stef Carr

Technical Supervosor
Nate Hamilton

Director of Marketing & PR
Natalie Noack

Dramaturg/Literary Manager
Liv Fassanella

Development Associate
Jasmine Calhoun

Director of Education
Jill Zarcone

Education Coordinator
Sadie Aiken

Education Faculty
Marie Altenor, Julie Borsotti, Lauren Cavanaugh, Marc Sokolson Heidi Jean Weinrich, Jill Zarcone, Darlene Zoller

Front of House Manager
Tori Mooney

Box Office Administrators
Liv Fassanella, Kenneth Galm, Caraline Gartrell


Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc. Board of Directors
Betsy Udal
  Vice President 
Peter Evans
Matthew Bragg and Andrew Lattimer
Gail Mangs

Paige Buade
Melanie Ellis
William Fish
Andrew Lattimer
Sarah Jakubowski
Ryan McBride
Susan Miller
Richard Rubenstein
Annie Scott
Rebecca Selig
Joanna Engel
Vinod Sukhraj
Ruth Van Winkle


Matthew Bragg
Chuck Coursey, Founding VP
Bonnie Gauthier
Carol McCabe
Margaret Rattigan
Julianne Roth
Robert Rowlson*
Ron Roy
Richard Rubenstein
Robert Slifka
David Wurzer, Founding President



Renee Autorino, Jim Bergenn, Valeria Caldwell-Gaines, David Calibey, Mayor Shari Cantor, Stefanie Chambers, Chris Conway, Anna Crawford, Matthew Cuddy, Jayne Dean, Kyra Dorsey, Kevin Doyle, Nina Elgo, Dan Falotico, David Figliuzzi, Matt Fleury, Jeff Forman, Gail Frahm, Kathy Frederick, Bob Hilborn, Susan King, Tyler Lauretti, Andy Lieberman, Dave Macri, Charles Mallory, Patricia McIntosh, Gloria Mengual, Michelle Meyer, Mike Michaud, Priya Morgenstern, Jacob Schreiber, Tanya Penman-Sterling, David Polk, Sarah Raskin, Mike Rouette, Wanda Seldon, Jonathan Slifka, Howard Sovronsky, Rachel Sptizig, Brittany Stephenson, Nyaunu Stevens, Yvette Young

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About Us
Our Mission

Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc. at Playhouse on Park has a mission to: 

  • provide quality entertainment at affordable costs to as broad an audience as possible
  • embrace and provide opportunity for professional, emerging and community artists
  • offer educational and outreach opportunities through visiting and/or resident artists and educators
  • create and/or explore opportunities to collaborate with other existing arts organizations
  • be fiscally responsible and accountable at all times
  • continue to be an integral member of the West Hartford community