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Image for Joanna Kotze
Joanna Kotze
June 19 - 23, 2023
'letric Eye

Joanna Kotze,
in collaboration with the performers

Wendell Gray II, Molly Heller,
Symara Johnson, Joanna Kotze,
and composer/musician Ryan Seaton,
with Kristin Clotfelter, Kaitlin Fox,
Laura Grant, Taryn Griggs,
Gregory Hamilton, Katie Milani,
Alyssa Noble, Allie Pfeffer,
Londs Reuter, and Adie San Diego

Ryan Seaton

Original song
Black Fly by Circuit des Yeux

Lighting Design
Kathy Kaufmann

Christian Joy

Project Manager
Sara Procopio

Marketing and Producing Support
Laura Nicoll


Program Note
There are three additional projects that I created with my key collaborators alongside the development of ‘lectric Eye. You can find more information about them on my website. A film, Nothing’s changed except for everything, is a collaboration with composer Ryan Seaton and filmmaker Chris Cameron that has gone on to be an official selection in experimental short film categories at the Korea International Short Film Festival, London International Web and Short Film Festival, Seoul International Short Film Festival, Tokyo International Short Film Festival, New Wave Short Film Festival, Tallahassee Film Festival, and the Frame x Frame Film Fest in Houston.

A book, written by myself and writer, dancer, and arts advocate Lauren Slone, reflects on the creative process of making ‘lectric Eye and the time in which it was made.

BIG BEATS, a larger group performance that can be performed outdoors or indoors, premiered in September 2021 on Pier I in New York City. Since then, I have set it on students at The Ailey School, University of the Arts, and Bates Dance Festival and recently on professional dancers in North Carolina for performances presented by the American Dance Festival in November 2022. As of now, 91 people know BIG BEATS!

Both BIG BEATS and ‘lectric Eye will be seen next in Salt Lake City as part of the UtahPresents upcoming season in collaboration with the University of Utah School of Dance.

Thank you to Jodee Nimerichter for your openness and honesty, for your invitation to be a part of this 90th ADF season, for making BIG BEATS and ‘lectric Eye with local NC dancers possible, and for all of your support over the years. Thank you to Kelsey, Lexi, Marlee, Jennifer, Dean, Katrin, Madison, David, Gaby, Brennan, and everyone at ADF who has helped to make these performances happen. Huge, bountiful thank yous to the NC cast Kristin, Kaitlin, Laura, Taryn, Greg, Katie, Alyssa, Allie, Londs, and Adie for your generosity of time, energy, artistry and community. Huge thanks to the rest of the BIG BEATS NC cast: Lee, Anna, Janice, Sarah, Olosu, Faith, Caitlin, Laci, Juliet, and Leah. And endless amounts of love and thanks to my collaborators Wendell, Molly, Symara, Ryan, and Kathy for your complete brilliance, commitment to this work together, and friendship.